WWE TLC: WWE Raw Women's Championship - Alexa Bliss (c) VS Mickie James

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    After her DQ win against Nia Jax on Raw last night, Kurt Angle made Alexa vs. Mickie the first officially announced match for Tables, Ladders & Chairs with the title on the line.

    I enjoyed their interaction last week and I like the potential for this feud overall. Personally, I did the whole veteran vs. upstart scenario and I also like that they're using Mickie's age as a part of it. Mickie recently turned 38 and looks better than ever, in my opinion, and I've read some dirt sheet writers are criticizing WWE for making her age part of this since they don't use with male stars. In all of history, there's been more of a stigma attached to women getting older than men, it's always been a societal thing and I think WWE is clever to use it as a means of putting heat on Alexa during the feud. WWE's a pro wrestling company, they're not out to rearrange society so that everyone from all walks of life sit in a circle singing Take Me Home, Country Roads and I see it as another example of dirt sheet writers nitpicking to such a degree that it's little wonder it's getting harder and harder to put heat on a heel; they freak out and start condemning WWE whenever heels behave like heels instead of acting like babyfaces in order to get the crowd to chant for them, like the Young Bucks or Kenny Omega or half the wrestlers on the indie scene, yet label themselves as heels. Don't get me wrong, kayfabe is dead and the distinction between heels and faces is largely irrelevant in the eyes of many fans, but I personally dig the effort when any company tries to go the traditional route and actually try to make the concept of good vs. bad mean something and that means the bad guys have to act nasty.

    Okay, rant over.

    Of course, this program could still go off the rails in the next few weeks. I see Alexa retaining here and I'm wondering if this is where Asuka makes her debut. Does she pop up during the match, before it, after it or will she pop up just in her own segment?
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    Two weeks of quality segments between the two. It's hard to think of Mickie as a title contender but easy to see her beating Alexa. Her win over Nia last night was enjoyable and well done. It certainly helps me kind of forget that Mickie has been losing or left off the card a lot lately.

    I like the age storyline. It's simple petty cattiness that Alexa does so well. It's easy heel stuff that society should look down on. That is the point, Alexa lacks integrity and character which is why she pulls this crap. We as the audience in turn should want Mickie to beat Alexa. Anyone that has a problem with it is either too stupid or too smart or too sensitive to watch professional wrestling.

    As far as an outcome goes, I think Mickie will win to go on to face Asuka. If I remember correctly (and i may not since i am old like Mickie) their match in NXT was well received and I would think WWE wants to be safe and best feature Asuka's in ring ability with a vet like Mickie to start her out on the main roster as strongly as possible.
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    Yeah Alexa is going to win this.

    Mickie has been booked horribly since her return and has no chance of winning.

    It should be a decent match, and the buildup has been good. However this is very predictable and ruins the match.
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    Initially, Mickie James looked like just a filler challenger for Alexa Bliss until Asuka arrives. But now, I'm rooting for Mickie to avenge the insults by Alexa Bliss. That's Mission Accomplished! I know that Mickie won't win the title. But still, I'm interested in seeing if Mickie could get an upset win over Alexa Bliss!

    On a side note, I don't get Bliss with Jax again. Didn't Jax sort of betray Alexa Bliss not long ago?

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