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    The problem with Summerslam this year was, it was very clearly a one match show. And you had to sit through 12 matches to get to that one match. I think that put a damper on the whole evening.

    The Good: Both Women's title matches surprised me. The RAW Tag Team Championship match was good (couldn't catch the pre-show but I heard the Smackdown one was just as good if not better), AJ/KO had by far their best match together and the main event was great.

    The Bad: Baron Corbin is finished. It was obvious when Cena went out of the ring a minute into the match to put on JBL's hat, he wasn't taking this match or Corbin seriously. Big Show vs. Cass... there's nothing to say about this, and apparently the crowd couldn't find anything either. The crowd overall was lackluster which didn't help things. Orton/Rusev didn't necessarily bother me but it didn't help anything. Nothing was accomplished. Finn vs. Wyatt was uneventful. Jinder vs. Nakamura...

    Oh boy...

    Jinder vs. Nakamura.

    Let's just say I'm gonna have to do some spackle work today.

    The bad far outweighed the good here, it was a, I don't want to say weak, but weird card that had potential but ultimately failed to deliver.

    I hated this show. Admittedly it's for one particular reason, Nakamura losing and the way in which he lost... but I wasn't particularly enjoying my night prior to that happening. There was some good wrestling to behold and admire but not really anything much beyond that. I went to bed last night thinking I'd give this show an F, but maybe that's a bit too harsh.

    I give it a D. Any other show it might've gotten a bit higher of a grade, but this is supposed to be your second biggest show of the year, and in no way did it feel like it.
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    All matches on the kickoff show were predictable and generally uninteresting. Skipped.

    Cena vs Baron was filler and nothing more. If they were just going to bury Baron I wouldn't mind someone newer or so doing it, but I don't care either way. I'd say it was better than Randy shoveling more dirt on Rusev's coffin, but at least the RKO was a cool moment and pallet cleanser. Rusev is so far down it doesn't even matter at this point.

    Women's wrestling in WWE is still beyond hard to get invested in. At least someone who can wrestle won the title though. Literally anyone is better than Alexa maybe minus Dana and if we're reaching maybe Nia. I skimmed the Naomi match, but I'm glad Natalya won. I don't really favor either of them and both are talented to a noticeable degree in their respective ways.

    Finn Balor is boring. The entrance lost it's luster and he is just void of energy while doing usually hyped things. I don't really blame him considering who he's in the ring with. Can't handle anymore spooky kid friendly cult leader Bray. It was okay. Nothing more and probably less. Kind of feel the same way with the Shinsuke vs Jinder Mahal match. Glad it happened at least once, but man Jinders promos and matches are all similar. It's like Seth Rollins and J&J, but a bit less cowardly and Indian. Also Rollins charisma and ability to make most things work far exceeds Jinders.

    Big Show vs Big Cass was boring to the degree where I dozed off for 10 minutes and it was still going on somehow when I woke back up. Enzo is a one trick pony with back legs that don't work.

    I liked Ambrose / Rollins versus Sheamus & Cesaro. It was actually entertaining for the most part and the storytelling was there, but I kind of expect that even on throwaway matches with the 4 participants. Cool they won. Also Cesaro versus Beach ball was cool.

    The fatal four way was entertaining, but I couldn't get into it. Predictable, but it's all good. It's nice seeing Roman not seem like the only person who can win in a match,but I'd honestly take Roman being champion if we get getting matches of this consistent of insane caliber. I'm fine with any of the four at this point, but if there's one I might want to see above the others it's Joe.

    Okay show. 2 Entertaining matches out the entire thing. None of them are as good as like 8 that Okada had this year. So it's whatever. Didn't pay for it so I can't complain.
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    Personally i loved this show. I Grew up watching 80's WWE and the way they booked summerslam this year made me remember how you use to book wrestling back in the day. You had 2 categories of matches, the main event matches and the mid card matches. You would give less time to the mid card matches because they were their to make the main events matches look special.

    So if you look at the pre show, the 6 man tag and the cruiserweight title matches we're left short so that the main event of the preshow which was the smackdown tag title match looks like the greatest match ever.

    Same goes for the main card, if you look at the card, the last four matches we're the important one on the card and all four delivered, but the rest of the card was their to make the main event matches look good.

    Personally, anytime i watch a long wwe Special event like summerslam and i don'T fall asleep by the second match i qualifies it as a great event and this one was a great event, by the time the Raw tag team matches happened, i look at the clock and we where more also two hour and half into the event and i didn'T see it pass. Everything felt into place.

    I know that i might be in the minority that like this type of booking because most fans that go on wrestling board would rather see NXT type booking were every matches is a 20 plus minutes matches, but i like how some matches that really weren'T important as much we're given less time, i made for a more enjoyable show in my opinion. again that how they use to book WWE shows back in the late 80's so that might be just me liking more the old school WWE approach of booking compare to NXT style of booking but i thought personally that this was a really entertaining show even the comedy segment with Daniel bryan and Kurt angle which made me laugh really hard.

    P.S: i quick thanks to cesaro for taking the beachball away and pretty much destroying it, Having a beachball at a wrestling event is dumb and shouldn't be allow and i this was the moment of the event for me because Cesaro pretty much shoot on the fans by doing this.
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    This was a fun show there was no 5 star classic but ended in a pretty high note.

    Match Breakdown!

    John Cena vs. Baron Corbin - A basic match, Corbin looked terrible here and it's obvious Cena will only be brought to have safe matches to avoid injury since he's doing movies. Grade C-

    SD Women's Championship: Natalya vs. Naomi - Good match and it's always nice to see creative and new spots in setting up or breaking up the Sharpshooter. Happy Natalya won since I wasn't really feeling the glow. That said there are more over women in the SD roster that would probably be better suited for this match. Grade B-

    Big Cass vs. The Big Show - Cass doesn't have it, Big Show is Big Show, and Enzo's promo is starting to get tiresome and the lack of crowd reaction shows it. Basically this match is what bath room breaks are for. Grade D

    Randy Orton vs. Rusev - Basically a nothing match, so this twice in a row for Rusev? Grade N/A

    RAW Women's Championship: Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks - So Bayley get's booed and Sasha get's some boo's over Alexa Bliss. It goes to show how poor booking can cool of even the most talented of athletes. Though in fairness I am starting to really like Alexa Bliss, I just wished she didn't have to imitate Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie (doesn't help that I hated the movie and found Margot Robbie to be very overrated in the role).

    Ok going back! This was a good match and I think booking wise WWE was stuck in a hard place on who would win. If Sasha Wins it cools of some of Alexa Bliss' progress and heat as a heel, if Alexa Wins that's another singles/non-tag team match Sasha loses on PPV.

    That said I like this match Sasha is always reliable and can have good matches and I see a bit of Main Event Miz in Alexa playing the pesty heel perfectly. Grade B

    Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt - Balor is awesome, Wyatt not so much. There's no heat to this match since of the guys Balor had to work with and Wyatt looks like a character that would have better of in Attitude Era. I do have to give props to the psychology of Balor's Demon King being the one that plays the mind games over Wyatt. That was cool. Still, while the match had some good spots, it was a bit too long for what the match offered. But I am glad Balor won so additional props must be added. Grade B-

    RAW Tag Team Championship: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro and Sheamus - Elephant in the room, The Beach Volleyball is more over than half of the Wrestlers competing in this show :p

    Now on to the match. THIS MATCH WAS FREAKING GREAT!!! It was the match of the night and this is what Tag Team Wrestling should be about. Creativity, dynamic, unpredictable, and never slowing down. My main gripe of WWE tag team matches is that they always follow the script (beat up and double team one face, face team hot tags, finish) this match did have a few hot tags but this was mostly guys tagging in and out at the latter half, full of action, and a great finish. Best yet, the right guys won. Grade A-

    US Championship: AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens w/ Shane McMahon as the Referee - Very good match and, while I am not normally a fan of special referees, the story here worked perfectly. My big problem on this match is Shane McMahon taking basic ref bumps and selling it like a ref (i.e. incapacitated for a very long period). Come on, you just told us Shane could stand toe to toe with Undertaker at Hell in a Cell, AJ Styles, and 5 members of the RAW roster including Braun Strauman. Now he gets bump and is KO'ed? Eh. Still good match. Grade B+

    WWE World Championship: Shinskue Nakamura vs. Jinder Mahal - My opinion of this match will depend on who wins here. Why? Because Jinder Mahal sucks and is not main event material and fans were ready for Nakamura to be the Champion here. So guess what happens? Basic match, Mahal wins and meh. Grade C-

    WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strauman vs. Samoa Joe - I love how the only baby face in this match is the one the crowd despises lol. Some things of note Braun Strauman is a star in the making, maybe not to be THE GUY, but an attraction. Can anyone say Lesnar vs. Strauman at WM?

    Ok for the match, this was a trainwreck. But in a good way. The carnage early on was fantastic to watch, though that alone was a double edge sword. While memorable the problem here is that it happened to early. So as the match kept going it just became your typical Fatal Four Way Match with the guys hitting their spots. So It's amazing at the beginning but only pretty good as it went along. Still put both together and it's still a good match if not a tad exhausting (especially considering how long the show has gone). Grade B

    Overall this was good show. A Solid Main Event with some great spots. An amazing tag team match and some solid matches from start to finish.

    Overall Grade B
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