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    (The crowd packed into tonight's arena where WZCW resides nearly explodes with thunderous cheers and applauds for the WZCW opening video package that plays across the WZCW-tron overheard, as well as on television sets all across the world. The anticipation for the start of Monday night WZCW reaches its peak, and it's at a perfect time, because once the opening video comes to an end, and the fire red WZCW logo flashes quickly in and out of the camera shot, the fans in the arena and at home witness a stunning display of pyrotechnics that rise up from the stage and shoot down from the WZCW-tron, nearly lighting up the entire arena with its bright effects. The pyrotechnics display finishes off with a few fire red illuminations shooting up into the air, followed by one final explosion of silver pyro, capping off the pyro display! The fans here in the arena are electric as they chant the initials of Wrestle Zone Championship Wrestling repeatedly, as well as scream out loud for their favourite WZCW Superstars. Some amazing shots of overhead views of the fans continue to take up television sets, making fans watching at home wish they were at the arena this evening. Some may have to travel far, because as seen by the small graphic, the show is coming to us Live from Charlotte, North Carolina! As we view many home-made signs being raised up into the air by the fans, we hear the familiar voices of WZCW's well-know commentators, Copeland and Cohen.)

    Copeland: Welcome everyone to another exciting edition of WZCW Meltdown! We’ve got a huge night ahead of us, but sadly, with every great thing must come a bad one. So let me introduce to you the man sitting next to me this evening…Jack “The Enforcment” Cohen.

    Cohen: Haha, very funny Copeland. But despite your lack of any talent, we’ve got a ruckus night ahead of us as we come Live from Bobcat country. In what could be one of the biggest main events to date, Steamboat Ricky will take on Manzo. Clearly, Manzo will have NO problem making quick work of the hardcore legend.

    Copeland: I tend to disagree with you there, Jack, as Ricky may be the first to actually bring down the monster. Alongside that momentous match, we're going to see Will and Gus take on the Washoe Valley Crew in what should be an interesting encounter. We also have two KFAD qualifying bouts, and the match about to get us underway...D.C. v. Reaper for the #1 contendership of the WZCW Elite-X Championship!


    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to determine the Number 1 Contender for the WZCW Elite-X Championship...making his way to the.....

    *All of a sudden the lights go out and Harrys's mic is cut. The arena stays dark for a moment, and finally, a video appears on the tron.*


    *The lights go back on and the arena is quiet.*

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, I am getting word from WZCW officials that there WILL NOT be a #1 contender's match here tonight. Whether or not this video had something to do with this turn of events, we are not sure.


    Harrys: This bout is scheduled for one fall. The winner will qualify to be in the King for a Day match at Kingdom Come.

    “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors starts playing and Apotheosis comes out looking down at the floor, seemingly depressed, but he is actually focused and thinking over the truths and changes he has discovered and his upcoming match. In his hand, he carries Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” This will change when he finishes it. He slides into the ring, takes off his jacket, plops down in the corner, and opens and starts reading the book waiting for his opponent.

    Harrys: Walking down to the ring and weighing in at 260 pounds…Apotheosis. And his opponent…

    Prayer for a Refugee by Rise Against play thru the loud speakers. Dark blue and black lights flash. Slowly makes his way to the ring, where he slides in. He usually smirks at the cheers he gets from the crowd.

    Harrys: from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighting in at 202lbs “The Canadian Sensation” Agrex!

    Apotheosis and Agrex are in the ring, circling each other. WZCW Referee Jim Coleman is officiating and calls for the bell to be rung.

    JC: Well I can’t say that I am surprised to see this match up, especially after the whooping that Apotheosis gave Agrex last Genesis.

    SC: What happened at last Genesis could have been a fluke, personally, I think that Agrex is a great talent here at WZCW.

    Both men are in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, each man is battling for opening control. Apotheosis appears to gain the advantage when Agrex quickly counters into a hammerlock.

    SC: Now that is what I am talking about. If Agrex can keep the momentum, then I see a victory coming his way.

    JC: Don’t count you chickens before the eggs hatch.

    Agrex is working the hammerlock as Apotheosis winces in pain. Apotheosis battles back with elbows to Agrex’s head. Agrex releases the hold and Apotheosis nails Agrex with a spinning heel kick.

    JC: Do you see that athleticism and size? Now that man is a true talent.

    SC: Don’t act like this match is won, okay buddy?

    JC: Shut up, I’m not your buddy.

    Apotheosis goes for the cover.

    kick out

    Both men are up and Agrex charges Apotheosis with a clothesline. Apotheosis gets up and Agrex goes for another clothesline. Seemingly at the last second, Apotheosis counters with a drop toe hold.

    JC: Apotheosis is showing amazing ring presence for a rookie.

    Apotheosis makes his way to the top rope.

    SC: Looks like Apotheosis is going for a high-risk move there.

    JC: Come on, he’s risking a chance to wrestle at Kingdom Come.

    As Agrex is getting up, Apotheosis launches off the ropes for a flying clothesline. Agrex ducks out of the way, leaving Apotheosis to crash on the mat. Apotheosis is up quickly though, and is slammed by a German suplex from behind.

    SC: How’s that for ring presence?

    JC: So what, the kid has some inkling of talent.

    Agrex goes for the cover.

    kick out

    Agrex pounds the mat in frustration. He picks up a dazed Apotheosis and lifts him up for a Crucifix powerbomb. Agrex struggles with the weight as Apotheosis struggles to get free. Agrex drops Apotheosis due to the strain. As soon as Apotheosis hits the ground he spins Agrex around and hits a snap ddt.

    JC: There’s his opening.

    SC: I still think that Agrex has some life left in him.

    Apotheosis goes for the cover.

    Agrex kicks out very weakly.

    Apotheosis gets up and stalks Agrex on the mat. He is waiting behind Agrex as Agrex slowly gets up. Once Agrex is up, Apotheosis immediately attempts the Hero’s Journey(Vertabreaker).

    JC: He’s going for it. This match will end here.

    SC: Well…um…maybe he’ll kick out.

    Agrex regains awareness and battles out of the Hero’s Journey. Agrex irish-whips Apotheosis into the ring ropes. On Apotheosis’ return trip Agrex locks in a sleeperhold.

    SC: Wow! Agrex is really synching that sleeper in. I smell a comeback!

    JC: This is all wrong, Apotheosis don’t let me down.

    Apotheosis is fading fast as he tries to battle out of the submission attempt. As he starts making progress Agrex falls to his back and applies body scissors in addition to the sleeperhold.

    SC: Apotheosis has nowhere to go!

    JC: Damn it!

    Slowly Apotheosis begins to crawl to the ropes. Agrex tightens the hold. Soon Apotheosis reaches the ropes. The referee calls for Agrex to break the hold. Agrex refuses.


    Agrex breaks the hold and gets up. Apotheosis is left dazed on the mat.

    SC: Agrex really wants this.

    JC: He is showing some intensity that I haven’t seen before.

    Agrex goes to the turnbuckle as Apotheosis is semi-conscious in the middle of the ring. Agrex stands with his back to Apotheosis and lifts his finger to the sky, calling for a moonsault.

    SC: Oh my GOD!

    JC: No way he makes it. It’s too damn far.

    Agrex launches himself and hits a picture-perfect moonsault. He hooks Apotheosis’ leg for the cover.


    Apotheosis manages to kick out just before three.

    SC: How…in…the…hell?

    JC: Even I will admit that this guy needs to learn to call it a day.

    Agrex repeatedly bashes the mat in fury. He picks up a Apotheosis and applies a front headlock in order to go for the Neck Slam(Cork-Screw Neck Breaker).

    JC: It’s over.

    SC: I don’t know if I can take much more of this.

    Out of nowhere Apotheosis counters with a sit-out jawbreaker. Agrex is dazed and backs up, allowing Apotheosis to set up the Hero’s Journey(Vertabreaker).

    SC: Amazing!

    JC: Is this man unstoppable?

    Apotheosis connects with the Hero’s Journey (Vertabreaker) and goes for the cover.


    JC: Apotheosis wins! Apotheosis wins!


    Apotheosis stands in the middle of the ring and the referee lifts his hand in victory.

    JC: Apotheosis is going to KINGDOM COME!

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    Chuck Myles and Joseph Rios are sitting in Chuck’s office. They are both sitting back and chilling. Rios has his title over his left shoulder and is absentmindedly caressing it with his right had.. They engage in to mild conversation.

    Rios: Kingdom Come is shaping up to be pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see the kind of business we’re going to do.

    Myles: Don’t I know it, the card it going to be so stacked that I would be supri…

    There is a loud and glaring knock, which sounds more like cannon fire than anything else, at the door.

    Myles: What the hell? Come on in.

    Reaper bursts though the door. He is breathing heavily and has an enraged look on his face.

    Rios: What’s going on man?

    Reaper: I don’t have time for shooting the breeze Rios.

    Reaper turns to Myles.

    Reaper: I want a match against Everest at Kingdom Come.

    Myles: Oh, I don’t know if that can work out.

    Reaper: Don’t give me crap. I want that match.

    Myles: But there are plans and schedules that must be upheld.

    This sends Reaper into a frenzy, he is fighting to keep it cool. Rios gets up and walks over to Chuck. He starts to whisper in his ear. Myles chuckles.

    Myles: That’ll work out just fine. Why don’t you tell him Rios.

    Rios: Alright Reaper, you have your match at Kingdom Come, except for one thing: Maxx is going to be there. That is right, there will be a triple threat for the Mayhem Championship, which will consist of you, Everest, and Maxx.

    Reaper paces quickly back and forth, and then he stops.

    Reaper: Alright, I’m in.

    Reaper storms out of the office.
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    Gus, Kenny, and Joe are backstage. They are fooling around and exchanging jokes, when they notice the cameraman.

    Gus: It’s about damn time. We’ve been waiting for thirty minutes.

    Cameraman: Sorry.

    Gus: Whatever, this isn’t about you, this is about Will. Now Will, I know that you’d like to think that you won’t get pummeled tonight, that maybe you might even walk out of here with some pretty gold around your waist.

    Gus, Kenny, and Joe all hold up their respective belts.

    Gus: Well you would be wrong to think such things. These belts are staying exactly where they belong: with the Washoe Valley Crew. Did you actually expect me to put our friendship on the line for you! Honestly, if I could not think of a better way to wrap up our business. You’ve had a nice stint here at WZCW, but now it’s time for the W.V.C to send you back where you came from.

    Gus once again points out his championship belt.

    Gus: Do you see this? Hmm, Do you know what this means? Well let me tell you, it means that I am better than you. You see, a rematch against me would have been bad enough for you, but now you have to contend with the three people that hate you most.

    Gus looks back at Joe and Kenny.

    Gus: Come on guys, let’s go. I’ve said all that I needed to.

    Joe: We haven’t.

    Joe and Kenny go up to the camera.

    Joe: Will don’t think for a second that you would have ever taken our belts. Hell, even if Gus had been a sport and helped you out, we still would have won. We are the tag team champions, and we are the best at what we do.

    Joe and Kenny move to walk away. Suddenly Gus stops them.

    Gus: Is that seriously what you think? I hate to say it, but as much as I hate Will, he and I are on a different league.

    Kenny: Hey, we earned this gold, and we can beat any tag team on any damn day if we please.

    Gus shakes his head.

    Gus: If that’s the way you feel, then get ready for a real match tonight.

    Gus laughs to himself as he walks away, leaving Joe and Kenny with a confused look on their faces.
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    *A Flash Of Lightning*

    The Words "Simply Electric" then flash on the screen, panning to a shot of "The Electric" Anthony Michaels.

    Anthony Michaels: "Some have questioned my decision to come here."

    *Another Flash Of Lightning*

    Anthony Michaels: "Others wonder why I even bother."

    *Yet another flash of lightning*

    Anthony Michaels: "To them, i say screw you. I never needed you're support. I am here to do one thing and one thing only....DOMINATE. I don't care who I have to go through, or what I have to do. You all will find out soon enough, why I call myself "The Electric" Anthony Michaels.

    *A Video Package shows all the skill that Anthony Michaels has. Followed By His finishing move the Game Over.*

    The name "The Electric" Anthony Michaels show up in lightning bolt lettering.


    KFAD Qualifier: Vengeance v. Eric Smith

    Copeland: Next up we have a KFAD qualifying match. Both of these competitors met in tag team action last week, but this time there's a lot more at stake.

    Cohen: Right Seabass. A trip to the KFAD match at Kingdom Come is on the line here.

    *Ding Ding Ding Ding*

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a KFAD qualifying match!

    *O Fortuna - Orff hits the speakers and out comes Vengeance. a slow paced, ominous walk down to the ring, wearing hooded cloak, arms linked in front (similar to a monk). Enters the ring by sliding under the bottom rope. Stands facing turnbuckle and pulls back the hood, raising his head toward the sky, as though looking for divine inspiration. Removes his cloak and drapes it over a ringpost.*

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring from Oslo, Norway, weighing in at 275 lbs.............Vengeance!

    "Endless Challenge" by F-Zero plays for aproximatly 7-8 seconds before I come out from behind the curtain, and I immediatly start to play to the crowd, clapping and raising my arms, jumping up and down, just getting exited. As I'm heading to the ring, I might do a litte stretching of my arms and such, crack a few bones, climb into the ring via stairs, and continue to play it up to the crowd.

    [COLOR]Harrys:And his opponent, from Atlantic Canada weighing in at 235 lbs...Eric Smith[/COLOR].

    Eric Smith and Vengeance square off in the middle of the ring, meeting with an initial tie up. Vengeance takes the early advantage, throwing Smith off the ropes and hitting a big boot. Vengeance then picks up Smith, hitting a series of right hands that punish Smith into the corner. Vengeance hits several loud knife-edge chops, hits a shoulderbreaker....cover:

    1....2...kickout Eric Smith.

    Copeland: We're seeing some great offense here early on.

    Vengeance picks up Eric Smith and goe WAIT SMALL PACKAGE BY SMITH!

    1...2...kickout by Vengeance.

    Cohen: He hooked the tights!!! That should be a DQ ref!

    Copeland: Oh, zip it Jack.

    Vengeance stands back up where he is met by a series of right hands from Smith. Smith swings Vengeance into the ropes, connecting with a takedown clothesline. Then, Smith picks up Vengeance to hit a vertical suplex. Cover.

    1....2...kickout Vengeance.

    Smith picks up Vengeance who responds with a rake to the eye of Smith, causing him to grab it in pain. Vengeance hits a series of right hands on Smith followed by a Russian leg sweep and Northern Lights suplex. Cover.

    1....2....kickout Smith.

    Cohen: That was a slow count, Seabass. You know it.

    Copeland: Who are you going for in this match, Jack?

    Vengeance picks up Smith for a scoop slam, but Smith reverses the offense and hits a dropkick on the back of Vengeance. Smith scoop slams Vengeance, then runs off the rope and hits a leg drop. Smith picks up Vengeance, whips him into the ropes, Vengeance ducks, and comes back with a devastating big boot. Vengeance then scores Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Cover.

    Cohen: FINALLY. Should be over now.


    *Ding Ding Ding Ding*

    Harrys: Here is your winner and KFAD qualifier.....Vengeance!


    *Kenny and Joe are walking around backstage, when all of a sudden, they bump into Chuck Myles.*

    Myles: Ahhh…the Washoe Valley Crew, just the guys I was looking for.

    Kenny: What do you want, Chuck?

    Myles: I just wanted to wish you two good luck tonight in your tag title defense.

    Joe: I’m sure that’s what you want. Cut to the chase, Myles.

    Myles: Easy boys! I’m just trying to have a friendly conversation here. If you MUST know, I wanted to give you guys a little heads up. IF you two retain the WZCW tag team championships tonight, you will be defending your titles in a triple threat tag-team match against the teams of Rajeem/Jeattar and Agrex/Eric Smith at Kingdom Come.

    Kenny: Is that supposed to scare us?

    Myles: Guys…I’m just giving you a chance to showcase that talent of yours’. Good luck in the ring tonight!

    *Myles walks away with a smile on his face…while WVC looks at him in annoyance.*



    "Back in Black" by AC/DC erupts over the sound system, as Joe and Kenny, the Tag Team Champions come out through the curtain. Both men are full of energy, as they are jamming with their theme music. Kenny holds up his Tag Team Championship and begins 'air-guitaring' it along with the music, while Joe walks down the rampway toward the ring, high-fiving the fans along the way. Both men slide into the ring, as they climb up onto each turnbuckle on one side of the ring, showing off their Championships. Kenny & Joe both get down and stand side-by-side in the ring, as they await their opponents.

    "Holy Diver" by Killswitch Engage interrupts over the sound system, as the Elite X Champion, Gus, walks out through the curtain alone. He stops at the top of the stage, as he points toward the curtain, only for Heidi to walk out with a big smile on her face. Joe & Kenny are in the ring cheering them on, as Gus spins Heidi around then kisses her. As they embrace, the letters "G.U.S." explode in pyro above them, as Gus raises his Elite X Championship above his head with one arm, while holding Heidi with the other. Both Gus and Heidi make their way to the ring, as they high-five the fans along the way. They both get into the ring, as they all hug with Kenny & Joe, as the entire Washoe Valley Crew has reunited in the ring.

    "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd erupts over the sound system, as the fans turn to booing. Big Will walks out through the curtain, as hes glaring into the ring as the entire Washoe Valley Crew looks on. Will shakes his head in disbelief, as he walks half way down the ramp, only to stop and raise his arms. Pyro shoots up from various parts of the stage, as Will holds his arms in the air. He continues down toward the ring, as he slowly climbs up onto the ring apron, yelling at Gus regarding which side hes on.

    The official gets between Kenny, Joe & Gus, as he tells Gus to go to his corner. Gus, for the first time fully comes to realize he might actually have to face off against his own teammates, while teaming with the one person he hates the most. Will gets into the ring, as Heidi glares at him on her way out. Will and Gus go face to face, as they begin arguing before the opening bell. Meanwhile, Kenny has decided to start on the opposite side. The official calls for the bell.

    Gus is facing Will, as Will is demanding Gus start the match. Will shoves Gus into their corner, only for Gus to come back and shove Will. Kenny rushes up behind Will, as Will stumbles backwards and connects with a german suplex into a pin. The official gets down, 1................................ 2............................... Will kicks out, as he gets to his feet quickly, only for Kenny to deliver a stiff clothesline. Will gets back up almost instantly, only for Kenny to deliver yet another clothesline as Will once again gets back up, only to stumble toward the ropes and fall between the middle ropes, to the outside of the ring.

    Will attempts to create distance, as he stumbles into the announcer's table, then turns toward the corner that Joe's in. Joe rushes off the apron, connecting with a Shooting Star Press off the apron, into a cross body of sorts onto Will. The crowd explodes, as Will is down and trying hard to even understand where he is. The official begins counting, as hes already at 3. Meanwhile, Kenny walks to the apron, as hes yelling for Will to get to his feet. Will grabs the announcer's table, pulling himself up, as the official gets to 5.

    Joe once again gets off the apron, as the official breaks his count to attempt demanding Joe back to his corner. Joe grabs Will by the hair, as he tries to whip him into the ring post. Will reverses, sending Joe into the ring post, as Joe hits hard and falls to the floor. Will turns back toward the ring, only to be surprised by Kenny, who comes off the top rope with a diving clothesline, on the outside of the ring. Kenny gets to his feet, grabbing Will by the hair and pulling him up, only to shove him into the ring. Kenny rolls in and cover Will, as the official makes the count. 1..................................... 2............................... Will puts his feet on the ropes.

    Gus is just resting against the ropes, seemingly uncaring of his partner's concern. Meanwhile, Joe has yet to get up on the outside, as it looks like he may of even been busted open. Heidi walks over to Joe, as Kenny pulls Will to his feet. Kenny whips Will toward the ropes, as Will bounces off, Kenny goes for a clothesline, but Will counters by swinging around Kenny's arm, and connecting with a Will to Win. (D.D.T.) Will goes for a cover, as the official gets down to count. 1............................ 2................... Kenny kicks out with slight ease, as Will slowly gets to his feet, holding his head. Will grabs Kenny, only for Kenny to strike back with body blows to Will's ribs.

    Heidi motions for Gus, as Kenny attempts a stalling brainbuster, only for Will to counter by reversing himself in mid-air, and coming down behind Kenny. Will leaps for his corner, only to discover no one is there. Will looks in disbelief, as his facial expression turns to become pissed off. He notices Gus tending to Joe, who has been busted open on the floor. Meanwhile, Kenny rushes up behind Will only to leap onto the ropes next to him and moonsault back behind him, going for a reverse DDT. Will counters by delivering an elbow to the side of Kenny's head, only to then connect with the Willennium!!! Will realizes the match could easily be over, but instead of covering, Will rolls out of the ring.

    Will walks over to Gus, as he grabs Gus by the hair, jerking him to his feet. Will slaps Gus across the face, then points to the ring. Gus turns his head slightly, only to then slap Will back across the face. Gus then spears Will on the outside of the ring, as both men unload on each other with punches. The official isn't sure what to do, so he begins to count. He gets to 4 then stops, trying to yell for them to split up. When they aren't listening, and continue to brawl, the official continues his count again, getting to 6.

    Gus grabs Will, only to pick him up and whip him toward the steel steps. Will leaps over the steps, as Gus charges in, going for a diving clothesline, only for Will to step up onto the steps and spear Gus in mid-air, as both men fall to the outside of the ring. The official reaches 8 as he once again stops, with one last attempt to get one of them into the ring. Will gets up, as he slides back into the ring.

    Kenny is still out, as Will goes for a cover. The official gets down to make the count. 1................................. 2............................... Kenny barely shoots the arm up, as Will gets to his feet, and begins stomping on Kenny. Several officials come out from the back, as they circle the ring to Joe, who's still not moving. Heidi seems worried, as Will stops for a moment to look at whats going on. The official in the ring leans through the ropes to find out whats going on, as one of the other officials explains the situation. Will is told to back off, as the main official throws up the 'X' sign.

    Kenny once again gets to his feet without Will knowing it, as he comes up behind Will. Kenny spins Will around, only to slap him hard across the face, then connect with the Insult2Injury. (inverted facebuster) Kenny rolls Will over as he covers, but the official is still looking on toward the issues going on outside the ring. Kenny grabs the officials leg, as he turns to make the count. 1.................................... 2....................... Will kicks out, just barely again.

    Kenny gets to his feet, as he questions what to do next. Kenny attempts to pick Will up, only for Will to take out the right knee. Kenny clutches his knee, as Will quickly locks in his kneeling inverted Sharpshooter. Kenny is yelling in pain, as he raises his hand as if hes about to tap. Suddenly, Gus rushes into the ring with a chair, as he levels Will in the back of the head with it. The official calls for the bell, as Kenny grabs at his knee, only for Gus to kneel beside him and help him to his feet. Kenny is holding onto the ring ropes, as both he and Gus look on to Joe, who's being put on a backboard and picked up onto a stretcher.

    Will is laid out in the ring, as Gus & Kenny exit the ring, as all the members of the Washoe Valley Crew head toward the back, with Joe being carried out. The official checks on Will, who's holding his head and slowly coming two. As Will pulls himself up, he looks up the rampway, as Joseph Rios appears on the stage with the World Heavyweight Championship, holding it above his head with one hand, as he lays it across his shoulder. Rios smirks, and begins clapping, as Will is holding the back of his head, barely able to stand. The cameras cut away..


    The camera is walking down a corridor. As it walks to the end, it goes past a door that has been left ajar. The camera looks down, only to see a man lying face down.

    His head is lying in the small gap between the door and the frame. His body is flaccid in the dark room. The camera looks up as someone rushes away to get help.

    Murfish walks around the corner and see what has happened

    Murfish: “What the *beep*!? What’s happened? *beep* It's the Grand Mystique”

    Cameraman: “Don’t move him!”

    Murfish: "Get some help!!"

    Murfish checks his pulse and then his breathing.

    Murfish: “I am no expert but I think he could be OK. Where are the damn paramedics?”

    A man and women wearing navy blue uniforms rush around and begin to tend to GM.

    Man: “Hello, can you hear me?”

    No response

    Woman: “Can we remove the mask?”

    Man: “Pass me the scissors.”

    They take great care, removing as much as possible without moving his head.

    Man: “We have got quite a severe bruising back here.”

    Woman: “Let’s get him on the spinal board and get him out of here.”

    Quite a crowd has gathered now in the narrow corridor, trying to figure out what has gone on.

    Murfish: (loudly“I just came around the corridor and, and found him lying there! He looks pretty bad.”

    The attending paramedics have rolled GM carefully onto the spinal board and on a stretcher.

    Man: “OK people, we need some space please!”

    GM begins to stir.

    GM: “Urgh, my head! I got j-, j-, jumped.”

    Woman: “You are going to be fine sir; we are going to take you to the hospital.”

    Chuck Myles comes out with Leon Kensworthy.

    Chuck: “Who did this? Did anyone see what happened?”

    A lot of voices pipe up saying that nobody saw a thing.

    Leon pipes up. “Boss, apparently he was just found back here, knocked out and unconscious. He thinks he got ambushed. We don’t know who did it.”

    Chuck: “Right, Leon, take this” Chuck hands him a mobile. “I want hourly updates. As long as it takes. I am not having talent in my company attacked so randomly without being able to defend themselves. This is completely unexcuseable!”

    Leon backs away to allow the stretcher through and begins to walk behind it.

    Chuck: “Right everyone back to work....we have a show to put on. The Grand Mystique will be fine.”
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    Everest v. Maxx - Grudge Match

    The N.O.I Theme hits as the Maxx makes his way to the ringalone he hits the floor making a prayer pose as the crowd boos fills the arena

    Harry’s: Entering the ring, he is a member of the N.O.I, from London, England weighing in at 295 Pounds, he is the WZCW Mayhem Champion...THHHEEEEEE MAAXXXXX

    Harrys: His opponnent, from Los Angeles, California weighing in at 205 LBS ‘The Pinnacle of Perfection’ Everest!

    Everest enters the arena as orange laser lights shoot back and forth across the blank big screen that then flashes the words “Are you Ready to Go” The lights go out for a second and when they kick back on Everest stands in the middle of the ramp soaking up the cheers. He makes his way to the ring rather hastily but stops along the way to eye up a pretty lady at ringside and to say hello to some fans.

    *Everest Enters the ring as Maxx burns a hole in the challenger Everest as He enters the ring, Everest steps up to the top rope as the crowd roars*

    Cohen: Everest is a showboating piece of crap, he thinks that it will be easy for him to defeat the arab King and Mayhem champion

    *Suddenly Maxx hits Everest From behind with ah huge Forearm shot to the back of the head, Everest falls face first onto the steel post as Maxx runs the ropes and goes for a boot shot to the head of Everest*

    Copeland: Maxamillion Mustafa is trying to end this match eary

    *Everest Ducks Leaving Maxx tangled in the middle rope, Everest brings Maxx up and hits a short arm clothesline on the submission machine leaving him laying as the crowd roars*

    Copeland: Maxx has just experienced the Pure power of Everest

    *Everest Brings Maxx to his feet and hits the fisherman’s suplex and makes the cover

    *Maxx kicks out as Everest looks on at the crowd, he picks Mustafa up by the hair as the crowd goes nuts*

    Copeland: Everest is handing Maxx his behind!

    *Maxx is up as Everest attempts a DDT, but Maxx shoves him into the ropes, Everest runs the ropes and attempts a spear but Everest Counters once more hitting a belly to belly suplex on the ever dominant maxx*

    Cohen: Maxx come on

    *Maxx is shaking the effects of the belly to belly suplex off as Everest brings Maxx to his feet once more for a neck breaker but Maxx once again counters sending Everest back into the ropes, Everest turns around as Maxx runs at the big man , Everest Counters hitting a spine buster on the big man sending Maxx into the mat, Everest Climbs the ropes and goes for the flying headbutt, But Maxx suddenly moves out of the way leaving nothing but Canvas for the The Pinnacle of Perfection.*

    Copeland: That’s gotta hurt!

    *Everest Attempts to get to his feet as Maxx floats over and hits the crossface on the Pinnacle of Perfection as Everest screams*

    Cohen: That’s it, Its all over for EVEREST!!!

    *Maxx pulls back as Everest Attempts to fight out, the referee asks Everest if he submits But Everest screams no as Maxx pulls back attempting to break the neck of the pinnacle of perfection*

    Copeland: Maxx is attempting to pull back on the throat of Everest, He doesn’t want to win this match, he wants to destroy the big man!

    *Everest positions his foot on the bottom rope as the ref looks on, the ref attempts to break the hold But Maxx screams at the official*

    Cohen: How the hell did Everest do that?

    *Maxx gets in the face of the official as Everest attempts to get back to his feet, the crowd boos as Maxx tells them to shut the hell up, suddenly Maxx turns around and Everest catches him hitting the rockslide on the Mayehm champion as the crowd erupts*

    Copeland: Rockslide, Rockslide, Rockslide!!!!

    *Everest Makes the cover as the ref counts

    *Suddenly Reaper pulls the ref out of the ring, the ref yells at the Angry Member of the Dynasty as Reaper looks on in anger *

    Cohen: Looks like Maxx is gonna get Disqualified

    *Suddenly Reaper is turned around as Everest hits a couple of forearm shots , the referee heads back into the ring and starts the count*


    *Maxx distracts the referee from inside the ring as Everest attempts to hit the rock slide, suddenly Reaper swings over and hits DDT on the Pinnacle of Perfection Leaving Everest Laying on the concrete floor as Reaper moves under the ring and brings out his trademark sledge hammer as the ref argues inside the ring with Maxx*

    Copeland: Ref look, Ref take a look please!!!

    *Everest Attempts to make it back to his feet but is met with a huge shot to the back with the sledge hammer by reaper*

    Cohen: Ouch that gotta hurt!!

    *Reaper picks up the lifeless body of Everest as Maxx shoves the referee and makes the cover*

    Copeland: NO IT CANT END LIKE THIS!!!


    Copeland: Come On Ref No!


    Copeland: Dammit!


    The Winner Of the Match Maxamillion Mustafa!!!

    *Repaer walks up the ramp as Maxx looks down on the unconscious Everest He raises his hands up in the air as the crowd boos, the screaming crowd boos as Maxx celebrates his tainted victory in the ring*


    *Rios and Myles are standing backstage in Myles office, clearly confused about what happened earlier to the Washoe Valley Crew.*

    Rios: So what are we going to do with the Tag Titles now that WVC has been taken out by Will? They are in NO shape to defend the titles anytime soon...especially at Kingdom Come...

    Myles: You don't think I can see that? They took a real beating out there.

    *Myles thinks for a moment.*

    Myles: Well, I have no choice but to immediately strip WVC of the WZCW Tag Team Championships.

    Rios: So does that make the match at Kingdom Come for the Tag Titles a simple 2 on 2 match?

    Myles: HEY HEY HEY! You might be "in charge" tonight, but I'm still the boss around here. The answer is NO. There will still be a triple threat match at Kingdom Come for the WZCW Tag Team Championships. Next week on Meltdown, two WZCW Superstars will be selected at random to fill in the spot now left empty by the incapacitated WVC.

    Rios: I like it! I like it!

    Myles: What can I say? I AM a genius...

    *Fade out*
  6. Steamboat Ricky

    Steamboat Ricky WZCW's Living Legend

    Jan 8, 2007
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    We all start as children. Young, full of dreams, happiness. Ignorant to the world around us

    *light piano music plays in the background*

    Camera shows a young NorCal watching Hulk Hogan on saturday night's main event, doing the Hogan flexes and poses....

    Lil NorCal : "Momma...ima be a WRASSLER SOMEDAY!!!!"

    ...If you truly want them, you move towards the acheivment of those dreams. You do what you need to do. Figured I would make money and help out all at once...

    *"Heroes of War" By NFL Films plays*

    We see images of NorCal Graduating High school, and leaving for Military basic training. Sweating Running, working through Basic. Looking proud at the graduation parade feild, standing tall in his crisp new uniform.

    As we all know....dreams can change quickly. They can become whatever your mind contorts to. Anything. Terrible things.

    *"Hurt" By Johnny Cash plays*

    We see black and white still pictures of NorCal, in uniform, in desert/mountain locations, bloody and filthy in most of them. Carrying others on his back. Weeping over fallen brothers. The final still shows NorCal seated on a rock, in uniform, head hung, blood dripping.The voice of his feild commander comes over...."Nice job out there today King...We really had to dig our heels in on that one"....one...one...one (Echoing)

    Norcal has many oppurtunities to leave the military, to become a wrestler. But he keeps going back to the fight. It becomes basically his life. After his 6th tour he has an epihpany....

    We see NorCal in the shower (from the waist up) leaning on the wall with his elbows, head buried. Its a back angle, showing the rushing water running down his back, and full back peice tattoo. A booming voice sounds out of nowere, and the music STOPS

    My son...it is time....return home. Speak for the meak, fight for the weak. Evil men are not to be feared. The only thing to fear, is indifference from good men.

    *The drums of "T-800" The terminator 2 theme, start*

    A hooded figure walks through the night, barely visible, besides the glimmer of his dog tags in the moonlight.

    Dreams are for children. Causes are for people with purpose. I fight not for titles, fame or fortune. I fight for causes. All of you who live by intimidation of those who are weaker than you...shall now know intimidation...you will know FEAR....you will know pain....It will not be a dream, not even a nightmare...it shall be reality. I dont dream anymore. I know hurt so deep, you can see the pain in my eyes while I sleep. Dont understand?? You will soon. You will know pain soon. You will know me soon. Take heed. I will be there soon.

    *The synthesizers of the "T-800" theme hit.*
    As NorCal is shown removing his hoody in slow motion, revealing his physique, scars, and tattoos, and eventually, his glaring, death serious face, before the screen fades to black.

    The words "What will you do??...When the man...comes around??...."


    Milenko v. Alex Bowen

    *wagon wagon by insane clown posse hit’s the speakers as Alex comes out with 2 bottles of faygo. He runs around and high fives fans then runs to the ring with the bottles still in hand. he starts to shake the botles then unscrews it a little bit then punts them into the crowd. He hops into the ring and goes up to the top rope and does a wc sign with his hands then hops down.*

    *Out comes Milenko to a shower of boos, once again holding a mic, preparing to address Alex Bowen.*

    Milenko: Hahahaha. WZCW officials just don't learn, do they Alex? Because I declined to fight you last week under a mandatory match, why would they book me in yet ANOTHER match against you WITHOUT MY DISCRETION??? Well, you should know by now that I simply am not going to face you unless its under my own conditions, so I hope you like my replacement. He might seem familiar to you...

    *Milenko walks backstage.*

    *Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by U2 plays over the speakers as the lights dim and turn a shade of purple. Jeremy emerges through the curtains to a chorus of boos. Brushing off the crowd, Jeremy walks towards the ring with a slight swagger in his step. Upon getting in the ring, he glancing around the area and raises his fist in the air, extending his pinky finger as the crowd continues to boo.*

    Ding Ding Ding!

    The match starts as Jeremy holds out his hand, uncharacteristically . Alex goes to accept, but Jeremy spits in Alex’s face in a blatant show of disrespect! Alex runs at Jeremy, but Jeremy side steps Alex, sending him into the ropes. Alex comes bouncing back as Jeremy ducks, setting up to send Alex over his shoulders. The plan backfires, however, as Alex leaps over Jeremy and into a sunset flip pin! Alex gets a quick two count to start off the match .

    Both men get back to their feet as Alex quickly hit’s a Kiss My Paint(Head Butt) for Jeremy. Jeremy stumbles back off the ropes. Jeremy sucks a clothesline attempt from Alex and connects with a stiff kick to the mid-section. He turns him around and hits an Inverted DDT! Jeremy gets to his feet and taunts the crowd for a moment as Alex struggles to his feet. Alex is taken into the corner by Jeremy with a clothesline. Jeremy runs at Alex and hit’s a stiff back elbow. Alex stumbles forward as Jeremy creeps behind and hit’s a release German Suplex to Alex! Jeremy goes for a cocky cover but Alex manages to kick out just before the 2.

    Jeremy begins to pick Alex up, but Alex hit’s a few stiff shots to Jeremy’s midsection. Jersemy stumbles back as Alex steps back, then hit’s a nice dropkick! Jeremy goes down as he staggers to his feet, Alex is pumping up. Alex hits another dropkick as the crowd rally’s behind him. Alex hits one more Dropkick, then takes Jeremy into the corner and connects with a stiff chop! Jeremy staggers forward as Alex hit’s a DDT! Alex goes up to the top rope, the crowd fully behind him! Alex leaps off, hitting the Eat My Ass! (Leg Drop)! Alex quickly covers and picks up the impressive victory!


    *Backstage, Jonny Klamor approaches Steamboat Ricky as he goes to the stage.*

    Klamor: Ricky, you are about to face the undefeated monster Manzo...what is your strategy???

    Ricky: Strategy? You want to know my strategy? In all of the matches throughout my entire career, has there EVER been any question as to what my strategy would be??

    *Ricky stares at Klamor as if he was brainless.*

    Ricky: The ONLY strategy I take to the ring is the strategy of doing whatever it takes, putting my body on the line, and using WHATEVER means necessary to win. Some people call me a dirty player.....HA.....I call myself the "Icon of Insanity." BANG! BANG!

    *Ricky exits.*



    "Sumo" begins to play smoothly over the tanoid and the crowd erupts into a chorus of boos. The curtains part and dressed in his huge kimono is Hatchiyama Manzo, his face awash with a angry grimace. The sound is deafening as people boo the mammoth as he makes his way to the ring.

    Copeland: Listen to the ovation the crowd here are giving this monster of a man. Few scant months ago he was cheered and now it seems with this Magnus Maximillian pulling the strings he's hated an abhorred.

    Cohen: Jealously Copeland that's all it is, plain and simple fact is Magnus is a millionaire with more money than these people make their whole lives. With him guding Manzo, he's gone from squashing jobbers to facing Ricky in the mian event baby!

    Manzo climbs up the steel steps, the Kimono dropping to the ground as he enteres the ring, his huge size quickly apparent. Throwing his hands up to the crowd, they boo even louder.

    *"You Stand Here With Me" - Creed hits the P.A. and out comes Steamboat Ricky to a roar of excited fans. Walking down the ring with a focused and determined look on his face, Ricky drops his cooler at the top of the ramp, not giving out his customary non-alcoholic grog. He walks to the ring, enters, and retreats to his corner, never taking an eye off of Manzo.*

    Copeland: There is clearly a buzz in the atmosphere here. Could the Icon of Insanity do what no other man in WZCW has done and FINALLY defeat the monster Manzo?

    Cohen: I would NOT bet on it, Seabass. Look at the monster, and then look at Ricky. Ricky has NO chance of picking up a win here. I don’t care what he’s done in his storied career, he CANNOT even compete with this behemoth.

    *Both men circle the ring, staring intently at one another. The crowd is deafening in support of Ricky, seemingly trying to give Ricky the edge needed to claim victory. Ricky stops his circling and looks to the crowd, soaking in the energy from his fans.*

    Copeland: If anyone was ever going to top Manzo, this is the environment. You’ve GOT TO give the home field advantage to Ricky in this deafening atmosphere. Here we go!

    *Ding ding ding*

    *Ricky and Manzo again begin circling the ring. Ricky stops suddenly, looks at Manzo sadistically, and sticks out his right hand.*

    Copeland: You’ve gotta be kidding me! Don’t do it Ricky!

    Cohen: Ricky is going to be SNAPPED IN HALF!

    *Ricky continues to offer his right hand to Manzo, then sticks out his left. Manzo looks shocked, but he obliges Ricky’s request and locks hands. GRECO ROMAN KNUCKLE LOCK! Surprisingly, the lock does not seem to be favoring either competitor, but slowly RICKY begins to take advantage!*

    Copeland: Come on Ricky! Bring the big monster to his knees!

    Cohen: This is incredible…

    *Just as Ricky begins to gain leverage on Manzo, the enormity of the giant sets in, and Manzo quickly brings Ricky to his knees. Manzo continues to punish the hardcore legend, causing him to wince in pain. Finally, Manzo releases the knuckle lock and picks up Ricky to deliver a punishing head butt. He throws Ricky into the ropes, executing a knee to the midsection and a belly to belly sideslam.*

    Cover…1….2…kickout by Ricky.

    Copeland: Come on Ricky, fight!

    Cohen: Oh Seabass, do you REALLY still think he has a chance? Ref, do Ricky a favor and throw in the match!!

    *Manzo goes to pick up Ricky, but Ricky hits a low blow on Manzo! The ref DID NOT see it, as his back was turned to address Cohen. The crowd applauds, and Ricky gets to his feet. He delivers a series of right hands to Manzo, swings him into the ropes and delivers a running double axe-handle. Still, Ricky is not able to get Manzo to fall to the mat. Ricky decides to attempt to suplex Manzo, but the Yokozuna proves to be far too heavy for Ricky to lift, as Manzo falls on top of Ricky for the cover.*

    1…..2….KICKOUT by Ricky.

    Copeland: Bah GAWD I have no idea how Ricky was able to kick out after that. No man should be able to withstand a weight of 585 lbs. crashing down on his midsection!

    *Manzo picks up Ricky once again, this time hitting a gorilla press frontslam and a spinning sambo suplex toss. Cover by Manzo.*

    1….2….Kickout by Ricky.

    Copeland: What a display of guts we are seeing here! Manzo keeps taking it to Ricky, but Ricky keeps on fighting.

    Cohen: Seriously, Seabass? Hatchiyama Manzō is dominating Steamboat Ricky in every facet of this match.

    *Manzo picks up Ricky and puts him in a bear hug. Outweighing Ricky by well over 300 lbs, the pressure that Manzo is inflicting upon his midsection is off the charts.*

    Copeland: This doesn’t look good, Cohen. Ricky won’t be able to breathe for much longer.

    Cohen: Like a boa constrictor, Manzo is going to SQUEEZE the life out of Steamboat Ricky, further cementing his total dominance of the ENTIRE WZCW roster.

    *Manzo motions for the official to check Ricky’s consciousness. The ref lifts up Ricky’s arm….it drops.


    *The ref lifts up Ricky’s arm again…it drops.*


    *The ref lifts up Ricky’s arm again….it drops……NO! Ricky makes a fist! He starts to power up while the crowd goes wild! With chants of Ricky, Ricky, Ricky in the background, Ricky delivers 3 hard elbows to the gut of Manzo, throws Manzo off the rope, tries to suplex Manzo, but ONCE AGAIN, Manzo falls on top of Ricky…cover by Manzo…*

    1….2……………..KICK OUT by Ricky!

    Copeland: What a match we’ve got here, folks. Say what you want to about these two, but you cannot deny that you’ll be hard pressed to find two tougher competitors in this industry today than Manzo and Ricky.

    Cohen: Oh please, Seabass! Ricky isn’t even in Manzo’s league, and you know that!

    Copeland: Oh kiss it, Jack. You know for dang sure that no one has tested Manzo like Ricky has here tonight!

    *Ricky seems frustrated. He manages to roll out of the ring…and he walks over toward one of the WZCW cameramen.*

    Ricky: I’m not leaving here until I bring that giant to his knees!

    *Ricky heads over to the time keeper’s area and picks up a folding chair and lifts it up to gain crowd approval. The crowd goes INSANE, as they know what is coming. Ricky slides into the ring, jabs Manzo in the gut with the butt of the steel chair, causing him to bend over. Ricky then takes the chair and cracks it across Manzo’s back causing him to drop to one knee. Ricky follows with a stiff shot to Manzo’s other leg, causing him to drop to BOTH of his knees. The ref calls for the bell.*


    Harrys: Here is your winner as a result of a disqualification…. Hatchiyama Manzō!

    *With a sadistic look, Ricky holds up the chair and motions toward the crowd. The fans erupt in support of their hero. With approval, Ricky takes the chair, gets a running start, then charges at Manzo BLASTING him square in the face with the steel chair, bringing Manzo all the way down!*

    Copeland: By goodness! Manzo has been broken in half!!!!!!!!!

    *Ricky lifts the chair up to work the crowd, but as he does, Manzo gets right back up. Ricky turns around where he is met by a thunderous fist from Manzo that drives the steel chair right into the face of Steamboat.*

    Cohen: I told you, Seabass! Hatchiyama Manzō is a monster that CANNOT be stopped. He has no weakness. Even when Steamboat Ricky uses illegal objects to bring down the giant, he still cannot be kept down!

    *Manzo picks up Ricky and delivers a Fallout Slam, crushing the insane one to the mat. Then like an atom bomb, Manzo runs off the ropes and hits the Hiroshima Bomb, leaving Ricky lifeless in the middle of the ring.*

    Copeland: We need security out here right now, or this is going to get ugly really fast.

    *Manzo looks sadistic as he picks up Ricky again and sets him up over on the bottom turnbuckle. Manzo appears to be setting up for the Runner Corner Hip Smash.*

    Copeland: Dear God in heaven, someone please come out here before Manzo ends Ricky’s career!

    *Manzo begins to start running, when all of a sudden, the lights go out. Two single pyros go off in the darkness, and the lettering “SINCADE” appears on the tron as Sincade’s music blasts through the arena! The crowd goes insane!*

    Cohen: What is HE doing here?

    Copeland: Sincade is BACK! And JUST in time!

    *Sincade stands at the top of the ramp, looking on at Hatchiyama Manzō. Manzo stands still, completely shocked. The staredown continues, just as Meltdown goes off the air!*
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