Bobby Lashley is a Joke

Discussion in 'The 3rd Annual Wrestlezone Tournament (2009)' started by IrishCanadian25, Mar 5, 2009.

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    There seems to be a lot of hype going into this tournament for one Bobby Lashley, who is set to compete in the ECW region. It's my job to caution people away from voting for a criminally overrated flash-in-the-pan.

    Lashley spent 27 months on the active WWE Roster. That's all. Two and one quarter years. There are guys in this tournament who have been at it for 27 years not getting the love Lashley is getting.

    Now don't misread me - the guy is an amazing athlete. He's a physical specimen if ever there has been one. But let's also remember than this guy, aside from being a sinkhole from which no charisma could escape, just couldn't hack it in the business. So he quit.

    As an amateur, Lashley was a force to be reckoned with. So were many other men, who then turned their attention to their professional wrestling careers and stuck it out for years. Kurt Angle, Bam Bam Bigelow, etc.

    Lashley's only claim to fame was his somersault into a rigged steel cage wall onto Umaga. Only cool thing he's ever done, and though visually impressive, it was little more than a live stunt.

    When the time came for the Wrestlemania match between Lashley and Umaga, two things became perfectly clear - 1) Umaga was carrying the match in the ring, and 2) the only heat for the match was due to McMahon and Trump. Otherwise it was two guys people didn't give a damn about.

    He was a walking injury - most likely the result of a few years of steroid use - and made nobody look good in the ring.

    Lashley is part of the reason for the decline of the ECW Title. The man is a no-draw. And to say "well, he's a former ECW Champion, and he's in the ECW Region, so..." is utter crap. The guy hasn't wrestled in an appreciable hardcore environment in his life. And who did he beat for the ECW Title? Vince McMahon. Even the golden touch of Vinnie Mac couldn't get Lashley over.

    So just because Bobby Lashey is a big guy who could bodyslam heavy guys, that doesn't mean he'd ever come REMOTELY CLOSE to defeating Andre the Giant, Big Van Vader, Yokozuna, Bam Bam Bigelow, or any other experienced Superheavyweight in their prime. He'd hit one or two power moves, and then experience would take over and he'd either a) get dismantled, b) get injured, or c) decide he wanted to quit.

    Don't vote for an overrated one-trick pony quitter.
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    He regained the title from Vince, he first won it in the extreme elimination chamber pinning the Big Show, which is more credible and a hardcore environment. However, I agree that he is a tad over rated. Don't get me wrong, I thought at one point he may be the next big thing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the clash with Cena at the GAB (?) he just wasn't around for long enough to be a credible force.

    Then again, this tournament is seen as kayfabe, and an ex army man who is built like a tank is a match up for most people. He won't get far though, so don't worry too much.
  3. justinsayne

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    No it's your job to admin the forums silly;)

    Maybe it's because they wern't as good as Lashely*shugs*

    Since when has the tournament been about what cool shit a wrestler has done in the ring, and if that's the case than at least Lashely did one more cool thing that Andre, and the only "cool thing" Vader ever did was drop his fat ass on Gorilla Monsoon, Yoko... well Yoko was just a fat pile of suckage

    Funny, I only remember him having one major injury through the majority of his short career with WWE, and he worked through that one for months before leaving to get surgery

    Yeah cause it has nothing to do with the absolute shit booking that show has had since the get go:rolleyes:, Lashley was one of only 3 guys that added any legitimacy to that belt what so ever, Big Show, & RVD being the other two

    You do realize you just described most a majority of the guys you're pushing in this tournament right?

    We'll see;)

    Just admit it you singled him out just because he's black, you dirty lil' racist you:lmao:, and how is him leaving a business that has him on the road for a majority of the year, for a buisness that allows him to be home more and make more money a bad thing, what next are you gonna tell me that Rock was a quitter who couldn't hack it either?
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    Well, that too.


    Andre did loads of cool stuff, worked legendary matches, and lasted a HELL of a lot longer. There's a reason Andre is a legend, and the first Hall Of Famer in WWE history. You've never given Vader due credit, and you've been wrong every time, because you're an ECW apologist and smarky spot monkey fanatic. Oh well. "Some men you just can't reach." And Yokozuna was a pretty dominant champion in the early 90's.

    That's fine. One major injury in less than two-and-a-half years, though? That's quite a bit of time. And to not even come back from it...

    BOOKING? The guy was booked as an unstoppable babyface champion! He was handed the US Title, and then given the ECW Ball to take and run with. He was booked in the most hyped match of the year (vs Umaga) and still did nothing with it. Typical smarky response - a guy you like fails, it must be the booking, right? What a load of crap. He was booked beautifully, and drew dick. And Kurt Angle brought legitimacy to the ECW belt before RVD and Show did, but I agree with you on those two.

    Sure, when you take the comment out of context. The guys I will be pushing (Vader, Andre, Yoko, Bigelow, Canek) could do a hell of a lot more than just bodyslam somebody. Hell, Ahmed Johnson was a lot better than Lashley ever was, AND he was stronger.

    Oh, that old gag...where's Jake when we need him?

    I'm not blaming his career move at all! But I am damn sure not gonna say "Lashley should go over _____ because Lashley was smart and left the business after 27 months for more money and less travel!" It's a wrestling tournament, Justin, and in a wrestling tournament, quitting the industry because you can't handle the schedule / physicality is damn sure going to be a hindrance.

    And yes, you're damn right I'd say that about The Rock, but at least The Rock stuck it out for SEVERAL YEARS and DREW MONEY! Rock was one of the biggest stars in sports history. Rock had more charisma in his pinky than Lashley had in his entire body - so for you to compare the two is totally irresponsible.
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    I'm with IC here. What exactly did Lashley do? Won the absolute worst EC match ever, beating a field that included Big Show (legit main eventer), CM Punk (now a main eventer but at the time, at least in Vince's eyes, a jobber), Van Dam (an ECW god), Hardcore Holly who I'm not even going to comment on, and Test who is famous for screwing Stacy Keibler. In other words, Lashley beat two main eventers, a midcarder and two jobbers. He also had that great feud with Vince McMahon taht went all of nowhere. His career highlights include the cage stunt which was indeed sweet looking, and causing Vince to be shaved. Overall, Lashley was a not very bright flash in the pan that did nothing after getting a massive push. He deserves to go over a jobber or two, but anyone with any real credibility beats him in a heartbeat.
  6. Uncle Sam

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    At the end of the day, Bobby Lashley was just a black Brock Lesnar. Problem being that he wasn't nearly as good. He couldn't even manage to be as charasmatic. How he couldn't manage that is beyond me. My cat is more charasmatic than Brock Lesnar, yet Bobby Lashley wasn't. Maybe it was because he spoke like a girl, who knows?

    But still, this coming from the guy supporting the world's slowest cruiserweight. It's like being the world's tallest midget. Or the world's blackest Brock Lesnar wannabe.
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    Cena and RVD were the only two guys who were able to get good matches out of this guy, first of all.

    Kayfabe wise, he never pulled off his moves as powerful and devastating as guys like Lesnar, Vader, ect. and he had one of the weakest finishers I've ever seen. That powerslam looked HORRIBLE. Davey Boy's looked ten times better then that crap. Also, let's face it... who did he beat that was important? I'm a big Umaga fan, but a win over Umaga is nothing to brag about. Defeating an over 60-year-old Vince McMahon is definitely nothing to brag about. But who else did he ever beat? No one, which is why he should get his ass kicked by pretty much anyone in this tournament who wasn't a jobber.

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