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    The battles are over, and where 64 challengers entered, only one remains standing. The winner of the Fourth Edition of the BattleZone Tournament is...



    Alucard's road to victory was not easy, and he may have had one of the most challenging paths of any BattleZone winner. Alucard faced four fan favorites with big backings in a row: Bugs Bunny, Wolverine, Magneto, and Dante. Despite these challenges which included a rarely seen tie in the BZT, Alucard was able to get past these challenges with the help of his own passionate fans and vocal debaters that saw the power and potential in the King of Vampires. Ending the tournament with a close but decisive victory over Dante, Alucard has secured himself a space in BattleZone history.

    Thank you for your participation in this year's BattleZone Tournament. The tournament was, as always, a joy to run. We look forward to doing it again in the future.

    Stay Nerdy,
    JGlass and Doc

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