Survivor Series - SD versus Raw: Elimination Match

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Monster Amongst Men, Oct 21, 2016.

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    Swerve... Pretty sure of it... There will be a reason Shane can't take part - either the board veto it, he gets taken out or he makes a deal...

    There are two possibilities that make sense here...

    Next week, Taker is back... Shane can approach him to take his spot on Team Smackdown as "the man who humbled him/beat him at Wrestlemania". Taker perhaps declines... Shane then gets taken out by Brock on the night of Survivor Series and the Deadman does shockingly take his place out of respect...


    Steph makes a big thing of her brother being damaged goods and knowing exactly how to take him out... She does so using Brock, only for Triple H to step up for Team Smackdown... of course this might be a ruse and way for RAW to steal the win or Trips simply tags out whenever anyone but Rollins is in the ring...

    It might start off the Triple H/Rollins feud for Mania with a double elimination...or Trips doing a number on Rollins then getting himself deliberately eliminated... the whole thing could either start face v face or end face v face... or Trips could be straight heel, fucking over Smackdown for his own agenda.

    Personally I think Taker should be in the match, he doesn't need to do much other than eliminate Jericho and do a stare-off with Strowman to tease that... both are possible Mania opponents for him after all, so WWE could gauge fan interest... If they pop for him and Jericho going at it, that's a good match for both guys to end on, Jericho betting his career he can beat Taker. If they pop for Taker v Strowman like Hogan and Warrior, then that can be the match.
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    Survivor Series would be a good place to shape the direction of both the brands moving forward. With all of the matches announced on the card so far this one would be nice to align major feuds or set higher end Raw vs SD tension. Glad Corbin wasn't placed on the team for long term implications. The replacement of Shane set's up more potential for a unique shift.

    Assuming Shane is only temporarily there the next episode of SD should solidify the team's members. I'd imagine with both Undertaker and Edge there for the 900th episode they'll have solid opportunities to construct things. Undertaker setting up for a Wrestlemania match or even being on the SS team would be cool. I'd imagine Harper will be implemented into it, maybe switching with Randy.

    There is a lot of opportunity to tell a big story and play off the aftermath. Hoping this upcoming week can make it seem like a bigger deal.
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    I like Shane McMahon. I’m a fan of his Professional Sports Wrestling Entertainment career. He is a former European Champion and a former Hardcore Champion. He has been in high profile matches in the past, and I enjoyed all of them.

    I didn’t think Shane McMahon should have been on the WCW / ECW Alliance Survivor Series Team in 2001. The WWE could have really made up for what they did with the Invasion angle, by brining someone from WCW that they eventually brought it anyway. WCW SuperStars like Goldberg, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx, or Scott Steiner could have all worked. They could have even used the “mystery partner” angle, and have Rey Mysterio enter the ring last. They could have even used Ric Flair a day earlier, have him eliminated, but with a smile on his face. Then on the next night on Raw, explain that Flair “bet on a winner last night…” Anyone else would have been better than having the Owner of WCW in the match.

    I don’t think Shane McMahon should be on the Smackdown Survivor Series Team in 2016. I would rather see a Hall Of Famer, or a Legend take Baron Corbin’s place. For the added twist, a Raw SuperStar switching sides could have worked. For a completely out of the box idea, a Cruiserweight could take the 5th spot on the Blue team. There is a long list of names including, but not limited to, John Cena, the Undertaker, Kane, the Miz, Luke Harper, Apollo Crews, even James Ellsworth would be a better choice. Personally, I would have had the Intercontinental Championship Title match canceled, and have Dolph Ziggler join Team Tuesday. Anyone else would have been better than having the Commissioner of Smackdown in the match.
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    I'm hoping we don't get each team wearing red and blue shirts. I don't know about you guys but I know who represents each brand without Bray Wyatt having to wear cobalt blue.
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    I agree that it'd be cool to see Taker in this match. As has been pointed out, he doesn't necessarily have to do a whole helluva lot and he'll have lots of other guys around to pick up the slack. He wouldn't even have to be in the match all that much, wouldn't have to take any major bumps and he'd give fans a thrill.

    With that being said, I think they'll keep Shane in the match as they'd have had a perfect opportunity for him to be "taken out" last night. He could've been "injured" during the big brawl between the two teams or they could've come up with some sort of technicality stating that Shane either has to be a performer or the SmackDown Live Commissioner and that he can't be both. There could still be some sort of chance of that happening, with Shane giving some sort of announcement that he received notice of this from the WWE Board of Directors earlier today. It'd be cool to have Daniel Bryan ask Taker to be the replacement, maybe even goad him into it as Bryan seems to have an unusual talent for being able to get under people's skins. Of course, from the Raw perspective, it's easy to imagine that they'd want Shane to represent the blue team because he's basically the team's "weak link" when you get right down to it.

    I dunno, it should be a really fun show tonight and while I think it'd be fun to see Taker join Team Blue, I think they'll stick with Shane.
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    I'm not sure how I feel about this match. You basically have at least five falls but more likely at least seven. Who is taking the falls? I don't want to see AJ take a pin or submit. I'm not sure taking a fall would do Owens, Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, Wyatt, or Strowman a ton of harm but I don't see where it does them any good either or entertains me. These matches are unfortunately pressed for time and do the talents no justice. Sure, Jericho and McMahon can take quick falls to keep the match moving but I look at the rest of the lineup and feel bad for the defeats they are going to have to take in the name of "tradition".

    And most importantly, AJ facing off with Rollins should be an important first and it looks like we are getting a throwaway.
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    That's a good point but there are a few more guys I can think of. Is there any doubt in anyone's mind Bray doesn't take a pin in the match. He is losing somehow like he has his whole career. I predict Orton to turn on him. That also reminds me, Orton can take a pin as well. In the ideal world you probably wouldn't do it but the others outweigh Orton in terms of protecting. I think Reigns takes a pin as well, he's not protected like he was before his suspension.

    That leaves Ambrose, AJ, Rollins,Owens and Braun. You can have Braun get counted out which is the typical big man elimination. Does Owens get eliminated because of Chris Jericho? I'm guessing so, a non clean pin isn't the worst thing to happen. The other I have no idea but I'm assuming Ambrose and AJ get in each others way.

    You make a good point anyways.

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