The Lethal Lottery: Could It Work Now?

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    The mixed tournament got me to thinking about that old Lethal Lottery from WCW and what could happen if the WWE used it today. I picked the sixteen male superstars from each roster who I felt had the most star power or would at least help make the tournament more entertaining, gave them each a number, then put them into a random number generator. These are the match-ups that popped up + a small storyline that could carry out over such a tournament for both Raw and Smackdown.

    Feel free to create your own scenarios and post them below. Do you think the brands could benefit from such a tournament or do you think it would be a disaster?


    The teams ended up turning out quite interesting, with a lot of stars being paired together and a lot of lower card guys together. It made it pretty easy to decide who might win in the early going with a teased dissolution of the Shield becoming the overwhelmingly clear story deciding the outcome of the rest of the tournament.

    The Miz and Goldust vs. Brawn Strowman and Elias

    The Miz/Goldust promo leading up to this one would be amazing. I could see the Miz asking Goldust not to embarrass him out there and Goldust saying the only thing embarrassing is the Miz's fashion sense which would earn a snarky look of disbelief from Miz. On the otherhand, I could see Brawn and Elias being completely silent during their promo outside of Elias playing a bit of a guitar outro for their opponents.

    Winners: Strowman/Elias (in a total squash)

    Jason Jordan and Kane vs. John Cena and Finn Balor

    The biggest name in wrestling paired with the first ever Universal Champion would naturally be a huge deal, with the veteran/upcomer pair of Kane/Jordan offering some hope of an unexpected upset.

    Winners: Cena/Balor (in a long match where Jordan almost manages to steal a win over Cena but eventually gets an Attitude Adjustment)

    Enzo Amore and Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns

    Two of the weirdest promos in the game against the top two Samoans. I think the pre-match segments write themselves for this one.

    Winners: Joe/Reigns (Reigns pins Amore, the whole match teases the uneasy tension between the Samoans)

    Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar vs. Matt Hardy and Seth Rollins

    When I saw this come up as the final match my mind literally blew. Just seeing these four standing in the ring together would send shivers down my spine, especially now that Hardy has woken. Lesnar/Ambrose obviously don't get along where Hardy/Rollins might have some good chemistry. Lesnar would dominate the early match with Ambrose forcing a tag eventually, this would not settle well with Lesnar who would spend most of the match watching Ambrose getting beaten down. When it's time for the hot tag, Lesnar instead steps into the ring and F5s Ambrose, leaving him to be pinned by Hardy as Rollins screams at Lesnar.

    Winners: Hardy/Rollins


    Brawn Strowman and Elias vs. John Cena and Finn Balor

    More silence from the team of big men, huge hype from Cena/Balor. It would seem the super faces are destined to win this one and the match is very back and forth, with Balor showing off some amazing skill in fighting off both big men at different times. In the end, however, everyone is shocked as Cena goes down to a big running powerslam from Strowman which gets the 1-2-3.

    Winners: Strowman/Elias

    Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns vs. Matt Hardy and Seth Rollins

    Another big match with a lot of back and forth. Reigns and Rollins tease starting the match but Joe tags himself in and things just escalate from there. Despite the dissension in their team, Joe and Reigns are surprisingly effective together, with things eventually breaking down between Reigns and Rollins of all people, with Reigns clearly intentionally hitting a spear on Rollins midway through the match. As Rollins focuses on his perceived betrayal by Reigns, Joe is able to knock out Hardy with the Coquina Clutch.

    Winners: Joe/Reigns


    Brawn Strowman and Elias vs. Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns

    Reigns/Joe find an unexpected middle ground, saying they will work together tonight for the sake of toppling the greater enemy and they showcase this teamwork in style during the match. Strowman and Elias just keep coming though, with both men nearly getting pinfall victories over the Samoans. However, as things really begin to breakdown, Reigns is able to hit a huge spear on Elias to win the tournament.

    Winners: Joe/Reigns

    After the match, Strowman would call Elias weak and give him a running powerslam, briefly interrupting the celebration. Joe/Reigns would be lined up to face The Bar.


    This one proved to be a lot more difficult, as a lot of top teams ended up against each other in the first round with no obvious winner standing out. This tournament needed a lot of smaller, individual stories ultimately highlighting the road of Owens/Zayn moving on to face one another and the dynamics that an extra person in their group might cause.

    Mojo Rawley and Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler and Mike Kanellis

    Strangely, Ziggler and Kanellis seem to gel as a team right away while Rawley and Corbin cannot get beyond their tough guy demeanors to work with each other. Eventually, the dissension gets so bad that Ziggler is able to hit a Zig Zag on Rawley. Corbin has plenty of time to interrupt the pinfall but chooses not to, apparently fine with washing his hands of Rawley.

    Winners: Ziggler/Kanellis

    Sami Zayn and Bobby Roode vs. Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin

    Zayn/Roode make for an interesting heel pairing while Kingston/Benjamin are definitely a dream team from different generations coming together. This would be an epic back and forth match. Despite seeming like the better pairing, Kingston would eventually find himself on the wrong end of a Glorious DDT and taking a shocking loss.

    Winners: Zayn/Roode

    AJ Styles and Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev

    A rather incredible pairing, Mahal would do something unexpected and try to offer friendship to Styles, to let bygones be bygones, which Styles would reluctantly accept for the sake of the tournament. Nakamura and Rusev would both go through some sort of intimidation ritual, trying to assert leadership before the match, Nakamura ends up being so intense that Rusev admits to Aiden English that he kind of likes this guy. Nakamura and Rusev both look surprisingly dominant during the match, both getting big moments where they take out everybody, eventually a distraction from the Singh brothers would set up AJ to hit a springboard forearm on an unsuspecting Nakamura for the victory!

    Winners: Styles/Mahal

    The commentators question the seemingly heelish move that Styles capitalized on in order to win the match.

    Big E and Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens and Chad Gable

    Owens is not happy about his partner, Gable says not to underestimate him but Owens doesn't seem to care, Big E (with Woods) and Orton, on the other hand, are brimming with confidence. Big E and Orton are incredibly dominant during the match, clearly showing they'll be moving on to face Styles/Mahal but Sami Zayn has a different idea. During a suspiciously accidental ref bump, Zayn hits the ring and starts attacking...Gable!? Woods figures out what he is trying to do and jumps in the ring to get rid of Zayn. A scuffle ensues leading to Owens hitting Woods, Woods then retaliates just in time for the referee to see it and Big E/Orton are disqualified!

    Winners: Owens/Gable

    After the match, Woods is very upset but still eats an RKO for his failure. Big E faces down Orton who goes eye to eye with him before Orton rolls out of the ring with a smirk.


    Dolph Ziggler and Mike Kanellis vs. Sami Zayn and Bobby Roode

    Owens offers to repay Zayn for helping last week but Roode says they can handle it on their own, Ziggler/Kanellis seem to be getting even closer and more confident, but Zayn/Roode are both incredibly successful tag competitors as well as being individual stars which allows them to eventually outclass their opponents with Kanellis falling to the running boot of Zayn.

    Winners: Zayn/Roode

    Later in the night, Ziggler pulls Kanellis aside and says not to worry, he sees a lot of potential in him and would like to help him tap into that potential.

    AJ Styles and Jinder Mahal vs. Kevin Owens and Chad Gable

    Mahal assures Styles that nothing like the shenanigans of last week will take place during their match, the Singh brothers will ensure that Zayn can't interfere in their match. This proves to be somewhat true, as the four men have a surprisingly competitive match but Zayn does eventually come down to the ring. He fights with the Singhs and eventually Mahal blindsides him. This leads to Gable diving from the top rope to the outside, onto Mahal, the Singhs, and Zayn! The distraction allows Owens to hit a huge pop-up powerbomb on Styles and pick up the victory!

    Winners: Owens/Gable

    After the match, Owens gives Gable a big embrace and raises his hand as Zayn looks on recovering from the outside.


    Sami Zayn and Bobby Roode vs. Kevin Owens and Chad Gable

    Zayn pulls Owens aside and asks what is going on, Owens says he's been talking to Gable and the guy gets it, he says he might be a good asset to their team. Zayn scoffs at the idea but Owens says they'll just have to see, wishing him good luck in their match.

    During the match, Owens and Zayn somehow manage to avoid any sort of major contact, even when they do lock up and push each other around a bit, it is so slow going that one of the others always tags in to try to do some damage. Roode and Zayn are both looking good, just slowly wearing down their opponents, when Zayn tweaks his knee. It doesn't seem to setback the team too much but eventually a plan seems to form in Owens head and he runs around the ring, pulling Roode off the apron, and the two begin to brawl. Owens gets the better of it as Zayn is getting the better of Gable in the ring. Zayn works through the pain and goes for the running boot but Gable rolls out of the way, countering with a kneebar. Zayn reaches out to Owens, who is watching from the outside, begging him to help but Owens doesn't seem to know what to do. Eventually Gable cranks in the move even harder and Zayn taps. Zayn looks badly injured. Even so, Owens lifts Gable up in victory.

    Winners: Owens/Gable

    After the match, Zayn is in the back saying he may be out of action for a while because of Owen's "new friend", Owens says they wouldn't have even been in this stupid tournament if they had won the tag titles beforehand. Maybe if Zayn wasn't so injury prone he wouldn't be facing the Usos with Gable instead. There is a huge negative wind blowing in over this situation and there is no telling where it may lead.
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    They announced the Mixed Match Challenge just today. It's quite literally the same thing except its male/female. Kind of a moot point of discussion, no?
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    I mentioned that at the very beginning...

    A mixed gender tournament is far different from one being done solely with the male roster (or female roster) as it's so limited in what can happen. Men can't touch the women and vice versa. The mixed tournament is low stakes and completely about the gimmick, a lethal lottery from a pre-chosen pool of top stars could create some really unique combinations and further big storylines in ways we haven't seen in a loooong time.

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