Superstar Shake Ups and NXT Call ups

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  1. rge2010

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    Rumoured to be happening very very soon. Who do you want to see swapping shows and getting called up???

    Raw Gains

    John Cena
    I see him signing exclusively to Raw and starting a feud with Roman Reigns which will finish with a match at Mania 34.

    Baron Corbin
    Lost his MITB and seems to be falling down the card. A change of scenery and fresh feuds are what he needs.

    Bobby Roode
    He lost his belt and I see this happening very very soon. According to reports he has been on Vince's wishlist for some time now.

    The Authors of Pain
    With The Revival injured there is a spot for a heel tag team so looks like the AOP could be that team given their recent defeat at NXT Take Over.

    The Hype Bros
    I am not sure they are even together but Raw could do with a face tag team as they have too many heels and have had to put Rollins and Ambrose together.

    Becky Lynch
    Bayley is injured, Paige still not returned, Raw needs a strong face in the women's division.

    Smackdown Gains

    Samoa Joe
    Joe has had his shots at the title so the only way now is down the card. Possibilities and fresh feuds are endless on Smackdown. Roode being called up will see a lot of heels on Raw, Strowman as a monster, Big Cass getting a push - someone needs to make room.

    Finn Balor
    His Demon gimmick is great but Balor isn't. He needs to move and with Nakamura and Styles on Smackdown there will be some great feuds for him. I still see Smackdown as the Wrestling purists show, not the sports entertainment show and Balor will fit the former better.

    Gallows & Anderson
    The Club should reunite! But Gallows & Anderson with Balor and battle with AJ. The Good Brothers are not up to much on Raw and Smackdown needs some decent tag teams.

    The Hardy Boys
    It seems funny to say this but it seems there isn't a lot left on Raw for them to do. They have won the gold and fought everyone on the roster and it seems with The Revival getting injured they do not have a lot left to do at the moment. A move to Smackdown would help the tag division over there as there are only really The New Day and The Uso's worthy of fighting for the gold.

    Hideo Itami
    Has been on NXT for 3 years and was a huge name when he signed. His stock has fallen but a move to Smackdown as a mid upper carder could be just what he needs. Feuds with Nakamura are very appealling.

    I think she will return and will return as a surprise draft as part of Smackdown.
  2. Jack-Hammer

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    If it's true that some stars will be sent to NXT, I could easily see Enzo and Rusev heading back to the green brand. If Enzo genuinely has the sort of heat that's been alleged over the last month or so, then the fact that his segments are good draws and he sells a lot of merchandise are probably what's kept him from being future endeavored. Still, I think that Enzo has a better shot of being a bigger deal in the long run in NXT; he's not good enough in the ring to be seen as a real threat to any title contenders on the main roster and if they're not gonna make him someone's mouthpiece, this is probably the best thing for him.

    As for Rusev, I just get the sense that there's not really anything for the guy on the main roster right now and that's not likely to change anytime soon. He lost to Cena in his first match back, though it was expected, and Randy Orton beat him at SummerSlam last night in about 10 seconds. If he is heading to the green brand, I'd like to see Chad Gable score a decisive win over him before he goes.
  3. THTRobtaylor

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    I'm actually seeing Rusev being released rather than moved down... I don't know who he's pissed off but that match at SS seemed worse than any punishment Enzo got.

    Those trades make sense, but I get the feeling the Hardyz will be split across brands, allowing the broken mannerisms to start up for them to reunite at Mania...

    Shelton Benjamin coming in will shore up the tags... I can see him being put with Chad Gable in an American Alpha 2.0 and building to a match with Kurt and Jordan down the line.

    Ziggler is really in the position where NXT would benefit him... once you hear a "repackage" is planned in 3-6 months, he is probably better heading down there for an extended period to work with training or get out.
  4. Wildcat66

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    I heard a rumor that Rusev requested for his release last week, hence why he lost in that fashion. If that's the case, then that might have been the worst way i've seen any wrestler to go out.

    Really, I can't disagree with any of the choices here.
  5. Psykohurricane55

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    May 13, 2011
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    If their another shakeup happening soon, this is who i see changing brand

    To Raw

    Bobby roode
    Becky Lynch
    Erick Rowan

    To Smackdown
    Jeff Hardy
    The authors of pain

    To NXT

    Tye dillinger
    aiden English
    Mike & maria kanellis
    apollo crews

    I kinda based my trade on what each shows need right now.

    On Raw, Roode need to be called up right now and he would get more exposure on Raw then smackdown so i think he would fit in perfectly on that brand
    Becky Lynch and Charlotte i think make sense to move them to Raw mostly since if the rumor are true and they want to do the MMA 4 horsewoman vs the WWE 4 horsewoman at survivor series then it would be easier to do that story if all 4 are on the same roster. As For Erick Rowan, let's face it, without Bray he's nothing so why not just put him back with bray.

    On smackdown: Paige and emma mostly because they need talented women's wrestlers to replace Charlotte and Becky plus i think they would be less wasted on smackdown then raw.

    The authors of pain mostly because the smackdown tag division needs new blood and fast because it'S the weakest of the 2 tag divisions right now and the authors of pain would be a great addition to smackdown and the tag division.

    Jeff hardy, let's face it, if the rumors are true, they really want to give Jeff one last single run without his brother and that would be the perfect opportunity for them to split up the hardy's without actually having them feud.

    To NXT: everybody that i name on that list would be way bigger stars on a Smaller Roster like NXT then on the big stage right now. Tye dillinger got called up because the 10 chant was over at NXt hoping that the casual fans would go with it but that didn't take and they don't know what to do with him outside of the same thing they did with him in NXT and that's job him out but at less in NXT he was a job guy that was super over.

    Mike and maria, let's face it, Mike didn't come in the best of shape, their gimmick sucks and their not over at all with the crowd so why not send them down to NXT where it's a smaller crowd that just cares about what those performers did in the past.

    Aiden english, same thing super over heel that really isn't doing nothing on smackdown so why not just send him to NXT at less he could get a main event run out of his gimmick.

    At first, i wanted to send Enzo back to NXt and then i thought why send him down their, he's not getting over anymore, so i would send him to the cruiserweight division with Kalisto instead of sending them back to NXT. Instead, i would send Apollo Crews back to NXT, the guy is a great wrestler but has the personally of watching paint dry. But that don't matter in NXT so instead of having him waste over on Raw with Titus as his manager, why not just send him back to NXt and let him have those great matches he had before getting called up.
  6. MWRedskins

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    RAW Gains
    1. Becky Lynch: She's lost in the shuffle on Smackdown and i think a change could be great for her...i dont see it happening, but it would be great for her
    2. Luke Harper: RAW needs a mid card wrestler and Harper is a great one and while we are at it...
    3. Erick Rowan: have him re-join Bray and hopefully have Elias join Wyatt
    4. Baron Corbin: if not here, then i'd send him back to NXT, have him leave Smackdown where he pretty much just lost everything and have him debut there wanting a bit of fresh air.
    5. The Hype Bros: WWE needs another face tag team (since i think Ambrose will turn heel eventually).

    Smackdown Gains
    1. Asuka: she needs to be on a show where she can just wrestle and not worry about speaking often....speaking of that...
    2. Bayley: she needs a change and Smackdown would be best for her, have her in her old underdog role....then push her towards a Women's title match...but put her on a show where it's early enough for the kids to enjoy (since she's a kid friendly character).
    3. The Authors of Pain: Have it revealed that THEY are the team who's attacked Breezango and then when New Day take the Tag Team titles back, there's a future feud for them
    4. Bobby Roode: At first i thought RAW for him, BUT if WWE is thinking about taking the title off Jinder and finally moving him down the card, then Roode is great for Smackdown. he's the perfect heel character and would do much better in the role that Jinder is currently in....i hope he comes to the show and is quickly in a feud with Sami Zayn and bashes his underdog character by acting like the entitled character that he plays.

    NXT Gains
    1. Dolph Ziggler: Change his gimmick and entire character here, rebuild him.
    2. Mike and Maria: they arent ready for the Main Roster and should go here to develop their gimmicks. Triple H would do wonders with them as he has with the previous former TNA Talents
    3. Apollo Crews AND Titus O'Neil: Build up Titus Worldwide on NXT, on the main roster, it's just annoying the up that gimmick on NXT.
    4. Emma: let's face it, WWE isnt going to push her on RAW and if she goes to Smackdown, she wouldnt get pushed there move her.
    5. Enzo Amore: he has heat (reportedly), so move him to NXT and if not there, then send him to 205 Live and have him move away from Big Cass.

    these are moves i WANT to see happen, not that i think will happen. i do think Roode could move to Smackdown, but i wont be shocked if WWE pulls a twist on us and sends him to RAW. if he's going to be a Main Event guy right away, then Smackdown is where he should if he was going to be a mid card wrestler, then RAW.
  7. Jack-Hammer

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    There's talk that Bobby Roode might be making his debut for the blue brand tonight. There's a report going around that Bobby Roode is backstage at the Barclay's Center for tonight's SmackDown Live episode and a photo showing what could be Roode with his luggage walking into the arena.

    Reports have surfaced over the weekend that officials are extremely high on Bobby Roode and that they wanted him on the main roster as soon as possible. There's also talk that Baron Corbin has heat and is being punished right now, which is why he unsuccessfully cashed in his MITB briefcase and lost a standard bout to John Cena at SummerSlam. I haven't read anything stating why Corbin has heat but that Roode may well be inserted into Corbin's spot on the blue brand.
  8. The Perfect Max

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    I don't see the need for yet another shake up. An annual draft will do. Perhaps WWE should have done a better job the first time around.

    Certain guys like Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and The Club come to mind as guys who need a significant change. They are certainly entertaining stars in their own respective rights, but with what creative has done to them over the last few months, and in some cases, years, I don't know if some guys have the longevity anymore. A guy like Ziggler or Rusev can only get shifted and repackaged so many times before the deal is up. Especially with new stars always on the horizon. I hope a Bobby Roode debut is imminent on SmackDown. It is definitely needed. And with that, I don't know if SmackDown then requires another big heel like Samoa Joe. In fact, I think Joe is fine on Raw.

    If there are those rumoured drafts to NXT, I wouldn't be surprised to see guys like Ziggler go there. Perhaps Mike and Maria will head to NXT since they have done nothing on SmackDown. I'm not opposed to moves to NXT if there is a genuine belief that it can be of value to the brand and the superstar.
  9. adam

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    I do wonder how Big Cass' injury and Jon Jones 4 year suspension will impact the WWE for let's say Lesnar re-signs, how does the WWE book their projected
    WM main event of Lesnar vs RR? Those long term plans will likely impact whatever plans there are for the shake up for RAW needs in the short term an
    upper mid-card heel

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