Which NXT Takeover Brooklyn event was the best?

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Which show did you like the most?

  1. NXT Takeover Brooklyn (8/22/2015)

  2. NXT Takeover Brooklyn II (8/20/2016)

  3. NXT Takeover Brooklyn III (8/19/2017)

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  1. Dagger Dias

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    NXT Takeover Brooklyn has become one of the biggest shows of the year for the NXT brand. For the past three years the yellow brand has held a huge show during Summerslam weekend in Brooklyn and each one has been a success. The tremendous success of the first one led to NXT doing Takeover events during the weekends that the main roster has a Big 4 PPV. We've now had three such events in Brooklyn. So the question I am asking in this topic is.... Which of the three NXT Takeover Brooklyn events was the best one so far? Let's look back on each.

    NXT Takeover Brooklyn (8/22/2015)
    • Jushin Thunder Liger VS Tyler Breeze
    • Blake and Murphy (with Alexa Bliss) VS The Vaudevillains (with Blue Pants) [NXT Tag Team Championship]
    • Apollo Crews VS Tye Dillinger
    • Baron Corbin VS Samoa Joe
    • Bayley VS Sasha Banks (NXT Women's Championship)
    • Finn Bálor VS Kevin Owens (Ladder Match for the NXT Championship)

    NXT Takeover Brooklyn II (8/20/2016)
    • Austin Aries VS No Way Jose
    • Billie Kay VS Ember Moon
    • Andrade Almas VS Bobby Roode
    • Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa VS The Revival [NXT Tag Team Championship]
    • Asuka VS Bayley [NXT Women's Championship]
    • Samoa Joe VS Shinsuke Nakamura [NXT Championship]

    NXT Takeover Brooklyn III (8/19/2017)
    • Andrade Cien Almas VS Johnny Gargano
    • Authors of Pain VS Sanity [NXT Tag Team Championship]
    • Aleister Black VS Hideo Itami
    • Asuka VS Ember Moon [NXT Women's Championship]
    • Bobby Roode VS Drew McIntyre [NXT Championship]

    Which one of these three events was the best one, and why?

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  2. Jack-Hammer

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    I went with Brooklyn III for several reasons.

    From an overall perspective when looking at every match on the cards, I thought Brooklyn III had the strongest in-ring performances. When it came to all the wrestlers involved, I probably was more interested in more overall talent involved in TakeOver III than in the other. For Brooklyn I, I wasn't hugely excited or invested in Liger vs. Breeze as I knew this was a one off appearance for Liger, thereby I knew Breeze had no shot realistically. Also from Brooklyn I, I didn't particularly care about Blake & Murphy or the Vaudevillains, nor Apollo Crews or Tye Dillinger. Bayley vs. Sasha and Balor vs. Owens carried Brooklyn I. Brooklyn II was a step forward in that Austin Aries was involved, as was Samoa Joe, but the saving graces of the match were the NXT singles and tag title matches.

    On paper, Brooklyn III didn't strike me as a particularly strong card but among the top reasons why I thought it was the strongest of the Brooklyn TakeOver shows was how surprisingly good every match on the card was; I would have loved to have seen Pete Dunn vs. Tyler Bate for the UK Championship on this card as I think it would've helped cement this as the best Brooklyn TakeOver beyond any doubt.

    Still, they were three good shows and you can't really go wrong no matter which you think was the best, but III gets my vote.
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  3. AnthonyM4

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    I'm going with the first. I just loved that show. All the matches had good stories to them and it was just a historic event(NXT's first show in NYC). I attended this show(I also went to II, but not III) and it's one of the best wrestling shows I ever attended. The Bayley vs Sasha Banks had the best build of any of the matches from all shows combined. The match was awesome too. This is the match I would show to non-wrestling fans to possibly convert them.
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