They Seem To Be Working AJ Styles For A Face Turn

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    The John Cena vs. AJ Styles program deserves the praise it's been getting. Great matches, great promos and it does bring out the best of both performers in all aspects. Even the writers seem to be having a blast with this story. Some 5 years ago, I've always thought this feud would happen in different circumstances, like WCW's invasion with of course TNA. Both leading men of their respective brands and both highly respected for it (if I'm not mistaken, they've traded jabs in the past too).

    Currently, however, the story surrounds John Cena and AJ Styles place in the WWE – John Cena not being able to hang with the new indy generation and AJ Styles getting disrespected and disregarded as a flavor of the month (which does not seem to be the case). It's a different perspective to see the original "Face That Runs The Place" and it's against one of the best performers in the world right now. Really cool.

    But onto the title of the thread, I think this feud can only end with AJ Styles getting the respect he deserves and thus a face turn (win or lose at the Royal Rumble). It's not an heel that doesn't deserve it despite of his booking, it's an heel that has been going strong since his debut with really cool programs being highlighted, such as Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns and even Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and James Ellsworth getting something out of it. It's the respect of being a leading man on SmackDown Live! and being entertaining for the WWE fans.

    It all seemed to start with James Ellsworth getting his due for turning on Dean Ambrose at TLC. He got to have a fair and square match and beat the tar out of an annoying cockroach that turned and costed a beloved babyface the WWE Championship. Later, he had some confrontations with The Miz (the one true heel on SmackDown) that resulted in a really cool match and a good prospect of feud down the line. He also had that three way with Corbin and Ziggler, with a good back and forth with the "Lone Wolf".

    Dolph Ziggler turned heel. Baron Corbin is building his cred. The Miz is on his A-Game, Bray Wyatt is getting more of a spotlight and a possible WWE Championship if rumors happen to be true. Those three seem to be able to handle the villain part and if Samoa Joe debuts at the Rumble, you can add him too. The babyface side however has John Cena who for all intents and purposes is doing more and more work elsewhere, Dean Ambrose carrying the load and right after that you can add Kane (who isn't around), maybe Randy Orton even though he's on a weird grey area, and Kalisto/Apollo Crews. That only seems to be pointing for an AJ babyface turn.

    He gets to challenge new competitors such as The Miz, Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe which in turn freshens him up for at least a year. It's an annoyance that we don't have the Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles feud though as I feel this two could make people lose their shit too. Specially if they let Orton lose on his viciousness.

    That's it. I'm calling for an AJ Styles babyface turn somewhere before WrestleMania 33 or at the very latest, the first SmackDown after that. He'll eventually #SaveUpJohnCena. It would be pretty rad to see a Bray/Orton vs. Cena/Styles tag match. What do you guys think?
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    The timing isn't right. You would think logically that he can't turn heel until post-Elimination Chamber and that would only be 6 weeks out from WrestleMania. You don't want to rush a face turn and program leading up to the biggest show of the year. It will happen eventually, most likely sometime soon after Mania, but who knows if he'll even be on Smackdown at that point. If Vince is as high on him as some reports suggest, he's RAW bound for sure.

    Smackdown IS very heel heavy though right now, especially at the top and Smackdown could certainly benefit from it. Unless I'm forgetting someone, Apollo Crews is their 3rd biggest male babyface and that's just... yikes. Very very yikes. With the probable call-up of Samoa Joe, that'll unbalance the scales even more...


    You have Orton, who's face turn is imminent, it may even happen this Sunday. It looks like you're gonna have Shane who you can maybe kinda sorta make a case for him being a roster member for the next few months. You're gonna have Cena for I would think EVERY week until at least WrestleMania and having him be a constant presence I think is gonna make a big difference. And then of course you have Ambrose.

    That's four top babyfaces, three of which seem to match up with a top heel for WrestleMania. The mid-card would still be uneven but overall a lot better.
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    I wouldn't worry so much about the face turn but I would do this....

    Cena defeats Styles at Rumble, Styles wins Rumble
    Styles defeats Reigns at Mania for the Universal Title and returns to Raw
    Brand trade after Mania (Ambrose, B. Lynch, & American Alpha) to Raw (New Day, Sami Zayn, S. Banks, & Cesaro) to Smackdown

    Post Mania storylines for each brand
    The Club vs. The Shield (multiple matches available)
    A heel faction formed by HHH - (Owens, Sheamus, Rusev, & Stroman)
    Enzo & Cass feud with Anderson/Gallows over Tag Titles

    Samoa Joe wins WWE Title at Mania from Cena
    Orton vs. Wyatt feud most of the Summer
    New Group of high level faces (Zayn, New Day, & Cesaro) replace Ambrose & Styles at the top of the card.

    So my Mania Card based on pre-set matches would be...

    Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles (Universal Title)
    John Cena vs. Samoa Joe (WWE Title)
    Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar
    Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens (US Title)
    Undertaker vs. Braun Stroman
    Ladder Match I-C Title (Ambrose vs. Miz vs. Ziggler vs. Corbin vs. Kalisto vs. L Harper)
    Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton
    2 - Fatal 4 ways for Women's Titles
    Andre Battle Royal
    The Club vs. Enzo/Cass (Raw Tag Titles)
    American Alpha vs. Dash/Dawson (Smackdown Tag Titles)
    Neville vs. Swann (Cruiserweight Title)
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    Whatever they do with Styles, just don't throw him into midcard or meanengles feuds, if he losing this sunday, give him a program with Orton, that will end at Mania with Styles winning it, ex indy guys is not the way right now for AJ, he need to prove to WWE fans that he belongs in main event, because once he lose the title, Universe will doubt him for sure.
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    Its a good question and tough to answer. A face turn makes sense. Wyatt, Orton, and Miz seem to be his ideal future feuds. There should be money with him as a face. The kids should buy in to his ring style and buy his crap if they're not already. They may have to change his hair. Maybe someone like Wyatt shaves it off for him to build heat. There's an easy way to make him a face.

    Unfortunately he's better as a heel. He sounds so much more convincing as a whiney prick than a conquering hero or a confident show off.

    So I don't know, Cena is playing both roles right now so it's hard to say what AJ is. He's not doing that much that reeks of heel but he is also not a clear face.
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    I don't think that AJ Styles is turning face anytime soon. And I believe that he shouldn't turn either.

    It hasn't even an year since he turned heel so I think that there's still time to take advantage of him as a heel. The person who needs a face turn is Bray Wyatt for sure. It's been long overdue and could do wonders for him.

    And please don't give him a match against Shane McMahon of all people now that he has lost the title.

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