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    Alberto El Patron has been stripped of the GFW World Title and is still suspended.

    Adam Cole has signed with WWE.

    Ric Flair has undergone surgery and is still in very bad shape due to various issues.

    Monday Night Raw
    Date: August 14, 2017
    Location: TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Booker T.

    It’s the go home show for Summerslam and that means we’re in for the hard sell job. Aside from the big main event stuff, the main story tonight is the crowning of a new #1 contender to the Raw Women’s Title as Nia Jax will be facing Sasha Banks. The winner will replace the injured Bayley in Sunday’s title match against Alexa Bliss. Let’s get to it.

    The opening video looks at the recent issues between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Dean isn’t sure if he should reunite with Seth and refused to save him two weeks ago. He did save Seth last week, but Rollins wouldn’t do the Shield pose with him.

    Here’s Dean for an opening chat. Dean wants to talk to Seth in person so here’s Rollins (still with the BURN IT TO THE GROUND in his music). Seth gets right to the point: they would be unstoppable as a team. He’s done playing games and sticks out his fist. Dean isn’t sure but then says Seth has to be kidding.

    He rants about Rollins not being there for him last week but Seth says that their differences are why they work so well together. Seth goes to leave but Dean stops him and puts out the fist. It’s turned down AGAIN and Dean takes him down for a fight. They fall out to the floor so here are Sheamus and Cesaro for the beatdown.

    Ambrose and Rollins eventually fight them off and clear the ring, drawing one heck of a YES chant. Now Dean puts out the fist….but Seth isn’t sure. Then Seth puts out the fist but Dean isn’t sure. They finally put the fists out together and NOW we have the eruption that the fans have been holding in for weeks. Hang on a second though as here’s Kurt Angle to make the Tag Team Title match with Rollins and Ambrose getting the shot at Summerslam. At least they didn’t waste any time doing the obvious.

    The announcers talk about Ric Flair’s condition and wish him the best. Nothing wrong with that at all.

    Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks

    The winner gets Alexa Bliss for the title at Summerslam. Before we get going, here’s Alexa Bliss to sit on her throne (which looks like a lifeguard chair) at ringside. Nia runs Banks over to start and we’re off to an early break. Back with Nia swinging Sasha HARD into the barricade to leave her laying. Nia drops the big leg for two and tries a double chickenwing, only to have Sasha reverse into a kind of standing camel clutch.

    That’s reversed into a Samoan drop for two, followed by a second to send Sasha rolling out to the floor. Back from a second break with Banks not being able to get a sunset bomb out of the corner but kicking Jax off the ropes instead. The double knees in the corner get two but Sasha charges into a boot to the ribs. Nia gets pulled into the Bank Statement (which now has an arm trap, making it a Crossface) and starts for the ropes, only to have Sasha switch arms. Jax powers up but gets DDTed back down, setting up the Bank Statement again to make Nia tap at 16:46.

    The Hardys are in Angle’s office where the boss tells them they won’t be facing the injured Revival at Summerslam. Cue Miz and the Miztourage to ask what Kurt is going to do about Brock attacking them last week. Angle: “Nothing.” Kurt does say though that Curtis Axel will have his match with Jason Jordan tonight after it was canceled last week. Miz says he’ll take Axel’s spot, which is fine with Kurt. Miz is ready to yell about something when a referee comes in to say there’s a problem with Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt, sending Angle running off.

    Back from a break with referees breaking up Balor vs. Wyatt. Angle comes in and says they’ll just have their match tonight.

    Here’s Elias to sing a song about how terrible clam chowder is and how Boston is wicked cursed.

    R-Truth vs. Elias

    Elias jumps him before the bell and hits Drift Away, which is now a fisherman’s neckbreaker. No match.

    A shark cage is lowered into the ring and here’s Big Cass for a chat. He tries to talk about what’s going to be happening at Summerslam but the fans keep booing him out of the building. Cass finally talks over them and says Enzo needs Big Show because Enzo knows he’s nothing without a guardian looking out for him. He doesn’t get why Big Show is hanging with Enzo lately, nor does he get why people cheer for Enzo. The fans are laughing at Enzo, even if they don’t get the jokes. Cass can’t wait for Summerslam when Enzo has the best seat in the house to watch his new buddy take a beating.

    Cue Enzo to mock Cass being cut off so many times. He says Cass is rambling like a man who has been knocked out two weeks in a row. More insults are exchanged until Big Show comes out. The brawl is on until Anderson and Gallows come in to help beat Big Show down. They slam the cage door on his hand and Cass stomps on it for good measure. Cass showed much better fire and emotion than usual here but more importantly the fans were reacting to him, which is a very good sign for his future.

    Cruiserweight Title: Neville vs. Akira Tozawa

    Neville is defending in a match that was scheduled for Sunday. Tozawa grabs a rollup for an early two but the champ grabs one of his own. That means a face to face staredown in the middle until Neville gets kicked out to the floor. Back with Tozawa fighting out of an armbar and sending Neville outside for a suicide dive. He adds a second one and Titus O’Neil is all fired up.

    The standing backsplash looks to set up the top rope version but Neville gets up for the save. They both head to the top with Neville drilling the superplex for no cover. Instead he gets up, only to get kicked in the head. Tozawa goes up again but Neville is up again and hides behind the referee. A leg trip sets up the Rings of Saturn but Tozawa reverses into a rollup for a VERY close two. Neville posts him though and the Red Arrow…..actually misses. Tozawa drops the top rope backsplash for the pin and the title at 11:26.

    The announcers preview this weekend’s events.

    Show has his hand examined and the medics think it’s broken. Enzo comes in and suggests they call the match off but Show says no way. I really hope this isn’t setting up a SHOCKING turn as they said they think it’s broken but have to wait for an x-ray.

    We look back at Sasha winning earlier.

    Mickie James is in the back when Emma comes in to complain about fans loving Sasha winning. She started the Women’s Revolution and runs her mouth a lot but Mickie doesn’t want to hear it. A match is made for later tonight.

    Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor

    Another Summerslam match coming early. They go right after each other to start with Bray doing his hop over the ropes for a kick to the head. A right hand drops Balor onto the apron but he gets in a kick to the face and we take a break. Back with Bray hitting a gutbuster for two and hitting a hard clothesline. It’s off to a chinlock for a bit until Balor kicks him in the head for a breather.

    Bray gets caught with another running boot for two but comes right back with his running crossbody. The backsplash gives Bray two more but Balor adds a quick double stomp to the ribs. They head outside with Finn getting the running dropkick against the barricade but the Coup de Grace is broken up. Sister Abigail gives Bray the clean pin at 11:23.

    Bray gives him another Sister Abigail after the match. The lights go out and come back on with Balor sitting unconscious in the corner. Bray has a bucket and pours what looks like blood (or barbecue sauce) all over Bray.

    We look at the opening segment again.

    Mickie James vs. Emma

    No entrance for either one. Mickie gets in an early kick to the face for two but Emma knocks her to the floor. Back in and a seated full nelson keeps Mickie in trouble. The comeback doesn’t last long as Mickie fights up, only to get pulled off the ropes for two. Mickie’s spinning kick to the head is good for the quick pin at 4:08.

    Balor leaves Angle’s office and says that he has his rematch on Sunday. Balor: “Bray has his demons. At Summerslam, he’s going to find out that I have my demons too.” The fans ROAR at that mention.

    Miz vs. Jason Jordan

    Non-title. Cole reads off Jordan’s resume, which includes a degree in biology and THREE minors, which is really quite impressive. The threat of an early suplex sends Miz outside for a breather. Back in and Jordan hits the running shoulder in the corner but the Miztourage comes in for the DQ at 1:46.

    Post match the beatdown is on until the Hardys make the save.

    Hardy Boyz/Jason Jordan vs. Miz/Miztourage

    Joined in progress with Matt working on Axel’s arm before it’s off to Matt to crank on the other arm. Jordan adds a chop and it’s off to Dallas, who charges into a fireman’s carry slam. Miz gets pulled back in for some shoulders to the ribs until Axel pulls his boss out of the way.

    We take a break and come back with Jordan rolling away from a middle rope elbow and bringing in Matt off the hot tag. Axel takes him down though and grabs a chinlock before bringing Miz back in for some left hands to the head. Matt sends him into the corner to escape though and the hot tag brings in Jeff for a good looking Whisper in the Wind. Everything breaks down and Jordan suplexes all three of them around. The Twist of Fate into the Swanton puts Dallas away at 14:45.

    The Demon King is confirmed for Summerslam.

    Neville will get his rematch on Sunday. Dang that’s going to be a packed card.

    Angle is in the ring, which is surrounded by security, to bring out all four participants for Sunday’s Universal Title match. First up we have Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman with Paul talking about how unfair Sunday’s match is going to be. It’s going to be all three challengers going after Lesnar and as a fan, Heyman thinks that concept sucks.

    One day, a very long time from now, someone is going to be man enough to defeat Lesnar and become the new guy. However, it’s not going to be the false Samoan Samoa Joe or the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman, or the man who conquered the Undertaker, Roman Reigns. Heyman sees two possible options for Sunday.

    Option A is Lesnar having the title stolen from him, meaning you might as well put him in a cage (Heyman: “HINT HINT!”). Option B is Lesnar wins and it turns out that Heyman has been underselling him all these years. This brings out Samoa Joe to say he’s putting Lesnar to sleep on Sunday.

    Braun Strowman, now with his own shirt, comes out to say he’s always the last man standing. Joe takes credit for last week’s win and it’s FINALLY Reigns coming in as well. Roman takes Joe down but walks into the powerslam, leaving Lesnar vs. Strowman. Security comes in to break them up but are quickly dispatched. The locker room comes out and can barely hold them back to end the show.

    Sasha Banks b. Nia Jax – Bank Statement
    Akira Tozawa b. Neville – Top rope backsplash
    Bray Wyatt b. Finn Balor – Sister Abigail
    Emma b. Mickie James – Spinning kick to the head
    Jason Jordan b. Miz via DQ when the Miztourage interfered
    Jason Jordan/Hardy Boyz b. Miz/Miztourage – Swanton Bomb to Dallas


    Date: August 15, 2017
    Location: Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island
    Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, John Bradshaw Layfield

    It’s the last show before Summerslam and there’s a big main event to send us home. This week features Jinder Mahal vs. John Cena in a non-title match, which likely means that Baron Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura will be lurking around. Other than that we’ll be pushing some of Sunday’s lower card matches as well. Let’s get to it.

    A narrated video talks about tonight’s main event.

    Phillips says this might be the biggest match in Smackdown’s history. This isn’t even Cena’s biggest match on Smackdown this month.

    Here’s Mahal to talk about today being Independence Day in India. An Indian band performs a quick dance and then a woman sings the Indian national anthem. Mahal takes credit for the success of the WWE Network and goes on about how awesome India is until Nakamura interrupts. Nakamura says today is India’s Independence Day but it’s also Veterans Day in Japan. On Sunday, he’s taking the title. This was long and accomplished absolutely nothing.

    The announcers send their best wishes to Ric Flair.

    Natalya vs. Becky Lynch

    Naomi comes out for commentary. Becky grabs a rollup for one but gets the taste slapped out of her mouth. That earns her a slap right back, sending Natalya to the floor as we take a break. Back with Becky caught in an abdominal stretch until she makes her comeback with the clotheslines. The Bexploder looks to set up the Disarm-Her but Becky has to escape the Sharpshooter. A top rope legdrop misses though and the Sharpshooter makes Becky tap at 7:33.

    Post match Naomi chases Natalya off from another Sharpshooter attack. Carmella comes out and teases cashing in her briefcase at Summerslam.

    Tamina wants to know why Lana hasn’t made her ravishing yet. Lana says Tamina isn’t ready, which doesn’t sit well.

    The Usos come in to see Daniel Bryan, who thinks they want him to join their rap group. It turns out they want to know which New Day members they’ll be facing Sunday. That would be Big E. and Xavier Woods, but the Usos want Woods and Kofi tonight. That’s cool with Bryan, who dances a bit as they leave.

    Rusev vs. Chad Gable

    Gable wastes no time in suplexing him to the floor but Rusev sends him into the steps a few times. Rusev tosses Gable over the announcers’ table and it’s a double countout at 1:16.

    Post match Rusev puts Gable in the Accolade on the announcers’ table. Rusev grabs a mic and gets in the ring, only to have Orton come in from out of nowhere with an RKO. How did he not see a 6’4 wrestler running right in front of him?

    Here’s AJ Styles to talk about Sunday’s match where Shane McMahon will be guest referee. AJ calls Shane to the ring and apologizes for accidentally kicking him last week. Shane says no apology is necessary but AJ is worried that Shane will use what happened last week to screw him over on Sunday. The boss says that won’t happen, but if AJ puts his hands on him on Sunday, Shane will put his hands on AJ as well.

    AJ asks if that’s a threat but here’s Kevin Owens to interrupt. Owens loves those rules for Sunday because he thinks AJ has something planned. Kevin thinks AJ is going to try to get him to get into a fight with Shane on Sunday and cause a DQ. Shane tells them to shake hands but the fight breaks out with Shane having to block an errant AJ right hand. The ensuing argument lets Owens superkick Shane by mistake.

    New Day vs. Usos

    Non-title. Before the match, New Day said they’ll be seeing the Usos at Summerslam and goes over a list of places the Usos can see them before then. Kofi and Woods take turns hitting a long string of elbows, legdrops and splashes (over ten of them total) on Jey in the first minute. Double baseball slides drop the Usos and we take a break after a very fast start. Back with Kofi making his comeback and bringing Woods in off the hot tag to chop away. A double superkick to the legs set up a double superkick to the jaw but Jimmy makes the save. Jey superkicks Kofi’s knee and a double superkick his jaw for the pin at 7:49.

    It’s time for the final episode of Fashion Peaks with Fandango recapping everything that’s gone on so far, including the alien probes, which went very deep. They were MENTAL probes of course. Here’s Breeze in a dress and blond wig because that’s what he does these days. Breeze says they need to figure this out because the last thing they need is people thinking they’re making it up as they go along.

    Fandango has a space rock that the aliens gave them, which he says can predict the future. He throws the rock and hits Ascension, who were returning pie. There’s a hair in the pie, along with a used Band-Aid and….GLUTEN! Viktor panics because they live a gluten free lifestyle and gets dragged away. There’s also a note in the pie, saying “Two B”. Fandango says he senses danger for the whole tag division. A graphic says they’ll return in two weeks.

    Jinder Mahal vs. John Cena

    Non-title and Jinder’s entrance is joined in progress. They fight over a test of strength to start until Cena shoves him away. One of the Singh Brothers gets in a cheap shot from the floor though and Mahal slowly takes over. Jinder throws him outside and we take a break. Back with Cena initiating his finishing sequence.

    The Singh Brothers pull Mahal to the floor before the AA but the referee catches them for an ejection. That means the STF but Mahal is over to the ropes. Mahal snaps his throat across the top and hits a knee to the face for two. The Khallas is broken up and the AA….gets two? Well I’m a bit surprised. That means a super AA but here’s Corbin for the DQ at 9:59.

    Post match Corbin knocks Cena out and leaves….before realizing how stupid he would be to not cash in right now. Corbin cashes in the briefcase and IT’S ON!

    Smackdown World Title: Baron Corbin vs. Jinder Mahal

    Cena offers a quick distraction and Mahal grabs a rollup to retain at 9 seconds. THANK GOODNESS as that means there’s no cash-in on Sunday and we’re done with one of the stupid briefcases for the next eleven months.

    Corbin is livid and Mahal celebrates with the Singh Brothers to end the show.

    Natalya b. Becky Lynch – Sharpshooter
    Rusev vs. Chad Gable went to a double countout
    Usos b. New Day – Double superkick to Kingston
    John Cena b. Jinder Mahal via DQ when Baron Corbin interfered
    Jinder Mahal b. Baron Corbin – Rollup


    Date: August 16, 2017
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson

    It’s the go home show for Takeover: Brooklyn III and the main event is an interesting case of booking for what comes after the big show. Tonight’s main event will see Roderick Strong vs. #1 contender Drew McIntyre. If Strong wins, he gets to face NXT Champion Bobby Roode at some point after Takeover, but he won’t be involved in the title match on Saturday no matter what. Let’s get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    The announcers preview tonight’s show and some of Saturday’s big matches.

    Here’s General Manager William Regal to emcee the contract signing for the Women’s Title match. Both Asuka and Ember Moon come out with Moon grabbing a mic. She talks about Asuka having all kinds of success, including being one of the most dominant women in WWE history and even surpassing Goldberg’s undefeated streak. That being said, Asuka had to cheat to beat her and that’s not going to be enough this time. Asuka is losing the title in Brooklyn. They both sign but Asuka goes on a rant in Japanese, screaming in Moon’s face. Moon doesn’t seem phased.

    Lars Sullivan came to see William Regal and asked for one more tag match, promising to not beat up his partner again. Regal reluctantly agrees.

    Street Profits vs. Lars Sullivan/Chris Silvio

    Percy and Mauro argue about how much sauce the Profits have. Sullivan gets a full entrance with his partner Silvio, who was an OVW mainstay for years. Silvio charges at Dawkins to start and eats a right hand. It’s such a hard shot that Ford runs into the crowd for a lap to burn off some excitement. Ford comes back in and drops Silvio with a shot to the back of the head, only to have Lars no sell a shot to the face. A Stinger Splash sets up the Sky High into a frog splash to put Silvio away at 1:47.

    The Profits run from Sullivan, who is glaring down at Silvio. Sullivan picks Silvio up and carries him to the back in a change of pace. He takes Silvio outside and beats him up outside, because he promised not to hurt his partner in the ring.

    Billie Kay vs. Ruby Riot

    Fallout from last week where Kay and Peyton Royce made fun of Riot’s looks. Billie avoids Ruby to start and Peyton finds it hilarious. Riot gets in a rollup and does Billie’s giggling pose for a funny moment. A Peyton distraction lets Billie get in a discus lariat for two and Eat Defeat gets the same. Ruby fights up and uses her knees to send Billie face first into the buckle followed by a Pele for the pin at 4:08.

    Post match Peyton says lightning can’t strike twice and says Riot will never be iconic. Sounds like another match is coming.

    We run down Saturday’s card.

    Video on the Authors of Pain vs. Sanity.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Roderick Strong

    If Strong wins, he gets a match with Roode after Takeover. If McIntyre wins, nothing changes. Drew powers him down to start and sends Strong down with a suplex slam for good measure. Roderick dropkicks him to the outside but gets tossed into the post for his efforts. An enziguri and belly to back onto the apron put Drew down though and we take a break.

    Back with Drew in a seated abdominal stretch and a running kick to the head staggering him even more. Drew fights up and gets in a belly to belly and a top rope forearm drops Strong again. The reverse Alabama Slam gets two but the Claymore is blocked with a jumping knee to the face. A headbutt catches Strong on top but he knocks Drew into the Tree of Woe, only to have Roode run in for the DQ at 12:38.

    As for the ending, that was really the only way they could go. It was a back and forth match until the ending where Roode gave Strong the win (not his brightest move). This lets us have the match without having to give McIntyre a loss before his big match. It’s smart booking, though not the smartest move for Roode.

    Roode beats up McIntyre with a Glorious DDT to end the show.

    Street Profits b. Lars Sullivan/Chris Silvio – Frog splash to Silvio
    Ruby Riot b. Billie Kay – Pele Kick
    Roderick Strong b. Drew McIntyre via DQ when Bobby Roode interfered


    Impact Wrestling
    Date: August 17, 2017
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Jeremy Borash, Josh Matthews

    It’s a big night around here as we have Destination X. This show is almost all about the X-Division, but it turns out that we also need a new World Champion. Alberto El Patron is still suspended and has now been stripped of the title. The situation will be handled tonight but we have no idea how. Let’s get to it.

    Bobby Lashley and American Top Team (MMA camp) arrive with the leader meeting with Jeff Jarrett.

    A video recaps the card.

    Opening sequence.

    McKenzie Mitchell can’t get an interview with Bruce Prichard but did see someone shocking in his office. Naturally she can’t say who that was but she did see someone.

    Knockouts Title: Gail Kim vs. Sienna

    Kim is challenging and the ropes are now green. They look like the tubes of mutagen on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Gail grabs a crucifix to start until they head outside with Sienna dropping her onto the steps. Back in and Sienna knees her down for two, followed by a backbreaker into a fall away slam. A superplex is countered into a sunset bomb to kickstart Kim’s comeback, including a crossbody for two. The AK47 doesn’t work but Gail grabs Eat Defeat, which draws KM onto the apron. Gail forearms him to the floor but here’s the returning Taryn Terrell with a cutter to lay Gail out. Now the AK47 can retain the title at 7:02.

    Matt Sydal is ready to show what he can really do because he moves at hyper speed and sees in slow motion.

    Here’s Bruce Prichard with the new World Title to announce that Alberto El Patron has vacated the title and wishes him the best in his future endeavors (without ever saying he was released or fired etc.). As head corporate adviser, it turns out that Bruce can return the title to any former champion he wishes. Therefore he’ll give it to Bobby Lashley, but here’s Jim Cornette of all people instead. He and Bruce have a short chat (with Bruce mentioning double cheeseburgers at Dairy Queen to silence) but Cornette has a bit of a surprise.

    See, Anthem has a lot of interests but doesn’t know much about wrestling. Therefore, he’s been brought in to take care of some of those issues. Bruce calls security on him but Cornette goes on a rant (I’m as shocked as you are) and yells at Bruce for overstepping his bounds and driving everyone crazy.

    Therefore, Bruce is fired and security takes him away. Cornette sets the record straight: Alberto didn’t vacate the title because he was stripped of it. We’re not going to have big stars come in here and say they’re on vacation while being handed things. Instead they’re going to have to fight to earn things or deal with him. Next week we’ll be having a twenty man Gauntlet for the Gold to crown a new World Champion.

    Cornette goes to leave but here’s LAX to interrupt. After a break, Konnan says Low Ki should be the #1 and facing the winner of that gauntlet match. Cornette doesn’t agree because he may be a cracker (which Konnan had called him) but he’s not a liar. Low Ki says he smells fear on Cornette but Cornette says Low Ki can be #20 in the gauntlet. Konnan isn’t scared of legal threats and threatens violence. Cornette doesn’t seem to care and leaves.

    Super X Cup Finals: Taiji Ishimori vs. Dezmond Xavier

    They speed things up to start with neither being able to hit much until Xavier nails a dropkick. Ishimori sends him outside without too much effort though and things slow down a bit. Back in and a gutbuster puts Xavier down as Josh talks about the upcoming GFW Network streaming service. After a waistlock keeps Xavier in trouble, Ishimori hits a springboard seated senton, followed by some double knees to the chest. Xavier is right back up but his hurricanrana is countered into a faceplant. The 450 gives Ishimori two so Xavier enziguris him into the corner, followed by a moonsault Pele for the pin at 5:30.

    Xavier says this means a lot but he’s coming for the X-Division Title.

    Bruce and Karen Jarrett shout at each other a lot in a story that hasn’t been explained and no one cares about. Basically Karen is glad to see him gone and is glad he’s out.

    Grado’s visa has expired and he has to leave. Joseph Park says he won’t let Grado go out like a mark because he’ll get to say his goodbye in the ring next week.

    X-Division Title: Trevor Lee vs. Sonjay Dutt

    Ladder match with Dutt defending. Sonjay sends him outside in a hurry before grabbing a hurricanrana back inside. Lee gets in a ladder to the ribs to take over and sends the ladder inside. Something like a suplex drops Sonjay back first onto the ladder and we take an early break. Back with Lee loading up the ladder for the slow climb, allowing Sonjay to make the save.

    Lee takes him down again and brings in a table, because that’s likely to help him climb a ladder you see. The delay lets Dutt kick him down and put Lee on the table, only to get crotched on top. A hard forearm puts him outside and the announcers recap things instead of talking about the match.

    Lee bridges a ladder between the ropes and the standing ladder but Sonjay takes him down again. A springboard splash onto Lee onto the ladder allows Dutt to climb but here’s Caleb Konley to powerbomb Dutt through the table. Cue Petey Williams of all people with a Canadian Destroyer on Konley to put everyone down. Dutt springboards up onto the ladder, knocks Lee down, and retains at 16:03.

    Lashley knows his opponent’s name: Loser.

    Jason Cade/Zachary Wentz vs. OVE

    OVE is Ohio vs. Everything, better known as the Crist Brothers or the Irish Airborne. Wentz knees Jake in the face to start but he charges into a boot in the corner. It’s off to Dave for a knee to the head, followed a superkick to knock Cade out of the air. A spinning kick to the head sets up a running kick to the leg/running kick to the knee combo (something like High/Low) for the pin on Cade at 2:12. Not the best debut but I’ve seen worse.

    Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, Moose and Ethan Carter III annoy Cornette and get put in the gauntlet with Drake going in at #1.

    Video on Lashley vs. Sydal with the winner getting a shot at whatever title he wants.

    Matt Sydal vs. Bobby Lashley

    Lashley runs him over to start with a shoulder sending Matt outside. A kick to the head staffers Lashley but he comes right back with a crossbody for two. Sydal can’t hit a pop up hurricanrana and gets thrown outside again as we take a break. Back with Lashley destroying Sydal as the announcers brag about Lashley’s MMA teammates, which really just makes me want to watch UFC.

    We hit the face ripping for a bit, followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Lashley misses the spear though and a spinwheel kick puts him down. A tornado DDT drops Lashley again but he breaks up the shooting star. The top rope double knees get two on Lashley but his powerslam gets the same. The Dominator gets two more and it’s chair time. That means a Van Daminator to put Lashley down, which somehow isn’t a DQ. Sydal’s shooting star hits knees but the spear hits post, allowing Sydal to grab a rollup for the pin at 14:50.

    Post match one of the MMA fighters chokes the referee until his teammates break it up.

    Johnny Impact (Morrison/Mundo/Hennigan) is here next week. He even mentions all of the titles he currently holds.

    Sienna b. Gail Kim – AK47
    Dezmond Xavier b. Taiji Ishimori – Moonsault Pele
    Sonjay Dutt b. Trevor Lee – Dutt pulled down the title
    OVE b. Jason Cade/Zachary Wentz – Kick to the head/kick to the leg combination
    Matt Sydal b. Bobby Lashley – Rollup

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