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    ODB quit TNA.

    Date: June 14, 2010
    Location: Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, North Carolina
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler
    Guest Hosts: Mark Feuerstein

    You know what we start with. Bryan is visible in them but like many others he’s not focused on. He’s not being edited out though and you can see Roberts out cold on the ground.

    Barrett is in the ring to start us off. He’s being made to apologize and calls down the other rookies. No Bryan of course. They mention Roberts getting jumped….and there go the announcers. Slater won’t apologize and says he’d do it again. Gabriel says he has goosebumps still. Sheffield has no regrets. Tarver says no one here can make him say he’s sorry. Young says no chance and he had the time of his life last week.

    Otunga says the NXT Rookies deserve an apology. No mention of Bryan at all so far and I wouldn’t expect it. Barrett talks a bit more and here’s Bret Hart. Damn that jacket is still awesome. He says 8-1 still so there we go. We hear about the ring announcer being beaten up too.

    They blame him being gone on his remorse. Well that’s a new one on me. Cena will be at the PPV and Barrett doesn’t care. The NXT guys all want contracts, their own dressing rooms, and first class travel. Bret says no. They say that’s a mistake. BRET FIRES BARRETT! Bret calls it WWF again by mistake and we take a break.

    We’re back and we’re talking about math. We get the 25% thing. And now we’re going to have a fatal fourway. Well ok then.

    US Title: R-Truth vs. John Morrison vs. Zach Ryder vs. The Miz

    Everyone is in at once. Sweet. Oh and Cole now feels safe because the guys that weren’t under contract last week are still not under contract. I love idiotic comments like that. Morrison hits a sunset flip over the top into a release powerbomb onto Ryder. Nice one. And of course we go to a break. Wait…he slammed him into the concrete.

    This could invoke ideas of brain injury and something to do with buttons. FIRE THEM ALL NOW! My fragile mind can’t take this! We have Miz vs. Ryder which is a weird combination if there’s ever been one. The best tag team in awhile explodes on the floor for about the 100th time.

    And there’s the stupid forearm smash to Ryder for two. I’m liking the little change of pace to open things up. That and opening with a title match is never a bad thing. Morrison takes forever to his Starship Pain but Miz steals the pin and the title! HOLY SCHNIKES!

    Orton vs. Sheamus later.

    Orton is in the back and Josh asks about his shoulder. He says he’ll be ok and then says the NXT guys were punks. They should be fired or beaten up. Since Barrett only got fired, they got off lucky.

    The guest host hits on the Bellas. Ted DiBiase comes up and wants to be co-host. Big Show, who is guest starring on Royal Pains Thursday, comes up and suggests a tag match with the two of them vs. Virgil and DiBiase.

    Cena is coming.

    The rewind is Show vs. Jericho, setting up….

    Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne

    New pyro for Jericho I believe. Well I can’t say they’re not pushing Bourne. How often is Jericho the bigger guy in a match vs. someone not named Rey? There isn’t much here but Bourne kicks out of the Codebreaker! Jericho freaks and beats the hell out of Bourne and apparently it’s enough for a DQ. He hits Air Bourne afterwards anyway.

    Cena is up next.

    Oh yeah he’s still over. He’s using his serious voice here and says they’re radicals but he understands what they did to an extent. AND HERE THEY COME! Lawler, Bourne, Truth, Regal and Santino come out and HERE WE GO! And there’s ORTON! And there go the NXT guys. Edge spears Barrett. Sheamus has a pipe and the NXT guys go running. As in they run out of the building. Uh….what just happened? To be fair there’s an hour left.

    Sheamus says if anyone is going to get Cena, it’s him.

    We recap the Battle Royal from last week where Maryse actually got a win for once.

    Eve Torres/Gail Kim vs. Maryse/Alicia Fox

    These four in a match at the PPV for the title. When Gail is the fourth best looking girl in a match, that’s saying a lot. Alicia cheats early and Maryse hits a great kick to Eve’s very good looking head. Eve gets out of some double teaming and after heel miscommunication, a spinning neckbreaker gets the faces the win. Gail was never in there.

    Miz vs. Truth on Sunday.

    And now it’s Orton and Cena vs. Edge and Sheamus. And remember, the NXT guys will NOT be back. Not going to happen.

    THIS WEEK in HISTORY: Don Muraco won the IC Title from Pedro Morales in Philadelphia. I need that channel.

    Ted DiBiase/Virgil vs. Big Show/Mark Feuerstein

    Morales vs. Muraco to this? Sure….why not? Let’s get this over with, but to be fair this guy isn’t that terrible and has a good bit of charisma. Isn’t Show a Smackdown guy? After Ted gets beaten up, here’s Virgil vs. Big Show. Wow that’s strange to write. Show palms his head. That can’t be pleasant. I guess that’s what he gets paid for though. There’s his chokeslam and then the host uses the Worm for the pin. Oh but he uses an elbow drop instead.

    Santino Marella vs. William Regal

    Kozlov is the referee here. Hey did you know Regal used to be King of the Ring? Maybe a minute in, Santino uses the tights for the pin. And here’s Bret.

    The whole roster comes out other than the big names I think to apparently watch the main event. Oh something is coming.

    Edge/Sheamis vs. Randy Orton/John Cena

    I’d think these are some decent teams. The Orton pose continues to be awesome. Oh and the roster is still at the top of the stage. Khali and Henry do not have the right to do the salute. Cena vs. Sheamus to start us off as Lawler keeps talking about how awesome Sheamus is. I guess they made up after him kicking Lawler in the head. Cena busts out a full nelson just because he’s awesome. Orton is mad over of course.

    We come back to see Cena vs. Edge. I can’t believe it! Those two fighting on Raw??? What parallel universe have I landed in? Cena plays Morton Lite here which is interesting to an extent, but then again either guy is going to get a huge pop so it’s not like it really matters is it? Are you really expecting anything special here? I can’t imagine why you would be. Lawler makes sure to point out how safe he feels as you can feel Bret getting beaten down from here.

    Sheamus climbs on Cena’s back which is a funny looking visual indeed. The hot tag doesn’t happen yet as Cena is in a chokehold and Sheamus was on his back. At least they’re a bit realistic. There’s your hot tag and the elevated DDT which I’m rapidly loving. Amazingly enough though Sheamus comes back and hits the Irish Curse, which is that backbreaker move he uses at times. This match is getting a lot of time.

    Cena gets the NEXT hot tag as we cut to the back. The lights are out in the arena also, and of course the NXT guys are destroying stuff. Why, that looks like a Hitman! They throw him in a limo and it drives off, hitting another car on the way. Not sure on the driver. It hits another car. Then another. I feel like I’m in a Steve Austin promo. Then a BIG one into a final car. Bret is left bleeding and out cold, but at least he’s not wearing a tie. The driver is never seen.

    The Miz b. R-Truth, John Morrison and Zach Ryder – Pinned R-Truth after Starship Pain
    Evan Bourne b. Chris Jerich via DQ – Jericho refused to stop beating Bourne
    Gail Kim/Eve Torres b. Maryse/Alicia Fox – Spinning neckbreaker to Alicia
    Mark Feuerstein/Big Show b. Ted DiBiase/Virgil – Elbow drop to Virgil
    Santino Marella b. William Regal – Rollup with Tights
    John Cena/Randy Orton vs. Edge/Sheamus went to a no contest


    Scott Hall was fired. I can’t say I blame them for it.

    Date: June 15, 2010
    Location: RBC Center, Raleigh, North Carolina
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews

    We open with a brief recap of last week and hit the awesome theme song.

    Striker brings out the rookies and the pros for a showdown. The pros get to talk about what happened last week.

    MVP says it was an initiation and that the rookies have to work hard. The rookies and pros shake hands.

    With the first elimination in 5 weeks, the rookies are told to step up. Wow I sound like a bad voiceover guy. Riley vs. Kaval NEXT! ON NXT!

    Alex Riley vs. Kaval

    We get a profile on Kaval while he’s wearing a suit. That thing works on him. We hear about his experience in Japan and how awesome he is. His voice is great. Laycool does commentary for this. They look great but their voices are a bit annoying. In a funny bit, Cole asks them something and Michelle says don’t talk to us. Damn Kaval can throw some damn KICKS.

    Oh and Miz is gone because he’s at E3 which is good publicity if nothing else. Does he do anything but kick? He hooks a Dragon Sleeper on the ropes which isn’t bad. Note that when I say he I mean Kaval. Even in matches where he’s not involved and before he debuts, when I say he I mean Kaval. He misses the double stomp off the top and Riley hits a TKO, one of my all time favorite moves (fireman’s carry into a spinning diamond cutter) for the pin.

    Riley says he’s great. Laycool are happy. Morrison says Miz is at a meeting for liposuction and that both guys did well and looked good. Ryder says he only cares about his rookies and wants the ring announcer to call him.

    Cottonwood talks about being somewhat crazy and about his childhood. I love these interviews as they’re great ways to give the characters some background and more importantly a reason to care about them.

    We recap last night’s Raw which should only take five minutes. And we talk about the PPV.

    We see Titus and Ryder talking earlier tonight and they’re cool.

    The profile on Husky Harris talks about how he’s always wanted to wrestle and how he’s a third generation guy.

    Kofi Kingston/Michael McGuillicutty vs. Lucky Cannon/Mark Henry

    DAMN Hennig looks awesome. McGuillicutty is Hennig, as in Curt’s son in case that went over your keyboards. There’s nothing of note here but the rookies come in and it’s ok. Hennig looks great to put it mildly. We’re told about Cannon holding a world record for shoe tying which he can do in less than a second.

    Four times now I’ve looked up and every time it’s been a headlock or armbar. This time they’re letting the rookies be in there for the majority of the time. Out of NOWHERE Hennig gets a running spinning neckbreaker for the pin.

    Post match Striker talks to Cody Rhodes about the match who says Cannon wasn’t very good. They set up a match last week and then Rhodes hits Striker to end the show.

    Alex Riley b. Kaval – TKO
    Kofi Kingston/Michael McGuillicutty b. Lucky Cannon/Mark Henry – Spinning neckbreaker to Cannon


    Sean Waltman is done in TNA. They’re getting rid of a lot of the guys that don’t need to be there so that’s a good step in my eyes.

    NXT got a .9.


    Date: June 17, 2010
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, FLorida
    Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz
    Episode Title: Anderson’s Agenda

    We open with a quick recap of Slammiversary, of which there isn’t much to say.

    Bischoff says that due to Hall having some issues, the Band have been stripped of the belts and there’s a tournament to determine who gets a shot at the Guns, who still aren’t the champions.

    Tag Tournament Semi-Finals: Ink Inc. vs. The Band

    It’s Nash and Young here. Wait, why not have them drop the belts to the Guns? Oh that’s right: it’s TNA. We get Abyss vs. Anderson vs. Hardy for the #1 contender spot tonight. Nash and Young are dominating early on as I’m finally caught up with all this. Team 3D vs. Beer Money is the other semi-final.

    Neal is getting his ass kicked here. It’s a bad sign when you need to tag in a career jobber to save you. I love that elbow Young uses from the top. Moore gets the hot tag and botches a top rope rana. Nash goes old school with the straps down but Neal spears him and Ink Inc hits the Mooregasm (I hate my life) on Young to win it.

    And here’s Flair with his team and he says he has a big announcement after the break.

    Back from break and Chelsea wants to be with Abyss. Shoot me now.

    Flair says they’re reforming the Horsemen. Instead they’re called Fortune though. Oh dear. Flair compares AJ to Arn, Kaz to Windhamd and Beer Money to Ole and Tully. Wolfe is the Lex Luger of the Horsemen. So….Flair would still be leader? Flair goes off on AJ for losing to Lethal. Of course that brings out Lethal in a sweet suit. Ok, the Flair imitation is absolutely amazing, but can he just be Jay Lethal?

    I can’t tell them the difference between them if I close my eyes. They start throwing shoes at each other. THEY HAVE A WOO OFF! This is absurd but hilarious as the camera keeps jumping back and forth between them like a bad comedy movie. Wolfe cuts them off and it’s Lethal vs. Flair later.

    Lacey is getting a massage.

    Anderson is ready for the match.

    Hernandez vs. Samoa Joe

    Uh…sure. Joe has sideburns now too and they look awful on him. The familiar Joe chant starts up. I hope they mean Joe the Plumber. Hernandez hits a SWEET springboard shoulder block to take over. This is a physical match to put it mildly.

    Supermex hits something close to a Pounce to put Joe on the floor but Morgan runs in for a low blow. Joe comes back in and a T-Bone Suplex ends it. Joe sees the replay and goes after Morgan as does Hernandez. He gets away and we hear Morgan vs. Hernandez in a cage at Victory Road. Ok then.

    Wolfe and AJ talk and AJ says Wolfe’s woman is gone. If Wolfe loses tonight he’s out.

    Hardy and Anderson have a weird BFF moment.

    Williams is here and says the old X-Division is dead. He says he’s going to make things about ground and pound etc.

    Max Buck vs. Douglas Williams

    These guys are still on the payroll? This is a glorified squash as Buck gets the hell beaten out of him for the most part. He gets a little bit of offense in and looks all smiley and happy. Then he gets his head slammed into the mat with a tornado DDT to end it. Kendrick comes out and chokes Williams out to a roar.

    Jarrett vs. Sting in a stern lecture match still to come.

    We get a video about the action figures, complete with jokes about how they don’t look like the figures.

    Love is in the ring and DAMN her boobs are epic. Tonight she gets Lacey and next week it’s her vs. Velvet and THEN at Victory Road she’s getting the title back.

    Lacey Von Erich vs. Angelina Love

    Do they grow these hot girls somewhere? Lacey isn’t that horrible here, but Love is destroying her as you would expect. Love hits a powerbomb and goes to get a chair. DDT on it and Lacey is more or less dead. This worked as she already has the title match so there we are.

    Hogan talks to Lethal about being a star and how impressive he is. THIS is how you use Hogan right here.

    Hardy says it’s about tonight, not Victory Road. And here’s Mr. Anderson for the sake of interruption. Nothing of note is said here.

    Tag Tournament Semi-Finals: Team 3D vs. Beer Money

    Please…don’t split them up. They argue in the aisle to the shock of no one. I hate that stupid cruiser thing Storm rides. Winner of this gets Ink Inc. This is a pretty decent match and Ink Inc. does commentary. Bubba gets chants of being a douchebag. Ink Inc (what a damn idiotic name that is) wants Team 3D to win.

    Beer Money does their pose and the Dudleys smack them in the head because they have common sense. They hit the Doomsday Device but Bubba goes after the Ink guys. Storm spits beer into D-Von’s face and gets the rollup for the pin.

    Wolfe yells at Chelsea for no apparent reason. Maybe she burned the kippers and chips to feed the redcoats for the stereotype festival.

    Desmond Wolfe vs. Jay Lethal

    Dreamer is here. Ok then. This is mainly about Wolfe and Chelsea though but Lethal hits that throw in the air neckbreaker thing for the win. There was maybe a minute of wrestling here and the rest was Wolfe yelling at Chelsea. Post match Wolfe beats up Lethal (throwing in a HILARIOUS growl into the camera) and here’s Flair to help with the beatdown. Hogan comes out for the save.

    Hogan calls out Flair and of course it’s Flair vs. Lethal at the PPV.

    10. Angle
    9. Wolfe
    8. Pope
    7. Lethal
    6. Joe
    5. Sting
    4. AJ

    Abyss, Hardy and Anderson are some combination of the top three so there’s your main event. That’s how much notice I got for these as well: none at all. They just appeared. By the way, what has Pope actually done to deserve a spot?

    Jarrett calls out Sting. He wants to see “Steve” eye to eye. That’s the second time I’ve seen Sting’s bare face on a wrestling show. Jarrett talks about how the company is theirs and so on. Then we hear a bullshit line about honor and Sting should have taken out Jarrett. There’s a rematch next week. Sure. Another PPV match on TV.

    Why not? Some chick will not stop SCREAMING at the top of her lungs. Oh and the fight next week is for Bischoff and Hogan. That’s freaking idiotic but it’s TNA writing so there we go. Of course a guy trying to break Jarrett’s arm and 20 years of feuding isn’t enough for a match. We have to make it about Hogan and Bischoff. Sure, that makes PERFECT sense right?

    Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson

    Winner gets RVD at the PPV. If this has a clean finish I may faint. This is exactly what you would expect it to be. Hardy and Anderson beat him down but can’t pick who goes for the cover so they argue/fight and Abyss comes back. Hardy beats him down as Anderson teases turning on him but goes for Abyss instead. And there’s a triple count out. Sure, why not.

    Abyss beats the hell out of them both after the match, I guess turning heel. He beats the HELL out of both guys, giving Anderson a Black Hole Slam on glass and chokeslamming Hardy through the stage. Hogan comes out for the save and asks Abyss what the problem is. Abyss does the Hogan Point and shouts YOU to end the show. Nice ending and nice show.

    Ink Inc. b. The Band – Mooregasm/Samoan Drop combination on Young
    Samoa Joe b. Hernandez – T-Bone Suplex
    Douglas Williams b. Max Buck – Tornado DDT
    Lacey Von Erich b. Angelina Love – Love DDTed Lacey on a chair
    Beer Money b. Team 3D – Rollup on D-Von
    Jay Lethal b. Desmond Wolfe – Belly to Back Suplex into a Neckbreaker
    Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson went to a no contest – Triple Countout


    An indy wrestler named Trent Acid passed away at the age of 29. I don’t know much about him but I’ve seen some of his stuff. He’s decent.

    Date: June 18, 2010
    Location: RBC Center, Raleigh, North Carolina
    Commentators: Matt Striker, Todd Grisham

    It’s go home show time! We open with Kane’s actions last week as he beat up Rey, Swagger, the SES and Big Show. Something tells me that’ll play into the show later tonight. This angle is working very well right now and I’m excited about where it’s going to end up.

    How awesome are WWE’s theme songs at the moment? I have a new favorite every time I hear any of them.

    Show/Mysterio vs. Punk/Swagger later on. That’s logical at least. Drew vs. Teddy later also and if Long doesn’t show up he’s fired.

    Punk comes out and says he wins the title Sunday and then talks about how Straightedge is great. He’s right too. It is indeed great. Now he wants to talk about Undertaker and his vegetative state. Seriously, they can’t say dead or in a coma? He wishes he could be responsible but he isn’t. He was beaten into such a state. Wait….he was just beaten up really badly? What sense does that make?

    And there go the lights. TAKER IS IN THE RING! He has his back to us, but of course they wouldn’t fake this. Nah that’s really him. No way they would make something like THIS up. Of course that’s Taker. Yep I knew all along he would be fine. Punk pokes him a few times and then slaps him. And it’s Luke Gallows. I’M SHOCKED, yes SHOCKED I say! Imagine, a fake Undertaker.

    What’s next, Undertaker vs. Undertaker? No way. I mean, I could see Fake Kane vs. Kane. Nah that’s idiotic. Who in their right mind would sign up to be a Fake Kane? Here comes the real Kane but Swagger jumps him in the aisle leading to a 4-1 beatdown. See what continuity gives you?

    They beat the hell out of him with Swagger hitting a Vader Bomb to the middle of the ring. That looked good. He hits a THIRD and Kane is more or less done. Rey and Show come in for the save….and they beat up Kane too. Why is Striker confused by this? Ah that’s right: it makes sense. Long and logical opening segment.

    We get clips of Drew’s career and his path as the chosen one. That’s very true, and his music still kicks ass.

    MVP/Christian vs. Vance Archer/Curt Hawkins

    Oh joy. It’s MVP. Can’t you tell how excited I am about this? We see a clip of Archer and Hawkins beating up MVP from two weeks ago. I knew I liked them. Well at least this makes sense from a storyline perspective. Why is Vance Archer an American psycho again? The heels are officially signed now. So they’ve earned ANOTHER 30 day contract which I guess makes sense. The heels dominate early as you would expect them to.

    We go to a break and the same thing happened. Striker seems to have a man crush on Archer. Christian gets a BIG old pop. Archer has a tramp stamp. Never noticed that before. Killswitch doesn’t hit on Hawkins but the heels hit their finishers on Christian for the pin. That came from nowhere. Post match they beat up MVP.

    Kaval has the title belts as Laycool want to give him a makeover. Rosa wants to join Laycool but they turn her down. Damn they’re awesome at this.

    More Drew/Teddy shenanigans.

    Chavo is talking to Vickie and she doesn’t care. Dolph comes in in TINY shorts and Vickie likes it. And he’s wearing a toolbelt. Vickie wants him to hang a picture for her and of course she checks him out. Chris Masters comes in and leaves immediately in a funny moment.

    More Drew/Teddy stuff as this must be what the show is centered on. Shame no one cares about Teddy.

    JTG vs. Chavo Guerrero

    Uh…sure. Chavo is taping his wrists on the way to the ring and doesn’t have his boots laced up. Vickie made this match to get rid of Chavo if that makes any more sense. Still don’t get the appeal of JTG at all. He runs around like an idiot and shots random things. He uses an X Factor out of the corner and it’s called a Mug Shot. WOW.

    So I guess they’re not even bothering trying to hide that he’s a stereotype. He hits that spinning clothesline thing for the pin. Ah it’s called the Shout Out. That helps. Kids get to dance with him.

    Drew vs. Kofi on Sunday, and Kofi says it’s going to be a fight, which is fine with him. The Long match isn’t fine from him.

    We see Kofi having to give Drew the title.

    MORE Drew/Teddy stuff which is evolving into Drew/Kofi.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Teddy Long

    Well we know Kofi is coming here. If not, you’re a moron. And there’s no Teddy. Ah here he is, sans glasses and in a suit. Drew has private security to stop Matt and Kofi. Teddy gets checked for foreign objects. Wouldn’t Drew be considered a foreign object? Drew wants Teddy to get on his knees. I wonder if Vince taught him to say that line. Drew wants Teddy to declare himself the chosen one. Ok then.

    Drew gets him to lay down on his back and calls him pathetic as I’m getting flashbacks to Vince and Trish. The bell rings as that was all pre match stuff apparently. Drew puts his foot on the chest for the pin and Teddy looks like he’s crying. Post “match”, Drew won’t let Teddy leave.

    Drew sets for the Futureshock and here’s Kofi. He gets stopped by security and Drew beats the hell out of him. You know you might have gotten through better without your music playing. Matt Hardy sprints through the crowd and gets a few shots in but is taken away. Matt takes the DDT and so does Kofi. Drew stands tall.

    Layla vs. Kelly Kelly

    DAMN Michelle looks great. Kelly isn’t looking bad herself. Somehow Layla is the worst looking chick out there. Tiffany is with Kelly. So are we just supposed to forget about the whole ECW GM thing from her? Oh who cares? She looks great and that’s all that matters I guess. The girls on the floor do some stupid stuff and Kelly hits a Fameasser for the pin.

    Jack Swagger says he remembers a track meet when he was four years old and he won four gold medals. He just wins…which is why he’s always losing. He dedicates his win to his father on Father’s Day.

    We see Ziggler choking out Christian from a few weeks ago.

    Here’s Vickie, so I’m betting Ziggler is next.

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Masters

    Ziggler’s song is freaking CATCHY. Hmm I wonder who wins here. There’s nothing of note here as Drew gets the sleeper, the sleeper is broken, the Masterlock goes on, the Masterlock is broken, and then the sleeper ends it.

    We recap the NXT rookies stuff on Raw.

    We run down the PPV.

    We recap the Kane beatdown earlier tonight.

    Rey Mysterio/Big Show vs. CM Punk/Jack Swagger

    Mystero and Swagger start us off. I love that mask. Show of course will be staying out until the end as there’s no point to having him getting beaten down since it makes no sense. Rey goes for the mask but once they get on the floor Gallows half kills him as we go to a break. And of course Punk has him in a chinlock when we get back. I love that powerslam Punk does.

    Of course Striker has a name for it as it’s dubbed the Mad Dog powerslam. I know that he means Mad Dog Vachon, but do we need to name it? Can’t it just be a scoop powerslam? Vader Bomb by Swagger to Rey for two. They work on Rey’s back so now let’s work on his arm. Show gets the hot tag and commences destruction. Swagger uses the DDT counter that everyone uses on the chokeslam.

    Oh but his athleticism is unparalleled. Swagger goes for the Gutwrench Powerbomb but Rey counters and lands on Swagger and of course pins him because he’s world champion. And here’s Kane. They all get beaten up as I’m loving Smackdown lately. Kane says one of them is guilty and will be in hell on Sunday. Ok then.

    Vance Archer/Curt Hawkins b. MVP/Christian – Elbow from the top rope to Christian
    JTG b. Chavo Guerrero – Shout Out
    Drew McIntyre b. Teddy Long – Foot on the chest
    Dolph Ziggler b. Chris Masters - Sleeper
    Rey Mysterio/Big Show b. Jack Swagger/CM Punk – Reversed Gutwrench Powerbomb into pin
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