WWE WrestleMania XXXIV: WWE Raw Women's Championship - Alexa Bliss (c) VS Nia Jax

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Mar 21, 2018.

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    It's pretty much written in stone that Alexa drops the title to Nia. They've set Alexa up as the vindictive mean girl who's made fun of Nia for being a big girl, so you can just see them wanting to have the big girl come out on top as a means of sending a message to all the girls out there, etc.

    I'd prefer they kept the title on Alexa as I'm just not a huge fan of Nia Jax. Aside from the fact that she's probably a good 100 to 125 lbs. heavier than the next largest woman on the roster, there's nothing really about her. Well, the one thing she does have going for her is that she's another half Samoan who's related to the Rock, so I guess that's one thing that trumps everything else. She's not particularly strong in the ring, she's not strong on the mic and she doesn't really have much personality. Still though, with Asuka heading to the blue brand, most likely, and seeing as how Asuka's beaten her several times already, there's currently no one else on Raw for Alexa to feud with. The only two are Bayley and Sasha Banks, but it looks like they're finally embarking on their 1 on 1 feud and it'll hopefully breathe new life into them.
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    Alexa had a really long and for the most part good title run and she deserves the singles match at Mania, and it was absolutley the right call by WWE to have Bayley and Banks in a seperate match (we can argue if they should have also had a singles match). Also Nia vs Bliss has been built on and off for close to a year now which is nice. Also Mickie James's involvment will be a nice part in this match. I do expect that she will get involved in either the build to this match or in the match itself to one last time stab Bliss in the back (hopefully it happens on the Raw before Mania).
    I think Nia Jax is winning here, and hopefully in order to make Bliss look strong in this match, Nia wins this in less than 3 minutes. Seriousely this needs to be a squash (aka. Ultimate Warrior circa 1988 IC Title win). They can have a long drawn out match here but it just does not fit the story. Oh, and don't redo WrestleMania XIX WWE!!!

    After Nia wins this I think we can see Alexa Bliss staying away from the title for the time being, as she was a women's champion ever since December 2016 almost (with the exception of like a week in February & the month of April I think). . I can see Carmella cashing in on Nia to win the title after Mania. If WWE are high on Nia as it looks to be, then they need to build to a Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey title match at Summer Slam, and have Rousey be the one to attack Nia so badly allowing Carmella to win the title. Then you can have in the summer 3 Raw women programs: Rousey vs Jax, Carmella vs Bliss (who needs to turn into a tweener or even a face after Mania for a period of time), and of course Bayley vs Banks.

    Prediction: Nia Jax wins hopefully in a short match
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    They have done a good job building this feud. Nia and Alexa are real life friends and it's a relatable situation with Alexa being the bully to the less attractive overweight woman Nia. As the above poster said I think Nia has to make quick work out of Alexa in less than 5 minutes. Alexa isn't someone who can carry a match like a Sasha or Charlotte and it's such a mismatch between Alexa and Nia. With the way they have built up Alexa this past year or so this is a great opportunity to put Nia over and let her finally get a run with the Women's Championship. It would definitely solidify Nia to get a big win on the big stage against the top female superstar in WWE Alexa.
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    Alexa Bliss may lose, but still keep her championship in a cheap way by DQ or count out, and thus far continuing the rivalry into Extreme Rules. I think Bliss is made to look like she'll have the cards stacked against her but still come out of the Superdome as champion. This should be a squash match where it ends in less than 18 seconds (new Wrestlemania record) as the card is already stacked.

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