Shane Helms Being Praised Behind the Curtain; Ring Return Soon?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by It's Damn Real!, Oct 12, 2015.

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    This from TNAInsider via PWInsider:

    If you caught Bound For Glory, or even if you just read the results, Helms also made his first on-screen appearance for TNA following the BFG opener in which Tigre Uno retained the X Division title. He congratulated Uno, but also eyed the title up quite a bit and had no real reason to be out there otherwise.

    Now, we know that Uno was hurt during the match, suffering a shoulder separation (I forget which degree), so he's likely out at least a few weeks, but he's also out while TNA is playing out this World Title Series in a period in which they didn't otherwise have television footage to continue the stories they'd been running heading into BFG.

    It's great to see Helms excelling in his agent role, but part of me is at least somewhat intrigued to see if he could bring anything to the on-screen product when they do tape again in India.
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    The BFG main event was not very good. So, I am surprised Helms would want to take credit for that. Does not look to be in any good shape; looks a little pudgy. I don't see myself being too excited for a Helms return to the ring if it ever happens.
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    I think the main-event at BFG was average and the end to it was awfully slow.

    Helms has been out of the ring for a while now, I'm not sure what shape he's in, but most would look massive against Tigre Uno.

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