The Roderick Strong "Documentary"

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, Apr 28, 2017.

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    This past Wednesday's episode of NXT saw the first part of a mini documentary in which Strong talks about his troubled childhood, his father's drinking, his mother's drug addiction, etc. along with a visit to Strong's childhood home.

    While it only lasted about 5 minutes or so, it was extremely well done, genuinely emotional and probably accomplished more in those 5 minutes than months worth of in-ring promos could in establishing who Strong is. Now while this obviously isn't something that can be done with every wrestler, this makes me wonder why we don't see things like this go down on the main roster? It has such an organic and legitimately real quality to it that I couldn't help but feel that this is something that could really rally fans around a babyface. I think the 2nd part of this little mini documentary is supposed to air next week on NXT and it has me wondering if this is the first step to ultimately pushing Strong towards becoming NXT Champion a little bit down the road.
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    I think it was exceptionally well done for what it was, and just like you've mentioned about the main roster, I think it's something that should be done more often across the main roster and NXT.

    I know that they've done the "My son/daughter is a WWE wrestler" and they were all great, but there's only 4 and features people that we're already familiar with on the main roster. I'd love for more of these to happen with the lesser known or newer workers as I think it does a great job of getting the fans attached to certain workers, particularly on nxt where not everybody gets as much mic time.
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    It was done very well. And most importantly, It made me care for Roderick Strong and made me connect with him on some matters. I'm looking forward to see the 2nd part next week. The mission is almost accomplished. Roderick is just 31 and I don't see him leaving NXT anytime soon. More of a flagship bearer guy. If I ain't wrong, he used to be called "Mr. ROH", right? But it's nice to see him get some opportunity to connect with the audience.

    I agree that it should be done more. Someone like Apollo Crews could benefit a lot from it.
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    I definitely agree that this is something that would be done more. Most wrestlers today seemingly have no character at all and are impossible for the fans to really connect with. We need to know who these people are if we are going to care about them having fake fights.

    The entire roster of 205 Live would benefit from this.

    I'd also like to see Luke Harper with a series of sitdown interviews/vignettes similar to the Mankind interviews with JR that helped get him over in the 90s. Luke Harper is actually playing a character, but we only know him as a Wyatt goon. Now that he's a singles wrestler we need to know about him as an individual. Where does he come from? What was his childhood like? Why did he join a cult in a fucking swamp? These are questions that need to be answered.

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