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    Now that KC 8 has come and gone, we are ready to start a new fed year. That doesn't mean we are done celebrating the old fed year just yet. We will be holding an awards show next round, and the fans will be voting on the awards. The nominees are below. Simply PM your votes to me, and thanks again for another exciting year in WZCW!

    Best WZCW Wrestler

    Mikey Stormrage
    Eve Taylor
    Garth Black
    Justin Cooper

    Best WZCW tag Team

    Cooper & Keaton
    Vis Imperium (Constantine and Abel Hunnicutt)
    Phantoms of Chaos
    Salvific Knights

    Best WZCW show

    Lethal Lottery 8
    Meltdown Madness [Episode 132]
    Ascension 113 (Noah Ryder snaps, Cooper/Stormrage contract signing, Eve Taylor challenges Celeste Crimson)
    Meltdown 136 (Keaton joins Vis Imperium, Austin Reynolds booted from Vis Imperium, Black/Blades confrontation, Mikey Stormrage left destroyed by Vis Imperium)
    Gold Rush
    WZCW SuperShow 5

    Best WZCW match

    Dr. Zeus vs. Theron Daggershield - Hell in a Cell
    Titus Avison vs. Flex Mussel II
    Cooper and Keaton vs. Phantoms of Chaos
    Flex Mussel vs. Showtime Cougar
    Titus Avison vs. Bruce Irwin

    Best WZCW NPC

    Steven Holmes
    Andrew Adonis
    Gino Rizzoli
    Various Talk Show Hosts (Lee)
    Tiffany Wyatt
    Batti Otaku

    Best WZCW moment

    Mikey Stormrage beats Constantine for World Title
    The Cerberus curtain call at Kingdom Come
    Garth Black finally wins the World Championship
    Vis Imperium wins 2 Championships in the same night
    Haven and Carmen return
    Live Mas' post-match hug at Kingdom Come
    Cooper and Keaton upset the Phantoms of Chaos to win the Tag Championships
    Zeus and CotD standing tall to end Kingdom Come
    Blade returns at Apocalypse
    Justin Cooper wins Lethal Lottery
    Flex retires Showtime Cougar
    Phoenix returns to WZCW
    Noah Ryder cashes in the KFAD in the middle of the LLVIII
    Batti Otaku and Action Saxton play Patty Cake during LLVIII
    Drake Callahan returns in Lethal Lottery
    Mark Keaton reveals Constantine as his new tag team partner and joins Vis Imperium
    Titus Avison breaks the EurAsian Championship title reign record
    Hayden McAllister birthday celebration opens Ascension

    Best WZCW title reign

    Eve Taylor - Elite Openweight Championship
    Titus - EurAsian Championship
    Cooper and Keaton - Tag Team Championships
    Austin Reynolds - Elite Openweight Championship

    WZCW Rookie of the Year

    Mark Keaton
    Xander LeBelle
    Tony Mancini

    Most Improved RPer


    Best WZCW Creative Member


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