WWE Extreme Rules: WWE Raw Women's Championship - Alexa Bliss (c) VS Nia Jax

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    After losing the Raw Women's Championship at MITB, Nia gets her rematch against Little Miss Bliss at Extreme Rules. As with the WWE Championship and the multi-man match ups, no special circumstances or stipulations have been announced for the match but, if I'm not mistaken, all ER matches are no disqualification. As a result, Alexa can cheat to her heart's content to retain the championship, which will probably be the outcome and, in my opinion, what should be the outcome.

    As a babyface, Nia Jax flat out sucks. She doesn't have the personality or charisma needed for the role whereas a heel, all she really needs to do is be a dominant bruiser who doesn't say much. Of course, such labels don't seem to really matter to Vince McMahon anymore as he'll sometimes turn a wrestler heel for a month, or for one particular feud, then put them back as a babyface while we're all just supposed to pretend nothing has changed. Alexa retains and moves onto a the big money match at SummerSlam against Ronda Rousey.
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    They added the Extreme Rules match stipulation.
    So another one that Little Miss No Bumps will add to her resume - and not do anything with it.

    I cannot believe what I am about to type here, but I cannot wait for Ronda to take the title away from her as soon as possible.

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