REPORT: Mark Keaton And John Constantine To Go One-On-One?

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    Wow! What a piece of news?

    What's up, ladies and gentlemen, David Kerms here, once again, bringing you all of the biggest stories from behind the curtain of WZCW. And what news is bigger than something like this!?

    Having spoken to one of my sources deep within the company, it seems as though the cards for Meltdown, Ascension and Aftershock are coming together rather nicely. But one detail of the cards stands out like a sore thumb – Remarkable Mark Keaton going one on one with The Power Trip, John Constantine!

    If you were a betting man, you would have been given massive odds on this one happening, given that Vis Imperium are currently the Tag Team Champions and just overcame The Salvific Knights at Kingdom Come. It is being speculated that this match up has been made the powers that be as a punishment for getting involved in some key matches at Kingdom Come VIII. Both were involved post-match as they attacked Tyrone Blades. Keaton was also very heavily involved in the main event, in which Justin Cooper became the Heavyweight Champion.

    As far as what this means for Vis Imperium? We are unsure. Keep your eyes peeled for Meltdown, Ascension and Aftershock this week for more details.

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