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    With WrestleMania on the horizon and all these little talks about where certain wrestler need to be after The Show, i think it's perfect time to summ it all up in 1 thread.
    So, without further a due, i present to you 2018 Shake Up as i want to see it:
    - Randy Orton have become boring on SmackDown, so maybe this Shake Up can Tune Up his systems with the new feuds and opponents.
    - Corbin - RAW have more larger guys, maybe he can finally find a few good opponents for himself
    - Shelton - goes to RAW to form a team...with Goldust. Tag division is luckluster on both shows and need some vets in it.
    - New Day - did everything they could on SmackDown, so it's time to go back to RAW and new enemies...
    - Undisputed Era - speaking of enemies and 3 on 3 rivalries, Undisputed Era is here to make RAW fresh and give IC and Tag Titleholders a run for their money
    - Drew - maybe the first Corbin opponent on RAW? Why not. Either way Drew deserve to be on the main roster.
    - Ember Moon - Asuka need a couple of new strong opponents, one being Ronda Rousey, the second - Ember Moon, her NXT rival

    - Alister Black - SD need new big names, and Alister is ready to go on his own on the main shows.
    - Jeff Hardy - as i told above, there need to be some vets, and Jeff Hardy is one of them, he is perfect to be another "new" SD maineventer (while Bray and Matt feuds on RAW and them form a team)
    - Seth Rollins - as many people said, Seth got lost on RAW, so here is his new chance to shine again as a single star (or maybe as a leader of WWE's Bullet Club, who knows)
    - Bullet Club - they lost so many matches on RAW, that i'am afraid the crowd will not take them seriously for long. Tag Division get Gallows & Anderson, USA - Balor and World - Rollins
    - The Miz - it's hard to argue that 1 year ago The Miz (with Styles) was The Star of Smackdown brand, so while people still remember it, why not give the guy some deserved spotlight again
    - Akim/Rezar - SD tag division as well need some new teams added and this is one of them, they did everything in NXT, it's time to jump to the main roster
    - Pete Dunne - who said SD need some great performers? Well, here is one, have some charisma as well, and since SD have enough international stars, maybe they can utilize his championship too.
    - Jason Jordan - be fair here, Jordan failed as a single run on RAW, so maybe reforming his old team and feud with Akam and Rezar will turn some fans back to him, while also giving USOs someone to feud with for their gold
    - Elias - it's time to walk with Elias, sadly RAW really have no one for him "to walk with", while SD have plenty guys of his structure and possible feuds
    - Sasha and Kairi - with RAW getting Ronda and Ember it's only apropriate for SD to get 2 of the best performers for their Women division.

    With 205 finally getting somewhere under HHH, they need some stars as well.
    - Andrade Almas - he is a new champ and star of NXT, while having a weight and size of cruiserweight, he will most likely get lost on the main roster (maybe SD have something to offer to him, but there already enough guys of his size), so why not use him to bring more eyes to the 205 show, i'am sure HHH knows what to do with the guy
    - Eric Young - remember the X-division? When it was a gem and face of TNA? Maybe Eric can give 205 some of this, while on RAW and SD he ill most likely be just another jobber, thanks to his past gimmicks and size.
    - Tye Dillinger - Vince had nothing for him the whole year, while HHH can use him as a top dog here. Maybe being a big fish in a small pond is better sometimes.
    - Colons - cruiserweight jobber tag team from SD can egnite a born of Cruiserweight tag division on 205, bringing the show on the new level.
    HHH said superstars will move on to NXT if needed, so why not put some vets in here, giving them second chance as well.
    - Dolph Ziggler - have nothing to do for like a year, while NXT (losing Andrade Almas, Drew McIntyre and Adam Cole) need big names to recover, he can become a constant main event guy here, easily, and this crowd will love to have him.
    - Rhyno - face it, he move nowhere on the main roster and only do jobs, while in NXT he can still be appreciated by the fans as ECW Legend and vet he is, and have a new single feuds.
    - Ryder and Slater - with some teams gone from NXT, and these 2 having pointless feuds on the main show, NXT can capitalize on both of them and give them some spotlight as a team. I think they will look organic together.

    So, here it is - my Shake Up. What's yours? What you want to see after WM is over, and who need to go to other brands in your opinions.

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    I don't really know about major changes, nor do I watch NXT, so I'll make some small changes.

    Dolph Ziggler to NXT
    Ziggler will never ever get a push on the main roster and his presence there isn't really helping anybody nor is he somebody that draws anything. So why not put him in NXT? Give him a smaller spotlight but a chance to reinvent himself by putting on stellar matches.

    The RAW main event scene should consist of:
    Roman Reigns
    Dean Ambrose (heel)
    Randy Orton (tweener)
    John Cena
    Braun Strowman (face)
    The Demon King
    Sami Zayn (heel)
    Matt Hardy
    Samoa Joe (heel)
    Baron Corbn

    The Smackdown main event scene:
    AJ Styles
    Seth Rollins
    Kevin Owens
    The Miz
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Bray Wyatt
    Jeff Hardy
    Bobby Roode

    The rest are midcarders that I don't really care nor do I think really matters where they'll end up. These are the main guys.

    Tag Team scene
    RAW becomes more competitive while Smackdown becomes the one-team show, trying to elevate everyone else around.

    The Bar
    American Alpha 2.0
    Harper & Rowan
    Slater & Rhyno

    New Day
    Rusev Day
    Fashion Police
    Titus Worldwide
    Plus a NXT call-up team

    Women's Division
    I'm not gonna use brands for this one. I'll call each brand "Asuka's and Charlotte's" and proceed like that.

    Asuka's Turf
    Sasha Banks
    Becky Lynch
    Dana Brooke
    Riott Squad

    Charltotte's Turf
    Alexa Bliss
    Nia Jax
    Mickie James
    Absolution (waiting for Paige)
    Nikki Bella
    Alicia Fox

    Ronda gets on whichever list ends up on RAW and you either get Asuka vs Ronda or Charlotte vs Ronda down the line.
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    So you are going to move the IC title/champion to Smackdown and LEAVE THE US Title/Champ on Smackdown AS WELL. Leaving RAW without a Midcard Championship. Real smart.
    Now WHY do they HAVE TO HAVE A SHAKEUP every year? can't we just leave the damn rosters alone and work them like they are actually contracted to that show and only move from One to Another show when the "Contract" to that show is up.
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    So her what i want to see happened for the next superstar shakeup.


    Dolph Ziggler: From what i've read, he resign a new 2 years contract where he's pretty much going to be in the R-truth position but making way more money doing it and he can do outside project on his down time. So why not use him to put over the guys you want to be the next big star on Raw.

    Mojo Rawley: He's not doing anything and he's a pretty good mid card heel, maybe having him on Raw would help him get some exposure.

    Rusev Day: Both guy are over and aren't getting any exposure on smackdown

    Tye dillinger: mostly to send him to 205 Live since the cruiserweight are still attach to raw in some way.

    The Riott Squad: with absolution probably not going to stay together because of Paige injury, why not just bring all three in and use them to kill off absolution.

    called up From NXT: Authors of Pain, Shayna Bazzler, Roderick Strong & Johnny gargano

    To Smackdown

    Bayley & Sasha Banks: Let just finally have all four horsewomen's on the same brand and the smackdown women's division will benifit from having these 2 on the roster.

    Jeff Hardy: I do thing, they're still a main event single run with Jeff but you need to separate him From Matt and whatever ever he's doing with the Woken Character. So why not just switch him to smackdown and see if he can still go as a single.

    The Bar: let's face it, they face pretty much everybody on Raw and they need a reboot at this point. Have them drop the title to another Raw team and switch them show after.

    Elias: With Aiden english gone, you will need somebody that can take his place so why not just switch him

    Big Cass: No reason really, i just feel why not, he's could be the next big thing and Smackdown being a smaller show might help him climb the ladder quicker.

    Called up from NXT: Undisputed era, aleister black, the iconic duo, Drew Mcintyre, no way jose, Andrade ''Cien'' Almas.

    Sent Back Down to NXT

    The Ascension: Let's face it, their called up was a total disaster and are now reduced to be sidekicks to Breezango. Why not send them back down and use them to help other teams get over.

    Zack Ryder: Same as the Ascension, He done pretty much everything he can with on the main roster, send him back and have him be kind like what Kassius Ohno is right now in NXT, a Veteran that can give the rub to the younger talent.
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    If as expected, somebody big goes like Ziggler, then moving Drew McIntyre to Smackdown is smart. They currently don't really have anyone like him and while the roster may be crowded with "upper midcarders", Drew getting a title match on the UK tour against Nakamura, AJ or the like makes a lot of sense but they can start him by feuding with Jinder.

    Some guys simply need to stay in NXT so as not to derail it, they did that last time with too many call ups. Drew works as he is away, but guys like the Era, Ciampa and Black need to stay put for now. At the outside, Almas could move up, but I've a feeling they will move Ricochet straight into 205 instead.

    Same for the women... moving any up other than Cross is a mistake right now as the focus is on Charlotte, Asuka and of course Ronda. Ember or Sane would be lost where as Cross isn't getting that push anyway. Those two can wait another year.

    So the call ups are handled, So who do you "move around"?

    First off I would do this as strict trades... not a draft, not a "shakeup" actually have the negotiations be part of the angle with Bryan, Shane, Steph and Angle, Drake Maverick AND William Regal all having to properly interact over it onscreen over several weeks.

    For example, SD want Drew, that means they need to appease Regal and the do this by trading Dolph to NXT. Ricochet is the hot pick people want, but Drake trades Gallagher, Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate to RAW for the pick. Regal wants to get some "name" talent back to NXT so sends SaNity the other way to get it. Kurt wants to get The Uso's over to RAW so sends The Revival AND Goldust & Mandy Rose etc...

    I think the following people would benefit if they got these moves:-

    Goldust and Mandy - Smackdown - One last run for Goldust in his classic iteration, with Mandy in the Marlena role. Give him a title match against Nakamura or AJ... even if he comes up short, it'll be a fitting last hurrah.

    Dolph to NXT - A lot have said this, but I'm looking at it a different way. Ziggler is clearly at the point of either leaving for the indy's or wanting to do other things. Going to NXT for a year would allow that. He can have the shorter schedule and also wrestle the indies or get his stand up thing going. It'll also give the guy a chance to work with some talents he can shine with like Undisputed Era, Gargano, Ciampa and Alister Black...perhaps also go to NJPW as a WWE sanctioned "invader" if the talent trades can come off.

    Pete Dunne and Jack Gallagher - Smackdown Team them up and have them replace Breezango who have definitely run their course. If Absolution is going by the wayside, it's a good way to get Paige back as a manager for them based on the British connection... Dunne can feud with the US champ while holding the UK belt... would be an interesting wrinkle.

    Kevin Owens - RAW - I have a feeling that Zayn is going to upset AJ for the title, setting up a 3 way for Mania. Owens is pissed as he is the "odd one out" and wrestles Shane again in a loser leaves SD match... after a loss, it makes sense for Owens to return to RAW. There's actually scope for a feud with Reigns, Balor and Broken Matt for him there... let's face it, he's not getting a title again anytime soon, much less on SD as Zayn and Shinsuke are ahead of him in the pecking order now.

    Chris Jericho - RAW - The move to Smackdown was pretty underwhelming as he was there for what seemed like a cup of coffee. If he is going to be in WWE, then he needs to be where The Miz is, starting the build to that match for which guy is the first 10 time IC champ and his retirement.

    Ronda - Smackdown - As tempting as it is to put her on RAW, Smackdown is a more logical home for Ronda once her initial match is out the way. She can work with Natalya, Becky and Naomi, all of whom will help teach her as she goes before facing Charlotte and setting up that Ronda v Asuka title v title match we all want to see headline Mania 35.
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    - Undisputed Era. Cole can feud with Reigns, while Fish/Reilly vs Usos
    - Usos, they have done everything on SD.
    - Becky Lynch. Heel Sasha vs Face Becky should be the women feud on SD
    - Baron Corbin, Strowman vs Corbin would be a good feud for him.
    - Andrade Cien Almas (205 live) He is one of the best performers atm, let him shine on 205 live.

    - Seth Rollins, he needs to get back into the Main event, and i cant see him doing it on RAW.
    - Finn Balor,Anderson and Gallows, so they can have a program with Styles
    - Hardy Boyz.
    - Bayley.
    - Authors Of Pain
    - Alestier Black
    - Curt Hawkins
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    All of your 205 live drafts are all well above 205lbs.
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    Are you actually trying to troll with these suggestions? I don't even know which one to start picking apart but these are basically all horrendous? Why would they overbook Styles vs Nak by throwing Zayn in? Why would you lump Pete Dunne with Jack Gallagher? Why on earth would they drop Ziggler to NXT?

    For me I think after Styles loses at mania to Nakamura (as reported) he should move to Raw to take on (or even tag with as a power trip) Reigns. Rollins needs to move over to Smackdown! Live and maybe a few others. Paul Heyman should move over to Smackdown after the beast brock lesnar loses to Roman, and then start managing Rusev Day.
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    Here would be my Shakeup and I would do it the Raw right after Mania. This allows storylines to finish at the big event.

    To Raw
    1) AJ Styles (he's dominated Smackdown it's time for the top star to go to Raw)
    * Put the belt on Nakamura at Mania allowing the transition.
    2) Baron Corbin (he's lost on Smackdown right now, move him to Raw and put him in a tag team with a returning Big Cass).
    3) The Uso's (they need fresh competition)
    4) Becky Lynch (she needs a fresh start to)
    5) The Authors of Pain (added tag team depth)
    6) Ember Moon (could resume feud with Asuka)
    7) Owens & Zayn (the Shane vs. K.O./Zayn thing needs to end)

    1) Seth Rollins
    2) The Hardy Boyz
    3) Finn Balor & The Club
    4) The Undisputed Era
    5) Sasha Banks
    6) Alestier Black
    7) Samoa Joe

    Smackdown can transition with the loss of Styles by having Rollins, Balor, Nakamura, Orton, Joe, Hardy's, & Roode in the Main Event Scene. With Black & the Undisputed Era bringing some fresh heat as well. Imagine the Smackdown Summerslam Main Event of Nakamura vs. Demon Balor for the World Title!
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    I laughed way too hard at the prospect of ridiculously jacked up, nearly 240 pound EY, who is as big or bigger than 75% of the SmackDown roster, showing up in the 205 lb. division. That had to be intended to be purely comical, and not a serious suggestion, right?
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    - The New Day
    - Sanity
    - Undisputed Era
    - Rowan/Harper
    - Usos
    - Natalya
    - Benjamin/Gable
    - Randy Orton
    - Johnny Gargano
    - Rousey

    - Seth Rollins
    - Dean Ambrose
    - The Bar
    - The Hardyz
    - Aleister Black
    - Drew Mcentyre
    - Cruiserweight Division
    - The Revival
    - Authors of Pain
    - Asuka


    Under the movement of the guys listed I want to see a WWE 6 man/trios title and have it on RAW. Teams already available would be:
    The New Day, The Club, Miztourage, Undisputed, Sanity, Usos/Reigns, Wyatt Family reunited, Benjamin/GAble/Jordan. I put the cruiserweights on SDL for the simple fact they are there already for 205 Live, only makes sense its on that show. The 6 Man titles replaces the CW division. I want Rousey on RAW with Heyman so I moves Asuka to SDL so their match has build. You can tease interaction thru the year at the co-brand events until Mania 35. I moved Ryder/HAwkins and Rhyno/Slater to nXt to help their tag division and put over younger teams. Moving that many nXt names opens room for EC3, War MAchine, Ricochet. Whenever they sign with WWE Bobby LAshley would go to RAW to also join Heyman and eventually lead to a Lesnar/LAshley match. JAmes Storm goes to SDL to help their US title division and canteam up with Roode in their tag division.
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    I don't think that you need a "Shake-up" to bring in Drew, Ember Moon and other NXT people up to the main roster. They can just do what they have in the past- just debut them, rather than a lottery held to do it.

    Also, not crazy on Shelton being moved to RAW. No knock on him, but I don't want Chad Gable to lose a second tag-team partner to RAW.

    Personally, I think Jordan and Gable should have stayed together as "American Alpha". There was a lot more they could have done, and should have been pushed like a Rockers/Rock 'N Roll Express- like tag-team. I say move both Shelton AND Gable to RAW, or neither of them. Or maybe move Shelton to RAW, and move Jordan back to SD to reform AA with Gable (but they won't do that, as they want to keep up the stupid storyline of Jordan being Kurt Angle's son)

    Also, why have New Day move over together all the time? As far as I am concerned, New Day has been played out. I would either move Kofi to RAW, Big E and Xavier to SD to be a tag-team, or move Kofi to RAW, Big E to SD and Xavier to NXT. It is time one or all of these guys see how they go as singles competitors, and if one or two can't work as singles, then move one of them to another brand down the track. But I think Kofi, in particular, has grown past New Day and can stand on his own as a singles competitor.
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    Isn't Tye and Alendro both over 205 lbs? So how could they be in 205 live?
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    Maybe i watched way too much of original X-division, but i think the weight limit need to be broken on this show to allow more "in match stories" (remembers Samoa Joe), and i don't really think the crowd will care that much, when they can have some "stars" there

    You can rename the show into "205 style" if you care that much, most fans don't. The other thing is not overdose it and become Velocity.
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    Cien Almas is billed as 197....Tye is billed as 223 but if Murphy can go from 230 to 205 so can Tye with a litte work and fudged scales
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    OK, I'm gonna try and be as realistic as possible. During the last shakeup, some stars were traded but no one major. So I doubt we'll see anything crazy big. It's mostly lower level to mid card guys and girls. Also, they aren't just gonna gut their NXT roster. Yes, I know they've signed some new faces like War Machine, EC3, and Ricochet, but they're not gonna debut half the NXT roster as some have posted. I think McIntyre, AOP, Iconic Duo (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay), and maybe one other like an Almas or possibly Aleister Black if they eventually go with Gargano as NXT Champ at WM Takeover.

    Having is the moves I'd make:

    Orton-yes a main event player but as become stale on SD; turn heel/tweener
    Corbin-new scenery; feud with Orton, Braun, etc
    Ziggler: push to IC title
    Usos: best tag team in WWE; have them take titles off The Bar
    Naomi: since Usos moved
    AOP: NXT call up; Need to build up Raw tag division
    Iconic Duo (Royce and Kay): to help w/ loss of Sasha and Paige retirement
    Jinder a/ Singh bros-push in IC title picture;evil foreigner

    Balor Club: turn heel; feud Balor with AJ and build back Club to tag gold
    Samoa Joe: SD's monster; challenge AJ/Nakamura/Miz
    Miz: push main event
    Sasha Banks: turn heel; align with Balor Club as female member
    McIntyre: push in US title pic first
    Almas or Black: mid card title pic
    Jeff Hardy: US title/Main Event title pic

    NXT: Ascenscion; can't be badass tag team w/ Bludgeon bros and Club in same division; Heath Slater/Rhyno

    Future Endeavor: Colons; Tamina; Dana Brooke; Curt Hawkins
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    What is left for the New Day to do on Smackdown? They have feuded with the Usos and now Gable and Benjamin. The only credible teams left are the Bludgeon Brothers and Rusev Day, and obviously that's not going to last an entire year.

    And it's still too early to split them up. I wouldn't mind a singles run for any of them, but they might get lost in the shuffle, especially with the influx of talent coming from NXT. Not to mention all the talent who are higher up than them.

    Anyways on Raw, they can feud with The Shield, the Hardys, Cesaro and Sheamus, and the Revival.
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    Yeah, but they've been on raw already and feuded with Cesaro and sheamus and the revival before leaving for raw. They kinda caused with the shield already during the build up to survivor series, so if you look at it, the only team they didn't feud with is the hardy's and that won't last long either. The thing with the new day is that they already caused with pretty much everybody on both brand and they really don't have anything left to do has a team. I don't think you need to split them up but I feel it's time to explore having them have single feuds while remaining a faction.
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    The New Day is still over, but not as over to go separate ways, so end this group right now is not that smart. Instead they can have feuds with The Revival, Goldust and Benjamin (faces vs faces, competition like), and The Undisputed Era. First can prove they are still great as tag team competiotors, second they are still can have some fun, third they can be portrayed serious. THEN, they can go separate, Big E at least.
  20. BestSportsEntertainer

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    They have feuded with Cesaro and Sheamus before, but that feud is much fresher than any feud they could have on Smackdown.

    And they only had one match with The Shield. There was very little buildup and interaction since they were on different brands.

    Also if I remember correctly, they didn't feud with The Revival too long. They might have had two matches before going to Smackdown.

    I wouldn't be against singles runs for the New Day members in the future, but they're still over and still selling a lot of merch, so keep them together for now.
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    If I just can change all WWE system, I'll go with keeping the Titles like that:

    RAW: WWE World Championship (ME), IC Championship (HC), US Championship (LC), WWE Tag Team Championship, WWE Women's Championship

    Smackdown: WWE Universal Championship (ME, and with a new belt), CW Championship (CW), World Tag Team Championship, IC Women's Championship

    And making "Divisions" could do wonders for the WWE Network and make contracts for every superstar for each show, and if the Champion changes brand, the whole division changes brand (to keep it interesting).

    And doing a little draft for divisions:

    WWE World Championship:
    - AJ Styles (c)
    - Roman Reigns
    - Braun Strowman
    - Samoa Joe
    - Randy Orton
    - Kevin Owens
    - John Cena
    - Brock Lesnar

    IC Championship:
    - Seth Rollins (c)
    - Matt Hardy
    - Bray Wyatt
    - Elias
    - The Miz
    - Dean Ambrose
    - Big Show
    - Jason Jordan
    - Kane
    - Eric Young

    US Championship:
    - Baron Corbin (c)
    - Goldust
    - Big Cass
    - R-Truth
    - Roderick Strong
    - Mojo Rawley
    - Mike Kanellis
    - Curt Hawkings
    - Ryhno
    - Tye Dillenger
    - Andrade Cien Almas
    - Lars Sullivan

    WWE Women's Championship:
    - Asuka (c)
    - Alexa Bliss
    - Sasha Banks
    - Mandy Rose
    - Sonya Deville
    - Paige
    - Alicia Fox
    - Naomi
    - Tamina
    - Ronda Rousey
    - Mickie James
    - Charlotte Flair
    - Maria Kanellis
    - Dana Brooke

    WWE Tag Team Championship:
    - Uso's (c)
    - Colons
    - The Ascension
    - Bludgeon Brothers
    - The Revival
    - Titus World Wide
    - Miztourage
    - Sanity

    WWE Universal Championship:
    - Finn Balor (c)
    - Jeff Hardy
    - Sami Zayn
    - Jinder Mahal
    - Neville
    - Brian Kendrick
    - Drew McIntyre
    - Heath Slater
    - Hideo Itami
    - Adam Cole
    - Dolph Ziggler
    - Bobby Roode
    - Shinsuke Nakamura
    - Kassius Ohno
    - No Way Jose

    Cruiserweight Championship:
    - Cedric Alexander (c)
    - Noam Dar
    - Sin Cara
    - Ariya Daivari
    - Mark Andrews
    - TJP
    - Kalisto
    - Jack Gallagher
    - Tony Nese
    - Akira Tozawa
    - Drew Gulak
    - Kalisto
    - Mustafa Ali
    - Buddy Murphy

    IC Women's Championship:
    - Nia Jax (c)
    - Bayley
    - Ember Moon
    - Becky Lynch
    - Lana
    - Carmella (MITB)
    - Ruby Riott
    - Sarah Logan
    - Liv Morgan
    - Natalya
    - Billie Kay
    - Peyton Royce

    World Tag Team Championship:
    - The Balor Club (c)
    - The Fashion Police
    - The Singh Brothers
    - Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado
    - Rusev Day
    - New Day
    - Authors of Pain
    - Undisputed Era

    RAW: 30 Men, 14 Women, 8 Tag Team = 60 Superstars (3 hours)
    SD: 29 Men, 12 Women, 8 Tag Team = 57 Superstars (2 hours + 205 or 3 hours)
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    I just thought of something, why not go all out with this and have all four brand represented in the draft.

    Since they want to do this at backlash, you could have all brand get 5 picks during the show. Guys that are on raw or smackdown could be sent back to NXT and you could move some of the smallest performers to 205 live.without having them coming out of the blue without introduction.
  23. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

    Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. Kamehamehaaaaa!!

    Jul 8, 2011
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    This could have been a good question last year. Had the left the rosters as they were last year, plus add NXT wrestlers on each brand, it would have been fine. BUT this year, they have to do a shake-up because they completely fucked up the last one :lmao:

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