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    Didn't see a topic covering this, but please merge if there is one.

    The Roster Shake up was announced for next Monday/Tuesday, so my question is this:

    Who is going to move, or who would you like to see move and why?
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    Whenever there’s a WWE Draft or a shakeup, I always lean towards my video game roster setup.

    To Raw:
    Anyone who has ever held a World Championship Title from any promotion.

    To Smackdown:
    Anyone who has ever held a Championship from any promotion, but never held a World Championship Title.

    To NXT:
    Anyone who has never won a Championship of any kind, anywhere.

    Since this will never happen in reality, I’m going to go with these 2 specific moves.

    Brock Lesnar to Smackdown
    A. J. Styles to Raw

    I have a couple of reasons for this:

    I would like to see the WWE World Champion Title Belt back on the “A” show. Regardless of what anyone thinks, this is the richest prize in Professional Sports Wrestling Entertainment. It is the flagship Championship, so it should be on the flagship show.

    A. J. Styles going to Raw increases the chances of getting the first 3 leaders of the Bullet Club (and Gallows) together. Just picture this for a second. WWE Champion, A. J. Styles, Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor, and Raw Tag Team Champions, the Good Brothers (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson). All we would need is for Kenny Omega to come in and win the Cruiserweight Championship Title.

    I would like to see the WWE Universal Championship Title Belt on a Blue strap. I’ve seen it done using photoshop, and it looks pretty good.

    Having Brock Lesnar on the Smackdown roster could be good by having a big name on Tuesday nights with fresh matchups. Since he barely shows up, this could also elevate the United States Championship Title similar to how the Intercontinental Championship Title was pushed on Raw.

    Whatever happens, I'm sure I won't be completely happy with how they execute the shakeup. Let's just hope for the best.
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    To RAW: Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, Baron Corbin, Charlotte.

    Reasoning: Randy Orton has absolutely nothing to do on Smackdown anymore, same can be said for Corbin and even Roode who was only called up eight months ago. He's exhausted his place in the Smackdown mid-card. And Charlotte to RAW because Rousey/Charlotte IS going to happen sometime within the next year.

    To Smackdown: Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Bayley and Sasha and I'm also expecting an NXT call-up or two to go to Smackdown.

    Reasoning: Braun desperately needs a change, keeping him on RAW is literally dangerous for the character. The next few months are gonna be make or break for him and there's nothing to "make" on RAW. Finn is in a similar position though to a far lesser extent, he just needs a change. Smackdown is in desperate need of faces on the women's roster, ESPECIALLY after the call up of the Iconic Duo. Since I have Charlotte going to RAW I need to bring once face over to Smackdown which is why I chose Bayley. Also, I'm not entirely convinced they're gonna go through with the full Sasha heel turn. I can see them keeping her a face just for the sole reason that they need more, bring her over with Bayley and they'll team to take on the Iconic Duo. And as for the NXT call-ups, it just seems like there has to be more. Sanity is doing absolutely nothing right now, their call-up is long overdue.
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    My personal picks...

    To RAW:
    -Randy Orton
    -The Usos
    -Becky Lynch
    -Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable
    -Baron Corbin
    -Tye Dillenger or Zack Ryder

    To SD:
    -Finn Balor
    -The Good Brothers
    -Jeff Hardy
    -Bayley or Sasha (who loses Monday)
    -The Revival

    The biggest problem is building both tag teams divisions. In RAW, we have The Bar, Woken Warriors (Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt), The Authors of Pain, Titus World Wide, The Usos, I Got Kids, Sheldon Benjamin and Chad Gable. A lot of fresh feuds for them and a lot of good teams. And Kurt and Jordan can feud with Benjamin and Gable... Smackdown, can have the Revival to revive (so bad:banghead:), push more the New Day, Good Brothers, and start again with the Ascension and The Fashion Police...
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    To Raw: The uso's, Becky Lynch, Baron corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan

    Reasonning behind these pick, For the first three it's mostly because they've been on smackdown for so long that i feel it's time for a change of scenery for them. Ziggler, just because i don't know what's left for him on smackdown and Daniel Bryan mostly because it would be a major surprise and again separate him from smackdown.

    To Smackdown: Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, the revival and Mandy Rose

    Reasoning behind these pick, Finn really need a fresh start, samoa Joe need to seperate himself from Roman Reigns since they been feuding so much that i feel it's all Joe as been doing since his call up, Jeff Hardy, mostly to separate himself from the low midcard act that is woken matt and bray wyatt, the revival really need a rebooting as well and being on a smaller show with less tag teams would help them and Mandy Rose, mostly because now that absolution seem to be over, that would be a great way to separate these 2 without doing a official break up.
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    Oh goody, another "let's switch sides" moment...

    Personally, I think they have already ruined this by not including NXT and 205 more and making it more of a draft. Why do the whole "debuts" again this week when you could have held a draft and made a bigger deal of someone like Ember Moon debuting or Authors Of Pain? Had Regal demand someone big from the main roster in return like Goldust (as cover for him training people) for example? Why make a big deal of a new GM for Smackdown if she's not gonna get to choose some stars?

    So this way we get a few seemingly random swaps and a few obvious ones...

    Rather than predict picks, I'll just comment on some of the others above...

    Mandy Rose - Why move her unless you are pairing her permanently with Goldust and moving them both... the chemistry is there and it'd be a good last hurrah angle for him...she can always betray him to end his career and become a massive heel.

    Jeff Hardy - Can see why people want it, but he needs to be where Matt is, even if he is working with Bray for the whole Broken thing to really work. His DUI shows he isn't as reformed as everyone thought and to be honest, Matt deserves the spotlight/Jeff's support this time... Jeff had his time, now it's Matt's.

    Becky - Makes sense if Asuka moves to SD... but ultimately pointless as we KNOW Ronda is the one who is gonna be taking Nia's title...all Becky becomes is another game challenger.

    Corbin - Can't see it working or him doing "what he does" better on RAW or better than Joe or Strowman... the problem is he is weaksauce compared to the other guys with a similar schtick... Braun is more over and far more intimidating, Joe more of a physical threat and even Roman is marginally better in the ring and now there is Lashley too. He needs to stay put on SD and hope none of those 4 come over to where he is lest he be made to look even more like one of those knock off action figures from the dime store.

    Tag Teams - Uso's make sense to move but they have their title shot in Saudi so probably not. Can't see the point in Gable and Benjamin as a team much longer but the move to RAW at least allows Gable to turn on him and re-team with Jordan. Shelton can pick up another partner easily or someone else comes up. or Gable just moves and Shelton joins New Day... that could be an interesting way to "split" the group, with he and Big E. forming a splinter group and ending up against Kofi and Xavier.

    Debuts - The Paige thing doesn't make much sense other than the movie... unless. Yep, they bring ADR to Smackdown as part of this. Would be an interesting angle to see Shane having to convince Paige of it or her showing "favouritism" to her ex... remember how Lita and Edge were red hot even though they'd actually broken up? There could be some mileage in this angle, even if it's a risk... The one thing true now is that Paige is "in the inner circle" at least until the movie comes out so she'd be pretty well protected and ADR would be kept in check...

    Return - Jericho would seem to be the big name left to return too... he's doing Saudi and seemingly isn't gonna face Naito now... Personally I think he needs to be wherever the IC title (and Miz) end up so they can start building to the 10th title feud.
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    To Raw:
    Baron Corbin-change of scenery; feud with Strowman, Lashley, Rollins, Woken Wyatt, etc

    Usos-feud with AOP, the Bar, Revival

    Naomi-not just cuz husband moved over but for new feuds like Bayley, Ember Moon, Asuka, Nia, etc

    Ziggler- feud for IC title w/ Rollins, Woken Wyatt, Woken Hardy, Cena

    Randy Orton: Other than AJ, Randy has been involved with most upper level superstars on SD. At least on Raw, he can feud w/ Reigns, Rollins, Strowman, Lashley, etc

    Benjamin and Gable-bill as the American Standard and eventually feud (as another poster put) with Angle and Jordan.

    Riott Squad: fresh matchups; Absolution is no more so they can be woman stable to feud w/ Bayley, Asuka, Nia, Naomi, etc. Plus w/ Iconics being both heels, no really need for Riott Squad on SD. Maybe even have Sonya join and eventually kick out Liv Morgan and she can become babyface again.

    Tye Dillinger-maybe a 3 hour show can get him some tv time; should at least push to be in IC title picture

    To Smackdown:
    Samoa Joe-SD needs a monster type like Strowman on their show but as a heel/tweener

    Finn Balor-turn heel and push Balor Club as a legit badass force; eventually create program where Balor and company are trying to get AJ to join and milk the uncertainty of AJ joining or not only to have them feud.

    Sasha Banks: turn heel and join heavily pushed Balor Club as the dominant stable trying to take over SD invasion style.

    The Club (Anderson/Gallows)-these guys need a change of scenery and attitude bad; stop making them jobbers and make them badasses that they were; I'd also add maybe one more male superstar (maybe Bobby Roode as he is much better suited as a heel)

    Jeff Hardy-unless they have a Brother Nero gimmick planned then separate from brother Matt and move to SD to feud in US title picture

    Mandy Rose-split her and Sonya up and have her move towards being a face.

    Miz-renew feud with Daniel Bryan

    Cien Almas or Kassius Ohno callup from NXT

    future endeavored: Colons, Tamina, Mike Kannelis, Dana Brooke, Alicia Fox, Curt Hawkins, Sin Cara
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    I see there are future WWE live events listing Asuka on SD Live

    I do think Asuka and Charlotte will be switching shows along with
    Naomi and either Sasha Banks/Bayley.

    If Seth Rollins had not won the IC belt, I would have loved to see him
    in a match with AJ but SD Live really needs heels with Sami/KO
    likely gone to Raw. The perfect guy for SD's heel would be a heel
    version of Roman but perhaps Finn Balor can play that role with the
    smaller guys on SD. Almas is likely SD's NXT call up but RAW's
    roster needs to be thinned out if Orton gets drafted.

    There will be others but does it really matter with the mid card guys?
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    To Raw:
    The Usos
    Bobby Roode
    Zack Ryder
    Rusev and Lana
    Kassius Ohno

    To Smackdown:
    Anderson and Gallows
    Sasha Banks
    The Miz
    Johnny Gargano

    I made an updated Raw and SD roster with my changes, but it looks like SD would end up with a weak midcard, unless they use Benjamin/Gable and the New Day in both tag team and single competition, but I doubt it.
    I guess it wouldn't be a big problem, considering wwe have superstars move up and down the card constantly.
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    Daniel Bryan moves to RAW, and gets the fucking rocket strapped to him. Reigns will become Universal Champion in Saudi Arabia, Bryan will chase the title, and we will see Bryan vs. Reigns at either SummerSlam or WrestleMania. Bryan was chosen by the fans, Reigns was chosen by the office. It's a fitting dynamic and the crowd would be hot as fuck for their matches. Bryan would also have excellent matches with Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe over on RAW. Not to mention the long-awaited feud with The Miz. Bryan definitely needs to go to RAW.

    Finn Balor, Anderson & Gallows get moved to SmackDown. If SmackDown loses a solid babyface worker in Bryan, makes sense they'd replace him with Balor. All four Bullet Club guys will be on SmackDown, united. You can tease tension between Balor and Styles in the leadership spot, and eventually do that match. Plus, Styles has unfinished business with Nakamura, and Balor would be a future opponent for Nakamura as well. Between those three guys you've got some solid WWE Championship matches throughout the year.

    To replace Anderson & Gallows in the tag division, either the Usos or New Day need to move to RAW. Usos and New Day have had thousands of matches against each other, and they're the top face tag teams in WWE right now. Make sense to split them up and have one on each brand. I'd say New Day to RAW since the Usos are already #1 contenders for the SmackDown Tag Titles. On RAW, I'd also like to see Big E get a bit of a singles push in the midcard. I think the guy has tremendous upside. He's got the size and the look, he's an atheltic big man, and he's one of the most naturally charismatic guys on the roster. Could easily be the IC/US Champion.

    Lastly, Jeff Hardy goes to SmackDown. Matt & Bray are a tag team right now, makes sense to have Jeff away from that on the other show as a solid midcard babyface. This seems like close to a 100% lock.
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    The last one of these really killed Smackdown. IMO they were the much better show and had a lot of momentum at the time and then they lost a lot key peices.

    Nakamura & Styles are not moving.. Wouldn't be surprised to see Orton, Bryan, Roode etc all go to Raw. Jeff Hardy is the obvious candidate to go to Smackdown with Matt teaming up with Wyatt now on Raw. Maybe, they swap Rollins and Jinder too..
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    Firstly, WWE should NOT move Bryan to RAW....leave him on Smackdown and let him battle some other guys there.

    to RAW
    1) Baron Corbin: he needs a fresh start
    2) Dolph Ziggler: see Corbin
    3) Bobby Roode: the man can cut a promo, so let him go to a 3 hour show where he can cut a promo as a heel or face.
    4) The Usos: move them to RAW to feud with the top tag teams there
    5) Naomi: well the Usos moved, so move her with them.
    6) Charlotte: it'll give the fans the dream match potential of Charlotte vs. Ronda later

    to Smackdown
    1) Finn Balor: goes to smackdown and becomes a heel when he quickly targets....Daniel Bryan. have Bryan challenge Nakamura on Smackdown, then have Balor interfere and cost Bryan the match and have him and The Club attack Bryan.
    2) Anderson and Gallows: speaking of fresh starts, give them one with Balor and the Club....have them first target Bryan.....then at Backlash, their next target is their now EX-good brother AJ Styles (who they screw out of the title).
    3) Bayley: as far as women go, she needs a new place to jump start her career....keep her face.
    4) Sasha Banks: have Bayley come out on Smackdown knowing that she's there then have Sasha jump her from behind (to cement her heel turn) and announce she's here too.
    5) Asuka: i dont know if she moves, but if she does, then move her here and have her go after Carmella.
    6) Big Cass: he needs to be on another show where he can wrestle and isnt asked to cut many promos

    now it's possible that Miz moves to Smackdown, but i kinda dont want to see that, i prefer him on RAW chasing the IC title, i wont mind and want to see Jeff Hardy on smackdown, but i dont think he leaves his brother. Elias also might move to Smackdown, but i dread hearing him sing on a 2 hour show, so i hope he doesnt go there. Curt Hawkins likely moves (just to keep the funny trend of him moving back and forth continue) and i wont be shocked if Big Show goes to SD Live either. also, my guess is Owens and Zayn come back to Smackdown.
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    My Shakeup (8 moves so you do combined shows each night with 4 moves from each brand each night).

    To Raw
    1) The Uso's (this is a no brainer)
    2) Charlotte (Mania Main Event next year will be her vs. Rousey)
    3) Naomi (dynamic performer that doesn't need the belt to be entertaining)
    4) Kevin Owens (with a face turn)
    5) Randy Orton
    6) Gable & Benjamin (with Angle on Raw this makes a lot of sense to)
    7) Jinder Mahal (I like the US Title on Raw better)
    8) Baron Corbin (needs a fresh start maybe a tag team with Big Cass???)

    To Smackdown
    1) The Miz (Next year's Mania should be Bryan vs. Miz for the WWE Title)
    2) Jeff Hardy (could be a featured performer on the B show)
    3) Finn Balor
    4) The Club (Balor Club reunites with Styles)
    5) Sasha Banks
    6) Bailey
    7) The Revival (they seem lost on Raw)
    8) Seth Rollins (moving US to Raw, I-C to Smackdown)
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    To RAW:
    1.Aj styles(he needs to be their main guy going forward)
    2.Rusev and aiden english(no explanation needed)
    3.Orton(he has done everything there is to do on sd...needs a change of scenery)
    4.Usos(same as orton....they need new opponents)
    5.Corbin(vince is very high on why not?)
    6.Charlotte(sets up the potential rousey and charlotte match)
    7.Roode(monday night raw needs to be glorious)
    8.kingston(he finailly needs a singles push again...and to be separated from the new day)
    9.Neville(perfect time to bring him back and separate him from the cruiserweights)
    10.Dillinger(he needs to be on a 3 hour show)

    1.Sanity(they get called up from NXT)
    2.Wyatt and hardy(just makes sense)
    3.Stroman(He needs to run rough shot on smackdown live)
    4.Almas and vega(Ohh it will happen for sure)
    5.Balor and the club(Just makes perfect sense)
    6.Lesnar(SD needs one championship)
    7.Banks(It will be boss time on sd live)
    8.Asuka(just makes sense)
    9.Cesaro(They need to split up the bar for good)
    10.samoa joe(he needs to get away from roman)
    11.The cruiserweights
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    Last night Raw gained a few 'big names' but no massive stars.

    Mid/Main - Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Bobby Roode, Jinder Mahal
    Mid – Drew McIntyre, , Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin,

    Owens, Zayn, Roode etc will stack up the mid card and also support the main event if needed. I didn't expect anybody huge to make the jump although that may happen tonight. Raw has seen Bobby Lashley join and the returns of Samoe Joe, Jeff Hardy and possibly Dean Ambrose soon. The roster is pretty stacked on the red side!!!

    Low – Chad Gable, Zak Ryder, Mojo Rawley, Mike Kanellis
    Tag Teams – Breezango, The Ascension

    The two tag teams and talent enhancers and there to simply freshen things up. The Authors of Pain are the big win for Raw and that was last week. Gable and Jordan may well team up again for American Alpha.

    Divas – Natalya, Ruby Riot, Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan
    Some nice additions there. A solid stable probably for Rousey to battle with and Natalya who may be there to guide Rousey.

    Now for tonight's Smackdown.........based on what we saw last night I predict the following.

    Mid/Main - The Miz, Dean Ambrose, Finn Balor
    Mid - Jeff Hardy, Big Cass, Andrade Cien Almas
    Low - Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Goldust,

    Tags - Gallows/Anderson, Slater/Rhyno
    Divas - Asuka, Bayley, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose
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    I’ll have a crack at doing Smackdown. Why not, a bit of a laugh. So here ya go:

    Jeff Hardy

    It was either going to be him or Seth. I went with Jeff because Rollins is red hot on RAW at the moment and I think having an over, established vet like Jeff on the SD roster to be the number 3 babyface will be beneficial. Plus I like the idea of Matt and Jeff on seperate brands at the moment.

    Finn Bálor, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

    Turn then heel on AJ after he’s done with Nakamura, I think you can’t do much more with them as babyfaces and I think they can help AJ carry SD as the top heel faction ruling the roost, I legit can’t wait to see a AJ vs Finn feud.

    The Revival

    This out of pure hope more then anything. With the new heel teams coming into the picture on RAW I’m really concerned that one of the best tag teams in the world are going to be completely buried on Monday nights. They stand a better chance on SD. These guys are the Brainbusters reincarnated, they deserve better then what they’re getting. Also tell me with a straight face you don’t want to see an Usos/Revival feud, those matches will be stiff as fuck.

    Sasha Banks AND Bailey

    Yep. Both of them. Not one or the other, send them both to SD. I think SD is in need of another top heel and Sasha fits the bill and with Asuka, Rousey, Moon and Nia filling up the air time on the babyface side of things on RAW, I think Bayley will do better on SD.
    Another reason is that will this lead to the long awaited four horsewomen fatal 4 way match for the SD Women’s title. You HAVE to have that match on Summerslam, Survivor Series or Mania. That feud will elevated the belt tenfold. I know a lot of people are saying Asuka, but I think she will stay on RAW.

    Big Cass.

    Big comeback story, give him a fresh start in SD’s mid card.

    Dean Ambrose

    See Big Cass.


    I think he’s run out of stuff to do on RAW and is starting to get a bit lost in the shuffle. Could really shine in SD’s upper mid card.

    Either Deville or Rose

    I think Absolution should split. Preferably have Deville on SD. With the Riot Squad and Bliss/James on RAW I don’t think we need another team.

    Andrade Almas

    (Did this already happen? I can’t remember) One last call up from NXT to round out the mid card.

    Heath Slater/Rhyno

    A solid babyface tag team is needed on SD to back up The Usos and The New Day. These guys will do.

    There will probably be more, but this is the moves I think will benefit SD the most. You have a good main event scene:
    Babyfaces: AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy and Dean Ambrose
    Heels: Nakamura, Finn Bálor, The Miz and Randy Orton (flip him but keep him chasing the US title, he’s at that stage of his career where he’s more beneficial if he’s helping elevate the mid card)

    Behind them in the mid card you have:
    Elias, Tye Dillinger (get his arse back on TV for the love of god), Big Cass, Rusev, English, Almas and Benjamin.
    Plus jobbers.

    You’ve got a rock solid women’s division:
    Babyface: Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Bailey, Naomi
    Heels: Carmella, Sasha Banks, Iconic, Sonya Deville
    Plus you’ve still got Tamina and Lana hovering around.

    8 divas is plenty of SD.

    You’ve reinforced the tag team scene:
    Babyfaces: The Usos, The New Day, Rusev Day (part time tag team), Slater/Rhyno
    Heels: Bludgeon Bros, The Revival, The Club, Shining Stars

    That’s 8 tag teams including a part time one in Rusev Day. That’s more then enough. The focus should be on the top 6 though.

    I don’t think we need too many more call ups from NXT to be honest. Maybe just Almas. The rosters are kinda full and the call ups might just get lost in he shuffle, plus you don’t want to dilute NXT any more then needed.

    So those are my thoughts. None of them will probably happen knowing my luck. But I gave it a red hot go.
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    I'm kinda hoping that the lackluster reveals on raw means that Smackdown is getting some better name out of this because as far as storytelling is concern, last night, Angle looked like a complete idiot with the wrestlers he got from this shakeup.

    Let'S look at the list from worst pick to best pick

    15. Mike Kanellis: I hoping that this can be a new start for the guy but the fact that Maria isn't coming back anytime soon and i completly forgot he was on smackdown make his chance of getting somewhere really slim

    14. The Ascension: I'm still a fan of these guys but why is this gimmick even exciting now. Probably going to get use in comedy segment with breezango and squash matches on live event.

    13. Zack Ryder: Again, big fan of the guy but i don't think a change of brand will help him at this point. His best years are behind him and this change means nothing.

    12. Chad Gable: i don't anything potential in him as a single. They tried it on smackdown and it fail. I'm guessing the best thing for him would be to wait until jordan comes back and you reform american alpha.

    11. Mojo Rawley: the guy is a good heel but terrible wrestler. the thing is, if they forgotten about him on smackdown, he's pretty much doom on Raw.

    10. Breezango: really why them, i loved they're comedy segments but they won't fit well on a show like Raw.

    9. The riott Squad: i guess you needed a fresh start for the group but unless they take some of the undercard girl off raw, i don't see much of a future for them.

    8. Baron Corbin: It's a good idea to switch him but you have to send Strowman to smackdown to truly have something with him because if not, he's just another big man on the roster.

    7. Natalya: again decent get especially since the rumor is that she's going to be Rousey first program which isn't that bad but after, what do you do with her.

    6. Dolph ziggler: Really, does it matter where he is at this point, when you have to say that the best thing for him is partner him up with somebody else, that's kinda lame.

    5.Jinder Mahal: Great Heel, decent wrestler, kinda feel like his run as a upper midcard guy is over with this move

    4. Bobby Roode.: Again, The main problem with him is that WWE especially NXT producers didn't realise that giving him a great theme song would kill him. He felt like a afterthought when he started on smackdown and felt the same way with his debut on raw. The only thing that could save him is a complete repackage.

    3. Drew Mcintyre: i Love the fact that he's teaming with Ziggler, it intrigue me and it'S a great start for him.

    2 Sami Zayn: Pretty decent get even if it wasn'T angle idea, but him and owens are just taking Miz place on raw

    1 Kevin owens: See above.
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    When you look at the end product, Smackdown got the better deal out of the 2 brand this year. I already gave my thought on the raw side of things but just for fun, i'm going to right my opinions on the smackdown side from worst to best pick

    11. R-truth: At this point of his career, why not have him on smackdown maybe add him to the new day or something like that

    10. Andrate ''cien almas w/ Zelina vega: these 2 are a package deal for now but i feel like Andrate might be the tye dillinger of this year's shakeup. In fact i feel like they might even split them up before the end of the year. The guy never really click in NXT until they put Zelina with him and even then, he was considered by some as one of the worst NXT champion in history so i wouldn't be surprise that he doesn'T get far on smackdown

    9. Absolution: Kinda saw this coming since the riott squad got switch on monday. They could do something with them considering they former partner is Gm of Smackdown but i doubt that will happen and i wouldn't be surprise if they split them up before the end of the year unless they decide to create a tag championship for the women's.

    8. Sanity: The fact that nikki cross isn't coming with the rest of them kinda tells me that this might not be a successful as they could have been especially since the smackdown tag team division have a lot of great teams in it.

    7. Anderson and Gallows: i feel a refresh for them is in order and they might have that chance on smackdown plus if all else fail, just put them back with Aj Styles.

    6. Big Cass: The fact that he's the only big men on smackdown will help him become a star. Just let him be a big bully type of monster and you might be fine.

    5. The Miz: Personally this is just him coming back to smackdown after leaving the show for a year. He will have is feud with Bryan and then continue his run in the midcard until they decide to send him back to raw next year.

    4. The Bar: those guys needed a change of scenery more then anybody else on the roster. They have beaten everybody on raw and now they have a new set of teams to beat on smackdown.

    3. Jeff Hardy: Glad they did the switch: They needed to seperate the hardy as quick as possible. Plus this get another guy that can be a main eventer on Smackdown at some point.

    2. Samoa Joe: Again awesome get, The guy was pretty much getting typecast on raw since he started and he's better then that, let him finsih up is program with Reigns and then program him with Bryan or orton or even Jeff hardy.

    1. Asuka biggest gets of the week: She still a hot commodity in the women's division and now she has a whole new set of women's to wrestle with.

    In the end, if you go with the storyline aspect of the whole thing, Paige pretty much prove she's the better GM out of the 2 since she was able to get all these great stars in exchange for pretty much what i considered smackdown leftovers.

    Like last year, they did a lob sided shake up and this year smackdown won the whole thing.
  19. Sexcellence of Sexecution

    Jun 9, 2012
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    And now I don't ever have to watch RAW, how convienient. SmackDown is only two hours, and it has nearly every wrestler worth watching. Pretty easy decision.

    Styles, Nakamura, Bryan, Joe, Miz, Charlotte, Asuka are all on SmackDown. The Bar and Almas are great additions too. Plus, Mandy Rose. I'm always down for Mandy Rose.

    In kayfabe, Kurt Angle is the Jim Paxson of the WWE Universe. RAW sucks.
  20. Vintage Punk

    Vintage Punk Pre-Show Stalwart

    Sep 23, 2014
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    I gotta say that I think Smackdown won on this year's shakeup. Don't get me wrong, Raw got a good callup in Drew McIntyre and Zayn and Owens will be good at filling in that Miz type role. Smackdown, however, with Samoa Joe, Almas, and Jeff Hardy along with Asuka in women's division, look like the stronger deal. Plus their tag division really got better. They get rid of Breezango and Ascension who weren't doing anything but comedy skits and get the Bar and Club. Now Club needs to be booked better but that's two good teams that can now feud with Bludgeon Bros, Usos, New Day, Rusev Day, and the incoming Sanity! Couple that with keeping AJ, Nakamura, Bryan, Orton, Charlotte, and Becky.

    Once they get settled in...
    AJ(c) vs Samoa Joe
    Daniel Bryan vs Miz
    Charlotte(c) vs Asuka Pt2
    Bludgeon Bros(c)vs Usos vs Bar vs Sanity (Wulf and Dane) in Fatal Four Way
    Jeff Hardy(c) vs Nakamura
    Orton vs Big Cass-No Holds Barred
    Almas/ Dillinger/ Eric Young/Rusev/Benjamin/Big E-Ladder Match for #1 US title contender

    Yeah I know there's no more single brand PPVs anymore but this would be a decent card. Book these!
  21. George Steele's Barber

    George Steele's Barber Advertise Here $9.95/month

    Dec 7, 2010
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    At first I thought Raw got screwed but then I remembered that I have to suffer through Big Cass being important on SD. But then again he is probably going to get Baron Corbin's role which is still hard to stomach but it means that SD doesn't have Baron Corbin any longer so that's good.

    On the surface it seems like these moves were mostly about giving SD the clear cut better tag division and saving Rousey for her biggest matches for at least another year.

    SD clearly got more well rounded talent. Then again they needed it. Raw looks like they got a lot more guys for Braun to beat in five on one matches. But in the end we have to look at the most important factor in all of this and since Bayley is stuck on Raw, SD clearly came out on top. :)
  22. Ceen

    Ceen Occasional Pre-Show

    Feb 18, 2018
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    I’ll rank them 0 to 5

    Jinder Mahal: 3.5
    Riott Squad: 1.5
    Kevin Owens: 4.5
    Sami Zayn: 4
    Natalya: 2.5
    Fashion Police: 1.5
    Dolph Ziggler: 3
    Drew McIntyre: 3.5
    Baron Corbin: 2.5
    Bobby Roode: 3.5
    Mike Kanellis: 1
    The Ascension: 1
    Mojo Rawley: 1.5
    Zack Ryder: 1.5
    Chad Gable: 2
    Ember Moon: 4
    Authors of Pain: 3
    No Way Jose: 1
    Bobby Lashley: 4.5


    R-Truth: 1
    Sanity: 3.5
    Andrade Cien Almas: 3.5
    The Bar: 3.5
    Asuka: 4
    The Good Brothers: 2.5
    Big Cass: 3
    Samoa Joe: 4.5
    Sonya and Mandy: 1.5
    Jeff Hardy: 3.5
    The Miz: 4


    Smackdown got raided again, but it gets a lot of talent but loses depth
    Hope some spring clean for Sin Cara and the Colons, and probably Alicia Fox
    I was hoping to see Balor on SD, and have some more upper card shake, especially Tag and Women’s
    And Neville return would have been delightful
  23. UncleSav4ge

    UncleSav4ge Dark Match Jobber

    Apr 18, 2018
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    I was hoping to see Aleister Black, but I guess it's too early for him since they need him in NXT.
  24. JoeMallard

    JoeMallard Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 22, 2012
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    They needed him to hold the championship he just won.
  25. rge2010

    rge2010 Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Nov 3, 2010
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    I wouldn’t say Smackdown got raided at all. Smackdown managed to keep its big names in Styles, Nakamura and Orton – not to mention Daniel Bryan.

    It certainly lost some mid – mid/main eventers but it gained The Miz, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe who are more than capable of filling in or headlining.

    I would also say the tag team division on Smackdown has strengthened with the arrival of The Bar, Good Brothers and of course Sanity. Asuka is a big gain for the women’s division too.

    I think McIntrye would have been better on Smackdown and I agree that Finn Balor should have moved too.

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