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    The lights go down as the crowd gives a mixed reaction to the new King For A Day, Big Dave who makes his way out in a suit and carrying a gold briefcase. He stops at the top of the stage and admires the scene before raising the case and heading down the ramp.

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome your King For A Day, Big Dave!

    Copeland: Time to hear from the King for the first time, apparently he’s had an interesting week!

    Cohen: Where’s his crown?

    Climb into the ring and stands in the centre, looking around before being handed a microphone, he looks at the briefcase and waits a moment before raising the mic up.

    Dave: Well…I did it!

    After months of tiring efforts, months of chasing, the ball is finally in my court, the World Heavyweight Championship is one step closer, and it’s now not a question of if and when my time will come, but rather when to use this opportunity.

    The crowd gives another mixed reaction

    Redemption may seem far away, but it will be here before you know it, and I need to decide long and hard as to whether there is a perfect time to make the opportunity mine. Do I catch the champion off guard? Do I make the champion wait just as long as I have? Do I set the date and time so the champion can prepare? These are the questions I have to answer, but the benefit is that I have time to prepare, a whole year in fact, I won’t be forced into making the choice until I feel I am…until we are ready to see the championship around my waist.

    I know that the King For A Day is somewhat “cursed”, that the winners of this have never used their opportunity, Ricky won the championship before he used the opportunity, Corey Payne was taken out after he make his shot known, this is not going to happen with me! I plan to make history, to make myself known as the first King For A Day winner who used his opportunity and became the champion out of it!

    The crowd cheer to this idea.

    But to important matters, I just want to thank…


    The crowd roars in a reaction.

    Copeland: Could it be? Am I dreaming or is this actually happening?

    Cohen: No, not him!

    Steamboat Ricky emerges onto the stage to a huge reaction from the crowd.

    Copeland: That’s Steamboat Ricky! Last time we saw him he was taken out by Big Dave and Karnage. Former World Champion, founder of the Mayhem Title and the first ever King For A Day. Wonder what he has to say?

    Ricky runs down the ramp and does his traditional sprint around the ring before rolling in, he gives his signature pose to the crowd as Dave watches on unmoved. Ricky rakes a mic as well and stands face to face with Dave, there’s an air of intensity as the former rWo mates stare into each other’s eyes. Ricky then smirks and the two men embrace each other to the applause of the crowd.

    Ricky: So Dave me boy, ye did it! You won yourself the King For A Day, carrying on something I once started!

    The crowd cheers.

    And I don’t mean to interrupt your celebration, but I have ye a tale to tell. Ye see, what many of you folk don’t know is that Dave came to me before Kingdom Come, he wanted me help and I did the best I could to prepare him for this opportunity. I’m grateful to say he listened to what I said and more and I couldn’t be more proud of him!

    But that’s not the important part, just kidding. Dave did something for me, he helped me pluck up the courage and I am pleased to announce that Steamboat Ricky is officially a member of the WZCW Roster once again!

    The crowd works into an uproar.

    It’s been over a year, and yes, this scrawny bastard did take me out, but it takes a big man to amend the wrongs he done, and this man has come a long way since that day. Big Dave, I’m proud of ye…

    Constantine: I hate to interrupt this reunion but let’s not make haste!

    Constantine comes out onto the stage.

    Ricky, you forgot about the other man who assisted in taking you out, Karnage, I put his ass behind bars once again, you can thank me that you won’t ever have someone as harmful as him come back to haunt this company, not to mention the duck ponds are safe for children.

    But that’s not my point for being here. Dave, congratulations on the King For A Day victory, but let it be known that my plan is to make sure that I win the Championship before you even consider cashing in, and tonight is going to be the reason why you need to think carefully when challenging myself as the champion, the shot will be hopeless! I will see you later tonight!

    Constantine’s theme hits as Dave and Ricky watch on as the politician heads to the back, eventually Dave and Ricky leave the ring and head up the ramp.

    Copeland: Well Constantine doesn’t sound bitter! But Ladies and Gentleman, in case you missed it, Big Dave is the King For A Day and has a title shot at any time he chooses after Redemption, he faces Constantine later tonight in our Main Event. But also we just learned that WZCW Legend Steamboat Ricky is back on the active roster. Could this night continue to get better? Let's find out as The Agony takes on Chris Jones, next!!
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    Meltdown returns back on the air with The Agony standing in the middle of the ring, ready for action, the music continues to play as he looks around awkwardly, the bell sounds.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Currently in the ring, from Louisville, Kentucky, weighing 298 pounds, The Agony!

    Copeland: Well The Agony is about to go one on one with Chris Jones, neither of them were on Kingdom Come’s card, but they will look to get their approach to next year’s event into full flow this week.

    Cohen: And with the intentions that Jones has in mind, he is a very dangerous man!

    ‘Amaranth’ hits as the crowd welcomes Jones to a serious of boos, he has a mic with him as he heads down the ramp.

    Jones: Cut my music!

    You know, I keep re-watching the events of Kingdom Come, and I think it’s an absolute travesty that while I had to contend with not being in a match, that I have to face this freak as Sam Smith walks around like he owns the place!

    He rolls under the ropes and stands tall as The Agony has to watch on from this.

    And Smith, let it be known that regardless of which of championship you go for, and whether you win or not, your ass is mine and I will be sure to make it certain that you don’t go for another title again. In fact, I hope you do win a championship, because I will spend 30 seconds to win...

    He suddenly turns and whacks The Agony with the mic, to which he stands groggily, Jones then low blows him to bring him to one knee, he then demands the ref to ring the bell, to which he does so. He immediately pulls up The Agony and hits The Lifesaver and does a tight pin with a pull of the trousers, 1……..2……..3.

    Jones grabs the mic without paying any attention to the "victory".

    Just like I did right here!

    He then slams the mic at The Agony’s head and walks off as The Agony tries to groggily get up.

    Copeland: Well Chris Jones has made his presence known to Sam Smith, this wasn’t even a match, I wouldn’t even add this to the record books, he just assaulted The Agony and effectively used illegal means to get the pin, even pulling on The Agony’s pants!

    Cohen: Still a victory for Jones, and if I were Sam Smith, I’d be very afraid!

    Jones stands at the top of the ramp and looks over at the scenery of his actions with an intense stare before heading to the back.
    We go backstage with Leon Kensworth standing by with Serafina. Serafina's hair has been dyed black once more and her eyes piercing into the camera.

    Leon: Ladies and gentlemen, with me at this time, please welcome Serafina!

    Serafina: Thank you Leon.

    Leon: Now I understand that the World Champion has sent you here this evening to deliver a message.

    Serafina: That is correct Leon. My master has instructed me to come here to let everyone know he will be speaking his mind at Ascension and addressing the issue of the next contender or victim that wishes to challenge for his World Title.

    Just then Blade walks into the picture with the Eurasian Championship strapped around his waist.

    Blade: Hey Serafina looking good. Say, do you think this Eurasian Championship is a great fit around my waist or what?

    Serafina rolls her eyes as she crosses her arms. She walks up to Blade and smirks and begins speaking in a seductive tone while hooking her thumbs over the top of the Eurasian Title.

    Serafina: It looked better the first time I saw it around my master's waist. Besides, I see the World Heavyweight Championship every day, and I must say from a woman's perspective, the World Title keeps my interest far more than your title ever would Blade. Good luck tonight, champ.

    Serafina walks off as we go to commercial with Leon and Blade looking on dumbfounded.
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    The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall.

    “End on 9” hits and Gordito comes out from behind the curtain and plays to the crowd as he heads toward the ring.

    Harrys: From San Francisco, California and weighing in at 257 pounds, Gordito!

    Gordito comes to the ring confidently and then poses on the turnbuckle before Enya Stomp begins to a pop that rivals any of the night so far.

    “From Leeds, England, weighing in at 226lbs, Chris BECKFORD!!”

    Beckford comes out bouncing with his usual energy. When he hits the ring, he embraces Gordito and they turn and pose to the crowd on opposite corners.

    Harrys: “And their opponents, firstly from Rat’s Ass, America and weighing in at 225 pounds, The KillJoy, Baez!

    Megaman 2” hits and Baez jumps out of the Gorilla position and lands in a crouching position. He pauses, waiting and looking before walking towards the ring.

    “On his way to the ring, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at 235lbs, he is the Prodigal Son and the WZCW Eurasian Champion...BLADE!!”

    Bliss by Muse kicks in and the crowd boos as Blade emerges. He lifts the Eurasian title high in the air as he reaches the top of the entrance ramp. Baez joins him and they hesitate before getting into the ring.

    “This match should be a barnstormer! Such an amazing dynamic with all four men.”

    “Baez and Blade are the much better team and they have the advantage of having worked together before.”

    “Well I doubt that will matter. Beckford and Gordito will be dying to get their hands on these two!”

    Baez and Gordito start off and as soon as the bell goes they show great hunger and energy by going after each other immediately. The exchange of punches is fierce. Baez goes for a takedown but Gordito blocks it and takes him down with a suplex. Gordito then stomps away at his enemy who rolls away to his corner. He tags in Blade who doesn’t appear happy with the move.

    “Baez underestimated Gordito and got punished.”

    “And now he gets to face a champion. This will be brutal!”

    Gordito becomes a little more cautious around the Eurasian champion. Blade goes for a single leg takedown but Gordito blocks it, only to be caught in a rear waistlock. Blade drops him down onto his stomach and then catches him in a side headlock. Blade allows him to get up and he then shoves off Gordito to the ropes. Gordito comes back quickly, Blade leapfrogs him and then as he comes back, Blade back body drops him to the mat.

    Gordito shows great resilience and doesn’t hesitate to get up. Blade picks up on it and grabs him, taking him into the corner. Blade hits his shoulder into Gordito’s ribs and then his knee. Blade is clearly enjoying his advantage. He gestures to Beckford as if to suggest that he is playing with him.

    Blade backs away and charges at Gordito but the Dirty One sidesteps and Blade hits the turnbuckle hard. Gordito reaches his corner and tags in Beckford who races to Blade. Beckford runs along the aprons and slingshots himself over onto Blade’s neck with a leg drop via the ropes in the corner.

    “Beckford flies into the ring, the only way he knows how!”

    “Take him out champ!!”

    When Blade gets up Beckford is waiting to take him down with an extremely athletic jumping headscissors takedown. He follows that up with a great dropsault and he follows it up with a cover, 1....2.....Blade kicks out. Baez runs in just afterwards and drops Beckford to his knees with a double axe handle to the neck and then he goes to hit a reverse DDT but Gordito charges in!

    He levels Baez with a full blooded assault that immediately forces to release Beckford and then takes them both outside. He whips Baez into the ringside barrier and then hits a Russian Leg Sweep on the hard mat flooring. In the ring Beckford is standing over Blade as he has dragged him to the corner. He climbs the turnbuckle and signals for the Cross Country. He sees that Gordito has Baez locked in the Surf’s Up Asshole stretch on the floor and grins at Baez’s desperation. As he takes his time, Blade has gotten up and tackled his knees to leave him spread-eagled on the ropes. Blade grabs him as if to go for a superplex but once he is on the second rope Beckford flips off with a massive sunset flip powerbomb! Beckford drops onto him into a cover! 1....2.....Blade kicks out! Gordito has released Baez and is back on his apron. Beckford tags him in and they team up to stomp on Blade. Gordito picks up Blade and hits an atomic drop and Beckford flies off the ropes and hits a big springboard dropkick! Gordito goes for the cover! 1.......2.......Baez pulls the ref out of the ring!!!!

    “Hey Baez just screwed Gordito out of the win!”

    “I’m really warming to Baez with his new attitude.”

    Gordito follows him outside the ring. He and Baez duke it out before Baez whips him into the ringside steps! Baez gets in the ring, stalks Beckford from behind and then runs the ropes towards him. He nails him in the throat with Smashmouth! He drags Blade on top of him before exiting the ring as the referee begins to count, 1.....2.......Beckford kicks out!

    Blade gets up slowly as he realises what is going on. He sees Baez on the apron and crawls to him to try and tag him in. But as Blade reaches his corner and tags in Baez, Gordito pulls Baez down to the apron and quickly hits the Meteor of War onto the ringside flooring!!

    “Baez is tagged in now and was ready to end this match!”

    “But The Dirty One may have just swung the match in his favour!”

    Blade didn’t see this and when he gets to his feet and sees Gordito kneeling over Baez. He leans through the ropes and shouts at him! Gordito reaches up and goes to punch him but Blade dodges it. Beckford emerges from behind him and as Blade moves away from Gordito, Beckford grabs the champion and hits the Cross Drop!! Knowing Blade is no longer the legal man he shouts to Gordito to shove Baez in. The Dirty One obliges and Beckford climbs to the turnbuckle. Baez is prone beneath him and nails the Cross Country!

    "Chris Beckford just crushed Baez with the Cross Country!"

    Beckford crawls off Baez and hooks the leg as the referee rushes around, 1....2.....3!!!

    Your winner by pinfall, Gordito and Chris Beckford!!

    This is so unfair. Baez got double teamed!

    Gordito and Beckford proved to be too good for Baez and Blade tonight!

    As Enya Stomp roars, Beckford has his hand raised along with Gordito and when he climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate, he doesnt see Baez and Blade climb in the ring! Blade has a chair raised and ready to swipe at Beckford but Gordito spots it and shoves Baez into Blade who drops the chair. Gordito and Baez roll outside the ring and begin brawling.

    Beckford sees this and grabs the discarded chair and bashes Blade across the back with it. He then goes to grab the Eurasian title and then rolls back into the ring with it before taunting the floored champion with it. Blade tries to get to his feet but Beckford grabs him by the neck and hits the Cross Drop ONTO THE CHAIR!!

    He is given a mic by a ring hand and he begins walking up the ramp before addressing Blade.

    "Hey champ, yo Blade." The champion begins to stir as he hears his name. "I want my rematch at a CHAIRS MATCH!!!!"

    Enya Stomp begins again as Beckford poses again with a big smile on his face.
    We cut backstage to Chuck Myles rushing frantically through the backstage area. He walks up to Becky Serra.

    Myles: Becky! Have you seen Showtime anywhere?

    Becky: I haven't boss, doesn't he usually check in a couple hours early to get the good locker room?

    Myles: We haven't heard from him since his commercial shoot the other day. He better show up tonight, or I'm having him thrown back into that psych ward.

    Becky: Isn't that a little harsh?

    Myles: He's the one with the problem not me. If you see him, notify me immediately.

    Myles takes off once more as Becky looks on. We cut to commercial.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!

    "I Am... All of Me" hits the speakers as the lights go down. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as James King and Dr. Alhazred emerge from the curtain and walk down the ramp with King slapping the hands of a couple of fans.

    Harrys: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 428 pounds, they are Dr. Alhazred and James King... The FORGOTTEN POWERS!

    Both men climb into the ring as the lights go back to normal and ascend the turnbuckles on the same side with King raising his fist whilst Alhazred looks out towards the fans.

    Copeland: Despite not winning the World Tag Team Championships at Kingdom Come, these two have claimed the record of defeating every team that WZCW has to offer. With the debut of a new team tonight, can they continue this streak?

    Cohen: Of course they can Seabass. This is a force to be reckoned with in WZCW and they won't be intimidated by anyone.

    King and Alhazred are discussing strategy as the music changes to "Paradise" and Armando Paradyse jumps out from the entrance excited as Sean Cruz is behind him showing the same enthusiasm. The crowd cheers with the ladies screaming as the two begin high-fiving fans as they run down the ring and slide into the ring.

    Harrys: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 507 pounds, they are Armando Paradyse and Sean Cruz... the PARADYSE CRUZ!

    Sean seems a little embarrassed that his team weighs more than the opposition but Paradyse assures him it's okay. The FP become confused and concerned at who they are facing for a moment but shrug it off. Cruz and Alhazred opt to start first as the music dies down with the referee checking on both teams before starting the contest.

    They begin circling the ring and eventually lock up in the center. Cruz gets Alhazred in a headlock and performs a takedown on him, keeping the hold on tight. Alhazred works his way up off the mat and attempts to remove the headlock but Cruz switches it up and hits an arm drag on Alhazred. He gets up again and Cruz delivers another arm drag. Alhazred swings with an attempted strong right punch but Cruz ducks the hit and turns it into a jawbreaker on Alhazred followed by a high angle dropkick to the face. Cruz rallies the fans behind him as he runs off the ropes and hits a knee drop to Alhazred going for cover... 1... 2... kick-out by Alhazred. Cruz picks up Alhazred and tags in Paradyse who ascends the turnbuckle and hits the over castle on Alhazred with a cheer from the crowd. He goes for the cover as Cruz exits the ring... 1... 2... kick-out. Alhazred tries shaking off the cobwebs before Paradyse picks him up and hits a quick snapmare. Paradyse runs off the ropes to hit a dropkick to Alhazred's back. He goes for another cover... 1... 2... kick-out again. Paradyse tags back Cruz who adjusts himself on the apron and awaits for Alhazred to get up. As Paradyse gets back on the apron, Cruz taunts to the crowd and jumps over the top for a shoulder block to Alhazred, which he dodges. Cruz manages to roll through at the last second to avoid damage but fails to counter the neck-breaker by Alhazred. He tags in King who immediately gets in the ring to deliver a running neck-breaker of his own to Cruz to prevent him from tagging in Paradyse. He goes for the cover... 1... 2... kick-out.

    Copeland: Good strategy employed by Paradyse Cruz making those quick tags to keep each other fresh but Alhazred was one step ahead.

    Cohen: What were you expecting? An upset victory?

    Cruz tries using the ropes to get up as King stomps him a couple of times before giving a headbutt to Cruz. King picks up Cruz and leans him on the ropes as he hits a series of elbows to the head before whipping him across the ring. King smashes Cruz with a big shoulder block and immediately goes for the pin... 1... 2... kick-out by Cruz. He tries to get up himself but King helps him up and pushes him into his corner and tags in Alhazred. They perform the People Order Our Punches with Alhazred going for the cover... 1... 2... Paradyse breaks up the pin. The referee admonishes Paradyse who complains about him not doing the same for the opponent whilst Alhazred laughs at him. This buys some time for Cruz to recover but Alhazred gets into position as Cruz is nearly up. Alhazred springboards off the rope to hit a clothesline and tries for another pin... 1... 2... kick-out by Cruz. Alhazred hits a couple of standing fist drops before trying for another pin... 1... 2... kick-out. Slightly frustrated, Alhazred goes to the second turnbuckle and hits a diving fist drop to Cruz. He goes for another pin... 1... 2... kick-out by Cruz again. More angry now, Alhazred goes to the top rope and signals for the end. Paradyse walks along the apron and tries to distract Alhazred who gets his attention for a few seconds. The referee diffuses the situation as Alhazred re-focuses on Cruz who is up and counters Alhazred's attempt by throwing him off the top rope. Both men are groggy as Cruz hits a kicking combination on Alhazred, finishing it off with a impacting DDT. They are both down as the referee begins the count. Paradyse gets the crowd going as Cruz crawls to him whilst King urges Alhazred to make the tag.

    Copeland: Sean needs to make the tag desperately to his partner. He's taken too much to continue this match at the moment.

    Cohen: Yeah, any more punches to the face and he'll be asking for a mirror to make some running repairs.

    King gets the tag in and the crowd cheers as Paradyse comes rushing in as well. King attempts for a clothesline but Paradyse ducks and hits a springboard crossbody off the ropes. Both men get up quickly with Paradyse hitting the dropsault on King. He gets up a little dazed and swings at Paradyse but he ducks and hits the lethal injection on King, followed up by a standing moonsault. He goes for the cover... 1... 2... kick-out. Paradyse gets the crowd going as he waits for King to get up and delivers a springboard DDT. Paradyse sees the position he's in and runs off the ropes to hit the rolling thunder. He goes for the cover... 1... 2... Alhazred breaks up the pin and begins stomping on Paradyse as King recovers. Cruz is up and hits a spinning wheel kick to Alhazred who stumbles back. Cruz clotheslines Alhazred and himself over the top rope who crash to the floor whilst Paradyse has gotten up to set up the end. He gets the crowd riled up and goes for the shuffle side kick but King somehow dodges the impact and delivers a clothesline to the back of his head. They are both downed in the ring. On the outside, Cruz sees as an opportunity to take out Alhazred with a spinebuster to the outside floor but he counters with a hurricanrana, sending Cruz into the steel steps. He cries in agony as Alhazred slowly gets up. King is now up and stalks Paradyse to deliver a German suplex, followed by another. King keeps the lock held in as Alhazred slides his way in the ring to hit the FINISH HIM! combo. King keeps a bridge locked in for the pin... 1... 2... 3!

    The referee signals for the bell and as the FP's music hits the speakers. Alhazred picks up King and the two celebrate as they get their hands raised in the air.

    Harrys: Here are your winners, Dr. Alhazred and James King... the FORGOTTEN POWERS!

    Cohen: What did I tell ya, Seabass? I knew they were going to win and they kept their streak intact.

    Copeland: Well, actually... you didn't say anything. But although Paradyse Cruz put up a hell of a fight, the Forgotten Powers continue to dominate the division. Is there any team out there that can beat these two?

    The two men exit the ring and walk up the ramp happy about their victory as Cruz is in the ring helping Paradyse up who are both consoling about how they look after their match.
    We go backstage as a limo pulls up in the parking lot. The driver exits the vehicle and walks over to the other side and opens the door. Showtime Cougar emerges from the limo, already dressed for his match. Myles walks up, clearly fuming.

    Myles: It's about time you showed up. I almost sent one of our development talent out there to take your place? Do you know what that could have done to ratings Showtime?

    Showtime stares at Myles for a moment before walking right past him and towards the entrance stage. Myles turns and looks on before yelling.

    Myles: I'll see you in my office after this match Cougar!

    Copenald: It looks like Showtime made it after all. But is he ready for Mr. Baller? Find out next.
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    The following match is scheduled for one fall!

    “Mr. Baller” begins and Baller emerges looking pumped. He starts getting cocky in front of the fans. He heads down the ramp and grabs the attention of the crowd, by spinning a basketball on his finger on his way to the ring.

    Harrys: On his way to the ring, from Miami, Florida, weighing 220 pounds, this is MISTER...BALLER!!!!"

    He is then interrupted by Showtime’s music. As he appears, boos rain down on Cougar as he strolls solemnly down the ramp in darness, save for the blue spotlight that follows him.

    And his opponent, from Winnipeg, Canada, weighing 219 pounds, Showtime David Cougar!

    “How will these men bounce back from their respective defeats at Kingdom Come?”

    “I am expecting big things from both these men. Cougar is going to hunt Ty and eventually gain his first World Title. And Baller has it tough tonight but he will continue his impressive development ”

    Showtime enters the ring and goes straight after Baller. He immediately dominates with successive hard punches to the face. Baller tries to fight back but Showtime is too strong and he pushes Baller into the corner. Showtime kicks him in the gut repeatedly until the ref intervenes and pulls him away. Baller stumbles out of the corner and Showtime drops him with the Ratings Crash! Showtime covers arrogantly, 1....2....Baller kicks out forcefully.

    “Showtime hit one of his signature moves straight away!”

    “Credit to Baller, that could have been over right there.”

    Showtime picks him up and whips him to the ropes. Show lashes out with a swinging back fist but Baller ducks it and bounces back off the other side, connecting with a springboard back elbow. Both men are up rapidly but Baller is quicker and takes him down with an enziguri.

    Baller then takes a second to get his breath. He forces Showtime upright but as Baller backs off to prepare for a running strike, Show spins and unleashes a huge diving lariat that takes both men to the floor. Baller’s head hits the mat with devastating impact. Baller is dazed and Showtime looks at him unsympathetically.

    “Huge blows by both of these men.”

    Showtime wraps his legs around Baller’s neck. Baller screams as Show wrenches the unusual hold. Baller reaches for the ropes but he is a long way away. Showtime uses the ropes that he is close to and uses them for leverage. He gets away with once as the ref doesn’t see it but when he tries it a second time, the ref catches him and demands that he breaks the hold!

    “Showtime is willing to do anything here. I feel kinda sorry for Baller”

    “But he got caught blatantly cheating there – Baller should have won this by DQ.”

    Showtime picks Baller up again and signals as if to finish the match but as he goes to hit the standing Final Act, Baller turns it in a neckbreaker! Baller goes to cover but is slow to do so, 1....2.....Cougar kicks out!! Baller is gutted and eventually drags him around towards the corner and goes for the Buzzerbeater but from his back on the floor, Cougar gets a boot up, kicking Baller in the head as he twists in the air! Baller collapses as he is clearly knocked silly by the clever blow.

    “Is Baller knocked out?”

    “Show needs to end this now.”

    Cougar rolls over and grabs Baller’s legs and goes the Commercial Break. The referee checks on Baller and as the move is locked on, Baller barely moves. The referee immediately signals for the bell. Cougar refuses to let go and the ref has to pull him to halt any more damage to Baller who has remained barely motionless in the centre of the ring.

    You winner by submission, Showtime David Cougar!!

    “Showtime has clinically ended Mr Baller here tonight.”

    “That was a brutal encounter. Showtime used his superior experience and punished Baller who had no answer.”
    We go backstage to Gordito packing his bags in his locker room. He unwraps the tape from his wrists when suddenly Baez rushes in and smashes Gordito over the head with a chair. Gordito crumbles to the ground as Baez stands over him, the mask hiding his facial expressions.

    Baez: This isn't over Gordito, not by a long shot. You got the best of me tonight, but I think it's time we go back to our roots. You and me at Redemption in a Mayhem Rules match.

    Gordito tries to rise up but Baez kicks him in the midsection and slams him in the back with the chair over and over again until referees rush in and break it up.

    We cut backstage to Dave and Ricky talking as they make their way to the entrance stage. A split shot comes up showing Constantine walking down a hallway as well.

    Copeland: Big Dave and Constantine have some issues to solve from earlier tonight. Who will walk out victorious? Find out right after this!
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Constantine makes his way out to a shower of boos from the crowd. He throws his arms up at the top of the ramp before making his way down the entrance ramp. He yells at a few fans at ringside as the arena breaks out chanting "you quit". Constantine walks up the steps and enters the ring, throwing his arms up once more.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Washington D.C. He stands 6'4" and weighs 265 lbs, Constantine!

    The lights dim and a spotlight shines down as Big Dave makes his way out from the back, a gold briefcase in hand. Dave receives a mixed reaction from the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp, a confidant look upon his face. He slides into the ring and climbs to the second turnbuckle, raising the briefcase up into the air.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from London, England. He stands 6'1" and weighs 268 lbs. The King For a day winner, Big Dave!

    Copleand: This is the first meeting between these two men. This should be fantastic. While Constantine fell to Reynolds at Kingdom Come, Big Dave earned himself a guaranteed World Title match at any time of his choosing.

    Cohen: Constantine was screwed!

    Copeland: Would you quit that already?

    The ref signals for the bell and the two men immediately lock up. Constantine with the headlock as he gains control. Dave backs Constantine into the ropes and sends him to the opposite side. Constantine comes back with a shoulder block but Dave withstands it. Both men stare each other down until Dave hits a few shots before whipping Constantine into the corner. Dave goes to work with kicks to the midsection. He follows up with a headbutt that dazes Constantine. Dave walks away from the corner and raises an arm up to another mixed reaction. He turns and rushes forward and goes for a clothesline. Constantine gets a boot up and kicks Dave backwards before hitting a hard clothesline of his own. He backs into the ropes and comes off with a knee drop right to Dave's head. Constantine hooks the leg quickly, 1....2.....Dave kicks out.

    Copeland: Constantine with the quick cover gets two on the King for a Day. Cohen, when do you think Dave will cash in that World Title shot?

    Cohen: If it was me? After I hit the champion with a chair over and over again until he was easy prey.

    Copeland: I should have expected such an answer...

    Cohen: That's the beauty of the KFAD! He could catch the champion at a weak point after Redemption and claim the title himself!

    Constantine quickly rises to a mounted position and begins reigning down punches on Dave. Dave tries to cover up and Constantine is pulled off by the ref. Constantine gets in his face and pushes him into the corner. Constantine turns around but runs right into a big boot from Dave. Dave motions for Constantine to get up and catches him with a Catatonic Backbreaker. Dave covers him 1.....2.....Constantine kicks out. Dave drags him up by his hair and whips him into the ropes. He positions himself and catches him off the rebound with a powerslam. Dave hooks the leg immediately, 1.....2....Constantine kicks out once more. Dave sits up and looks at Constantine before motioning to the top rope. He gets up and climbs up slowly to the top rope. He motions to the crowd before flying off with a huge splash! Constantine rolls out of the way at the last second. Constantine is to his feet as Dave slowly rises. Constantine motions towards him and Dave rushes forward. Constantine trips him with a drop toe hold and quickly applies an STF. Constantine applies pressure as Dave reaches frantically for the ropes while the ref checks on Dave.

    Cohen: Not so royal now are you Dave? Finish him John!

    Copeland: Dave has to get out of his predicament. He's so close to the ropes but Constantine has the lock cinched in tight.

    Dave begins to fade as Constantine pulls back on his head. The ref checks on Dave but Dave refuses to give up. He suddenly gets up to one knee, forcing Constantine to release the hold on Dave's leg but holds the chin lock in tight. The crowd begins to chant Dave's name as he faintly gets to both knees. He hits a few elbows to Constantine's midsection before rising to both feet. Constantine's grip loosens but he suddenly grabs Dave and slams him backwards to the mat. Dave grips his head as Constantine stands over him, raising his arms up high as the crowd boos. Constantine's demeanor changes and suddenly he begins aggressively stomping away at Dave before the ref pulls him away. He signals for the Axis of Evil as Dave slowly struggles to his feet. As Dave rises Constantine lifts him up but Dave counters into a vicious DDT! Both men are out as the crowd roars. The ref begins the ten count.

    Copeland: What a counter by Dave! He's evened this match up.

    Cohen: Constantine was so close. He had him right where he wanted him.

    Dave is up at the count of eight and walks slowly over to Constantine. He grabs him by the hair and drags him up to his feet. He suddenly lifts him up and lifts him up with a two handed choke. Constantine struggles in the hold until hitting a few strikes to the head. Dave drops him and turns away and Constantine takes advantage with a chop block. Dave drops to the mat and Constantine quickly covers Dave. 1....2....Dave kicks out! Constantine stays right on the offensive, grabbing Dave and tossing him over the top rope as the crowd boos. Constantine follows him out and slams him head first into the announce table. He repeats it once more before whipping Dave hard into the steel steps. Dave crashes over them and lies on the ground holding his shoulder as Constantine takes his time walking towards him. The ref's count had already begun and has reached four. Constantine stands directly on Dave's shoulder while pulling his arm up, causing Dave to yell out in pain. The ref warns Constantine to bring the match back into the ring. He obliges and tosses Dave back into the ring. He whips Dave into the ropes and catches him off the rebound, tossing him over with a fallaway slam! He immediately hooks the leg, 1....2....Dave kicks out!

    Copeland: How is Dave staying in this match? His shoulder has to be killing him by now.

    Cohen: Even the toughest cockroach gets squashed eventually Seabass. Dave is no different.

    Constantine gets up frustrated and pulls Dave to his feet immediately. He gets behind Dave and goes for Collateral Damage but Dave floats over and immediately lifts him up with a pumphandle slam! Dave covers Constantine 1......2.....Constantine kicks out! Dave sits up and grasps his hurt shoulder before getting up and motion for Constantine to rise. He hits a kick to the knee and then follows up with a devastating kick to the head. Constantine stumbles forward and Dave quickly drapes an arm around him and hits Checking Out! He covers Constantine, 1....2....3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Big Dave!

    Copeland: A hard fought victory for Big Dave. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

    Cohen: Oh great, here comes the spotlight stealer to take all the glory.

    Dave gets to his feet when Ricky suddenly appears at the top of the ramp clapping his hands. He makes his way down to the ring and rolls in and the two men hug as Constantine rolls to the outside.

    Copeland: We're out of time here at Meltdown, for Jack Cohen, I'm Sebastian Copeland. Goodnight!

    Ricky raises Dave's hand in victory as Meltdown goes off the air.
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    Phoenix: Agony/Jones, Opening
    Falkon: Forgotten Powers vs. Cruz/Paradyse
    Numbers: Blade/Baez vs Beckford/Gordito, Showtime/Baller
    Ty: Big Dave/Constantine, Backstage.

    A bit of a short show this week we realize this, but we promise to turn it up next time around. Rep the guys above for the work they've done, and tune in tomorrow for Ascension. Don't forget to review the show if you have a few moments and let us know how we did.
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