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    This has been building for some time, and it is something that needs to be posted.

    Fair warning, this is not for the faint of heart.

    I do not intend to offend, but eventually things needs to be said, truths must be told.

    Since it contains some questionable content, spoilers will be provided.


    So that scathing commentary out of the way, it is time for some Lethal Lottery predictions from the best Head of Creative ever.

    WZCW Mayhem Championship: Tony Mancini(c) vs. Randy Studd

    So in roughly a year since the Mayhem Title became active again, we have witnessed Constantine, Tyrone, Obi Okafor, Randy Studd x2, Vox, War Zone, and Mancini all hold the title. The title needs some form of stability before it becomes as useless as it used to be. Sorry, but that is the truth. Hopefully the winner of this will build some momentum and build the title up.

    The Mayhem Throwdown was a fine idea to try to avoid the Mayhem trap, but like the best laid plans of mice and men, shit didn't work. Going into KC, I want the winner built up and honestly I want the loser away from the division. I want an actual feud over the title as opposed to "Well we have a Mayhem Title, we need people to fight for it."

    Based on the RPs, and my opinion, I think this will be close. Both RPs had points in the hit and miss column, I truly feel this could go either way and wouldn't be upset with either man having their (bloody) hand raised.

    Yaz's Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week: Studd to become 3x Champ.

    WZCW EurAsian Championship Fatal 4 Way

    The year is 2015. Barack Obama is still US President. Brexit has yet to happen. The Force Wakens is a box office juggernaut. Morning Phase by Beck wins Best Album of the Year. Iggy Azalea enjoys the last few seconds of her fifteen minutes. Titus Avison wins his first EurAsian Championship.

    The year is 2018. Donald Trump is President. Bruno Mars' 24K Magic beats out the superior Damn and Awaken, My Love! for Album of the Year. Black Panther is killing the box office. Cardi B has taken Azalea's spot atop the "We make music for basic white bitches who want to be black" totem pole. Titus Avison is still EurAsian Champion.

    Need more about how amazing that is? At KC 7, when Titus beat Scumm so bad his brother died, no one could have predicted this -

    S.H.I.T [Apocalypse (2016)] [Pinfall - via Tit Drop]
    vs. Flex Mussel [Gold Rush (2016)] [No Contest - Draw]
    vs. Flex Mussel [Ascension 106] [Steel Cage] [Pinfall - via Red Comet]
    vs. Vee A.D.Z. [Unscripted (2016)] [Pure Rules, Empty Arena][Submission - via Ankle Lock]
    vs. Tony Mancini, Xander LeBelle & Theron Daggershield [Lethal Lottery VIII (2016)] [Pinfall - via Tit Drop]
    vs. Bruce Irwin [Meltdown 136] [Pinfall - via Red Comet]
    vs. Theron Daggershield [Kingdom Come 8 (2017)] [Tables, Ladders & Chairs] [Unhooking the title]
    vs. Logan McAllister [Meltdown 138] [Submission - via Boston Crab]
    vs. Kagura [Apocalypse (2017)] [Pinfall - via Tit Drop]
    vs. Wren [Gold Rush (2017)] [Best 2/3 Falls] [Pinfall - via Red Comet]
    vs. Tyrone Blades [10th Anniversary Show] [No Contest]
    vs. Tony Mancini [Meltdown 144] [Pinfall - via Low Blow]
    vs. Vis Imperium [Mark Keaton & Xander LeBelle] [Unscripted (2017)] [Tag Team] [Pinfall - Click Clack]

    That Bruce Irwin defense was a joke to set up a storyline, but look at the variety of the defenses. Singles, triple threat, four way, TLC, tag team, Pure Rules, Cage.

    The story, as has been for a while, is who can beat Titus? The answer, straight up, has been no one. So he gets thrown into multiman matches to stack the deck against him. He has challengers from all angles. The angry veteran in Triple X looking to prove a point. Ace Stevens looking to climb the card on the back of slaying a legend. Mark Keaton.....well honestly I'm not sure what Keaton wants, but he is here too.

    Now as for the actual RPs, there was some good content (and some absolute elephant shit) here. Titus was just the best. X and Ace had good pieces. Those pieces would win a lot of matches. I even expect them to be players in the Lottery match proper. Based on my own judgement of the RP quality and how I like to write, Keaton would make a dumb mistake early on, on an unnecessary move while trying to look cool and go out quick. Triple X and Ace would work over Titus, knowing they need to work him over, only for X to stab Ace in the back and put him out. This leads X to get cocky, which Titus (one of the smartest wrestlers in WZCW) would capitalize on and put X away in the end.

    Yaz's Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week: The EurAvison Era continues.

    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat

    First off, props to Ech, Spidey, and Falk. You guys are three of my guys. You all rock and deserve this spot.

    The story, well there isn't much to see here. Yeah, three fine ladies are going to be touching on each other for our entertainment, but as far as an actual story line, this is kind of bare bones due to recent events.

    The subplots though, the stuff there is stuff there. Eve is trying to buck a year plus trend of coming up just short. Batti is trying to prove she is more than a comedy character to never be taken seriously. Kagura is trying to prove she can stand on her own feet without managers and love interests, as well as becoming a dominant champion. On top of that the winner plants their flag firmly as the greatest female wrestler in WZCW history.

    From an overall quality standpoint, this match was the highest of the three title matches. There was no one RP that felt it didn't belong. This is one of those where I have my winner, but if someone else takes the W, I won't riot.

    Yaz's Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week: Eve Taylor is the new World Heavyweight Champion

    WZCW Presents: 30 Man Lethal Lottery Match

    Every year, much like the Royal Rumble, I think people look forward to this one more than Kingdom Come and Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is usually pretty straight forward in what to expect. Kingdom Come is always ace, but like the RR, the LL provides the surprises and left turns that wrestling fans pop for.

    From a fan reading RPs standpoint, this was always a fun time for me. People bring the big guns (or sticks if you live outside of America) and people often pull out all stops. From a creative standpoint, this is the WORST match to judge, but old habits die hard and I did it anyway.

    This year we had some slices of fried gold, and slices of shit for the turd (hotdog) sandwich. I want to focus on the names I think could make some noise.

    These are in no official order, so don't take these as rankings.

    First off, Stevie was a riot. Who knew Dave had all that hidden humor inside? Will Stevie win? No, but I could see him getting a moment and play a hand in an elimination or two. This is definitely a character for the future.

    I think Titus had the RP of the round though.
    I mean, the way he examines the human psyche with that line. Surgical cuts.

    Matt Tastic had one of the RPs that was fun for me, because Grandpa is back. Working with him or not, I always found Grandpa one of the best NPCs in the fed. Him getting on a plane for the first time, that was fun. Tastic is going to keep up his run of making a little noise in the last few LLs.

    Tryone did something a lot of guys have tried to do in the past and they all failed. He made the Robin Hood (emphasis on the hood) gimmick interesting. The best part (aside from Jones) is that Ty made sure to bring Tyrone's mindset over being on the back burner into the RP. I would have never thought that Ty Burna could one day be Tyrone Blades, but they are day and night. Tyrone stands on his own and this LL is going to start him on the path to matching Ty's accolades.

    Vox, oh man. Grown ass men was crying. It was both touching and funny as shit. I appreciate good comedy, this was good comedy. If the Mayhem Title was his high point before, this LL performance may eclipse that. Big things will be poppin' in the future if he builds on this.

    A bit of a dark horse, but Vee impressed me a bit this round. This seemed like a turning point in a long running story, and it worked. It wasn't the best reveal in history, but it wasn't completely out of left field that it made no sense, nor was it an M Night Shamalamma Ding Dong let down where there was a twist just for the sake of a twist.

    Yaz's Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week: Tyrone Blades becomes the first 2x winner and returns to main event another Kingdom Come.

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