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    Is it that time of year again already?

    To all the WZCW fans around the world, this is your chance to be involved in the action at one of the most exciting pay-per-view events of the year. WZCW Unscripted is an interactive experience unlike anything you have ever experienced in the world of professional wrestling. You have the power, you make the decisions and you can change the future of WZCW forever by sending in your votes!

    This year Unscripted has nine matches with eight of them requiring your input.

    World Championship - Justin Cooper © vs. Constantine

    Hell in a Cell, no voting options.

    Elite Openweight Championship - Callie Clark © vs. Matt Tastic

    A) Pure Rules Match
    B) Iron Man Match (30 Minutes)
    C) Mayhem Rules Match

    Eurasian Championship - Titus Avison © & Tyrone Blades vs. Vis Imperium (Keaton/LeBelle)

    A) Tyrone Blades' Career On The Line
    B) Vis Imperium Will Disband If They Lose

    Mayhem Championship - Randy Studd © vs. Vox

    A) Title On A Pole Match
    B) Opponent's Finisher To Win Match
    C) Ladder Match

    Kagura vs. Batti

    A) Tables Match
    B) Steel Chain Match
    C) Singles Match

    Eve Taylor vs. Logan McAllister

    A) No Holds Barred Match
    B) Steel Cage Match
    C) Boiler Room Brawl

    Lynx vs. Triple X

    A) Chairs Match
    B) Submission Match
    C) Falls Count Anywhere Match

    Anthony Mancini vs. Wren

    A) Winner Receives $10,000
    B) Stretcher Match
    C) Lumberjack Match

    Milenko vs. Ace Stevens vs. Yemrez Reqonic vs. War Zone

    A) Eurasian Championship Shot
    B) Elite Openweight Championship Shot
    C) Mayhem Championship Shot

    Once you have decided on which option you think is best, simply copy and past the above template and message it to a member of creative. Remember to bold completely the option you are voting for in each match to avoid creating confusion. After sending in your votes they will be tallied and the results will be revealed live at Unscripted!

    You can click the "send PM" button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen of this article. It's the red button next to "quote" and "fast reply" to send votes directly to me once completed.

    Deadline for votes is Tuesday 14th November 23:59 (Central).

    We cannot wait to see how you vote!

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    Reminder that today is the final day to get your votes in for Unscripted.

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