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Discussion in 'The GSD Archives' started by yur_momma, Jun 27, 2015.

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    a couple of things on current events. read and learn, people. im trying to give people the opportunity to stop sounding silly. before i start i couldnt care less who marries who, im all for abolishing marriage so im not on either side.

    1. marriage is NOT a basic human right, thats such a grossly misinformed statement. marriage comes from the idea that women were property to be sold for a bride price or a dowry, a practice that is still in effect all over the world, even democratic countries like nigeria and india. im sure women who are forced into marriages in countries like saudi arabia would have a very different opinion about the human right label because for them the men are the ones with the rights. if it was a basic human right then there is no excuse for leaving the benefits of that human right away from people who are not and will not be married. see below:

    2. the people who always want "equality" always have a limited definition of the word. it always means "us" and thats it (for example, show me one speech during the civil rights movement that mentions native americans who are still forced to live on reservations and under harsh, constricting rules. or gay people. MLK in his 'i have a dream' speech, one of many he plagairized btw, only mentions little black boys and girls and little white boys and girls). i have to laugh at the word equality in this instance because in the usa, married people for some unexplainable reason, have 1,138 benefits that single people who never have and never will marry will not get to take advantage of. it was always about the beneifits and the decisions that married people have access to and now another group has it....leaving those who see marriage as a ridiculous custom out in cold. equality? i think not.

    3. the 'REBEL flag' is what it is called, it was NEVER the confederate flag, again people are grossly misinformed. also, it is not called the 'stars and bars', that was a different flag entirely. maybe this video below should help educate some:
    NOT the Confederate Flag

    and dont say being 'close' is enough. it isnt. spreading misinformation and repeating bumper sticker sized liberal one liners and not researching things for oneself is lazy and sometimes dangerous. one google search on the flag could teach a lot of lazy people a thing or two.
    warner bros have banned the 'dukes of hazard' and recalled all the 'general lee' car merchandise because not one person there thought it was a good idea to inform themselves or just didnt have the balls to tell ignorant people that they are just wrong. ‪#‎rantover‬
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    That's cool
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    It sure is hard to hit the shift key when you are using both hands to grasp at those straws.
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    Marriage certainly is not a basic right but being treated equally by the law is supposed to be.

    Possibly having a 'limited' understanding/scope of equality is is certainly better than denying it to others, although I do agree that benefits like tax breaks doled out to certain groups who do not need them like those who are married or institutions such as churches do blur the lines on what 'equality under the law' can mean.

    It may not be the Confederate flag but it is the flag most closely associated with and used by the Confederacy. That alone should see it removed.
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    Cute. But when I criticize your horrid grammar, it's a free country and we're free to express ourselves however we want. Even if we can't properly read what you write.
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    Alternatively, I imagine it's hard out there for a mouth breather, when he has extra needles from that straw man he just built stuck in his throat.
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    My favourite part was the weird sideswipe at Dr. King, which one could argue betrays certain... tendencies.

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