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    As an American I am all too familiar with the joy of not voting. It is all too easy in politics to get disenfranchised and then just forget about it. I have certainly done this in the past. The thing is though that someone has to win. Not participating doesn't really absolve you from that outcome. If anything it makes you more complicit in it. Anyone that joined any party is more informed than most on this election. That level of information might be why none of the three candidates seem that appealing anymore. The problem is that we need the most informed to make this decision if you really care about the best possible outcome for the forum. So I appeal to you to follow through on your commitment to this process by forcing yourself to vote for someone.

    Apathy is a selfish cop out because it doesn't do anything except save you from having to make a decision that you don't want to. You are going to have to put up with whoever wins, whether you vote or not, if you plan on staying on the forum. You might as well pull your head out of the sand and have a say in it.

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