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    Impact got a 1.2.

    Date: January 27, 2012
    Location: Tucson Arena, Tucson, Arizona
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

    It's the final show before the Rumble so we have to have some build for it tonight right? This year it seems that they're focusing more on the regular matches and letting the Rumble build itself. That's an unconventional idea but it's not the worst in the world. The Rumble will draw on the fact that it's the Rumble so why not let everything else get built up too? Let's get to it.

    We open with a recap of AJ getting run over two weeks ago.

    Here's Big Show for the first time since that incident happened. He says he's sorry for what happened and has already apologized to AJ in person which she accepted. Now he's asking the fans to do the same. He can't forgive himself for what happened though. Even when he was a kid he didn't know his own strength and would hurt other kids when they were playing. He thought that being in WWE would change that and he wouldn't hurt someone like that again.

    Show loves it here but he's not sure if he can continue his career after hurting AJ. After Sunday, he's going to have to do some soul searching. He's cut off by Daniel Bryan who doesn't have the title for some reason. Bryan yells at Big Show and says that AJ doesn't remember Show visiting due to the medication. Bryan remembers though.

    He remembers watching as a kid and thinking it was a place for athletes, not genetic freaks. And before Show mentions Andre, just save it because he's no Andre the Giant. Bryan goes off on him, yelling about how Show is a monster and there's no way he's going to retire or anything like that. Bryan slaps him and Show snaps, choking him into the corner and tossing Bryan across the ring. Here's Henry to remind us that it's a triple threat match on Sunday. He doesn't care about Show's feelings or Bryan's Napoleon Complex. As for Bryan, he's going to tear his skin off on general principle for what Bryan did last week.

    Teddy stops the skin removal and makes a second main event (first is Barrett vs. Orton) in the form of Henry vs. Big Show. That's a good choice actually as it means that every combination of the three have fought over the last three weeks, which is what Teddy said when he made it.

    Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel

    Non-title match. A quick inset interview from Cody says he's doing this so Gabriel can tell his grandkids that he lost to the man that headlined Wrestlemania. A quick spin kick gets two for Gabriel. A quick Alabama Slam gets two for the champ. Booker wants to know why this isn't for the title. Gabriel gets in a few kicks and a flying forearm. Out to the floor and Justin hits a dive. Back in and a springboard cross body is rolled through for two. A top rope Lionsault misses though, setting up the Beautiful Disaster and Cross Rhodes for the pin at 2:10.

    Santino is in the back with Teddy and has a new match idea. It's a loser leaves town match, but the loser has to join a group of monkeys and get in a spaceship and fly away from Earth. Yoshi Tatsu pops up and says that's out of this world. They talk about a tag team but can't decide if it's called Yoshitino or Santoshi. Drew comes in and begs for one more chance. He talks about how Babe Ruth struck out five times in a game once. This is just a slump. Teddy says go break your slump against Sheamus.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus

    Big reaction for Sheamus. They pound away on each other to start until Sheamus hits that rolling fireman's carry that Anderson and Finlay used. Drew comes back with a northern lights suplex for two. He works on the arm and a snap suplex gets two. A kick to the back just ticks Sheamus off. He pounds Drew down in the corner and hits his running axe handle shots. Brogue Kick finishes Drew off at 2:48. Sheamus needs a real feud (as in not against Mahal) for after the Rumble. These squashes are only going to take him so far.

    Rumble by the Numbers.

    Yoshi Tatsu/Santino Marella vs. Epico/Primo

    It's better than nothing to get Yoshi on TV I guess. Santino and Primo start things off and of course it's a comedy match. Off to Yoshi who works on the arm. Cole goes on a big rant about the language issues in this match as Epico comes in and takes over on Yoshi. Backslide gets two for Yoshi and it's off to Santino again. He takes over with his usual stuff and everything breaks down. Cobra takes out Primo but the Backstabber takes down Santino so Epico can pin him at 2:16. These matches have been short tonight but they're long enough that you get something out of them. That's a very good way to run a TV show.

    Bryan gets in Henry's ear and says that Teddy obviously wants Show to be champion. Henry should hurt Big Show tonight. He seems intrigued by the idea.

    Here's Wade for his match with Orton. He talks about how there's a lot of pageantry to show tonight because Orton is returning. Barrett has heard that Orton isn't healthy yet. Oh his back might be ok but he's a broken man. We get a clip from last month where Orton was injured. Orton's music hits and we get a full walk from the back from him.

    Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

    They start in the aisle and the referee just lets them go. I never heard a bell. A bunch of referees come out to stop Randy and Barrett tries to leave. Teddy comes out and sends the NXT guys to pull Randy off him. Barrett uses the chance to kick him in the face. Back in the ring Orton spears Barrett and everyone is trying to pull him off. Barrett finally gets away. No match obviously. Orton RKOs the NXT guys, including the Usos, Barretta, Reks and Hawkins.

    Rumble moment is Eddie Guerrero putting on a mask, calling himself Rey Mysterio and winning the Rumble.

    Bryan talks to Kaitlyn because she's AJ's best friend. He wants Kaitlyn to warn Show about Henry trying to injure him later. Kaitlyn thinks that sounds like a favor for Bryan, not AJ. Bryan says it's the same thing so she gives in. She does want to know how Bryan feels about AJ, which he won't directly answer.

    Hunico vs. Ted DiBiase

    DiBiase has an injured wrist/hand. Cole wants DiBiase to release his income tax statements. Oh geez not more political stuff. Hunico goes after the wrist of course and hooks an armbar. DiBiase comes back and tries Dream Street but the wrist gives out. Huico hits a variation of an Angle Slam for the pin at 1:30. Instead of the usual Slam position, it was more compact and Hunico had DiBiase's head hooked. It looked like an Angle Slam combined with a Samoan Drop if that makes sense.

    Hunico and Camacho beat on the wrist more post match and stomp it on the steps.

    Aksana and Teddy are in the back when Natalya comes in and demands a rematch with Tamina. Nattie says she can beat the wackjob known as Tamina and Aksana too. Teddy makes Aksana vs. Natalya. Bad comedy ensues.

    Alex Riley vs. Brodus Clay

    Even Riley dances during the entrance. They dance a bit to start and Brodus suplexes him, splashes him in the corner and What The Funk ends this at 36 seconds. I still love this guy.

    Kaitlyn talks to Show in the back but we can't hear it.

    We get a LONG clip from Monday with the Cena/Ryder/Kane thing.

    Aksana vs. Natalya

    Aksana comes out to the porn music. Natalya turns around, yells for Tamina, and Aksana rolls her up for the pin in 5 seconds. Yes, clearly this deserves TV time instead of ANYTHING ELSE. Natalya puts her in the Sharpshooter but Tamina runs in, beats up Natalya and hits the Superfly Splash.

    Big Show vs. Mark Henry

    Bryan comes out to watch. They to the floor almost immediately but Show throws him back in. There's a headbutt by Show and he chops Henry in the corner. Henry comes back with right hands....and falls flat on his face. From what I've heard, this was a legit knee/leg injury. They immediately go to a commercial and when we come back, Big Show is being announced as the winner. Apparently Show knocked Henry to the floor and won by countout. We only saw about a minute of the match.

    Bryan comes in with a chair and that doesn't go well for him. Show goes after him and Bryan gets the chair back which puts Show down. He even gets the LeBell Lock. Show tosses Bryan off and chokeslams him. He loads up the knockout punch but Bryan runs.

    Cody Rhodes b. Justin Gabriel – Cross Rhodes
    Sheamus b. Drew McIntyre – Brogue Kick
    Epico/Primo b. Yoshi Tatsu/Santino Marella – Backstabber to Epico
    Hunico b. Ted DiBiase – Spinning Samoan Drop
    Brodus Clay b. Alex Riley – What The Funk
    Aksana b. Natalya – Rollup
    Big Show b. Mark Henry via countout


    Nothing so far with WWE prepping for the Rumble.


    Royal Rumble 2012
    Date: January 29, 2012
    Location: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Booker T

    The Road to Wrestlemania begins tonight, even with the Elimination Chamber being in a month and messing things up all over again. The even money is on either Jericho, Orton or Sheamus as the dark horse. This probably marks the only time that he's ever been considered dark in his life but it's a special occasion. Oh and there are two world title matches tonight too if you care about that sort of thing. Let's get to it.

    Now we've been promised a great main event here tonight. They wouldn't lie to us. Not a wrestling company.

    The opening video is your usual one for something like this: everyone saying they want to go to the Rumble.

    Smackdown World Title: Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

    It says a lot when the Smackdown main event is opening the show. It's been like 2 years since they've gotten a main event. Anyway, Bryan is the champion in case the zombie apocalypse has occurred and you have no access to finding out who champion was and you've somehow found my flash drive. Henry legit injured his knee on Smackdown so it should be interesting to see if he does much tonight.

    Pin, submission or escape to win. After some big match intros we're ready to go. Bryan goes for a quick escape but the monsters pull him down. Show takes Henry down with a quick shoulder block and then splashes him against the cage. He does it again but I guess he's not Bobby Lashley as the cage doesn't break, even on the third attempt. Bryan tries to escape but Show makes the save.

    Show takes over and throws Bryan into the cage. The big punch hits the cage and Bryan goes after....the leg. That works about as it does every time you go after a giant's leg and Show rams him into various things. Bryan kicks him in the knee to take him down and then goes after Bryan. Danny calls for the door to be open but Henry goes for the save. Show kicks Henry in the face to take over again.

    Bryan gets thrown into the cage a bunch of times and a hard slam puts him down. Henry comes back as we're into the regular formula of one guy stays down while the others fight. Mark misses a charge into the cage and Show spears him which Bryan gets two off of. Bryan escapes a chokeslam and tries a LeBell Lock on Show but Henry makes the save. Henry loads up the Slam on Bryan but Show knocks him out with the punch for two as Bryan saves. Bryan goes to escape but Show grabs onto him. After holding on for awhile, Bryan falls down and escapes for the win at 9:13.

    Bryan does his overblown celebration post match.

    Elimination Chamber promo with Amazing Grace playing over Sheamus talking.

    Cena video on his mainstream media appearances and international appeal. Basically filler.

    Bella Twins/Natalya/Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres/Tamina/Alicia Fox/Kelly Kelly

    Title defenses? What are those? I didn't know Beth was alive anymore. Tamina and Natalya start us off and thankfully it lasts longer than their match this past Friday. Off to Eve who I thought turned heel. Eve does her usual stupid dancing offense and it's off to Beth. Off to a Bella who gets two and hooks a chinlock. Booker actually asks why Lawler likes the Bellas. Alicia comes in and beats on whichever Bella that is. Does it really even matter? Off to Eve and everyone goes outside where Kelly hits a big dive. Beth slaps her way in and the Glam Slam kills Kelly dead at 5:23.

    Video on Ryder being injured.

    Ryder is here in a back brace and says he's here to watch Cena beat Kane up. He runs into Johnny Ace who has a personal room ready for Zack. Eve comes up to run her mouth on Ace and calls him vindictive, pompous and a word I couldn't understand. Eve wheels him into the dressing room.

    John Cena vs. Kane

    Mostly booing for Cena here. Cena goes straight for Kane but is taken down quickly. The dueling chants begin and Cena fires off punches, knocking Kane to the floor. They brawl outside and Kane goes knee first into the steps. AA doesn't work as Cena falls forward. Off to the chinlock and the match slows way down. Cena fights up and we get the boo/yay punch sequence. Uppercut by Kane gets two as does a suplex and it's back to the chinlock.

    Cena fights up and makes a comeback but Kane punches him right back down. A corner splash hits Cena but the second is countered by a drop toehold into the middle buckle. The idea is that Cena can't really hurt Kane, as in the story to almost all of Kane's matches. Cena counters the smother into a Crossface. Kane escapes and a side slam gets two for the masked man. The top rope clothesline puts Cena down and here comes the chokeslam. Cena ducks it and tries his shoulder blocks but Kane pops up. ProtoBomb looks to set up the Shuffle but Kane pops up and kicks him back down.

    They go to the corner and Cena knocks him off. Cena hits a top rope Five Knuckle Shuffle and tries the AA but Kane escapes. Cena goes for the knee and tries the STF but gets kicked to the floor. Kane rams him into the apron and they fight up the ramp for the double countout. I forgot to time it but it ran roughly 15 minutes.

    Cena rams something that looked like equipment into Kane and they go into the backstage area. Kane is sent into trashcans which doesn't really stop him. The Big Fried Freak grabs a chair and pops Cena with it about four times. Wouldn't you know it we're right next to Ryder's dressing room? Kane goes in and smothers Ryder into presumably death.

    Kane comes back out with Ryder in the wheelchair. He wheels Ryder into the ring and here's Eve to try to make the save. This goes about as well as you would think and Ryder gets tombstoned. Cena finally comes back to fight Kane but walks into a chokeslam. Kane leaves and Ryder gets taken out on a stretcher.

    Don't Be A Bully.

    Same kind of video on Rock from earlier. He talks about his movie and this is just eating up time.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Brodus Clay

    Remember what I said about filler? Brodus dances and jiggles as Drew hits him. A headbutt to the chest puts Drew down and there's the suplex. I know because Brodus said suplex right before he hit it. Splash in the corner and What The Funk ends this in 1:15.

    We recap Punk vs. Ziggler. Punk has been screwed by Johnny Ace multiple times now and keeps calling him a failure and all those things. Ace has finally said that he's going to screw Punk as he's the guest referee. He's being evaluated tomorrow night so the question is will he screw Punk because he's got nothing to lose or will he play it fair?

    Raw World Title: CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Johnny Ace is referee. Actually scratch that as he says he'll be outside referee and there will be a regular one in the ring. We get big match intros as we should. Punk gets a nice reaction. Before the bell, Ace comes in and throws Vickie out. My goodness they're actually following continuity! Punk won a match a few weeks ago that ensured Vickie wouldn't be out here if you remember that.

    Ziggler goes for a quick Fameasser and Punk goes for a quick GTS which both miss. Ace is texting already. They start with a nice sequence of counters and avoiding moves. This is going to be a chess match. Sunset flip gets two for the champ and he tries the Vice but Ziggy gets to the ropes. Punk takes it to the mat quickly and we go outside. Punk gets in a few shots and goes up top back in but Ziggler knocks him off for two. The champ is holding his neck.

    Neckbreaker puts Punk down and Ziggler drops about ten elbows, finishing with a jumping elbow for a one count. Off to a chinlock for a few moments. Punk fights up and they slug it out. Ziggler grabs a sleeper which Punk reverses into an Anaconda attempt. Back to the sleeper but it's not all the way on. Ziggler rolls off and a dropkick gets two. He tries a running Fameasser but gets caught in a helicopter bomb for two.

    Punk fires off strikes and a swinging neckbreaker to put Dolph down. There are the knee and bulldog and Punk has the fire in his eyes. GTS is countered into a catapult but Punk lands on the middle rope. Ziggler rolls through a cross body for two with tights. Punk gets a running boot for a delayed two. This has been FAR better than any other match tonight. Punk slams him to set up the elbow but stops because it's near Ace. He goes up anyway and the elbow gets two. It also draws a Randy Savage chant and a smile from me.

    Another GTS attempt is countered by Ziggler and Punk is shoved into the referee. Ace tries to wake him up and Punk gets the Vice. Ziggler taps but there's no referee because Ace is trying to revive him. Punk lets it go and yells at Ace. Ziggler rolls him up but Punk reverses into a rollup of his own. It would get three but there's still no referee. John rolls the referee back in and keeps checking on him.

    Punk finally shoves Ace and yells at him. Ziggler tries to jump him but gets caught in the GTS. Ace gets knocked down by Dolph's feet and thinks Punk intentionally hit him. There's STILL no referee to count the pin, but he's on his knees now. Ace won't count so Punk says the next GTS is for him. Punk loads up another GTS on Ziggler but Dolph counters into a Fameasser in a SWEET counter but it only gets two.

    Ziggler is back into it now and he pounds away at Punk like there's no tomorrow. The regular referee is back up now. Here comes the Zig Zag but Punk catches it into a slingshot. GTS hits but Ace comes in and....counts the pin along with the regular referee so that Punk wins at 14:42.

    Ace hands the referee the belt so Punk can take it. He applauds Punk as well.

    Ad for WWE on Youtube which will have 9 original shows apparently. It debuts Wednesday.

    Rumble by the Numbers promo.

    Royal Rumble

    Miz is #1 and he has the AWESOME white balloons to go through. Elimination Chamber is in three weeks. My goodness. Alex Riley is second in a nice twist. Miz takes him down in the corner and Booker is talking about royal jelly. Riley throws him to the apron but Miz lands on the apron. Riley charges like an idiot and is out before #3 comes in. Third is R-Truth and I'm so glad they're not calling this random anymore. It would just be laughable.

    Truth puts him on the apron as well but Miz gets back in. The Finale is escapes but the Little Jimmy is avoided. Truth tries....something that I think was suppsed to be a forward suplex but turned into a powerslam. Miz is thrown to the apron and Cody is #4. Cody hits a quick Beautiful Disaster and then teams up with Miz to work on Truth. Cody takes awhile working on Truth and is thrown to the apron but he hangs on.

    Miz takes Truth down with a neckbreaker and Cody gets back in. #5 is Justin Gabriel and he goes up top to take the heels out with a cross body. Flying shoulder takers Miz down and a Blue Thunder Bomb does the same to Cody. The clock seems to be going very quickly. Miz is put down again by a spinwheel kick but Cody gets in a shot to slow Gabriel down. The feuds pair off with Justin and Cody trading chops.

    Primo is #6 and unfortunately there's no Rosa. He actually cleans house with clotheslines and martial arts. He takes all four guys down and never gets hit at all. A NICE headscissors puts Justin down and Cody misses Beautiful Disaster to Truth. The spinning forearm takes Cody down but Miz throws Truth out. Truth pulls Miz out and hits a Little Jimmy on the floor, but Miz went under the ropes so he's not eliminated.

    In at #7 is MICK FOLEY! He, ahem, “runs” to the ring and takes Primo down quickly. Officially there are 5 people in at the moment but Miz is on the floor. Primo charges and gets backdropped out and is eliminated by Mick. Cody jumps Foley as Justin takes a breather. There's a Bang Bang knee in the corner. Double Arm DDT takes Cody down and Justin helps with the elimination attempt.

    Alberto Del.....and never mind it's Ricardo at #8. In a hilarious bit, he comes out in a rusted out 80s car with a Hefty bag covering a busted out window. He's in the scarf and tights also. This is GREAT. Justin and Foley are stunned. There's a Ricardo chant. He runs around for awhile and actually puts Justin out as Foley stands there. Santino is #9 as we're in the comedy portion of the Rumble. Cody is still down in the corner and Miz is on the mat.

    Ricardo comes right at Santino but runs from the Cobra being teased. Santino beats up Ricardo for a bit, gives him a wedgie, and tosses him. Foley and Santino are the only ones left and I kid you not: it's Socko vs. the Cobra. They circle each other with their hand puppets on and this is hilarious. Epico is in at #10. Cobra, Socko, bye bye. The Cobra and Sock collide and it's hilarious still.

    Miz gets back in to fight Foley as Cody tosses Santino. Socko to Miz but Cody comes from behind to toss him. Miz and Cody are the only ones in now but Kofi comes in at #11 to keep them from fighting. Kofi does the running dive through the ropes into a clothesline to take Cody down. He speeds things way up and hits a springboard double clothesline and a double Boom Drop. Miz is thrown to the apron but Cody makes the save.

    A dropkick from Cody puts Kofi down and the clock is already ticking again. In at #12 is....JERRY LAWLER!!! That was a nice surprise and he ducks a right hand from Miz. Both heels go down from right hands and dropkicks. A slam puts Miz down and Lawler drops the strap and hits the middle rope punch, but Cody puts him out with little effort. Still though that was a cool surprise.

    It's Kofi, Cody, Miz and now Big Zeke Jackson with new tights at #13. King is back on commentary and at least he lasted longer than he did in 1997 I believe. Zeke pounds on everyone but doesn't try to eliminate anyone until Jinder Mahal comes in to bore us #14. Cole tries to make us care by talking about the color of his head wrap which isn't a turban apparently. He takes forever to get in so Zeke beats on everyone for awhile. The fans chant USA, so I guess they don't like Zeke and Kofi and are supporting Cody and Miz?

    We hit the halfway point as Great Khali is #15. Jinder is a little nervous. I forgot he existed so I guess the Hall of Pain was effective. Khali chops everyone and Jinder is easily tossed after trying to fight back. Jackson goes after Khali but takes a chop of his own. A clothesline puts Jackson out. It's Miz, Rhodes, Kingston and Khali in at the moment and we've had 11 eliminations and 15 entrants.

    Cody is dropped onto the apron by Kofi. Here's #16 in the form of Hunico on a tricked out lowrider bike. Camacho is with him but leaves. A nice spinning springboard cross body takes Kofi down and things speed up. He hits his modified Angle Slam on Cody but is quickly chopped down. We're about 24 minutes in and already at #17, which is BOOKER T! Sorry but you have to shout when any old person is in these things. Internet policy don't you know.

    Booker hammers on everyone but Khali stares him down. Booker goes at him and is chopped down quickly. The ring is at its fullest so far I believe with six guys in it. Khali chops Rhodes in the corner and Miz throws Kofi to the apron. He skins the cat but Miz kicks him down. Kofi lands in a handstand and WALKS BACKWARDS ON HIS HANDS TO GET TO THE STEPS! That was INCREDIBLE!!!

    Dolph Ziggler is in at #18 and goes after the guy that has easily just trumped the wall climb by Morrison. Not much happens until Jim Duggan is #19, getting one of the best reactions of the night. There are seven or eight in there at the moment: Duggan, Khali, Hunico, Rhodes, Miz, Kingston, Booker and Ziggler. So it's 8 and we've had 19 entrants and 11 eliminations. Duggan gets in some shots but Rhodes puts him out with a clothesline to the back.

    Khali, Ziggler and Cody team up to put out Booker but Khali goes out instead. #20 is....Michael Cole. There's your gimmick for the Rumble. And he has the wrestling gear on. How does the screening process for these entrants go? We keep the camera on him for far too long as we now have Cole, Miz, Kofi, Cody, Hunico and Ziggler in now. Cody tries to put Ziggler out as Cole dances around. If JR is in this thing I'll need a stiff drink. #21 is.....Kharma! Wow she's back early but they've been playing up the whole only two women ever thing.

    She goes right after Cole and runs him over so hard the headgear comes off. Cole jumps over the top rope to the apron as Booker and Lawler jump up to eliminate him. Ziggler goes after Kharma who plants her with the Implant Buster. She throws Hunico WAY up and out. Ziggler dumps her but that was awesome. Ok so we now have Ziggler, Cody, Miz and Kofi in there. Good to see the young guys getting their chance.

    #22 is Sheamus and the place goes nuts. He's in red now. House is cleaned with everyone but Kofi getting hit. Powerslam to Ziggler and one for Miz as well. He goes after Kofi as well as Cole gives us stats on the announcers. Sheamus dumps Kofi to get us down to three in the ring at the moment. There are the ten forearms to Cody and ten for Miz as well. #23 is the Road Dogg to very little reaction.

    He hammers on everyone in sight and hits the three punches and dance. There's the Shake Rattling Kneedrop which has a name that I don't remember. Pumphandle slam takes Miz down and the fans chant You Still Got It. Jey Uso is #24 but Jimmy is in street clothes so it'll just be one. He superkicks Miz as Vickie screams. The Umaga running hip shot hits Roadie and Ziggler is draped on the ropes. It's Miz, Sheamus, Jey Uso, Road Dogg, Ziggler and Cody at the moment. We've had 18 eliminated and 24 entrants so far.

    #25 is Jack Swagger. He and Ziggler hook up and it's Barrett at #26 with new music. Barrett dumps Road Dogg and gets in a fight with Sheamus. #27, the lucky number, is David Otunga. Well so much for it being lucky this year. He takes forever to get to the ring as we have I think 8 people in there right now. Otunga legitimately won a case in court earlier this week so at least he has something to fall back on.

    The ring is pretty full here as we wait on Orton to clear them out. There's him, Jericho and one other spot that I can't think of to go. There are eight in at the moment but I'll wait until #30 gets in to recap them. #28 is Orton and the place goes banana. Orton runs people over and hits a Thesz Press on Barrett. He cleans house but Rhodes jumps him. Orton puts him in Elevated DDT position but has to fight Ziggler off. We get a double DDT instead. Ok then.

    Orton tosses Uso then RKOs Barrett to toss him out. #29 is Chris Jericho so who's #30. This could be very interesting. Jericho goes after everyone and tosses Otunga. We have Swagger, Sheamus, Jericho, Ziggler, Orton, Rhodes and Miz. Here's #30 and it's......Big Show. Well that's kind of a letdown but it's a good place for a giant. Sheamus throws Swagger out as Show gets in.

    The final group: Orton, Sheamus, Jericho, Miz, Cody, Ziggler and Big Show. He puts out Miz and Cody on his own to get us down to five. There goes Ziggler to get us down to the final four. There's plenty of time left as it's only 10:37 and the show has been going on a little over 45 minutes. Everyone takes a corner and they all go after Big Show. He throws them off with ease but an RKO puts him down. Orton tosses Show by himself and Jericho tosses Orton.

    It's Sheamus vs. Jericho and they circle each other before going at it. This is kind of a surprising final pairing even though they were some of the early favorites. Jericho is in long tights too. Booker thinks Sheamus winning the Rumble would do something for his career. You can't buy analysis like this people. Missile dropkick puts Sheamus down. Irish Curse looks to set up the Celtic Cross but Jericho escapes and puts Sheamus on the apron. Jericho kicks him down but Sheamus hooks the rope with his leg. He hits the slingshot to get back in and we keep going.

    Sheamus puts Jericho into the apron but the Brogue Kick misses. Jericho gets back in and hooks the Walls of Jericho which Lawler questions the use of but it wore Sheamus down I guess. Jericho sets for a clothesline but Sheamus backdrops him to the apron. Chris hangs on and they go to the corner. Jericho has still gone over the top remember. Sheamus is knocked off and crotched so they're both on the apron after having gone over the top. And they're both back in so we continue. This final part has been good so far.

    Codebreaker takes Sheamus down and Jericho tries to choke Sheamus over the top. For some reason he slaps Sheamus which is just freaking stupid. Jericho tries to fight back but the Codebreaker is countered and Sheamus sits him on the ropes. Jericho hangs on but Sheamus Brogue Kicks him down and wins the Rumble at 54:48.

    Daniel Bryan b. Mark Henry and Big Show – Bryan escaped the cage
    Beth Phoenix/Bella Twins/Natalya b. Kelly Kelly/Alicia Fox/Tamina/Eve Torres – Glam Slam to Kelly
    John Cena vs. Kane went to a double countout
    Brodus Clay b. Drew McIntyre – What The Funk
    CM Punk b. Dolph Ziggler – GTS
    Sheamus won the Royal Rumble last eliminating Chris Jericho

    Quick Results

    Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger b. CM Punk/John Cena – Rollup to Punk with a handful of tights
    Kane vs. Zack Ryder went to a no contest when Kane chokeslammed Ryder through the stage
    Sheamus b. Jinder Mahal – Brogue Kick
    Brodus Clay b. Heath Slater – What The Funk
    R-Truth b. The Miz – Little Jimmy

    Usos b. Tyler Reks/Curt Hawkins – Superkick to Hawkins
    Heath Slater b. Trent Barretta – Jumping Sleeper Drop
    Titus O'Neil b. Percy Watson – Clash of the Titus

    Impact Wrestling
    Tara b. Mickie James and Velvet Sky – Pinned James after a spinning side slam to Sky
    Alex Shelley b. Zema Ion – Sliced Bread #2
    ODB/Eric Young b. Angelina Love/Winter – TKO to Love
    Matt Morgan b. Samoa Joe – Discus Clothesline
    Jeff Hardy/James Storm b. Robert Roode/Bully Ray – Storm put Roode through a tabl

    Cody Rhodes b. Justin Gabriel – Cross Rhodes
    Sheamus b. Drew McIntyre – Brogue Kick
    Epico/Primo b. Yoshi Tatsu/Santino Marella – Backstabber to Epico
    Hunico b. Ted DiBiase – Spinning Samoan Drop
    Brodus Clay b. Alex Riley – What The Funk
    Aksana b. Natalya – Rollup
    Big Show b. Mark Henry via countout

    Royal Rumble 2012
    Daniel Bryan b. Mark Henry and Big Show – Bryan escaped the cage
    Beth Phoenix/Bella Twins/Natalya b. Kelly Kelly/Alicia Fox/Tamina/Eve Torres – Glam Slam to Kelly
    John Cena vs. Kane went to a double countout
    Brodus Clay b. Drew McIntyre – What The Funk
    CM Punk b. Dolph Ziggler – GTS
    Sheamus won the Royal Rumble last eliminating Chris Jericho

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