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    Drew is officially back. That’s fast.

    Date: July 5, 2010
    Location: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler
    Guest Host: N/A

    We open with the Nexus in the ring. Barrett is back and says this is all part of a bigger picture and that he can’t say yet why they did what they did to Vince. Sheffield says that what they did to the Legends last week was fun. They need to actually wrestle soon though. He says that more people want to see the DVD now and it’s time for an e-mail. The punishment for the Nexus for the Vince attack is that none of them can compete for a title until further notice. Also the ruling on no contact with Raw vs. Nexus is gone. Thank goodness. Now can we get them in an actual match?

    Cue Cena of course. He says he wants a fair fight and here comes Morrison, Orton, Truth, Bourne and the Harts. They come to the ring but the heels jump them from behind. The Usos, Sheamus, Edge, Miz, Jericho and DiBiase jump the faces coming to fight Nexus. Nexus runs I think. Triple stable feud? Sheamus says maybe they don’t want to take out Nexus since the only guys Nexus goes after is Cena for the most part. Orton gets a pop for just picking up a mic. He suggests 7 on 7 now and we get an e-mail.

    No match now according to him because it’s the MITB guys in a series of matches tonight. Also it’s Cena vs. Barrett later. FINALLY. Scratch that it’s not a match. Instead it’s going to be a handshake and a truce. Is there some reason we’re never seeing them wrestle? Cena says no. There’s another e-mail and the GM says do it or else. Actually he says and that’s the bottom line because the GM says so. Yeah it’s not Austin. No way.

    John Morrison vs. Ted DiBiase

    Maryse looks great in a white dress if nothing else. She’s also no longer French Canadian apparently. The commentary is all about Maryse and Ted. And then she gets a phone call and talks to whoever that is. I hope this doesn’t turn into Paris Hilton or something. She steals the fur coat of Morrison and the distraction lets Dream Street end it. Match was nothing.

    Santino and Kozlov have a weird moment in the back that means nothing.

    Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov vs. William Regal/Great Khali

    This is uh….different. Regal vs. Kozlov to start. That lasts about two seconds and Santino gets beaten up. The Cobra…whatever that’s supposed to do, doesn’t work. And then Kozlov gets tagged back in and beats Regal in like 10 seconds. They help Regal up so Khali can chop him. Sure why not.

    The Cutting Edge is back tonight with Jericho and Bourne.

    We recap the Legends segment last week which is still fairly cool. Arn Anderson is in the back and says that Ricky is a good guy and 57 but here’s Sheamus. Arn says that Sheamus needs to wake up and realize what’s going on and stop the bleeding before it gets too bad thanks to Nexus. Sheamus says he’s fine and Arn says you just don’t get it and leaves. Sheamus looks like it got to him a bit.

    This week in WWE history is the same as it was on Smackdown: Luger with the slam on Yoko.

    The Miz vs. R-Truth

    Miz does another “rap” on the way. Not terrible actually for what it was supposed to be. Miz pops him with the mic to start us off and we might not have an actual match. He goes after Truth’s arm and has apparently hurt it badly. No match.

    Cutting Edge

    The guests are Jericho and Bourne. Before they get there though Edge says he’s interested in having 7 allies in Nexus to help him at MITB. Sure because 15 guys in one match is just fine. Bourne is introduced but Jericho comes out. He and Edge argue over being the Nexus advisor. They take shots at each other which are funny. Jericho says Edge has always wanted to be Jericho, even though Edge was in both WCW and WWF before Jericho.

    Here they go and Jericho gets the Walls but here’s Bourne for the attack. Bourne gets away and we have an e-mail. Apparently if you want to see some action give me a hell yeah. Up next is Edge and Jericho vs. Bourne and Orton. Ok then.

    Randy Orton/Evan Bourne vs. Edge/Chris Jericho

    This is your standard semi-main event tag. Naturally Bourne is in trouble for the majority of time here to set up the hot tag to Orton. They’re going with basic booking for it which is smart. It even gets a commercial so you can tell this is an important match. After the break surprisingly enough Orton comes in and doesn’t dominate. Actually the opposite is true as Orton is in trouble. This is getting a good deal of time which is surprising too.

    Ah there’s the hot tag and all is restored to the universe. Bourne kicks Edge’s head off in a sweet shot. It sounded great too. Edge spears Jericho for no apparent reason and Air Bourne gets ANOTHER fall on Jericho for Bourne. He gets an RKO for his troubles which SILENCES the crowd.

    We see a short clip of Cena getting beaten down by Nexus more than once. I’m glad they let them go straight after the top guy.

    Orton is in the back and runs into Ortunga, Slater and Tarver. Orton doesn’t like them but they say they won’t interfere in the MITB match. They might in the cage match though. Orton says for them to leave.

    Truth is out of MITB. Barrett anyone?

    Harts vs. Usos for the titles at the PPV. The Usos talk about not being able to be told apart and how everyone is ignorant.

    Alicia comes up as they leave and is pissed off that she hasn’t been interviewed since winning the title. Moving on.

    The Summerslam Recall is from 92 with the loudest pop in the history of that show.

    Raw Women’s Title: Eve Torres vs. Alicia Fox

    Damn no blue for Eve tonight. Pink isn’t bad though. Alicia fakes a knee injury and the axe kick ends this in like a minute. Whatever. No rating obviously.

    And here’s Barrett for the showdown thing. He says to Cena that the Nexus can make Cena’s life easy or hard and the choice is up to John. Cena asks if he shakes Barrett’s hand does this end now? Cena says if we’re having so much fun why stop now? No handshake and Cena says he’s taking Nexus down. Barrett offers the handshake again and gets pulled into the FU.

    AND HERE THEY COME! Morrison and Bourne comes out to help but get beaten down as well. It looks bad but MARK HENRY COMES A CHARGING! Him and an army of jobbers come out and make the save but Darren Young gets left behind. We get an e-mail where the GM says stop or there WILL be consequences. The jobbers leave and Young gets put in the STFU. And he stays in it.

    Another e-mail says next week: Cena vs. all 7 of Nexus. Oh and I’ll be there for it. Oh yeah. He goes INSANE on Young and beats the living hell out of him. He rips the steps up and blasts Young with them as Young is DEAD. He goes back in the ring to a HUGE pop to end the show.

    Ted DiBiase b. John Morrison – Dream Street
    Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov b. Great Khali/William Regal – Uranage to Regal
    Randy Orton/Evan Bourne b. Chris Jericho/Edge – Air Bourne to Jericho
    Alicia Fox b. Eve Torres – Axe Kick


    Date: July 6, 2010
    Location: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georiga
    Announcers: Josh Matthews, Michael Cole

    We go over last week's show of which there isn’t much to see other than O’Neil is gone.

    We introduce the pros and I think Cole has a crush on Miz. Michelle needs to wear leather pants forever. Ryder doesn’t get why the poll came out like it did. Morrison says he would have voted off Miz instead of O’Neil. Here are the rookies. Harris intimidates Striker again. Riley questions being #4 and I can’t blame him. He bashes Kaval because of his height. Kaval says listen to the fans.

    And now it’s time for a promo contest. 10 seconds to think and 30 to speak. The crowd will judge somehow.

    Watson’s topic is….not revealed yet as the winner gets to host a talk show on NXT. Works well enough. His topic is glasses. He talks about his own glasses because you need to have a vision. This actually worked. He finished with OH YEAH. It worked in a weird way.

    Kaval’s topic is chicken. He isn’t a chicken because he has heart and can succeed with the fans. Cheap way out but he did what he could with a bad topic.

    Cottonwood is third and this could set wrestling back a dozen years. His topic is mustache. He says no one has a mustache but a man should have one. This was BAD. Then again the topic was stupid as hell.

    McGillicutty gets breath. He is clearly very poised on the mic and says that by the end of this he’s going to take your breath away. I’m a mark for this guy but this was GREAT.

    Harris gets doorknob. He says nothing of note and says the fans aren’t worth much in essence.

    Cannon gets deodorant. That sounds like a bad birthday gift. He rambles and says he’s like deodorant and says he and the WWE need each other. He saved it to an extent I guess.

    Riley gets pigeon. He gets around to saying it’s one Riley and 6 pigeons. Not horrible.

    The fans vote and Watson gets a nice reaction. Kaval gets a slightly weaker one. Cottonwood gets a decent booing. McGillicutty gets booed worse. What the hell? Harris is booed. Cannon and Riley are mixed. It goes to Watson. Cole tries to name the show and Matthews, with his hands folded, looks straight at him and says in a deadpan voice, “you are absolutely terrible.” I knew I liked this guy!

    Percy Watson vs. Michael McGillicutty
    Watson – 1-1
    McGillicutty – 3-0

    MVP and Kofi are in the corner like partners but this is one on one. This is only like 2 minutes long and McGillicutty gets a sunset flip for the pin. The crowd is DEAD for some reason.

    We recap the keg carry again and then talk about O’Neil. They kind of bury him even though he wasn’t that bad at all.

    The Miz vs. Kaval

    Oh come on I have to get some points in the fantasy wrestling thing here don’t I? Kaval is varying up his offense a bit here which is a great thing for him. Riley an Laycool are both up on the apron. We take a break and Kaval is in control when we get back.

    He hits a double stomp to the chest off a sunset flip for two. That looked good. Warrior’s Way is blocked twice and there’s the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin.

    The pros aren’t that big on Cottonwood.

    Rhodes/Harris vs. Henry/Cannon later on, even though it’s 10:45 at the moment.

    We have a LONG recap of the Cena/Barrett thing last night and now we run down the MITB card. It’s 10:56 and we haven’t done the intros for the main event. Oh wait we need to get a profile on Harris first.

    They like him. Why?

    Cody Rhodes/Husky Harris vs. Lucky Cannon/Mark Henry

    At least it’ll be quick. We go to commercial at 10:58. Are you kidding me??? Nexus is on NXT next week. It’s 11:03 and here are the intros of Cannon and Henry. Cannon vs. Rhodes to start. This is kind of a mess and after Henry dominates, Cross Roads ends Cannon.

    Michael McGillicutty b. Percy Watson – Sunset Flip
    The Miz b. Kaval – Skull Crushing Finale
    Cody Rhodes/Husky Harris b. Lucky Cannon/Mark Henry – Cross Roads to Cannon


    Raw got a 3.4, which is up slightly from last week.

    Impact from last week got a 1.0.


    NXT got a .83.

    HHH got hurt or something and likely won’t be back for Summerslam.

    Date: July 8, 2010
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz
    Episode Title: Friends Till The End?

    We open up with a video of Anderson. Isn’t this like the third or fourth time in about 6 weeks? It focuses on the question of is Anderson really a good guy or did he hit Hardy with the chair last week on purpose?

    He comes out with a chair as the arena looks different for some reason. The ring looks HUGE for some reason. He brings out Hardy who looks straight into a camera without it being on him. Some things never change. Anderson says he didn’t do it on purpose and Jeff isn’t sure if he believes him. Did you know Anderson is an asshole? I didn’t know if you knew that Anderson is an asshole. I just want to make it clear that Anderson is an asshole.

    The Impact Zone is full of assholes. Wouldn’t that mean it’s empty? They have a match tonight and Anderson is going to bring the chair. It’s up to Hardy if he wants to use it. Instead of this being a serious promo like it should have been, Anderson kept cracking jokes.

    AJ complains about Flair. Shocking.

    Hardy says we’ll find out about Anderson later.

    Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

    As was said in the LD, this match already? AJ throws the rope down and storms the ring as AJ’s pyro goes off while the match has already started. It’s stuff like that which makes TNA look low level. They couldn’t stop it from going off when there’s no one there? RVD vs. Joe later which I’ve heard is really good. Flair comes out as of course this is all about impressive Flair instead of actual competition.

    The fans seem to look towards Flair more here of course. AJ goes for the Clash and is reversed. This is looking a lot more like the AJ of old when he was the best in the world. That’s a damn good sign. Fans WAY behind AJ in this. It’s rare that I say this but this is a solid match. You can tell both guys are working hard out there which is the best thing you can ask for. Kaz hits kind of a springboard X-Factor onto the apron. The brawl on the floor causes a double countout which is fine.

    They go at it even more after the match and Flair plays peacemaker. He dangles Foursome at them like it’s a damn carrot. At Victory Road it’s these two against a mystery team.

    Angelina Love is topless with her back to us.

    Daffney vs. Angelina Love

    Daffney looks great here. Something tells me this isn’t going to go long. This is all Love so far as you would expect. She hits a World’s Strongest Slam and then a second. Thanks for that. A Downward Spiral ends it in like 90 seconds. Love calls out Rayne and says she doesn’t have the balls to be here. I’d hope not. Rayne is here though, making Love look like an idiot. She makes it title vs. career because wrestlers can clearly have control over other wrestlers’ contracts with the company right. If Lacey or Skye interfere then the title changes.

    D-Von is going to talk to Bubba tonight.

    We recap the whole Neal vs. Dudleys thing which is going on way too long but it’s better than the Dudleys having random tags I guess.

    D-Von and Ink Inc are in the ring. He asks for Bubba to come down so we can straighten this out. Yeah I’m sure this is going to go swimmingly. Ray won’t get in the ring and I really hope Gelgarin was right when he said this is going to be a big swerve. D-Von gets all preachy and says how hard Neal has had it. Is he Lucky Cannon or something?

    Ray questions D-Von’s loyalty since Ray is the leader apparently. D-Von says he never picks sides. Other than when he sided with Bubba or the Alliance or WWF or anything like that. At Victory Road it’s Bubba vs. D-Von vs. Neal. Can they just do the tag that you know is coming?

    Rob Van Dam vs. Samoa Joe

    This is non-title. Joe thinks he should be #4 instead of #6. Taz says this should be a ratings draw. That’s a Russo line if I’ve ever heard one since it’s about the “real” stuff. Also, we’re getting the world champion on TV? I can’t believe it! They slug it out and Van Dam hits a SWEET spinkick to the face. That looked great. Muscle Buster doesn’t work so he just throws him off the corner to the floor. I love that Joe chant too.

    The ECW guys are here and completely take the focus off the match. They’re beating the hell out of each other here and it’s a very physical and back and forth match. Tazz continues to deny knowing anything about the ECW guys. The ECW guys cheer RVD so that likely means nothing. Joe’s eyes are great looking here as he looks gone.

    Joe counters a bunch of stuff into the choke and Van Dam is in trouble. He doesn’t have the legs though so he’s not dead yet. RVD goes Hart/Warrior and walks up the corner to backflip into a pin. That looked sick but it worked. It keeps Joe looking strong too though as he didn’t get beaten as much as he got caught.

    Joe beats up the referee post match, continuing his tweener role.

    Angle likes pressure.

    Jeremy Buck vs. Douglas Williams

    For absolutely no reason at all this is a ladder match. Considering he has an Ultimate X match on Sunday, the ladder makes no sense at all. Doug is afraid of heights apparently. This is another example of why TNA has sucked since Hogan has shown up. Everyone was high on Gen ME when they showed up and they stole the show at Destination X. Now they’re jobbers that show up once a month if they’re lucky.

    This show is just dragging. It feels like I’ve been watching this for like 9 hours now. Buck gets his spots in and is standing toe to toe with Williams here. He hits the sunset flip powerbomb thing, kicks Williams in the head…and wins the match. WHAT THE HELL???

    We get clips of the New York house show that I’ve heard mixed reviews on.

    The MCMG do a funny thing running down Beer Money.

    Motor City Machine Guns/Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan/Beer Money

    This is the MCMG highlight reel to start which is fine. I have a bad feeling that Beer Money gets the belts again this weekend though, which would just be annoying. There isn’t much to say here. Hernandez gets the hot tag and Morgan runs from him. They go off and after the Guns go insane on Roode, he catches a cross body in a roll through for the pin. That just killed the momentum dead. I have a bad feeling about that match.

    Nash is in the office waiting on Bischoff. Hogan comes in and is mad at Nash for Hall and Waltman. We hear about the Nasty Boys as this is making limited sense and next to none to people that don’t know the inner workings or whatever we think we know of them.

    Jay Lethal is in the ring. He talks about how this Sunday is so big to him and about his sick mom. He more or less dedicates his senior beatdown to his mom. And here’s Flair to make sure he gets one more segment than almost everyone else on the roster. He rambles about his robe being in the Smithsonian. No one knows him and his psychiatrist says so. He raves on and on but for some reason this one doesn’t bother me as much.

    We run down the card to fill in time which is fine for a go home show.

    Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

    Any bets on who wins here? Upon further review, his last singles match pin was on Valentine’s Day. Crowd is split here. This isn’t much at all and is mainly just punches and attempts at finishers. Anderson misses a Swanton and Jeff hits a Twist of Fate to end it in about 3 minutes.

    Post match it’s Abyss time with that board he made last week. The referee takes it from him and down go the faces. RVD comes out for the save (despite both other guys being out already). He gets thrown but Anderson cracks Abyss with a chair after he tells Hardy to get out of the way. Van Daminator to Abyss puts him down and the three faces stand tall.

    Kazarian vs. AJ Styles went to a double countout
    Angelina Love b. Daffney – Lights Out
    Rob Van Dam b. Samoa Joe – Backflip out of choke into pin
    Jeremy Buck b. Douglas Williams – Reached the X first
    Matt Morgan/Beer Money b. Motor City Machine Guns/Hernandez – Rolled through cross body
    Jeff Hardy b. Mr. Anderson – Swanton Bomb


    Steamboat is out of intensive care.

    Date: July 9, 2010
    Location: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
    Commentators: Matt Striker, Todd Grisham

    We open with the clips of Swagger and his ankle locks a go-go the past two weeks. Is there a reason this isn’t how he was when he was world champion?

    Show vs. Swagger tonight.

    Here’s the no longer deported Drew McIntyre. At least they got those issues settled quickly. Before he can talk it’s the dancing GM looking like he got caught in the fire of a paint ball fight. Teddy says starting tonight Drew has no special treatment and he’s on equal footing with everyone else. Drew says he’s going to nominate Teddy for the Hall of Fame. Is this a mutual nominations society all of a sudden?

    Drew says he wants to be in MITB so he can be in the main event at Mania 27 here in Atlanta. Teddy says if you want it, you can beg for it. We see the clip from a few weeks ago where Drew humiliated him in their “match”. The fans chant ON YOUR KNEES. Where’s Swagger when you need him? He has to tell Teddy that he’s handsome, debonair, high class, sharp dressed and intelligent. Teddy finishes it off by making Drew say he’s glad Teddy is his boss. Long is great in this role. Drew vs. Kofi tonight….again.

    MVP vs. Chavo vs. Dolph to get into the MITB match next.

    MVP vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Vickie is on commentary and manages to put the headset on backwards. MVP gets beaten down as it’s pretty clear he’s going to win. Matt tries to explain why the heels aren’t fighting at all which is funny for some reason. He’s decent as a heel commentator. After a break both guys are down and Chavo looks at Vickie for a LONG time before covering MVP. She freaks as this is of course all about Vickie.

    The heels go at it now with Dolph freaking out on him in a cool moment. MVP gets Ballin and the Play of the Day or 305 or whatever it’s called but Vickie pulls the referee out. Ziggler hooks the sleeper on him so that Dolph is going to the MITB match.

    Alberto Del Rio doesn’t lie. Get on with it.

    Rey’s leg/ankle is hurt. Apparently he won’t be wrestling again. At least he’s on the show for two straight weeks. Swagger comes in and puts the ankle lock on him and drags him down the hall with it. He lets go and then does it again, picking Rey up by the leg and throwing him into a wall like Jason did to the girl at camp with the tree. He brings him into the arena, all the while dragging him by the ankle, until Show makes the save.

    Christian/Matt Hardy vs. Vance Archer/Curt Hawkins

    Hawkins and Matt start us off. After about a minute and a half of nothing at all, Christian pulls Matt over the top rope and leaves. The heels’ double finisher ends it in maybe 3 minutes total. No rating obviously.

    Drew vs. Kofi up next.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston

    If Drew wins he’s in MITB. If Kofi wins he gets a hearty handshake. A rollup by Kofi gets two very fast. Damn Kofi can freaking move. This starts off like the matches they’ve had which means it’s solid thus far. After a break it’s more of the same as they’re both trying to get momentum but neither really can. Drew blocks the SOS which is what he lost to at least twice.

    Kofi hits Shadows Over Hell (for you Delirious fans out there) and doesn’t cover. He does the hand slap thing and the fans chant boom. I wonder how Drew knew something was coming? Kofi hits the second one for two. We crank it up and things start getting good. Both guys go to the floor as Kofi hits a suicide dive that looked good. On the apron Kofi goes for the Boom Drop and gets launched into the post for being an idiot. Future Shock ends it clean. The match just kind of ended.

    We recap the Serena/SES thing which is an angle I like, although I hope they don’t pull the plug on the group this early.

    Rosa is exercising again. Punk and Gallows walk past her.

    Another Del Rio promo about honesty.

    The SES is in the ring and Gallows is talking. They call out Serena and here’s the bald bombshell. She asks for forgiveness and Gallows says she’s pathetic. Punk hasn’t said anything yet. Gallows tries to throw her out and Punk says it’s not Luke’s decision. He forgives her, prompting Gallows to leave. They hug and Gallows isn’t happy.

    Cody Rhodes vs. JTG

    Dashing Cody Rhodes has new music which sounds just a bit like the chorus of Living on a Prayer to start. Just let this be quick. I wonder what’s going to happen here. This is nothing of course as Rhodes is dominant and Cross Roads ends it as I’m typing the word dominant.

    Kelly says nothing of note. Layla comes up and insults her. Michelle jumps Kelly and Tiffany shows up after they leave.

    After a recap of the Swagger/Rey thing earlier, Show looks like a sad panda. He says he’s never felt pain like the ankle lock before and nearly cries over Rey. He’s healthy tonight and he’s going to make Swagger suffer tonight. This is a different side of Show and it’s working. They’ve been very good lately about making their characters more fleshed out and well rounded and it’s been a success.

    Jack Swagger vs. Big Show

    Swagger goes straight for the ankle which gets him nowhere. For a match where Show said he was going to make Swagger suffer, he’s not doing much outside of his normal stuff. Show hits a shoulder block that looked great and knocked Swaggie to the floor. Ankle lock doesn’t work and Show kicks Swagger all the way to the floor which looked insane. Jack is put on the floor for the third time in 90 seconds. They “fight” up the ramp and there’s the double count out for the cheap ending.

    Post match Swagger takes over on Show and heads to the back but Kane jumps him and carries him into a room with a red light. Kane literally interrogates him under the lights. There’s nothing actually holding Swagger in the chair but he sits there anyway. He says he has an alibi and he’ll prove it next week.

    Dolph Ziggler b. MVP and Chavo Guerrero – Sleeper on MVP
    Curt Hawkins/Vance Archer b. Matt Hardy/Christian – Top rope elbow on Hardy
    Drew McIntyre b. Kofi Kingston – Future Shock DDT
    Cody Rhodes b. JTG – Cross Roads
    Jack Swagger vs. Big Show went to a Double Countout

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