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    An array of pyrotechnics blast up along the ramp, around the stage and on the outside of the Titantron before one big massive explosion of pyro ends the sequence. The overhead camera pans throughout the arena to reveal the fans cheering as loud as they possibly can as well as showcasing their signs and merchandise they have brought with them to the event. We switch to a cameraman on the floor who quickly strafes along the ringside barricade to reveal the craziness of the fans who purchased the premium tickets before reaching the commentator's desk, keeping the focus on them to start off the broadcast.

    Copeland: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another instalment of WZCW's flagship televised program, Meltdown! My name is Sebastian Copeland and I'm here with my long-time Meltdown broadcast partner, the "Magnificent" Jacob Cohen!

    Cohen: I haven't heard anybody inside the business pronounce my name like that for a very long time - what's wrong, Seabass? Are you feeling ill?

    Copeland: No, I'm fine. I'm just glad we've got an awesome crowd here in the Pepsi Center and we've got our pyro and introductions back.

    Cohen: This only further proves my theory of you living a life as dull as your career as a commentator.

    Copeland: Still better than yours...

    Cohen: Hey, hey... c'mon now, Sebastian. I was only giving you a rib.

    Copeland: Oh, Sebastian now, is it? Haha... I know you're mucking about but I tell you what's not fooling about: our huge main event of the evening as the team of Barbosa & SHIT dubbed as "Technosa" by the fans go up against Celeste Crimson and the Elite X Champion, Constantine, who is filling in for his former partner's absence.

    Cohen: I cannot believe Barbosa has been allowed to walk around the halls of WZCW without going unpunished as he has! Where has the system of justice gone - thank God we've got ourselves a trusted politician and a vigilante of sorts to take down those two scoundrels. It's almost as if WZCW has it's own Batman and Harvey Dent.

    Copeland: You know who Batman and Harvey Dent are? Anyway, to continue-


    The crowd continues to cheer as the music of Meltdown's General Manager begins playing through the speakers. He promptly walks out onto the stage dressed in full suited attire and waves to the fans as he walks down the ramp. As he goes down, he hi-fives the younger fans at ringside whilst shaking the hands of the older ones.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WZCW General Manager of Meltdown; Big Dave!

    Cohen: Time to shut up, Seabass. Our "esteemed" General Manager is here.

    They cheer once more as Dave enters the ring and waves to the fans once more before asking to use Harrys' microphone. He nods and hands it over before exiting the ring. Dave waits for his music to die down before lifting his microphone, where a small chant breaks out for the GM.

    Dave: Thank you for the pleasant reception Denver, Colorado!

    A loud cheer erupts as the crowd hears their city's name.

    Dave: But I'm not out here to relive the glory of old because it is about the future and one that is fast approaching us: Kingdom Come 5.

    Again, another cheer for the name-drop of the massive event.

    Dave: Isn't that crazy? Kingdom Come FIVE... that's a lot of memories we've all shared and experienced together and they are still plenty more in the future to come, which is why we are looking to embrace the spirit that such a huge event brings to every wrestling fan around the globe. For the good and bad times every single one of you have sat through when watching WZCW, we'd like to give thanks to the fans and offer a Fan Access event before Kingdom Come 5 where all of you get the chance to see every superstar up close and in person taking photo's, autographs and exclusive interviews. We'll be hosting special activities for the kids, showcasing exclusive WZCW merchandise and memorabilia as well as a special pre-Kingdom Come show that will host bonus matches on top of Kingdom Come 5... something we like to call the "WrestleZone Weekend."

    There isn't a large cheer that is heard but there are definitely a lot happy and intrigued faces after hearing about the news.

    Dave: More details will be posted up on as we get closer to the event so please check that out. Also, in celebration of how huge this event is going to be, the regularly scheduled broadcasts of Meltdown, Ascension & Aftershock won't be occurring prior to Kingdom Come 5 but instead, WZCW will be hosting its 3rd Supershow in preparation of the event.

    Another flutter of cheers and excited fans can be seen/heard throughout the arena.

    Copeland: Wow... a fan access weekend and a Supershow before Kingdom Come? This is going to be huge events in the upcoming weeks!

    Cohen: Don't forget the Hall of Fame, Seabass... they're really pulling out all the stops. I'm already pumped.

    Dave: And with all this talk of Kingdom Come, we've yet to announce anything for the official card! Well, I am pleased to finally confirm...

    Just as he pulls the microphone towards his face, he is interrupted:


    Celeste Crimson, the Queen of World Heavyweight Champion, enters the arena to a loud array of boo's from the Denver crowd who comes out without Steven Holmes by side. She doesn't seem to be pleased at all as she walks out on stage and down the ramp with a microphone in hand, eventually entering the ring.

    Cohen: Holmes is still injured from the attack by Barbosa. He must have really did a number on him.

    Copeland: Either that or Steven has an ace up his sleeve.

    Dave turns his attention to her fully and asks her what she wants.

    Celeste: Last time I was out in front of an audience with a General Manager, there was some discussion about the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion and how he fell victim of a brutal assault orchestrated by one of the most mentally-unstable characters we've got in this company. Yet, instead of any sort of action being dealt against this sort of injustice, this man... Barbosa... walks around a free man and to make matters worse, you've forced me to compete against him tonight? Not to mention this company tried to force Holmes to compete as well, considering his condition.

    Dave: What's your point, Celeste?

    Celeste: Justice to be served: is it that hard of a request for this company to process? And be warned, if you don't agree to this request, I'll be taking matters into my own hands and nobody will be able to stop me.

    Dave takes a moment to think it over.

    Dave: Well... I'd love to help you there Celeste but the last time I tried to reprimand an unstable person for reckless and unnecessary assault, my decision got overturned and if I remember correctly, I believe I was punishing your boyfriend for doing something worse to the Angel than Barbosa did to him... so with my hands being tied, I can't touch Barbosa.

    Celeste is fuming over the words of the General Manager but before she can speak, Dave interrupts her.

    Dave: But... what I can do is compensate you. The Board of Directors have been watching closely as we head into Kingdom Come and we were very impressed with your performance in defeating a former World champion, giving us the notion in our heads that you could very well be a credible contender for the title. Despite his mental state... or states, if you will... Barbosa has been very impressive as well so here is what came up after discussing what to do with this newly-developed situation between the two of you. How about we scheduled a very special match for Kingdom Come for yourself, Celeste? A match where say... the winner becomes the new number one contender for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship?

    Everyone in the arena are getting excited with Celeste intently listening to the proposition.

    Dave: At Kingdom Come 5, Celeste Crimson will have the chance to win her first championship as she takes on Barbosa to determine who will face the World Champion after the event... at Redemption!

    The crowd explodes as the match is announced and seemingly set for the event. Dave offers Celeste a smile as the look on Celeste's face goes to shock and disbelief, somewhat conflicted in her thoughts.

    Dave: You have the opportunity of a lifetime - to potentially become World champion and take care of Barbosa yourself in a way that you see fit. As an old and mutual acquaintance of ours used to say: how does that make you feel?

    Dave puts the microphone on the ground and exits the ring, leaving Celeste in the middle of the ring to think about what just happened. She is not sure whether to be happy or to refute the opportunity as she stares at Dave walking to the back, waving to the fans once more.

    Copeland: Holy crap! What an announcement by Dave! A huge match between Celeste Crimson and Barbosa for an opportunity at the World title. Talk about surprises - not even Celeste knows what to say.

    Cohen: She might not be getting exactly what Steven Holmes & her want but I can tell you that she is getting exactly what Celeste Crimson has been wishing for. Dave's right for once - Celeste has the opportunity to destroy Barbosa on the biggest stage of them all for her love to watch whilst getting an potential shot at his title... that is going to be an intense contest.

    Copeland: Most definitely - but how will this affect Barbosa's friendship with SHIT? They've become inseparable recently and wrestling as a tag team. If Barbosa wins, what happens to SHIT?

    Cohen: Dismantled for spare parts or thrown in a tire fire, probably.

    Copeland: Jack!

    Cohen: What? He's a robot and I was referring to that... oh, never mind.

    We transition to a commercial break, ending on Celeste slowly exiting the ring and having a long ponder about what had just occurred.
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    Panning across the capacity crowd, the capacity crowd comes to life as they recognise themselves on camera. That response however is dwarfed by the cheers that erupt following the sound of a former Mayhem Champion’s entrance:


    Sauntering out with a slick smirk on his face, the greasy haired combatant enters. He chews what appears be gum as he stands, soaking up the adulation. Then, the bell rings as the introductions begin:

    Harrys: This bout is set for one fall, introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing 228 pounds, he is the “American Beast”, Ace Stevens!

    As Stevens name is announced, he slicks his hair back and throws his arms in the air, screaming at the same time. Then, behind his trademark sunglasses, he raises his eyebrows up and down. Then he spits his gum down whilst strutting towards the squared circle.

    Copeland: Last week, Ace Stevens was supposed to team with the reigning Mayhem Champion Vega in a tag battle with Alex Bowen & Matt Tastic as their opponents. Unfortunately for Stevens he was left to his own devices. He was unable to get the job done. Stevens is clearly not happy about that. And well, Vega hasn’t been seen for the past few weeks. Rumours are circulating as to the whereabouts of the Mayhem Champion, especially with the clock counting down on the road to Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: Oh please Seabass. Vega is trying to get into Stevens head and based on the response, I’d say the champ’s succeeded.

    Stevens steps through the ropes and asks for the crowd to give it up for him, his face lit up. He rubs his chin, elongating it as he does so. He points all around the arena asking for the crowd to give him their energy. That all changes though as another fan favourite prepares to step forth:


    Harrys: And his opponent, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing 220 pounds, Triple X!

    X comes out, a more sombre appearance. He is usually all smiles and bouncing all over the place, a high flying competitor. However, he appears wary, uncertain almost. He rubs his chin and nods as the crowd cheers, almost geeing himself up. He starts to shake and shiver with electricity before sprinting down to the ring, sliding in.

    Copeland: Triple X seemed a little unsure of his own talents there when coming out. Perhaps his confidence has taken a knock with the defeat to Chris K.O.?

    Cohen: I’m sure it has, but he needs to put that past him and get on with the task at hand and that task is a former champion, so let’s get it on.

    Staring up at Ace, X nods, knowing what awaits him. X throws off his coat as he rises, much as Stevens has also done. Ace takes off his sunglasses and tosses them off into the crowd before the bell rings once more and the bout is underway courtesy of Keith Morse. The two men circle one another before coming together into a lock-up. Triple X tries to use surprise to his advantage and shove Ace down, but the Brooklyn native won’t fall for it and drops to his knees, sneaking out of the tie-up. He comes up wards, getting his arms in position for a snap bodyslam. The moves surprises X and Stevens drops swiftly into a cover, smothering X at the same time: 1...KICK-OUT! X pops out and rises quickly, but he is met with a stiff uppercut from Stevens. This drops X backwards before Stevens drops a fast elbow right to the heart. He smothers into a pinning predicament once more: 1...KICK-OUT! Trip ruffles his hair, anger becoming very apparent. He swings wildly at Stevens, but Ace ducks and nails a jab to the ribs. He repeats a couple of times. Then he spins and he executes a clothesline. He drops to a cover: 1...2...KICK-OUT! Triple X’s aggression grows greater with each kick-out and he slaps the mat before shoving Stevens away. He goes to the corner and kicks the bottom turnbuckle, slapping the top one also.

    Cohen: Looks like X is letting the title loss get to him. This is the opening I think Stevens can seize.

    Morse checks on X, asking him if he’s okay. X nods, indicating he’s fine to continue and turns, inviting Stevens to lock-up with him just as they did to begin. Stevens nods and they repeat the process. This time though, X begins to force Stevens into a corner. He appears to have things under control, but then the tide suddenly turns as Ace reverses X into the corner. He unleashes a vicious chop across X’s chest. He leaves the corner, bobbing around like a boxer would. X screams at Ace in frustration. He appears fired up and invites Ace to come at him. Stevens needs not be asked twice and sprints at X, this time the former EurAsian Champion is prepared. He ducks and delivers a signature Adrenaline Rush, firing up for his closing sequence early, trying to put this frustrating bout behind him swiftly. The crowd is split on X with many favouring Ace still. Again he tries to feed off the emotion of the crowd. He shakes, he shivers and he looks to the top rope. He nods repeatedly, smirking all the time. Then, he proceeds to climb.

    Copeland: Triple X is feeling it, he’s going up top!

    Cohen: He’s only hit Ace Stevens with one move and now he goes for his finisher which requires this amount of set-up?

    The question still ringing in our ears, X approaches the top rope as swiftly as possible. He is to the top and he takes a deep breath, Ace Stevens apparently in prime position. He takes a leap, corkscrewing and twisting into a leg drop position with The Firefly! Stevens though is to his feet! Amazingly enough though, X manages to in fact land on his feet. While the crowd and even the referee gasp in amazement Stevens though is a competitor in the truest sense of the word. He unleashes a Punchline, rolling elbow smash, across X’s chops. He collapses into a cover: 1...2...3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner; ACE STEVENS!

    Cohen: I knew that idiot shouldn’t have gone to the top. His desire to pander to these morons is always going to hinder his true talents.

    Copeland: Come on Jack, he was riding a wave of momentum and hoping to capitalise on a big time move with an even bigger one.

    Cohen: Pffft...

    Ace raises his arms in victory, soaking up the victory. He smiles and poses for a moment before giving a swift, mock salute to Triple X and leaving, swiftly. He continues to pose as he exits. Triple X meanwhile is face down in the mat. He appears irate if not somewhat groggy. He looks glazed over but his expression is clear; he is angry.


    Stormrage and Howard are walking down the hall backstage when they stop dead in their tracks, staring at something ahead of them.

    Howard: Oh good lord.

    Ricky Runn, wearing a sideways cap, designer sleeveless t-shirt, and shutter shades walks into the picture.

    Runn: What’s up my ninjas! Oh snap, you guys getting ready for your match with Sam Smith and Rush?

    Stormrage: If I may answer your question with a question… what the hell are you wearing?

    Runn ignores Stormrage’s inquiry.

    Runn: Yo, check it out, let me be your manager out there! I could totes mcgoats have your back in case those TSA losers decide to retaliate after your win last week. I’ll give them a little bit of the ol’ Ricky Runndown!

    Ricky starts hopping around, miming fighting invisible opponents… that is, until he hits Bob, the backstage worker, in the balls with an errant kick.

    Runn: Oh hamburgers…

    Stormrage: How about you just keep watch from backstage, Ricky?

    Runn: Sounds good, dawwwwwwwwwg!

    Stormrage nods and he and Howard continue on their way.


    As soon as we transition back to the arena, the crowd is seen booing loudly as Rush and Sam Smith are on the stage, looking around at the audience with disappointment. As they head down the ramp, Triple X is seen walking back up and he gives Smith a quick glance before walking past. Smith turns around and watches him leave but Rush puts an arm around his shoulder and turns him in the correct direction.

    Cohen: Time for the first tag team match of the night - I think I already know who the winners are and they are walking down that ramp right now.

    Copeland: I wouldn't be too sure about that, they are facing off against the 2-time tag team champions when we come back!

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall....!
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    Copeland: Welcome back to the ninety first edition of Meltdown, and we have an extremely high profile match coming up!

    Sam Smith and Rush are standing in their corner of the ring, and they look extremely serious–angry even.

    Strikeforce emerges on the stage, and they seem to be in a good mood, one that offsets Smith and Rush’s seemingly bad mood.

    Harrys: Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 538 pounds… James Howard, Mikey Stormrage… they are STRIKEFORCE!

    Stormrage runs down one side of the entrance ramp high fiving fans all along the way. Even the normally stoic James Howard has a smile on his face and throws a few fans a nod of thanks for their support.

    Cohen: What are these goofballs smiling about?

    Copeland: Maybe it’s because they beat their arch rivals The Sacrificial Altar last week. Maybe it’s because they managed to survive a weekend hanging out with Ricky Runn without sustaining any major injuries. Maybe the energy of this amazing Colorado crowd is just too much for even James Howard to ignore! There’s a million reasons to be smiling when you’re on WZCW Meltdown, and it looks like Strikeforce found at least one.

    Cohen: Yeah, well Rush and Smith are going to wipe those smiles right off Strikeforce’s collective faces.

    Stormrage and Howard have ascended turnbuckles on opposite sides of the ring, and both pose for the fans before hopping down and meeting each other in their corner. They slap their chests with one hand and clapped their hands together, some sort of handshake to signify that they’re ready for action.

    The ref calls for the bell, and the fight is ready to begin.

    Howard and Rush start the bout… or at least they seem to be ready to start the bout. The two meet in the middle of the ring, but instead of locking up, Rush seems to be in the mood for trash talking. He pokes Howard in the chest and angrily shouts something at the Leeds native. Howard answers back, but Rush quickly cuts him off. Sam Smith calls to Rush, causing WZCW’s most veteran of wrestlers to turn around and take note of his partner’s words. James Howard, however, is done talking, and locks Rush into an inverted facelock… AND HITS THE TKO! RIGHT OFF THE BAT AND WE HAVE A FINISHER! Howard makes the cover.

    Cohen: No way! It's too early.




    Sam Smith has sprung over the ropes and dropped an elbow on Howard to break up the pin.

    Copeland: Close call for Rush thanks to his tag team partner. It could have been over right there and then.

    Sam Smith looks ready to lay another attack on Howard, but Stormrage has entered the fray and he slams into Sam Smith, the big man using his girth as a weapon that sends Sam Smith crashing to the mat. Rush is just about back to his feet, but Stormrage and Howard look at each other, an idea clearly swirling about in their minds.

    Stormrage walks over to a dazed Rush and thrusts the Canadian’s head in-between his legs. As Stormrage prepares Rush for a powerbomb, Howard ascends to the top rope. Stormrage hoists Rush up on his shoulders, and Howard launches himself from the top rope. Howard hits Chaos Theory as Stormrage nails a powerbomb, and together the two have hit Headshot! Howard scrambles to the pin.



    Sam Smith gets back to his feet, but Stormrage knocks him back down with a stiff kick to the midsection.


    Cohen: What!?

    The bell rings, and Strikeforce is the winning team!

    Harrys: Here are your winners; Strikeforce!

    Stormrage and Howard give each other a half-handshake/half-hug before the referee walks over to raise their arms. Sam Smith and Rush have rolled out of the ring and begin the long walk of losers, Sam lending some support to Rush after the beating he took.

    Cohen: I can’t believe that these fans are cheering for Strikeforce like this after James Howard just ambushed Rush like that!

    Sure enough, the crowd has been going wild in support of Howard and Stormrage ever since Howard hit the TKO.

    Copeland: The bell had rung partner, the match had started, and Howard had every right to do what he did. I’d think you of all people would understand that.

    Cohen: Oh I understand it, and it was a smart move by Howard. I’m just surprised that these fans cheer for such a devious move but boo honest wrestlers like Smith and Rush.

    All of a sudden, the lights go out with only the camera flashes providing enough light to make out a scene of Howard & Stormrage turning their heads frantically.


    The crowd boos heavily as the familiar music of the Sacrificial Altar makes their way out onto the stage as a single spotlight shines down on them. Grand Mystique is out first, followed by Mason Westhoff, D.C and the hooded individual, all standing in a line staring down the two men in the ring who are ready to take them on even with the handicap.

    Copeland: Every bloody time! I'm getting sick of these antics!

    Cohen: Mikey Stormrage and his friends are just very slow learners, Seabass.

    The lights go back to normal as the Altar continues to advance down the ramp, looking to take advantage of the small numbers. However, before they are able to get down to ringside, Derek Jacobs and Ricky Runn (who is still wearing his ridiculous clothing) have made themselves present by entering through the crowd and jump the barricade. They side along Strikeforce in the ring, causing the Altar to slow down their pace, causing them to second guess the announced ambush.

    Cohen: What are they waiting for? Let's get this brawl happening!

    Copeland: It's even numbers now - they're re-thinking their strategy. They shouldn't have played their music and come out slowly.

    Cohen: They wanted to make an example of Strikeforce by letting them know that even on their guard, they can win but it seems like they're going to plan B.

    As the Altar continue to discuss, Mikey Stormrage throws his hands up in the air, turns around and grabs a microphone much to the confusion of his allies.

    Stormrage: Just cut the music, already.

    As he commands, the music ends and every member of the Altar as well as the crowd immediately pays attention to the clearly annoyed Strikeforce member.

    Stormrage: If you're hear to attack us then hurry up with it because I don't have the time, patience or interest in waiting for something to happen these days. To put it simply, I'm tired Mystique... I'm tired of the ambushes and the mind games because its been going on for far too long. We need to settle things before things get out of control and both sides continue to increase in numbers. I'm already teaming up with someone I don't really want to...

    Referring to Jacobs, who looks at Mikey with a bit of a shocked look on his face.

    Stormrage: ... but because of this entire ordeal you've generated for yourself Mystique, we've got to let bygones be bygones until we've dealt with the problem - you.

    The crowd cheers as Mikey steps forward and points to Mystique, still intently listening.

    Stormrage: I want to finish this Mystique, my guys and your guys want to finish it and everyone in this entire arena wants this finished... *loud cheers* ... so let's end it. Us against you... and just so you can have your big stage to orchestrate the ultimate plan of the "Almighty," we can settle it at Kingdom Come 5, you little drama queen. What's it going to be Mystique?

    With that, Stormrage tosses the microphone towards the Altar, caught by D.C. with some good reflexes. Westhoff snatches the mic from him and steps forward, looking to do the talking.

    Westhoff: Since the Almighty has yet to decide whether or not this mysterious individual is worthy of joining our Sacrificial Altar, we can only accept should you remove one man from your ranks as well and if we are able to choose the stipulation of the match. If you do not accept these conditions, we shall haunt your days for the rest of your life until you do. That is our counter offer, take it or leave it.

    Unlike Stormrage, Westhoff carefully approaches the ring and slides the mic across the canvas before walking back slowly to his party. Stormrage, Howard and Runn look at each other before eyeing off Jacobs and come to a quick agreement. Before they can make the decision, Jacobs picks up the microphone and speaks for the team.

    Jacobs: Done - Mikey, James and I against the three of you brain-washing cultists in whatever match you'd like, even with that creepy hooded guy I'm going to defeat on Ascension just watches on like a little bitch. We're not afraid of you and we will defeat you. Bank on that.

    Derek throws the microphone down and stares down with Altar with intensity who seem satisfied with the answer, looking back at the four men in the ring before slowly backing off. Ricky Runn just felt like he got hit by a bus as Howard and Stormrage stare at Jacobs who ignores the rest of his team. Howard looks to comfort Runn as Stormrage gets in front of Jacobs, pushes him back and the two begin arguing about what just happened before Howard is able to break it up. Mikey agrees to stop and shakes his head whilst Jacobs re-assures them that this is the correct plan. Stormrage exits the ring with Howard going after him, trying to be the mediator of the situation. The two head up the ramp as Jacobs looks at Runn before exiting, looking to win over Strikeforce and leave Runn in the middle of the ring.

    Copeland: Tension seems to be running high for the Strikeforce group as Derek Jacobs seemingly accepted the offer of The Sacrificial Altar and cut Ricky Runn loose from their line-up. Talk about bad luck.

    Cohen: Jacobs is smart - Runn is reckless and his luck would affect everybody, including his own team-mates. It's best to cut your losses and move on.

    Copeland: Maybe... now we just have to wait until the Altar choose a stipulation and for the WZCW Board of Directors to approve the match for Kingdom Come.


    Somewhere in the backstage area, we see Ace Stevens walking along with his bags packed and in casual attire, looking to leave the building. However, before he can Leon Kensworth is on the scene to get an exclusive interview.

    Leon: Ace, ACE! Wait up!

    Ace stops and turns around with a smile, relishing the fact that he is getting an interview but, in the corner of the screen, an individual can be seen running from behind some boxes and knocking over staff personnel, jumping out from behind Ace as he has his back turned and smashes Ace over the back of his head with a championship title.

    Leon: Oh my god!

    As Leon goes to get some help, Vega reveals himself as the man who attacks Ace, staring down at him as he lays lifeless on the ground. Vega grabs his Mayhem championship and hoists it onto his shoulder before kneeling down and telling Stevens a very important message.

    Vega: Consider that a warning, Stevens - you don't belong here anymore; your time has passed. Get out whilst I still allow you to.

    Vega stands up as we can hear running footsteps heading to the scene. He turns around and walks off as Leon comes back with help, checking on the condition of Stevens as he has only started to come to.


    We cut back to the arena where Ricky Runn is in the middle of the ring, arguing with the referee in a weird fashion using his hands and arms to communicate for him as he slowly undresses down to his attire.

    Copeland: What the hell was all that about?

    Cohen: Vega is sending a message, just like the referee is with Ricky Runn who is refusing to compete.

    Copeland: Apparently, we've got Ricky Runn's match coming up next and he's not even ready.
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    We return back to the ring where Ricky Runn is jumping up and down, ready and eager to take on his opponent but apparently still has his sunglasses on.


    The crowd delivers a mixture of cheers and boos as Alhazred's music begins to play. After a few seconds of nothing, large thunderous footsteps can be heard as Facecrush manages to enter the arena, carrying Mister Alhazred in his arms whose hair is ruffled everywhere and looks like he hasn't washed in a while, donning a long dirty lab coat that was formerly white and instead of trunks, a very tight fitting pair of underwear. The only thing that seems to be in good condition is the power glove that Alhazred keeps close to his chest.

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, being carried by Facecrush McSpinesmasher, from His Hidden Underground Laboratory, weighing 178 pounds, Mister Alhazred!

    Copeland: Alhazred doesn't look right.

    Cohen: Nothing about Alhazred is right, Seabass. I don't know how a man who was regarded as a doctor cannot dress himself properly... then again, Ricky's sense of fashion seems to have changed dramatically.

    Alhazred is dropped off by Facecrush on the apron and enters the ring. He then directs Facecrush to go find a chair and sit down. He nods his head slowly and goes to look for one in the crowd but Alhazred yells at Facecrush, telling him to just sit on the floor and not go into the crowd. Again, he nods slowly and instantly hits the ground, causing the people in the front row to spill over as well due to the impact. Alhazred shakes his head and turns around, looking weirdly at Ricky Runn who still has his sunglasses on. The referee (Dillon Morse) stands next to Alhazred and tells him that he won't take them off. Alhazred says that's crazy as Ricky defends his shades, getting slightly offended. The crowd laughs as the referee agrees and Facecrush yells "weird little man."

    Copeland: Did... did Alhazred call Ricky Runn crazy?

    Cohen: He's not wearing good sunglasses. He should have purchased a pair of Jack Cohen's magnificent shades, available at right now.

    Copeland: Oh lord...

    Ricky, who is a little offended, takes off his glasses and stuffs them down his trunks, switching it for a paint tube from his pockets and squeezes it on his hand. He then slaps the chest of Alhazred, giving him a Paint Five! and causing him to stagger back. Both Morse and Alhazred are caught off guard but it is clear Ricky wishes to compete. Alhazred powers up the glove, drops to his knees and delivers a huge low blow to Ricky Runn to which everybody in the arena, squints and contorts at how painful it must be. The look on Runn's face is priceless as Alhazred pulls him arm away and looks down. However, it is Alhazred's face who looks confused as Runn is still standing and seemingly unaffected by the shot. Runn reaches into his trousers and pulls out the sunglasses that appear to be slightly dented. Runn doesn't look too pleased.

    Copeland: The glasses absorbed the impact!

    Cohen: Otherwise it would've been goodbye for Runn's special hamburger sauce.

    Runn looks at Alhazred with menacing eyes before sliding on the sunglasses and demands the referee to ring the bell, to which he obliges.


    Ricky dodges a power glove attack and hits the Ricky Runndown... 1... 2... 3!


    As Ricky gets up, he sees the big Facecrush look surprised, shocked and angry his master lost so suddenly. He gets up and directly focuses on Ricky who decides it is best to hi-tail from the situation, sliding out of the ring and running up the ramp screaming "Oh hamburgers" as he escapes. Facecrush enters the ring and picks up his master who seems to be alright from the match.

    Cohen: That could be in contention for the quickest match in WZCW history.

    Alhazred heads to the side of the ring and requests for a microphone. A ringside assistant hands him one. He heads back to the middle of the ring and frantically looks around the audience.

    Alhazred: Missy! Where are you Missy?

    He continues looking around as the crowd is confused, looking around for Missy as well.

    Alhazred: Come out Missy, wherever you are. I demand you come out here and explain yourself. Explain the reason why you-


    The crowd cheers for the arrival of Krypto who walks out and instead of entering through the audience, he comes out from underneath the titantron on the ground floor instead of the stage curtain, with a microphone in hand. He looks to head down to the ring as his music abruptly ends.

    Krypto: Alhazred, the only thing Missy needs to explain to you is why she didn't leave you sooner! I mean, look at you - you have yet to partake in the human ritual of bathing nor have you made yourself presentable for this particular global audience. At least Ricky had the decency to put pants on.

    Alhazred doesn't take too kindly to how Krypto compared him to Ricky's fashion sense.

    Krypto: Plus... seeing you almost bare gives me another good indicator as to why Missy left.

    Krypto gets two of his fingers and makes a small reference as the crowd laughs with Alhazred getting quite pissed off yet a little embarrassed as he tries to use his lab coat to cover his... pickle. By this time, Krypto has reached the apron.

    Krypto: Oh yeah... and I'm here to claim the power glove back!

    Krypto drops the microphone and springboards himself into the ring, taking down Alhazred with a crossbody. As he gets up, he turns around to see the big Facecrush knock him down with an enormous big boot. He turns back to Alhazred, picks him up and the two of them make relatively short work of Krypto as Facecrush picks up the alien and Alhazred uses the power glove to knock him down with one charged punch. Alhazred tells Facecrush to finish the ordeal off and smash his spine, to which Facecrush attempts to do until a girl pops out on stage and heads down the ring as quickly as possible, sliding into the ring.

    Copeland: It's Missy.

    She gets up to Alhazred and tries talking with him, trying to pull him away and convince him to talk somewhere else but he seems to refuse, telling her to move away. Instead, she snatches the microphone from Alhazred.

    Missy: Wait, wait... let me explain Alhazred just, don't do anything to Krypto, please... for me.

    After thinking about it, Alhazred decides to listen and Facecrush throws Krypto to the ground. He crosses his arms and decides to listen as Facecrush stands by idly.

    Missy: Look... the reason why I've been hanging with Krypto recently is because... well, this is hard for me to say... I... I had a mental breakdown... I had a mental breakdown after my father passed away. The conflicting feelings that I had for you made it even worse and I was institutionalized for a bit. I'm not as bad as I was before but the one thing that hasn't change is my feelings for you; I love you Alhazred and a part of me wants to be with you but... you were so close with my father Mister before he died that if we started being together, it would feel like as if I would be with my dad and not you... I'm sorry, Alhazred...

    After taking the emotional news, Alhazred slowly backs away and stares into space. He loses himself and drops to the ground, causing the pickle to fall out of his lab coat pocket and he gets himself in the fetal position, crying. Seeing this display of sadness makes Facecrush angry and points towards Missy.

    Facecrush: Blonde girl hurt Alhazred. Facecrush break blonde girl's spine!

    As Facecrush looks to go after, Krypto has revived himself and attacks him from behind but the strike is basically useless as the big man turns around, looking angry. Krypto decides to run from the scene but he trips on his own foot in the rush and lands head first on the pickle, accidentally swallowing the pickle whole. Krypto doesn't seem to move as Alhazred continues to cry but louder this time due to the loss of his pickle, causing Facecrush to go over to the fallen Krypto and picks him up. As he does, Krypto seems to get a surge of energy and pushes Facecrush's arms away with great force that it surprises the big man. Krypto flexes his muscles, looking bigger than normal, and his skin begins to transform to a slightly brighter green. He lets out a scream as he charges the confused Facecrush, attacking him with a clothesline and sending him out of the ring, much to the surprise of the cheering audience.

    Copeland: How the hell did he do that? Facecrush is four times the size!

    Krypto picks up the crying Alhazred and chucks him over the top rope, causing him to fall on top of Facecrush. Missy comes up and hugs Krypto for saving her as Alhazred continues crying, seeing the affection displayed between the two in the ring as Facecrush starts to move backwards slowly, carrying Alhazred until...

    The crowd cheers at the second coming of Big Dave, the General Manager, who comes out quickly and stands on the ramp with a microphone in hand.

    Dave: This is starting to go a little too far - Alhazred, you are clearly off the rails and you definitely need some time off to recover before Kingdom Come which is why I am giving you the Supershow off!

    Another statement that causes Alhazred's state to go further in decay. Facecrush doesn't like Dave for making him more upset but Dave holds his hand up as the big man looks to take him on.

    Dave: However, in your place at the Supershow, I am willing to let your... henchman do take your place because at the Supershow, Facecrush McSpinesmasher will be taking on Krypto in an un-sanctioned match!

    The alien and the giant stare each other down as the announcement is made. Krypto flexes his arms some more as Facecrush continues slowly backing away, using Alhazred as a way to motion that his spine will be broken as the crowd continues to cheer at the match being made.

    Copeland: ... wow... did that just all happen?

    Cohen: I think it did, Seabass. At least we got a match out of it... unrelated question - any good bars open in Denver past 10pm on a Sunday night?


    In the WZCW interviewing area stands Becky Serra and Titus, who were both staring at the television set behind them that had played the entire segment that just happened. They both stare at each other as the WZCW Meltdown logo appears on the screen.

    Serra: That was crazy.

    Titus: Yes but not as crazy as my opponent tonight.

    Titus says with a smile on his face and a thumbs up.

    Serra: I saw what you did there.

    Titus: Thanks Becky. But seriously, although this match has only happened within the last few weeks, this'll be some excellent preparation for myself considering that both Grand Mystique and Chris K.O are the most delusional competitors this company has to offer and-

    ???: The only person who is delusional in this room here is you, Titus.

    At this moment, Chris K.O walks into the picture with the Eurasian championship across his shoulder, accompanied by a smug look on his face. Titus turns around, not happy to see him here. K.O puts a hand on his shoulder.

    K.O: Good luck other there tonight, I'll be watching... oh, and I expect an answer to my challenge by Ascension, if you don't mind.

    K.O pats him on the shoulder as he snickers but before he walks off...

    K.O: Bare shoulders. I had that problem once.

    Chris smiles as he walks off, leaving Titus and Becky standing there.

    Titus: I really hate mood-killers.

    As Titus goes to walk off, Becky interrupts with one last question.

    Serra: What about Chris K.O's challenge, Titus? Do you have an answer?

    Titus: You heard the man, Becky. He expects an answer by Ascension...

    Titus winks and smiles as he leaves the scene.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first, from The Deepest, Darkest Corner of the Universe, weighing 364 pounds, The Grand Mystique!

    The lights in the arena go dark as the Grand Mystique's music plays, but the fans are used to his trick by now and there's no surprise, but only derision as the mad cult leader suddenly appears seated on a turnbuckle. He looks around with an impassive face before stepping off the turnbuckle and awaiting his opponent in the center of the ring.

    Copeland: Grand Mystique is coming off a win over Derek Jacobs by disqualification, but in general there seems to be a growing sense of discontent within the ranks of the Sacrificial Altar that can't have their leader too pleased.

    Cohen: At least they can be described as having ranks. Their opposition is scattered and disorganized, just the way that Mystique wants it.


    Harrys: And his opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, This is........Titus!

    Titus makes his way to the entrance stage with a winning smile for all his fans as he makes his way down the ramp, high fiving along the way. He slides into the ring and Mystique takes a step back, giving Titus the room to pump a fist for the crowd as they all cheer for him.

    Copeland: Titus took a disappointing loss to Drake Callahan and then was issued a counter-challenge by Chris K.O where he'd be willing to compete against Titus should the match be under "I Quit" rules. What could be going through the head of the legend right now?

    Cohen: If I were Titus, I'd be 100% focused on this match right here, right now, because Grand Mystique is not an opponent who you can afford to be distracted against.

    Referee Jorou Akiyama contents himself that both competitors are separated into their respective corners and then signals for the bell. It rings and we are underway. The two circle one another to get underway and quickly get into a lockup, each man dropping a knee, trying to get an advantage. Mystique gets the better of it and shoves Titus into the ropes, but Titus reverses it quickly and get Mystique into the corner. Akiyama starts a count and Titus backs off at 2, letting Mystique catch his breath. Mystique makes his way back out to the center of the ring, the two lock up again, and this time Mystique takes hold of Titus's arm, wrenches it hard as he takes the advantage. He transitions to a hammerlock and Titus reverses quickly, wrenching Mystique's arm. Mystique tries to counter, can't do so, he manages to get behind Titus and with one arm elevate him! But Titus reverses quickly, turns it into a modified bulldog, and slams Mystique's head into the mat! Titus goes back to Mystique's arm and wrenches it hard as Mystique struggles to get up from the mat. Mystique manages to roll to one side, gets up, and reverses the hold, taking hold of Titus's arm. He transitions to a side headlock and backs up a step, Titus wrenches free of it and shoves Mystique into the ropes. Mystique rebounds and knocks Titus to the mat with a shoulder block. Mystique hits the ropes again and rebounds, but Titus rolls under him, gets to his feet, Mystique rebounds, and Titus catches him with a high knee! Titus goes for a quick cover and gets one, two, but only two as Mystique kicks out.

    Copeland: Very back and forth in the early going here. Are you surprised to see Titus try a pin so early?

    Cohen: Not at all. Titus excels at doing what people don't expect, and very few wrestlers expect to have to kick out so early in a match.

    Titus stands up and goes for Mystique's legs, but Mystique rolls aside and out of the ring. Titus goes to the ropes and says something to Mystique, who responds by grabbing Titus's leg and dragging him out of the ring. Titus tries to get his balance as Mystique throws a punch - but Titus blocks it, and hits Mystique hard across the face, sending him spinning. Titus follows him and knocks him hard again, drawing a warning from the inside for a closed fist at the same time Akiyama is trying to get the men back in the ring. Titus ignores him and slams Mystique's head into the ring apron, then tosses Mystique back into the ring. Titus follows him, but Mystique is quickly back up on his feet and the big man puts a boot into Titus as he is making his way into the ring. He furiously stomps him a few times before picking him up and shoving him hard into the corner. Mystique kicks Titus in the gut while he's tied up in the corner and Akiyama starts a count. Mystique pulls him out of the corner in answer and then slaps him hard across the face, knocking Titus to the ground. Titus slumps across the ropes, but Mystique gives him no reprieve, grabbing hold of Titus's legs as he falls back, slamming Titus upward into the middle rope face first. Akiyama warns Mystique but the damage is done as Titus rolls onto his stomach and over the ring apron. Akiyama goes to ensure he wants to continue, but Mystique gives him no chance to answer, as he rolls out of the ring, grabs Titus by the head, and slams him face first into the ring apron.

    Copeland: Mystique won his last match by disqualification, but he'll have to be careful tonight that he's not on the other end of such a decision with his aggressive tactics here in this contest.

    Cohen: He's using every part of the ring as a weapon, Seabass, and that's something he should be commended for, not disqualified for.

    Mystique continues the assault on the outside of the ring as he drops an elbow into Titus's chest, then rolls back into the ring. Mystique grabs hold of Titus and pulls him to his feet, elevates him over his back and slams him down to the mat with a Samoan drop. He goes for the cover and gets one, two, but only two as Titus kicks out. Mystique doesn't hesitate to switch immediately to a headlock on the ground, leaving Titus to struggle fitfully against it. Titus is able to fight his way to a vertical base despite the vicious headlock of the Grand Mystique, and tries to back off his opponent with right hooks to the big man's gut. Mystique breaks the hold, but Titus doesn't let up, transitioning from the midsection to the head with his right hands. Mystique answers with one of his own and the two start trading blows, first one for Titus, then Mystique, then Titus, then Mystique, then Titus, then Mysti - no, Titus instead reels off a lightning fast hurricanrana that sends Mystique to the mat! Titus gets to his feet and backs up to the corner to catch his breath, letting Mystique stagger to his feet. Titus looks over his shoulder and quickly mounts the turnbuckle, lets Mystique get all the way to his feet, then FLIES OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE THAT TAKES MYSTIQUE DOWN! Titus quickly steadies himself and pulls Mystique to his feet, whips him into the ropes, Mystique rebounds as Titus ducks down, but he telegraphed it and Mystique kicks him hard in the face!

    Copeland: Titus was really rolling there and looked like he might have found a way to beat Mystique, but a classic mistake cost him big.

    Cohen: Even veterans are prone to lapses in judgment, and that can really happen to you when you're on a roll like that, as you keep transitioning from one offensive move to another, and sometimes you get convinced that you can get away with a move like that, but more often than not you're wrong.

    Mystique slaps Titus across the face before hitting the ropes again, rebounding, but Titus quickly ducks to the side and rebounds off the ropes himself, then takes down the big man with a flying forearm! Mystique staggers into a corner and Titus catches his breath for a moment, turning his back to Mystique. The big man takes the opportunity to climb to the middle rope, and when Titus turns to face him he leaps off - but TITUS REVERSES IT AND USES THE BIG MAN'S MOMENTUM TO TRANSITION TO A SPINEBUSTER! Mystique is laid out in the center of the ring as Titus decides to climb to the top rope! He is limping as he goes, making a slow going of it, and as he mounts the turnbuckle Mystique gets to his feet and goes after Titus on the top rope. Mystique hits a few shots to Titus's head as he climbs onto the ropes and hooks Titus around the neck. Titus tries to fight him off with shots to the midsection, Mystique responds with a shot to the head, but Titus lets go a flurry of midsection blows and shoves Mystique off the top! Titus straightens himself and FLIES OFF WITH A KNEE DROP! He goes for the cover and gets one, two, but only two! Titus gets to his feet quickly, drags Mystique to his feet, tries to whip him into the corner but the big man reverses it and whips him hard into the corner. Mystique charges, but Titus gets an elbow up! Mystique staggers back and Titus gathers himself, charges, but Mystique counters WITH A SPINEBUSTER OF HIS OWN! Mystique goes for a cover, gets one, two, but only two! Mystique looks furious and glares at Akiyama, but gets to his feet all the same and begins to stalk Titus. Titus staggers to his feet, Mystique closes, grabs hold of him, but Titus violently separates from him with a hard shot to the midsection. Mystique doubles over as Titus backs off...but Titus closes in AND NAILS THE TIT DROP OUT OF NOWHERE! He gos for the cover and gets one, two, and three!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Titus!

    Titus gets to his feet with the help of Akiyama and his hand is raised in celebration. Titus waves to the crowd for a moment before doubling over with a grimace, looking worn down from the match. He straightens up though and is able to make his way out of the ring as GM sits up and grabs his head, gritting his teeth and looking furiously on at Titus.

    Copeland: Titus continues to prove why he's one of the best in WZCW with an impressive victory over the Grand Mystique.

    Cohen: He had better be careful, though - if he's earned the ire of the Sacrificial Altar tonight, he's in serious trouble.

    As Titus backs up the rampway waving to the fans, he notices the crowd not reacting as positively (as normal) and turns around, seeing that Chris K.O is behind him, caught red-handed in trying to take out Titus. K.O slowly walks backwards, pointing to his head and his eyes before pointing at Titus as he continues up the ramp and onto the stage. Titus shakes his head and lets out a bit of a frustrated laugh before telling K.O to wait for Ascension.


    Constantine is seen lacing up the final strand of his boots, standing back up and propping the Elite X title across his shoulder. He turns around and Celeste Crimson is there, standing in front of him and blocking his path, not looking to pleased about seeing him.

    Celeste: Let me get one thing straight John - just because Holmes and yourself were once buddies doesn't mean we can form a friendship as well so you better damn well stay out of my way tonight and act in the interest of winning only. Do I make myself clear?

    With a smile on his face, Constantine responds.

    Constantine: Crystal.

    Satisfied with the answer, Celeste goes to turn away but Constantine puts a hand on her shoulder. She half turns her heard, scowling at the gesture.

    Constantine: As long as you reciprocate the same for me because I won't be afraid to defend myself should you step in my way. Do I make myself clear?

    Celeste shoves the arm off her shoulder and walks off.

    Celeste: Crystal.

    We end with Constantine continuing to smile as he walks off, following Celeste.
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    Harrys: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and it is your main event for the evening!


    Harrys: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 467 lbs, Barbosa and S.H.I.T!

    The odd couple of Barbosa and S.H.I.T make their way out to the entrance stage to the general pleasure of the audience, who give the dynamic tag team a standing ovation. The two remain focused on the ring as they make their way down, Barbosa sliding in as S.H.I.T takes the ringside steps. The two share a word in the center of the ring before heading to a corner to await their opponents.

    Copeland: Barbosa picked up a win by disqualification last week and turned that victory into a chance to become the #1 contender at Kingdom Come by facing Celeste Crimson, as we learned at the top of the show tonight. His partner did not fare so well as he took a loss to Constantine and failed to gain the Elite X Championship. They'll bring together their respective foes tonight as they face the team of Celeste and Constantine.

    Cohen: It's hard to argue right now with how successful this unit has been, but I think that contrary to what you'd expect, this is a team that we'd do better to see break up. They've consistently failed to become tag team champions, but individually they're right in the mix for the world and Elite X titles. The writing is on the wall, Seabass!

    Copeland: That's one way of looking at it, Jack, but I think most would say this is still a very successful tag team unit and that Constantine and Celeste have their work cut out for them.


    Celeste Crimson makes her way to the entrance stage, looking cool and imperious. She pauses at the top as her music suddenly switches to:


    The Elite X Champion John Constantine makes his way out to stand beside Celeste and the two make their way to the ring simultaneously, cautiously entering the ring and neither of them taking their eyes off of their opponents.

    Harrys: And introducing their opponents, at a combined weight of 430 pounds, the team of Celeste Crimson and the Elite X Champion, John Constantine!

    Copeland: This team put together just this evening as a result of Steven Holmes's absence, but you get the feeling they're going to be a lethal unit nonetheless.

    Cohen: Celeste and Constantine are not only good, they're hungry, and they want to win big and win now. Celeste to prove herself to Holmes, and Constantine to re-establish himself after apparently losing his partner, Hunter Kravinoff.

    Constantine barks something at S.H.I.T. who makes no response. Barbosa stands between the two and seems to indicate he wants to start the match. Celeste places a hand on Constantine's shoulder and says something to him, but he shakes his head and Celeste, with a slight look of annoyance, exits the ring. S.H.I.T. shoulders his way past Barbosa and stares in at Constantine, and Barbosa takes the hint and exits the ring. Referee Keith Morse is satisfied with the arrangement and signals for the bell. It rings and we are underway. The two circle briefly but Constantine quickly knees S.H.I.T. in the midsection, and follows with a hard right hand to the mechanical man's head that backs S.H.I.T. into the corner. Constantine goes after him in the corner and drops his shoulder into S.H.I.T.'s gut, repeating it over and over until Morse backs him up with a warning.
    Constantine takes a step back but goes right back for the move, but S.H.I.T. is ready for it, gets to one side and grabs Constantine's head, and smashes it into the turnbuckle. S.H.I.T. turns Constantine to face him and goes after him with a series of hard chops in the corner. Morse starts a count and S.H.I.T. breaks it at 3, tries to whip Constantine across the ring, but Constantine reverses it and sends S.H.I.T. toward the corner. S.H.I.T. leaps and lands on the turnbuckle as Constantine's momentum carries him toward the corner, S.H.I.T. leaps backward and over Constantine, Constantine turns to face him as S.H.I.T. hits the ropes, rebounds, and CONSTANTINE TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE! Constantine goes for a cover and gets one, two, but only two. Constantine pulls S.H.I.T. to his feet and headbutts the mechanical man, raising questions of how he didn't dent his skull against the high grade metal that S.H.I.T. is no doubt composed of, but nonetheless, it staggers S.H.I.T. and sends him to his knees just in front of Celeste. Constantine sets up S.H.I.T. in the corner as Morse warns Celeste not to get involved, and Constantine hits some heavy blows to S.H.I.T.'s midsection. Morse starts a count and then backs up Constantine at three, drawing a look of ire from the Power Trip. Celeste takes advantage of the distraction, however, and gets in a quick blow to S.H.I.T.'s head before calling for the tag. Constantine obliges and Celeste enters the ring, and the two of them go after S.H.I.T. with stomps in the corner, Morse starting a count immediately. Constantine exits quickly and Celeste transitions to a foot in S.H.I.T.'s throat that draws a fresh count from Morse, who backs her off and delivers a stern warning.

    Copeland: Celeste and Constantine are having a good start but they are playing loose with the rules and with Keith Morse in there, you have to be very careful.

    Cohen: Morse has a lot of nerve to keep putting his hands on these elite superstars. Maybe someone should disqualify him!

    S.H.I.T. is down in the corner and Celeste tags Constantine back in. The two back up and Constantine whips Celeste toward S.H.I.T. and she leaps to catch him with a forearm. She pushes him back toward Constantine before she rolls out of the ring and Constantine takes him down with a clothesline. Constantine goes for a cover and gets one, two, but only two. Constantine pulls S.H.I.T. to a seated position and locks in a headlock. S.H.I.T. struggles with it for a good while before he fights to a vertical base, and backs Constantine off with an axe handle to the midsection. A few more quick shots back Constantine off entirely and S.H.I.T. hits the ropes, rebounds, but Constantine gets a knee into his gut and stops his momentum entirely. Constantine follows with a knee to S.H.I.T.'s head and lays out the mechanical man. Constantine goes for a cover and gets one, two, but only two. Constantine goes right back to the headlock, S.H.I.T. once again struggles but manages to get to a vertical base, backs off Constantine with a shot to the midsection, he hits the rope and ducks under a clothesline on the rebound, hits the ropes again and leaps and wipes out Constantine with a leaping uppercut! Both men struggle toward their respective corners, get their hands out, Constantine tags in Celeste, and S.H.I.T. reaches Barbosa!

    Copeland: After a definite beatdown of S.H.I.T., the surprisingly cohesive unit of Constantine and Celeste Crimson will now contend with His Madness, Barbosa!

    Cohen: His Madness? Did you just think of that, Seabass?

    Copeland: Coining nicknames is the best way to endear yourself to the public, Jack.

    Barbosa immediately flattens Celeste with a clothesline. She pops up and gets another for her efforts. She gets to her feet once more and tries a clothesline of her own, but Barbosa ducks under it, Celeste rebounds off the ropes and gets a powerslam from Barbosa! Barbosa pulls her to her feet and hits a quick DDT, holding onto it and standing up, looking for another - but here comes Constantine! He throws a clothesline at Barbosa but Barbosa simply throws Celeste into him to stop his charge, then knees him in the gut, and Constantine gets the DDT instead! Barbosa kicks Constantine out of the ring, but Celeste uses the distraction to charge at him from behind with a hard shot to his neck. Barbosa spins around and shrugs it off, Celeste throws another punch but Barbosa blocks it, knees her in the gut, and gets the DDT he was looking for! Modified Multiplicity to two opponents has Barbosa solidly in control as he pulls Celeste to her feet and whips her into the corner. He charges after her, but she gets a foot up and kicks him square in the jaw. Celeste hits the middle rope and leaps off, but Barbosa catches her, elevates her, and POWERBOMBS HER INTO THE CORNER! He doesn't let up and follows with a running bulldog out of the corner! He goes for a cover and gets one, two, thr - no! Only two as Morse's hand was nearly on the mat, but Morse signals only two to ringside and Barbosa shows his frustration. Celeste quickly rolls out of the ring leaving Barbosa looking on and gritting his teeth.

    Copeland: Barbosa definitely getting the better of this exchange, but Celeste shows her veteran instincts and rolls out of harm's way.

    Cohen: Celeste may be standing alongside our world champion right now, but never forget she's one of the most lethal competitors in WZCW right now.

    Celeste rests against the ring apron and Barbosa goes over to the ropes and tries to pull her back in by the hair. Constantine drops off the apron and comes over, and blindsides Barbosa with a stiff shot to the side of the head. Celeste drags the prone body of Barbosa into the ring and goes for the cover, getting one, two, but only two. Celeste aims a series of kicks at Barbosa on the ground, keeping her opponent grounded. Celeste then grabs hold of Barbosa's leg and drags him to her corner, and tags in Constantine. Celeste keeps a hold on Barbosa's leg and Constantine stomps Barbosa in the gut, before Celeste exits. Constantine goes for a quick cover and gets one, two, but only two as Barbosa kicks out. Constantine puts a boot in Barbosa's throat and draws a warning from Morse. Constantine backs off, arguing with Morse who turns his back to the corner, letting Celeste press her knee against Barbosa's head while he's pinned against the corner. Constantine returns to Barbosa and pulls him to his feet, punches him in the side of the head and tags in Celeste. Celeste resumes the assault on Barbosa with kicks to the body as Morse starts a count. Celeste backs up at four, then closes again, but Barbosa launches a furious series of right hands - and an elbow for Constantine! - and gets out of the corner, gets some separation from Celeste, throws a wild haymaker that Celeste ducks under! She slides around the back and gets on a waistlock, and shows her strength by lifting Barbosa and SMASHING HIM HEADFIRST INTO THE CORNER WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! Celeste quickly tags in Constantine who picks up where she left off, lifting Barbosa up and hitting a sidewalk slam before going for a cover. He gets one, two, almost three but only two as Barbosa kicks out. Constantine quickly locks in a headlock on the ground. Barbosa fights out after struggling for a minute, hits some shots to Constantine's midsection and gets away, he hits the ropes and charges, but Constantine clubs him in the side of the head, picks him up and drops him down, crushing his spine with a brutal backbreaker. He goes for the cover and gets one, two, but only two!

    Copeland: Constantine and Celeste are returning to solid control of this match, and I have to say that I'm continually surprised at their effectiveness as a tag team unit.

    Cohen: Just because two people haven't teamed up in a while doesn't mean they're not going to be good at it. One of the fundamental skills of wrestling is knowing how to work with any partner at any time, and Constantine and Celeste both are extremely fundamentally sound competitors.

    Constantine tags in Celeste, then goes to hold Barbosa down while awaiting Celeste. She obliges, leaping and dropping a leg on Barbosa. She then goes after Barbosa with kicks on the ground, before dropping to a knee and locking in a headlock. Barbosa fights his way to his feet and clubs Celeste with a blow to the head, and Celeste backs off. Barbosa goes after her, but Celeste quickly recovers, leaps, and connects with a jumping enzuigiri. Celeste takes her time tagging in Constantine, letting Barbosa get to his feet in the corner. Constantine appears satisfied that Barbosa is sufficiently dazed, as he whips Celeste at him, trying again for the corner forearm, but Barbosa gets his feet up and stops Celeste dead in her tracks! Constantine follows on her heels quickly to try to stop Barbosa, but Barbosa ducks aside, leaving Constantine to flatten himself in the corner! Celeste get to her feet but Barbosa has her, drops her over his head with a sambo suplex! Barbosa struggles to his corner with his opponents down, he reaches, he leaps, he tags in S.H.I.T.! Celeste has rolled out of the ring and Constantine has steadied himself in the corner, S.H.I.T. goes right after him with a high knee in the corner! Constantine falls to a seated position in the corner, but S.H.I.T. doesn't relent, kicking him square in the head! He pulls Constantine out of the corner and coves him, getting one, two, but only two! S.H.I.T. remains on the offensive, hitting a huge German suplex and bridging for the pin! He gets one, two, but only two!

    Copeland: Constantine surviving a serious assault from S.H.I.T. here, but how long can he hold on?

    Cohen: Long enough, Seabass, long enough!

    S.H.I.T. pulls Constantine to his feet and leaves him standing in the corner, then hits the ropes, rebounds, leaps, but Constantine desperately blocks him with a shoulder and sends him back to the ropes. Constantine charges, but S.H.I.T. ducks down, leaving Constantine to fly over the ropes and crash to the outside! Celeste is suddenly on the other side of the ring and she charges S.H.I.T., but he ducks down, lifts her up and sends her over the top rope as well! Barbosa gets into the mix as well, striking Constantine before he can recover, but S.H.I.T. hits the ropes, rebounds, FLIES WITH A SUICIDE DIVE - BUT HE WIPES OUT BARBOSA!

    Copeland: Celeste desperately ducked aside at the last moment there, and I think she shoved Barbosa right into the flight path of his own tag team partner!

    Cohen: High risk is not always high reward, Seabass.

    S.H.I.T. staggers to his feet and begins to appreciate what's just happened, but he only has a moment before Constantine clotheslines him and knocks him to the ground. Constantine rolls S.H.I.T. back into the ring and goes for the cover, getting one, two, but only two! Constantine pulls S.H.I.T. to his feet and tags in Celeste, holding onto him as Celeste puts a boot to his gut. Constantine exits the ring as Celeste plants S.H.I.T. into the mat with a belly to belly suplex and then covers him, getting one, two, but only two! Celeste quickly picks him up and drags him to her corner, tagging in Constantine. Constantine grabs hold of S.H.I.T. as Celeste gets into the corner, but S.H.I.T. struggles out of it, gets some separation, leaps and dropkicks Constantine right into the corner, leaving Celeste to crash on the top rope! S.H.I.T. hurls Constantine out of the corner, climbs up to the top rope, hooks Celeste...she struggles!...but HE TAKES HER OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A HUGE SUPERPLEX! S.H.I.T. seems to remember that Constantine is the legal man, and rapidly gets to his feet, letting Celeste roll out of the ring as he searches for Constantine. S.H.I.T. finds him, drags him to the center of the ring, and LOCKS IN THE INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH VICE! Constantine has nowhere to go! He struggles to reach the ropes, but he can't get there! He raises his hand but makes a fist - he doesn't want to tap! There's no help in sight - HE TAPS! HE TAPS!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners as a result of a submission, the team of Barbosa and S.H.I.T.!

    Copeland: S.H.I.T. took control late in the match and found a way to win even after devastating his own partner!

    Cohen: And he might the Elite X Champion submit. Could he be in line for another shot at that title?

    The referee raises S.H.I.T.'s hand as the camera pans around, revealing Barbosa still down on the outside and the ringside medical staff attending to him. Celeste seems to be out of it as well who has rolled up against a ringside barricade trying to gather her wits. S.H.I.T. goes to a corner to mount the turnbuckle and celebrate for a moment, and Keith Morse helps Constantine to his feet. Constantine is standing dead center in the middle of the ring as S.H.I.T. drops off the turnbuckle and finds himself staring the Elite X Champion head on. The two share a long staredown.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, that's our show for tonight -

    The men in the ring don't break eye contact as the first chords of the iconic entrance music sweep over the arena, but they have no choice as the crowd explodes as WASABI TOYOTA MAKES HIS WAY ONTO THE ENTRANCE STAGE! The two men standing in the ring look incredulously on as the Japanese superstar stands at the top of the ramp with a mighty grin on his face! More than a little confusion is evident on their faces, however, as though the entrance music and face clearly confirm that this is indeed Wasabi Toyota, the man standing on the entrance ramp has slimmed down considerably, going from sumo to cruiserweight!

    Copeland: Is that...Jack, is that Wasabi Toyota? He must have lost 200 pounds!

    Cohen: I'm sure that's his face! But he's gone and pulled a complete Jared on us!

    The newly trimmed down superstar makes his way down the entrance way, both S.H.I.T. and Constantine looking at him warily and backing off a step, their enmity toward one another briefly forgotten. Toyota slides gracefully into the ring and stares down Constantine! Constantine charges immediately, hoping to take the advantage, but Toyota catches him in a bearhug! He doesn't seem to have lost any strength as he picks up the now much larger man with ease! He slams him to the mat after crushing the life out of him! Toyota turns to S.H.I.T., who looks relieved - as relieved as a robot can look. Toyota reaches out a hand to the robot. S.H.I.T. stares at it suspiciously, but while he is distracted, Toyota pulls him in and reels off a Samoan drop! The crowd has no idea how to react to this as Toyota pulls S.H.I.T. to the corner, mounts the turnbuckle, and NAILS A BONZAI DROP THAT MILDLY COMPRESSES S.H.I.T.!

    Copeland: Wasabi Toyota has returned to WZCW and immediately proven himself a wild card! Whose side is he on?

    Cohen: His own, clearly!

    Toyota raises a fist to the crowd, half of whom are cheering for him and the other half of whom are staring at him sullenly and confused as the broadcast goes to black.
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    Feb 26, 2009
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    Who Wrote What:

    FalK - Alhazred vs. Runn
    FunKay - Ace Stevens vs. Triple X
    Harth - Titus vs. GM & Constantine/Celeste vs. Technosa
    JGlass - Rush/Smith vs. Strikeforce

    The MD opening and nearly all the segments were written by FalK with special thanks for JGlass for writing the Ricky Runn/Strikeforce backstage segment and Harthan for the ending to Meltdown. Also, a super special thanks to Dynamite for practically writing the Krypto/Missy/Alhazred segment for me (thanks to Red Skull if he helped too). Rep these guys for their work.

    Hope you enjoyed the shows! See you tomorrow for Ascension.
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