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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: November 20, 2017
    Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Booker T.

    We’re finally past Survivor Series and that means it’s time to start the build towards Royal Rumble. Unless there’s another show to be announced, the only pay per view between now and the Rumble is the Smackdown exclusive Clash of the Champions. That could make the next few weeks slightly uninteresting but that’s never stopped WWE before. Let’s get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    Here’s a happy, dancing Stephanie to open things up. Graves: “At least she’s humble too.” She recaps the siege and says Kurt Angle’s job as GM is secure. With that, she brings out the man who lead the team to their win last night: HHH! Before HHH can say anything though, here’s a livid Kurt Angle to interrupt. He’s not talking as the General Manager but the man who can beat HHH up. Stephanie gets all serious and reminds HHH that he’s talking to the COO.

    The staredown continues and here’s Jason Jordan to interrupt as well. Booker: “Oh come on.” Jordan gets in HHH’s face but Angle holds him back. Jason wants to face HHH tonight but Stephanie warns Jordan that he’d get killed in a match like this. Stephanie: “HHH isn’t afraid of anyone in that locker room.” This of course brings out Braun Strowman to get right in HHH’s face as well. HHH stares him down but backs off and leaves. Stephanie makes Jordan vs. Strowman for later. She didn’t cut Braun’s balls off here and at least they kept this relatively short, even if Stephanie didn’t need to be out there.

    Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor

    Joe wastes no time with the right hands to the jaw before dropping the backsplash. We’re in a very early nerve hold as the fans are split here. Joe heads up top but gets kicked in the head to take him back down. Of course that means a flip dive to the floor as we take a break. Back with Joe slapping on another nerve hold until Balor gets in a kick to the head. That’s fine with Joe, who drops Balor back first onto the apron.

    A suicide elbow sends Balor into the barricade as this is mostly one sided so far. Back in and Balor can’t hiptoss him so he’ll try a Sling Blade instead. Joe is right back with a backsplash for two but the Koquina Clutch is countered into a regular double stomp. That means the Coup de Grace but Joe pulls him right back down, setting up the Koquina Clutch for the knockout at 12:03.

    Video on the Wrestlemania Kickoff Party with tickets going on sale. I picked mine up last week and get to go to my third in a row and fourth in five years. There really is nothing like it.

    Video on AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar from last night.

    Angle and Jordan talk in the back with Kurt saying he won’t cancel the match with Strowman. Jordan agrees, because he’s the only man on Raw that can beat Braun.

    Asuka vs. Dana Brooke

    Dana kicks her in the ribs to start but some hip attacks send her outside. A charge only ears Dana some kicks to the face and for some reason she slaps Asuka in the face. Some HARD spinning elbows to the face set up some harder kicks tot he head for the pin at 2:35. Total squash, as it should have been.

    It’s time for MizTV with the Miztourage having Miz’s back and Roman Reigns as the guest. Miz introduces Reigns three times before the music hits and it’s the entire Shield. Miz isn’t cool with the bonus guests but Seth Rollins talks about being the most dominant trio in the history of WWE. That’s cool with Miz, but he wants a thank you. Reigns says no so Miz goes into a story of Ambrose needing help fighting off the Miztourage. Miz isn’t cool with this….and the lights go out for a second.

    That goes nowhere (seemed to be a glitch) so Rollins starts talking about winning the Tag Team Titles back. Reigns doesn’t want to be the only one without a title so Seth points out the Intercontinental Title on Miz’s shoulder. That sounds good to Miz and the fans are WAY into this idea. The Miztourage gets in front of Reigns and the beatdown takes all of one punch and a Dirty deeds. They throw in a TripleBomb to Dallas for fun as Miz protests from the aisle.

    We recap the opening sequence.

    Strowman is ready to face Jordan because Jason isn’t scared of him, unlike HHH.

    Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose

    Dean armdrags him into an armbar to start but has to block the forearms to the chest. For a change of pace, Dean hits some forearms of his own. A big boot sends him outside though and we take a break. Back with Sheamus grabbing a Brock Lock and getting two off a powerbomb. A missed charge sends Sheamus into the post but he’s still able to fight out of Dirty Deeds.

    Sheamus blocks a suicide dive, only to miss the Brogue Kick and get knocked outside. NOW the dive works and Dean heads up top but has to kick Cesaro away. A super Regal Roll gives Sheamus two but Seth charges into the ring and dives onto Cesaro. That’s enough of a distraction for Ambrose to grab Dirty Deeds for the pin at 11:49.

    Jordan asks Matt Hardy for advice against Strowman. Hardy has fought a lot of monsters over the years and none of them were like Braun. Basically, it’s not Jordan’s night.

    Here’s Alexa Bliss for a chat. She’s disappointed in losing to Charlotte last night but this is still her year. There isn’t a single person alive who can beat her….so here’s Mickie James. After the usual insults (about biscuits), here’s Bayley to interrupt, saying the year isn’t over yet. Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox come out to say the same thing. Kurt Angle, four way, let’s go.

    Alicia Fox vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Mickie James

    One fall to a finish and the winner gets a title shot at some point. Joined in progress with Fox running Bayley over but getting caught in the Bank Statement. Bayley makes the save….and PAIGE IS BACK. She says she’s not here to interrupt (Then what was she doing???) but she’s not alone. Cue Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose from NXT to interrupt and jump Bayley, drawing the no contest at around six minutes. There was barely two minutes of action though so no rating, but this was a heck of a debut and a MUCH needed face lift for the division.

    The villains clean house with ease as Fox bails.

    Post break Paige introduces us to her new friends. Alexa Bliss comes up, says a nervous hello, and gets destroyed.

    Jason Jordan vs. Braun Strowman

    Jordan tries to go with the wrestling stuff to start but gets caught without too much effort. He manages to lift Strowman off his feet but Strowman takes him down and tosses him outside. Jordan’s knee is banged up again...and here’s Kane to go after Strowman for the DQ at 1:44.

    Kane destroys him with a chair and crushed Strowman’s throat with it. Strowman can’t breathe but walks off under his own power.

    Here’s Enzo Amore, flanked by a quartet of cruiserweight villains. We’re coming up on Thanksgiving so Enzo wants to know what each member of the Zo Train is most thankful for. Enzo answers for them: Noam Dar gets more women, Tony Nese has more abs, Ariya Daivari has more money and Drew Gulak has more people viewing his PowerPoint presentations!

    Drew talks about infrastructure but here are Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozawa to interrupt. Enzo thinks they want on the Zo Train but Cedric says not so fast. What they want is a shot at the Cruiserweight Title and they’re willing to earn it. Enzo says get out of his way but Swann says without his boys, Enzo is just a catchphrase and a t-shirt. The brawl is on with Enzo bailing as we take a break.

    Drew Gulak/Noam Dar/Tony Nese/Ariya Daivari vs. Rich Swann/Cedric Alexander/Akira Tozawa/Mustafa Ali

    Joined in progress with Swann fighting back on Drew but not being able to hit his version of Rolling Thunder. A near brawl on the floor sends Enzo running through the ring and allows Gulak to knee Swann in the face to take over. Daivari comes in for a chinlock before it’s off to Dar. Swann gets in a kick to the face and it’s off to Tozawa for a suicide dive. Ali tags himself in as Cedric hits the Neuralizer, setting up the 054 for the pin on Dar at 4:16.

    We recap Strowman vs. Kane.

    Angle says Strowman has left the building without receiving treatment. He goes to check on Jason but Miz interrupts. Miz complains about the match with Reigns and wants the title match dropped. The match won’t be canceled and Miz leaves. Jordan seems scared of Strowman.

    Here’s Elias, who calls himself the reaper of souls. He has a song about Raw winning last night but the fans cut him off with a LET’S GO ASTROS chant. The song insults Matt Hardy a bit so here’s Matt, with a banged up elbow. The fight is on before Matt can say anything with Elias bailing from the threat of a Twist of Fate.

    Intercontinental Title: Roman Reigns vs. The Miz

    Miz is defending and seems willing to take an early countout. That’s not cool with Reigns, who chases him to the floor and hits an uppercut to the jaw. A Batista Bomb gets two on the champ and we take an early break. Back with Reigns hitting his running clothesline, followed by a big boot to the jaw. Miz is smart enough to bail again and catches Reigns diving off the steps.

    A DDT on the floor is nearly good enough for a countout but Reigns dives back in. We hit the chinlock for a good while until Miz hits a corner dropkick. Another is countered with a big boot, only to have Miz knock him down a few more times. It’s off to the YES Kicks until Reigns fights up without much effort. The Superman Punch is countered into the Skull Crushing Finale but Reigns slips out.

    Miz sweeps the leg for two though and Reigns is favoring his knee. The Superman Punch knocks Miz out of the air for a VERY close two though as the fans are impressed with the kickout. The spear is loaded up but cue the Bar for a distraction, allowing the Skull Crushing Finale to connect….for two. Ambrose and Rollins run out to even things up, allowing Reigns to hit a spear for the pin and the title at 16:26.

    Samoa Joe b. Finn Balor – Koquina Clutch
    Asuka b. Dana Brooke – Kick to the head
    Dean Ambrose b. Sheamus – Dirty Deeds
    Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James went to a no contest when Paige, Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose interfered
    Braun Strowman b. Jason Jordan via DQ when Kane interfered
    Mustafa Ali/Cedric Ali/Rich Swann/Akira Tozawa b. Tony Nese/Drew Gulak/Ariya Daivari/Noam Dar – 054 to Dar
    Roman Reigns b. The Miz – Spear


    Date: November 21, 2017
    Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
    Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

    So the battle between brands is over and now it’s time to find out where we go from here. In theory we go towards Clash of the Champions in just shy of a month, which could mean multiple things. AJ Styles is likely going to have to deal with Jinder Mahal again, though the title match won’t be taking place tonight. Let’s get to it.

    We open with a long recap of Sunday’s main event.

    Here’s Shane McMahon to get things going. They were so close on Sunday and, despite what his sister wants to say, Smackdown proved that they’re nothing but the best show. The Smackdown roster gives it their all every night and he’s proud of them all. Save for two that is, meaning Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

    Shane has them come out here and Owens immediately calls Shane drunk with power. Sami wants to know whether it’s harder for Shane to keep coming up with excuses for his failures or just admitting that he’s wrong. They would have beaten the Shield or even won a 5-2 handicap match or beaten Brock Lesnar. Shane says he’s the Commissioner and the two of them have no respect for anyone. He teases firing them but Owens says that would be stupid as they’re both future Hall of Famers.

    Shane loads up the firing but gets cut off by Daniel Bryan. Sami starts getting fired up but Daniel tells him to be quiet. Everyone in the back hates Sami and Kevin’s guts, to the point where Bryan had to send Randy Orton home before he tried to kill them. Tonight, the two of them will be facing New Day in a lumberjack match.

    So to recap: yes, we are just supposed to go with the fact that Shane put himself in the match and assume that he really was the best option. I have no idea why we’re supposed to go with that other than Shane is a former fan favorite but if you disagree with whatever he says, you’re apparently a heel. Oh and Smackdown is totally equal to Raw, even though it lost on Sunday. Such is life in WWE.

    Jey Uso vs. Shelton Benjamin

    Shelton lets him out of the corner to start, only to climb the ropes for a knee to the face, knocking Jey outside. Back from an early break with Shelton working on a chinlock until Jey fights up with a Samoan drop. Gable offers a distraction so Shelton can get two off a rollup, only to have Jey score with a superkick for the same. The Superfly Splash misses though and it’s Paydirt to give Shelton the pin at 7:07.

    Sami and Kevin try to get help from Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode, both of whom shoot them down. Roode promises both of them a receipt.

    Naomi is getting her makeup done when NXT’s Ruby Riot comes up. She’s with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, all of whom beat the heck out of Noami. Becky Lynch comes in for the save and gets beaten down as well.

    The bosses are in the back with Shane praising Bryan’s decisions tonight because he can fire Sami and Kevin whenever he wants. Shane leaves to go watch the show at his hotel.

    Hype Bros vs. Bludgeon Brothers

    It’s Luke Harper and Erick Rowan with big Thor style hammers. Rowan runs Ryder over to start and knocks him outside. Harper gets in a hard clothesline and sends him into the steps, leaving Rawley alone. A double spinebuster puts Mojo away at 1:24. Total squash.

    Natalya applauds Charlotte for winning the title last week and beating Alexa Bliss on Sunday. I mean, Natalya’s cat could beat Bliss but tonight she’ll give Ric Flair something to really cry about.

    Video on Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles from Sunday.

    Here’s Styles for a chat, but first we see a post-match video from Paul Heyman, saying Styles is the best in-ring performer he’s ever seen. AJ wishes he could celebrate with all the fans but it didn’t go as well as he thought it would. He’d love to face Lesnar again though because in the sequel, Rocky wins.

    That brings him to Jinder Mahal, who says he’s taking the title back tonight. AJ takes off the jacket and the belt, saying come get it. Mahal pops up on screen to say it’s his time instead of AJ’s. If Mahal had faces Brock, he would be hailed as the Beastmaster. AJ says bring it on because Mahal should be well rested after not doing anything on Sunday. Mahal will take his rematch at Clash of Champions. Cue the Singh Brothers from behind to jump AJ, who cleans house without any trouble.

    Sami and Kevin recruit Aiden English and Rusev, who don’t say no.

    Women’s Title: Charlotte vs. Natalya

    Charlotte is defending after having won last week. Natalya jumps at her to start but gets elbowed in the jaw. That earns her a face first toss into the middle buckle and we take a break. Back with Natalya getting two off a Batista Bomb and grabbing the Sharpshooter. Charlotte makes the rope for the break but Natalya is right back on her with right hands. A whip into the corner lets Charlotte try the moonsault, only to land on the knees. The spear connects but here are Logan, Riot and Morgan to jump Natalya for the DQ at 6:43.

    Charlotte gets beaten down as well as the trio poses.

    Daniel Bryan has no comment on the trio attacking. Sami and Kevin come up and threaten him with repercussions if he fires them.

    New Day vs. Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens

    Lumberjack match and New Day comes out with some pancakes. Woods is on the floor here as Owens and Big E. get things going. Kevin knocks Kofi outside early on and the lumberjacks let him back in without any issue. Sami comes in so Kofi leapfrogs him into a back elbow for one. Back up and Kofi is sent outside again and for the second time, no one touches him.

    Sami goes to get him this time and gets pummeled, sending him running up the aisle. No one is letting that happen though and Sami gets carried back to the ring. We take a break and come back with Owens taking the Unicorn Stampede. Owens knocks Kofi into the corner though and stomps away as Saxton says the lumberjacks are like sharks who can’t wait to get their hands on Owens and Sami. Graves: “Sharks don’t have hands Saxton.”

    Sami comes in and mocks New Day’s dancing claps before stomping away. Owens’ backsplash hits Kofi’s knees though and the hot tag brings in Big E. The Big Ending doesn’t work on Sami so it’s back to Kofi for his high crossbody. Everything breaks down with Sami being sent outside, triggering the brawl between the lumberjacks. They all come in and the referee doesn’t call for the DQ, leaving Sami to roll Kofi up for the pin at 11:50.

    Post break the lumberjacks leave with Kofi diving onto Rusev and English. Sami takes the Midnight Hour to leave him laying.

    In the back, Owens gets on his knees in front of Bryan, begging him not to fire them. Bryan was never going to do that because he recognizes their talent. Next week, Owens goes one on one with Orton.

    Shelton Benjamin b. Jey Uso – Paydirt
    Bludgeon Brothers b. Hype Bros – Double spinebuster to Rawley
    Natalya b. Charlotte via DQ when Sarah Logan, Ruby Riot and Liv Morgan interfered
    Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens b. New Day – Rollup to Kingston


    Date: November 22, 2017
    Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
    Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, Mauro Ranallo

    We’re finally getting to the end of the Houston tapings with a pair of dark matches from this weekend’s Takeover: WarGames. Therefore, aside from the two matches, expect a lot of recaps from Saturday. That’s not the worst thing in the world though and lets the main stories take a breather. Let’s get to it.

    The long recap of Saturday’s show kicks us off.

    Opening sequence.

    Ruby Riot vs. Sonya DeVille

    Before the callups, which are mentioned and even shown during the entrances. Feeling out process to start and they head to the mat with DeVille grabbing a waistlock, only to get thrown off without too much effort. Back up and DeVille slide kicks the bad leg out and we take a break.

    We come back with DeVille staying on the leg and grabbing a spinebuster for two. A leglock keeps Riot in trouble until she fights up with some clotheslines and an STO for two. Sonya slaps on a triangle choke and switches into an ankle lock until Riot makes the dive to the rope. Back up and Riot hits a quick Pele kick to the face for the pin at 10:34. It’s as sudden as it sounds.

    Quick look at Velveteen Dream vs. Aleister Black.

    Quick look at Lars Sullivan vs. Kassius Ohno.

    Sullivan says he took those kicks like a man and he dominated like he knew he would. If anyone wants to step in his way, they’ll be destroyed too. I really could have gone with him never talking as he doesn’t have the most intimidating voice.

    Video on the Women’s Title match.

    Ember Moon says this is a dream come true and everything has paid off. She’s going to keep fighting as hard as she can. Remember when Moon used to be nearly supernatural and is now just a woman who fights? That’s quite the drop of a gimmick.

    Video on Andrade Cien Almas winning the NXT Title.

    McIntyre is banged up and disappointed by the loss. If it is a torn bicep, I’m hoping he doesn’t come back to NXT and just goes up to the main roster. It’s not like he has anything else to prove down there.

    Last week, the Street Profits were dancing on a car when Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli came up. An argument broke out and a match was set for next week.

    Also next week: Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Royce.

    Long video on WarGames, showcasing just how brutal it really was.

    Sanity could barely walk after the match.

    Undisputed Era bragged about their win.

    UK Title: Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Gargano

    Dunne is defending and has to spin out of an early wristlock. The technical wrestling goes to Gargano, who sends Dunne outside and follows him out with a cannonball off the apron. Dunne is right back up with an X Plex onto the apron though and we take a break. Back from a break with Dunne cranking on both the arm and the fingers, with Mauro being smart enough to say it helps prevent the Gargano Escape.

    Johnny rolls away and hits the rolling kick to the head for a breather. The slingshot spear gets two and a suicide dive into a DDT should have Dunne rather dead. Instead he’s able to block a slingshot DDT into something like a bridging belly to back suplex for a near fall. The Bitter End is countered into a DDT and the Gargano Escape goes on, only to have Dunne bite the fingers for the break.

    Dunne’s enziguri staggers Johnny but he takes Dunne’s head off with a clothesline for a double knockdown. Gargano picks up Dunne’s mouthpiece….and superkicks the heck out of Dunne for two. The slingshot spear only hits forearm though and it’s the Bitter End to retain the title at 12:54.

    Ruby Riot b. Sonya DeVille – Pele Kick
    Pete Dunne b. Johnny Gargano – Bitter End


    Impact Wrestling
    Date: November 23, 2017
    Location: Aberdeen Pavilion, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Commentators: Jeremy Borash, Josh Matthews

    We’re getting into the swing of these Canadian tapings but there’s a good chance this show isn’t going to mean much for the most part due to the holiday. The big story tonight is the return of Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron after one full week away. It’s hard to say what they’ll do, though I’d put my money on brawling. Let’s get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    Tonight, the Turkey Bowl is back. There’s a match between a bunch of people and the loser gets put in a turkey suit.

    The Turkey Bowl is so cool that we need to go back to the 2008 version!

    Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Rhyno vs. Alex Shelley

    Bashir is X-Division Champion and helps Shelley for a double team on Rhyno. That goes nowhere as Rhyno easily slugs both of them away and scores with a belly to belly for two on Bashir. Clipped to Rhyno getting double teamed again but the others keep getting in an argument over scoring the pin (and a $25,000 prize). Bashir rolls Shelley up for two but gets caught in a super atomic drop. Rhyno uses the distraction to Gore Shelley for the pin at 2:48 shown.

    Post match, Mick Foley tells Shelley he has to put the suit on but Shelley doesn’t want to. See, the women won’t be happy and that would hurt the ratings. That’s cool with Foley, but Shelley is fired if he doesn’t do it. Shelley finally puts it on and Foley makes gibblet jokes. Foley: “Is that a gizzard in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” The suit goes on and more jokes are made. If this is the case, I can go with it more than holding a regular show on Thanksgiving.

    Robert Irvine has prepared a Thanksgiving dinner and I think you know where this is going later in the night.

    We hear some Thanksgiving memories from wrestlers.

    Eli Drake and Chris Adonis interrupt the Thanksgiving festivities and tells a story about his daddy’s mashed potatoes, which is one of the things his family does best (along with beating people up of course). The Turkey Bowl is now Eli Drake’s Gravy Train Turkey Trot and we’ll be drawing some random names for the five on five match. One team will be captained by Eddie Edwards.

    Eddie is excited and says this is a big check off his wrestling bucket list.

    The other captain is El Hijo Del Fantasma, who says Thanksgiving doesn’t mean anything in Mexico. It sounds like a party though and every party needs chocolate.

    Video on the upcoming Knockouts Title tournament. It ticks Sienna off, making me think that Sienna has some intelligence to her.

    Wrestlers list their favorite Thanksgiving foods.

    Preview for next week’s show, including Johnny Impact vs. Alberto El Patron.

    From 2011.

    Robbie E. vs. Eric Young

    Joined in progress with Robbie beating up the turkey suit before dropping a middle rope elbow for two. We’re clipped to Young hitting a piledriver for the pin at 1:12 shown.

    Post match, Robbie is still out so he can’t put on the suit. Therefore, Young says Robbie’s buddy Robbie T. can put it on instead. The referee says that if T. doesn’t, E. loses the TV Title (yes they had the TV Champion lose a match like this) so the suit goes on.

    Allie joins Team Edwards and is really excited to get to wear the suit...until she finds out she has to lose first. She isn’t interested.

    Caleb Konley joins Team Fantasma and Trevor Lee isn’t too happy with it.

    Richard Justice is on Eddie’s team but he’s worried he can’t fit in the suit.

    Various wrestlers are thankful for various things.

    KM is on Fantasma’s team but doesn’t care about anything other than impressing American Top Team.

    Laurel Van Ness is also on Team Edwards (despite being a villain) and makes turkey noises.

    Wrestlers talk about Thanksgiving memories.

    From 2016.

    Robbie E. vs. Grado

    I think we’re in comedy match territory. They trade fists to start but it’s a fist pound instead. That leads to back to back nipple twists before a double clothesline puts both guys down. Both guys try rollups with feet on the ropes but enforcer Aiden O’Shea cuts them off. Grado tries a sunset flip but Robbie sits on him for the pin at 2:49.

    O’Shea makes Grado put the suit on but he starts to get into it. Dancing ensues.

    Fallah Bahh is in the match as well. I’m assuming on Team Fantasma if they’re still alternating picks. Bahh can only say his last name and gobble gobble.

    Garza Jr. is in as well and says everyone in the tournament (What tournament?) is underestimating him due to his injury.

    The final entrant, and announced as a team captain, is Chris Adonis. Wait so was it five in a row or alternating? Why would they not just say that the first and last names pulled out are captains? My goodness how can they manage to screw up PULLING NAMES OUT OF A HAT??? Would a graphic have been too much to ask for?

    Adonis rallies his team as we’re just forgetting the whole “Fantasma is captain” thing.

    Team Edwards is ready.

    Team Edwards vs. Team Adonis

    Eddie Edwards, Garza Jr., Allie, Fallah Bahh, Richard Justice
    Chris Adonis, Caleb Konley, Laurel Van Ness, KM, El Hijo Del Fantasma

    The loser of the fall wears a turkey suit and there’s food at ringside, along with Eli Drake. We’re not ready yet though as the teams sit down at the food tables as Drake insists that everyone has to put on the suit if they lose. He has a statement for JB to read, which pretty much just says everyone play nice.

    Justice sticks his finger in Konley’s mouth to start and gets two off a rollup. Laurel comes in and jumps on Justice’s back so it’s off to the women for a change. KM and Bahh are up next with some shots to Bahh’s head taking us to a break. Back with Bahh crossbodying KM and bringing in Garza….WHO TAKES OFF HIS PANTS! I’m rather thankful.

    Garza gets punched down though and it’s time for the heel beatdown. Adonis comes in for two off a legdrop and it’s time for a bearhug (on a guy with a bad shoulder). That goes nowhere and the hot tag brings in Eddie to clean house. Everything breaks down in a hurry and KM gets crushed between Justice and Bahh.

    We get the big crash to the floor and Justice falls off the apron, only to be caught without much effort. Allie dives onto everyone to break up the pile and everyone is down. Back in and Adonis can’t grab the Adonis Lock, allowing Eddie to roll him up for the pin at 16:04, meaning Adonis gets to wear the suit.

    Post break, Adonis refuses to wear the suit. Security actually stops him as the referee holds up the suit like an executioner’s ax. After a lot of persuading and a GOBBLE GOBBLE (One of us?) chant, Adonis finally puts it on and walks around a bit. Adonis isn’t cool with the chants though and the required food fight, with Adonis hitting Drake in the face with a pie, ends the show. This was actually entertaining as they just went with the simple comedy and it worked perfectly well.

    Team Edwards b. Team Adonis – Rollup to Adonis







    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Samoa Joe b. Finn Balor – Koquina Clutch
    Asuka b. Dana Brooke – Kick to the head
    Dean Ambrose b. Sheamus – Dirty Deeds
    Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James went to a no contest when Paige, Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose interfered
    Braun Strowman b. Jason Jordan via DQ when Kane interfered
    Mustafa Ali/Cedric Ali/Rich Swann/Akira Tozawa b. Tony Nese/Drew Gulak/Ariya Daivari/Noam Dar – 054 to Dar
    Roman Reigns b. The Miz – Spear

    Shelton Benjamin b. Jey Uso – Paydirt
    Bludgeon Brothers b. Hype Bros – Double spinebuster to Rawley
    Natalya b. Charlotte via DQ when Sarah Logan, Ruby Riot and Liv Morgan interfered
    Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens b. New Day – Rollup to Kingston

    Ruby Riot b. Sonya DeVille – Pele Kick
    Pete Dunne b. Johnny Gargano – Bitter End

    Impact Wrestling
    Team Edwards b. Team Adonis – Rollup to Adonis

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