REPORT: Mr Banks Orders The Hollow Ones To Work...

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    What's up, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to – The first stop for all of your out-of-the-ring WZCW news. It has been a very busy day at our Headquarters in Nevada today, as more news comes to us thick and fast as we prepare for Meltdown, Ascension and Aftershock.

    And one more piece of news that I can confirm is that Mr Banks has ordered both Tyrone Blades and Phoenix back to work for the upcoming set of shows. A source for Mr. Banks has told me that Mr Banks is worried about the numbers for the shows, given that Xaitlyn Serpiente and Abel Hunnicutt will not competing for the foreseeable future. WZCW has brought back Aftershock as a treat to the fans and to mark the WZCW End of Year Awards. But Mr Banks, is, seemingly, worried about filling the cards and has ordered The Hollow Ones back to work after the vicious assaults at the hands of Vis Imperium. The source has also informed me that any member of The Hollow Ones who does not show up for their match will be fired with immediate effect.

    A lot has been said about the motives of Mr Banks, however, given his history with The Hollow Ones. Could it be that Mr Banks is making a power play to get rid of those who have blighted him so openly? It certainly appears so.

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