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    * PYRO *
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    The camera spins around the fans in the arena, showing off another packed out audience - all of which are on their feet and cheering as the show gets going. The camera picks out a few signs that read "I want the bounty", "EurAvison Era ends tonight" and "Enter the War Zone". The fans seem to be very excited what for what is coming next as the voice of Meltdown, Sebastian Copeland, welcomes us in.

    Copeland: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a massive night in WZCW. We are just two rounds away from Unscripted 2017 and things are certainly heating up. I am, of course, Sebastian Copeland and I am joined in the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland by the one and only Jack Cohen.

    Cohen: Absolutely right, Seabass! Tonight ought to be the huge night for WZCW and these fans in Ohio get to witness it all. Including a coming of age match for Tony Mancini as he challenges Titus Avison for his EurAsian Championship. All that and more coming right at you.

    The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing as the legendary Mikey Stormrage's music begins playing out loudly to the baying audience. Soon after, Mikey enters in wheelchair. All of the excitement that the fans felt is quickly extinguished as the crippled former wrestler makes his first appearance in a poor state. He wheels to the ring and rises to his feet and does his best to slowly climb into the ring, where he is handed a mic.


    Stormrage: Thank you all so much but I need to say something... Make no mistake, this wasn't an easy decision... As most of you know, I've decided to step away from in ring competition here in WZCW.

    There is a clear disappointment in the reception from the crowd as a mixture of support and booing is directed towards the gamer.

    Stormrage: I spent a lot of time thinking this over. I weighed the pros and cons, all the options I could think of, all the possibilities. This isn't what I really wanted, but after speaking to my doctors and what friends and family I have, they all agreed that an extended break was needed to heal not only my body, but my mind.

    Mikey stops for a moment, considering what to say next.

    Stormrage: This business takes a physical toll on you, but it also takes a mental toll as well. I've been through absolute wars in that ring. The first ever TLC match, I Quit Matches against Saxoteur and James Howard, street fights with Ricky Runn and Beard, the Hell in a Cell where Ty threw me off the top and almost ended my career, the ladder match with Constantine that forever altered my smile. Then there was my epic against Justin Cooper at Kingdom Come. I apologize for failing to stop that menace when I had the chance.

    The fans boo loudly at the mention of the leader of Vis Imperium. Mikey nods his head in understanding of their reaction. Mikey allows a solemn look to creep across his features as he thinks about where he is going with his monologue.

    Stormrage: I've also fought a lot of mental battles. I've lost friends, I've lost family. I've ruined more relationships because of this business than I can count. Everyone knows about Eve Taylor, and believe me I apologize for everything I put her through and all the things I wish I could change about how things went with her. I lost both of my parents days before big matches, I alienated so many people in pursuit of success in this ring.

    Suddenly, a massive cheer goes through the arena - an action to match the honesty and brutality of the speech that Mikey is making in front of them. Mikey allows a small smile to appear on his face as the fans offer a great reaction to him.

    Stormrage: Through it all, I gave everything I could to not only win, but make you guys happy, because it's really you guys that drive each and every one of us in this business. I was never meant to succeed. My belly was always a little too big, my ass just a little too wide, but you heard my music hit and you cheered your hearts out. For a kid from a tiny tiny tiny town in Indiana, that meant the world to me. I can never put into words what you guys did for me over the last five years. I can talk about the pursuit of titles and victories, but it was your approval and acceptance hat kept me going.

    The solemn tone in Mikey's voice seems to disappear somewhat as he begins to focus on what he has gained in his time in WZCW.

    Stormrage: See I never really found a place where I fit in. I was weird, I was the nerdy kid, I was the quiet one in the corner and despite all of that, when I came to WZCW, you cheered and accepted me. Ill never know why you chose to rally around me, but for that I'm eternally grateful, because this was the only place I ever really felt at home, felt like I belonged. For the last five years I built a career that will likely go down as one of the best, I'll probably go into the Hall of Fame at some point, but without you guys, none of it would have been possible.


    Stormrage: So thank you, all of you. From James Howard who was my first match and my tag team partner, to Matt Tastic who was my brother from another mother, and everyone in between that I ever crossed paths with. Again, you guys and gals all made it possible.

    With that, Mikey nods his head and a member of the production team gets into the ring to help him out. Mikey goes through the ropes and slowly goes down the steps towards his wheel chair. A massive look of relief from pain crosses the face of the former wrestler as he finally gets back to his chair. The member of staff begins pushing Mikey up the ramp as all of the fans in the arena are on their feet, offering him a final round of applause as he is wheeled up the ramp. As he gets there, he motions for the staff member to stop. Mikey gets back to his feet one more time.

    Stormrage: Just remember, I'll always be around in some form. This isn't Game Over, this is just me pressing pause for now.

    A massive cheer goes up for the WZCW icon as he settles back into his chair and disappears for now.

    Copeland: Well, that was really something, folks. I have to give some credit to Mikey for the blistering honesty with which he addressed everyone here tonight and, I guess, this is the last time we will see Mikey Stormrage in a WZCW ring for a while.

    Cohen: Hey, listen, I wasn't ever a big Mikey Stormrage fan. In fact, I gave him a harder time than most around here. But there is no doubting just what he accomplished. The fact is that this place is worse off by not having him around and that's a shame.

    Copeland: Definitely, Jack. This is a big announcement, make no mistake. But we have to endeavour to move forward and the show must go on. With that in mind, it seems as though we are ready for our first match of the evening.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first....

    Harrys:.....from New Angola, Africa, weighing in at 250 pounds, King Obi Okafor!

    Two of Obi's rose bearers step out onto the stage, basket of roses at the ready as Obi Okafor steps out from behind the curtain, raising his arms high in the air to some fanfare. The rose bearers move forward and start to place the roses from the basket down the ramp, Obi following behind, pointing and smiling at some of the fans before staring at the ring in a focused manner. The rose bearers step to the side as they get to the end of the ramp and Obi hypes himself up before sliding into the ring and hopping onto the nearest turnbuckle to get the crowd onto their feet. He removes his crown and his dashiki to a nearby official before hopping down from the turnbuckle and wait for the bell to start.

    Copeland: Obi Okafor, a promising new wrestler here in WZCW, he's already a former Mayhem Champion. He lost that title to Randy Studd at the last PPV and this is a chance for the King to regain some of that lost footing here on Meltdown.

    Cohen: Don't count on it Seabass! He's going to be sharing a ring with a living, breathing monster in War Zone! I think we better call the locale hospital and get a bed ready for Okafor.

    Harrys: And his opponent...

    Harrys:...Accompanied to the ring by Troy Excellence, from The Pentagon, weighing 308 pounds, War Zone!

    The lights go out as Imagine Dragons' Radioactive plays. The monster figure slowly walks his way to the entrance and a spotlight dims on him. Around 0:29, the lights come back on and he slowly walks his walk to the ring; all eyes focused on the ring. He glares at someone at the audience and then enters the ring, around 0:57, he puts a fist on his right hand as to simulate an atomic weapon; he turns to his opponent and does the same thing to him. Troy talks with his client one final time before stepping through the ropes and standing ringside.

    Copeland: Here comes three hundred and eight pounds of dominance Jack! But who's this guy with him?

    Cohen: I do believe that's War Zone's new manager Troy Excellence, I don't know too much about the man but I'm told he has some experience training and managing wrestlers in the past.

    Referee Morse checks both wrestlers for illegal objects then calls for the bell.


    Obi Okafor rushes War Zone with a flying elbow followed by a lightning quick dropkick! He chops and throws a right hand at the big man, War Zone barely flinches at all this and quickly scoops up Obi off of his feet, he hoists the man over his head for a gorilla press with no effort. He runs across the ring and throws Obi over the top ropes, through the air...over the barricade and into the fifth row! Obi lands hard on three teenage kids, sending popcorn flying in the air and all four of them toppling over their chairs and to the concrete floor. War Zone screams and punches the ropes with both fists.

    Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! ​

    Copeland: Obi Okafar just went flying way over our heads and into the sixth or seventh row here tonight!!! Have you ever seen anyone get thrown that far in your life Jack?!

    Cohen: I TOLD you! There's something in the air here tonight and Obi Okafor has chosen the wrong opponent! Get the ambulance on the line, call the medics! A human being was just launched across this arena and we might as well ring the bell right now!

    War Zone jumps through the middle ropes, Troy Excellence gives him some more instructions as Morse starts his count in the ring. War Zone runs and throws a huge shoulder block at the barricade, crashing right through the wall! He grabs the fallen piece of barricade and throws it violently behind him, Morse ducks out of the way as a large square of blue just misses taking him out. War Zone makes his way to Obi, the King is barely crawling to his feet but War Zone scoops him up again, he gorilla presses the man a second time. He walks towards the hole he made in the barricade and starts to run, he runs past the hole and launches Obi sideways right into the ring post! Obi hits the post and spins like a helicopter blade before landing and rolling to the middle of the ring.


    War Zone rolls in the ring. Morse walks in front of him and tells him to just pin Obi, as the man is laying in the center of the ring, not moving. War Zone nods, he jumps down and hooks the leg....


    War Zone picks up Obi's head, breaking his own pin. He quickly stands up, shaking his head no and mouthing something to himself. He reaches down and hooks his fingers in the back of Obi's trunks, he quickly lifts Obi to his feet effortlessly then grabs him by the back of the neck, he runs and launches Obi over the top ropes. Obi rolls near the commentary table. War Zone jumps through the middle ropes. He rips the protective covering off of the table as Copeland and Cohen back away.

    Copeland: It's obvious War Zone is trying to make a statement here tonight Jack, but he's about to take this too far. Referee Morse is outside of the ring now, trying to talk him out of his plans here.

    War Zone stands on the table, he drags Obi on the table and picks him up, he turns him around and picks him up in a reverse firemans carry position, he jumps and drills Obi's head straight down through the table, destroying the table and causing a loud cracking, crashing noise!


    Cohen: That was Nuclear Winter through our announce table Seabass! We have medics immediately running out here,might as well ring that bell! There's no way this will be allowed to continue!

    War Zone throws a big chunk of table off of himself, he pushes a medic out of the way, a referee from the back gets right in War Zone's face, the 308 pounder grabs the front of his striped shirt and rips it clean off revealing a flabby, hairy chest. War Zone hits him with a palm chop to the chest, sending the referee sprawling backwards over the barricade and into the fans with a big red hand print on his chest. War Zone grabs Obi's hair and drags him out of the wreckage. He picks him up and rolls him in the ring. Morse continues to plead with War Zone to stop. The monster rolls back in the ring and picks up Obi Okafor again, he lifts him in a reverse firemans carry again, then once again plants him backwards right on his head for another Nuclear Winter! He rolls on top of him for the cover....


    Morse makes the pin fall as fast as he can.

    Harrys: The winner of this contest by pinfall...War Zone!

    War Zone rips the top turnbuckle off and throws it into the crowd. He roars and climbs the exposed turnbuckle and shows everyone his muscles. Troy Excellence claps from outside the ring, then beckons him to follow him back up the ramp. War Zone jumps through the ropes, then has some words for his new manager. The ring is filled with medics now, caring for Obi, securing his neck in a brace and carefully placing him on a stretcher.

    Copeland: I'm at a loss for words ladies and gentleman! We have just witnessed one of the worst one sided slayings I've ever seen! Obi Okafar didn't stand a chance in this match!

    Cohen: And it's not over Seabass!!!

    War Zone charges the ring again, he throws one medic over the top ropes, the rest roll away and jump through the ropes to escape the large man. He stands over Obi, helplessly strapped in the stretcher, eyes closed, completely destroyed. War Zone fakes showing mercy by pretending to crawl through the ropes, he screams - NO - then turns around again. He lifts the stretcher and leans in on the turnbuckle, he shifts his weight then lifts the entire thing over his head in a gorilla press position!!

    Copeland: What is he thinking?! Don't DO this! Don't you dare DO it War Zone!!

    War Zone runs and throws Obi Okafor strapped in the stretcher, he flies over the top ropes, over the medical staff and lands face first on the ramp, he bounces once to a tremendous....CLANG!!!


    Copeland: Oh my god! That is the last time we will ever see that man, I can't believe my eyes Jack! He just flew fifteen feet and face planted on that ramp....oh my god, look at the blood...I don't even want to watch this replay!

    Cohen: War Zone has gone too far Seabass, way too far! I wouldn't be surprised if he faces some really big fines after this.He won't be getting any points from the medical staff either.

    Troy Excellence is guiding War Zone past the carnage on the ramp, the giant man does another carnal scream to nearby fans, who scream in horror at the monster.
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    We cut backstage to where Logan McAllister can be seen inside the locker room. He tosses a bag down in a corner of the room as the door suddenly swings open to reveal the former model – Eve Taylor. McAllister lifts his head for a moment and looks at Taylor but says nothing as she moves inside the room.

    Taylor: Have you seen Mikey in here lately?

    McAllister: No!

    McAllister's tone stuns the former model so much that she turns on her 6-inch heels towards him – her mouth ajar and a look of anger on her face.

    Taylor: I only asked you a question, asshole. Just because you are angry at the world for everything, you don't have to take it out on me.

    Suddenly, Logan rises to his feet and begins walking towards Eve with a dangerous look upon his face.

    McAllister: I'm angry at the world? And that's coming from you, huh? What a joke that is. Coming from the girl that can't evah make the main event. So much so that she blames everyone else for her lot in life? You may have got the win last week but I'm not through with you yet, sistah. After I'm done with Constantine tomorrow night, I'll make sure and pay you a visit.

    As Logan gets in Eve's face, she simply gives an abrupt laugh and takes a step backwards.

    Taylor: You're right, I did beat you last week. Maybe you should spend less time worrying about me and start worrying about what Constantine will do to you after your attack on him last week. And when he's done with you, maybe I'll be paying you a visit myself...

    With that, Eve turns from Logan and offers him one last sly smile before heading out the door.

    Copeland: Hmm! That's a developing story for sure, ladies and gents. Eve Taylor managed to pin Logan last week in a tag team match but it seems as though Logan hasn't forgotten it.

    Cohen: If I were Eve Taylor, I'd be watching just who I run my mouth to. Logan McAllister almost put Constantine out of commission last week and claimed the bounty on his head. But I'm sure he'd do the same to her for free. The real questions is though, what is Logan doing here tonight?
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    After a few seconds, Callie begins making her way out to through the curtain. The fans seem totally bewildered that she is here tonight but she seems to care very little for the way that the fans choose to recognise her. As she walks down the ramp, she stops for a moment, choosing to strike a pose as the fans really get going with their booing.

    Copeland: Well, this is somewhat of a massive surprise. We were about to watch Matt Tastic take on The Beard in a Mayhem Match but it seems as though the Elite Openweight Champion has other ideas on her mind.

    Cohen: This may be Meltdown, Seabass. And Callie Clark might be the Elite Openweight Champion. But she does what she wants and that is the bottom line. She's probably out here to gloat about being the first person to defend that Championship in God knows how long...

    Callie takes the Elite Openweight Championship from around her waist and raises it high into the air above her. The fans continue to boo but that doesn't faze Callie in the slightest. She continues down the ramp and gets into the ring. She grabs a microphone from a stage hand and offers the fans one more sly smile before she begins talking.

    Callie: So this what Meltdown looks like, huh?

    The fans cheer but Callie doesn't seem impressed.

    Callie: Maybe all you idiots in here tonight ought to have thought better about what show you wanted to see when WZCW rolled into your hick town!

    The cheers from the fans are quickly replaced by a rain of booing as Callie's smile widens.

    Callie: When you sat down in front of your computers or your phones, you made a choice to come and see this tragic show instead of one that contained the single most popular Champion currently in WZCW! How could you even do that?! It, like, doesn't even make any sense.

    Callie continues to smile, obviously pleased with herself and the way she has run down the fans.

    Callie: Anyway, I'm just here to remind everyone what a true Champion looks like and to remind everyone that I will be in action tomorrow night. That match, I assure you, will be one million times better than whatever dross is about to walk through that curtain. Mostly because it will feature the Elite Openweight Champion. In fact, I might just make myself comfortable and see what Meltdown has to offer.

    With that, Callie drops the microphone and exits the ring. She walks down the steps and makes her way over to the commentary tables at ringside. She orders a member of the production team to get her a chair and he quickly obliges. Picking up a headset from the desk, Callie makes herself at home.

    Copeland: Well, it seems as though we are going to be joined by the Elite Openweight Champion for the next match, ladies and gentlemen. A real treat, I'm sure you will agree.

    Callie: Is that sarcasm in your voice, Sebastian? Don't let me hear that from you again.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and will be contested under Mayhem Rules!

    After a few seconds of waiting, The Beard finally makes his appearance to the sold out crowd – all of whom seem very pleased to see the cult icon and former Heavyweight Champion. As a lone spotlight shines down upon his towel-covered head, Beard bounces up and down on the spot. As the music picks up, the lights come on and a massive cheer soon follows. Beard smiles as he hurriedly makes his way down the ramp.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 265 pounds... The Beard!!

    Copeland: Well, Callie, you were looking for big competition and in The Beard you may have already found it. This man is a former World Heavyweight Champion and seems to be on a mission, lately, of regaining some of that lost recognition.

    Callie: Ew.

    Beard continues down the ramp, slapping some hands on the way past as he makes it to the bottom. The Beard seems to be full of energy as he slaps the metal steps and then launches himself over the top rope and into the ring. The fans continue to cheer loudly for the leader of Beard Nation as he readies himself for the upcoming match.

    After a few more seconds of waiting, Matt makes his appearance to the fans in the arena too. Similarly, he receives a massive cheer from the audience, despite his subdued entrance. Matt looks around the arena, taking everything in, and then begins making his way down the ramp – his hands in his pockets and a swagger in his steps.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 238 pounds... Matt Tastic!!

    Copeland: We are all seeing a different side of Matt Tastic these days but there is no doubt that he is one of the greatest to have ever lace a pair of boots. Callie, you picked a great match to watch because these two ought to bring the best out of each other and tear the roof off of this place.

    Cohen: Absolutely right, Seabass. These two have done the dance so many times but it never gets old. Mayhem Rules is the stipulation tonight but I actually can't tell who that suits more quite frankly.

    Callie: I'm not impressed, quite frankly

    Matt finally makes it down the ramp and takes a second to look around the arena. He nods his head slightly before going up the steps and hopping up onto the turn-buckle. He pops himself down into a seated position and stares through The Beard across the ring. The referee signals for the bell...

    *Ding Ding Ding!*

    The referee steps aside. The two gladiators slowly circle each other, neither one really all that eager to lock up. Both have the other well scouted. Their wounds still fresh from their last battle a round ago. After a tense stare down, Beard charges forward, trying to force the smaller man into the corner with his size, but Matt sidesteps him and rolls out of the way. Beard stops himself from crashing into the turnbuckle, but a corner dropkick sends him headfirst into the pad. He stumbles back, but Tastic grabs him and lifts him up for a back suplex. He goes for an early cover….


    But Beard quickly gets the shoulder up. Tastic grabs the larger man and tries to pull him to his feet, but Beard shoves him off. Tastic moves forward to grab him once again, but Beard cuts him off with a jumping high knee. He grabs the smaller man and hits a snap suplex. He spins himself around and holds onto his opponent’s head, and delivers a second suplex one. This time with more authority. Instead of going for the cover he begins to pound away on the smaller man. His fists raining down like blows from a sledgehammer. The referee interferes and gives him a warning.

    Copeland: Beard is relentless right now. He’s showing Tastic absolutely no mercy with those huge fists of his.

    Cohen: You can practically feel the frustration from here. Beard is pissed that he lost last time. He promised that he’d take the fight to Matt and that’s what he’s doing.

    Callie: My money is on Beard this time. Matt Tastic is a loose cannon nowadays. He barely has his head on straight.

    Beard lifts Tastic up off the canvas and delivers a spine rattling backbreaker. In a display of raw, animalistic power he lifts Matt clean off the canvas and delivers a second backbreaker before falling into a cover.

    But Matt kicks out. Beard doesn’t show any emotion. He stares at his fallen opponent for about three seconds before pulling himself to his feet. He’s thinking. Trying to figure out his next move. He stands and then quickly exits the ring. He lifts the apron and grabs two steel chairs and throws them both in the ring. Matt stirs on the canvas, and pulls himself to his feet. He glances over and sees one of the chairs. He picks it up and smacks it against the mat.

    Copeland: No one expected this match to be a catch as catch can classic, ladies and gentlemen. Beard came here to fight.

    Callie: I like Beard’s style.

    Cohen: I do to, Callie. Beard promised to hurt Matt here tonight. Seems like he’s fixing to make good on his word.

    He eyes Beard on the outside, who now holds a trashcan. He launches it over the ropes and into the ring at the smaller man, but Matt swats it out of the air. It proves to be a helpful diversion as Beard quickly rolls back into the ring at the same time. Matt swings the chair and hits Beard in the shoulder. The blow staggers the big man, but doesn’t knock him down. He tries to swing the chair again, but the big man catches it with his left arm, and shoves Matt down hard with his right. Matt rolls through and leaps to his feet, but Beard has him well scouted. He drives the side of the chair into Matt’s stomach, and then whacks him hard across the back, driving him straight down to the canvas. Beard drops the chair and quickly hits a high-speed leg drop. He goes for the cover…

    But Matt kicks out again. Beard stands and grabs the chair, and raises it high as Matt rights himself. Beard swings the chair but the smaller man ducks out of the way and blasts him with a spinning wheel kick, knocking the chair back into Beard’s face. Tastic grabs the chair this time. He rams the side of it into the back of Beard’s left leg, bring the big man to one knee. He smacks him over the back and then in the back of the head, sending Beard crashing to the canvas. The referee gives him a verbal warning about the headshots, but Matt ignores them and screams at his opponent to stand.

    Callie: Matt can’t do that, hitting someone in the head with a chair. Doesn’t he know there’s regulations against that?

    Cohen: I don’t think he cares. This is the attitude of this new Matt Tastic that we’ve been seeing.

    Callie: I’m not impressed. Look at Beard. He stopped a chair shot with his bare hands. How many people in this company can do that? Not many.

    Matt swings the chair again, but Beard raises his left arm and uses it as a shield. With his added weight fueling his momentum he plows forwards and crushes Matt with a short arm clothesline. He stumbles putting pressure on his injured knee, but he takes a deep breath, runs and bounces off the ropes, before flattening the smaller man with a running crossbody! He makes another cover…

    But Matt just won’t die. Beard curses in frustration. He knew going in that this match would be hell. He’d already given Matt some of his best shots, and it still wasn’t enough. He was beginning to wonder what it would take to win this battle of attrition. He takes the chair and slams it down onto the canvas. He pulls Tastic to his feet and signals for the end. He attempts to hit his rolling cutter, but Matt counters and sends Beard face first into the chair with the Face Explosion! He goes for a cover of his own…

    But Beard kicks out. Matt gets to his feet. He doesn’t care about technical or scientific wrestling tonight. A part of him just wants to make Beard suffer. And he really didn’t care how. This was a fight. A brawl. That’s what Chuck Myles wants to see, right? Matt sneers at his opponent, as he watches him recover. He runs and bounces off the ropes as soon as Beard rights himself, and sends him crashing back down head first with a running tornado DDT. He doesn’t go the cover this time. He grabs the chair and wedges it into the middle and top rope. His plan was simple. Send Beard crashing into it shoulder first. Suplex the fucker. Hit the frog splash. Done. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. As soon as Matt grabs Beard and whips him forward, he counters, sending the smaller man careening into the chair and out of the ring hard.

    Copeland: Tastic hit that chair hard! Both these men have absorbed so much punishment. How much more can they take?

    Callie: What an idiot. Matt had this match won. He’s a hall of famer and he’s still making rookie mistakes like that? What a chump.

    Cohen: Matt took a gamble and he lost.

    Beard catches his breath, and follows his opponent to the outside. He nails Matt in the back with a forearm smash, before pulling him to his feet and sending him crashing back first into the barricade. Tastic sits stunned as Beard measures him. With a primal yell, he runs and smashes the smaller man with a running cannonball senton. The barricade breaks! The crowd begins to chant, showing their appreciation for the spot. Beard stumbles to his feet, and slowly pulls Matt to his. He grabs the smaller man and drives him backwards against the ring apron, before slamming him face first against the announcers table. He stops and slides back into the ring to reset the referees count. He grabs Tastic in a headlock position, and tries to suplex him on the outside, but Matt blocks by using his legs, before countering and taking out Beard at the knee. The big man cries out in pain before Matt floors him with a kick to the head. He slides back into the ring. He eyes the big man on the outside, before bouncing off the opposite side of the ring, and launching himself through the middle ropes with a tope suicida. The maneuver drives Beard backwards, sending him crashing against the announce table. His size and weight works against him as he can’t stop his momentum as he flips over the table, sending the commentators running from their seats.

    Copeland: What a move by Matt Tastic! Beard couldn’t stop himself, and he flipped right over the table.

    Cohen: The veteran instincts of Tastic taking over. He bet on the house earlier and lost, but he played his cards right this time.

    Matt eyes Callie Clark out of the corner of his eye. On top of having to damn near beat the Beard towards an inch of his life, he’s stuck having to listen to her catty attitude the whole time. She dares him to do something, and he responds by shooting a derogatory insult at her, which greatly annoys her.

    Callie: How dare you call me a bitch!

    Matt slides back into the ring as the referee continues to count….

    Beard stirs and slowly gets to his feet. He holds his back and starts to move forward. Matt watches in disbelief and grabs a steel chair out of the corner of his eye. He holds it up and brandishes it, begging Beard to reenter the ring.

    He rolls back into the ring, barely beating the count. Tastic is waiting for him. He smashes the chair over Beards leg. The big man screams in pain. He continues the assault, hitting Beard over and over again, taking out all his frustrations on the big man. Satisfied, he drags Beard towards the turnbuckle and quickly scales it. Standing on top, Matt takes a deep breath and jumps, nailing Beard with the Frog Splash! He makes the cover…


    Copeland: Tastic gave Beard a brutal beating at the end there. Beard did all he could to save himself a count out loss.

    Cohen: Maybe that would have been better than the alternative, Seabass. Both men had something to prove here tonight. I guess Matt made his louder and clearer.

    Matt Tastic stands. He’s disinterested in the crowd, his music, or the referee, who raises his hand. Callie approaches the ring apron, and calls him a coward for his assault on Beard with the chair at the end of the match. Offended, Matt dares her to say that to his face. Callie slides into the ring and slings the Elite Openweight title around her shoulder. Matt gets in her face. She rears back and suddenly slaps him, leaving him stunned. She slides under the ropes, and eyes him as she leaves. She screams, “you’re a coward!” one last time as she walks up the ramp.
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    Backstage, we see Tony Mancini preparing for tonight's massive match against Titus. He is shadow boxing in an empty room and working up a sweat until Wren makes her appearance into the room with him. He gives her a look but continues doing what he was previously. She watches him for a moment before the atmosphere is too much and Mancini comes to a halt.

    Mancini: Listen, I don't want to seem like a bad guy but could you please go away? I've got a massive match against Titus tonight and I need to get my body and my head in the right place. Hell, you should know all about what it takes.

    With that, Wren averts her gaze from the former mob boss for a moment, seemingly hurt at the accusations from Tony and being reminded that she came up short against Titus at Gold Rush. Meaning no harm in the first place, Mancini holds both of his hands up in the air in an act of innocence.

    Mancini: Hey, I didn't mean that to sound like I was taking aim at you losing against Titus, you know? I watched your match together, it was something special. Hell, I wished I was in your position at the time. And you gave Titus the sternest test of his entire reign, I would say. You came pretty damn close to being the one to end his reign, you should be proud of that.

    Wren nods her head in begrudging approval as Tony begins to close the wounds he opened.

    Mancini: And hey, when I become EurAsian Champion, I want to have matches like that too. You made Titus look like a killer in that match, no doubt about it. The way you took him right to the limit is something else to be proud of. I know that I'm gonna have to get close to that or beyond that level of performance to stand a chance.

    Mancini takes a sharp exhale as he thinks about the task that lies before him and the insurmountable odds that he is up against.

    Mancini: But I watched your match against Titus and I know that I have what it takes to take him down. You exposed him like no one ever has, lady. I seen flaws in his game that I know I can exploit. That's why, if I win the Championship tonight, I'll make you my first contender for the Championship at Unscripted, how about that?

    Mancini smiles at Wren, who flashes him a grin of her own. She nods her head in approval before heading out of the room. Mancini watches her leave before going back to his shadow boxing again.

    Copeland: Well, Tony Mancini might not want to get too far ahead of himself, Jack. He has earned a shot at the EurAsian Championship and a chance at stripping Titus of the Championship, once and for all. But many people have been in that position and everyone has failed. Titus always manages to pull out the performance when it matters and Mancini, like he says, will have to find an extra gear here tonight.

    Cohen: And more, Seabass. Titus is in the best form that I have ever seen him. He's held that belt for almost 700 days and it is going to take something special to take the belt form him. Mancini can forget about Unscripted and a title defence. There's no way that the EurAvison Era end tonight.
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    The following Tag Team contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first! The team of the Remarkable Mark Keaton and the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper, they are Vis Imperium!!

    Throughout the arena, the lights have dimmed and now spray gold and red as they spin. Keaton emerges onto the stage, he is soon joined by Justin Cooper Vis Imperium begins their slow walk down to the ring, fans shout and throw things at them. Keaton shouts back at fans. Once in the ring, Cooper stands in the middle of the ring, Keaton to the left on the turnbuckle. They cross their arms as a burst of pyro, golden sparks, goes off behind them.

    Copeland: The former Tag Team Champions reunite here tonight and face a powerful team as the two most successful female wrestlers band together tonight.

    Yeah, but for all that success, have they ever been World Champion? No. Justin Cooper has. Justin Cooper IS.


    Introducing first from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 160 pounds, Kagura!

    Kagura stands on the ramp holding up her KFAD briefcase. She waits on the ramp for her partner.


    Her Tag Team partner, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... Eve Taylor!

    The duo, now together, march down the aisle. Cooper and Keaton attack but are caught and both have their heads snapped off the ropes, whiplashing them. The ladies enter the ring and the match is on.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The girls throw fists, catching the Champion and his buddy off guard. The ladies whip them across the ring and VI hold on to the ropes to stop themselves. On cue the females dash across and Clothesline the former Tag Champs out of the ring and to the outside as they celebrate and the crowd goes wild.

    Pity Cat isn't here tonight, because it seems to be a girls night out here on Meltdown and they have gone wild!

    Here I was thinking you had some class. I see your dirty play on words, Seabass.

    VI recomposes themselves outside. Keaton yells at the crowd and Justin just covers his mouth frustrated. Referee Keith Morse orders the duo back into the ring but they pass around ringside stalling. The girls decide to go for them. They slide out of the ring and chase after. VI roll back into the ring and the girls just look on frustrated. VI yell, demanding to Keith to enforce tags. Kagura stays on the apron as Eve enters cautiously, but stops demanding for Keith to do the same with VI who are both in the ring. They argue, but ultimately Keaton stays and Cooper leaves. Eve enters and both circle the ring. Keaton goes for a collar and elbow tie up but is surprised by a sudden headlock as Cooper facepalms, exclaiming that he told him to watch out for that. Eve squishes Keatons head repeatedly before transitioning into a Hammerlock. She holds and pulls Keaton into her corner where Kagura tags in. She grabs the arm and holds Keaton in a Wristlock. Keaton tries to push himself ahead but ends up swept. Kagura gets some momentum off the ropes and drops a knee on Keaton's back. She tags Eve in who drops an elbow on his back. Keaton gets up clutching his back and is met with a series of stiff kicks.

    Cohen: Puns aside, these two women mean business tonight.

    Copeland: Keaton and Cooper stand across from them in terms of success. These are the men they must defeat.

    Keaton tries to reach out for a tag, but Kagura re-enters and yanks him away as Cooper stretches out for the tag and is left hanging. She pulls Keaton against her corner for a series of Knife-Edge Chops. She tags in Eve who does the same. Each time Keaton tries to leave, clutching his chest in pain and making funny faces but is pulled back. He eventually drops to his knees and Eve gives him more kicks. Kagura comes in and drags Keaton up to his feet but he pokes Kagura's eyes. The referee calls him out but is too busy checking on Kagura letting Keaton scurry to his corner. Cooper gets the tag, the ref seeing it and the World Champion quickly cuts off Kagura. He hits a Step-Up Knee, knocking Kagura down. He makes a cover. 1.... 2.... 3-bu Kagura kicks out. Eve pleads to Kagura for the tag but she's in no position for it. Cooper hits Kagura with a Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker and covers again. 1.......... 2.......- But Eve gets in and breaks the cover. Cooper seems frustrated and stands Kagura up but she fights back with a pair of forearms. She hits him with a Saito Suplex and reaches out for the tag. Eve stretches her arm out too but as Kagura reaches out, Keaton runs in and knocks Eve off the apron. He drags Kagura to his corner and then Cooper who proceeds to tag Keaton. He stomps away on the helpless Kagura repeatedly in the corner. Cooper tags in and stomps Kagura down on the corner. Kagura springs up and hits a pair of forearms but Cooper kicks her in the breadbasket and hits a Fisherman Suplex, landing in a pinning predicament. 1........... 2.......... 3- But Kagura kicks out.

    Cohen: What happened, Seabass? Did the girls get a hangover? No, but being serious, Vis Imperium has managed to take control of this affair.

    Copeland: Sure. It took a thumb to the eye, but Keaton managed to take control.

    Cooper pulls Kagura to the corner and holds her, tagging in Keaton who comes off the top rope with just a bare stomp on Kagura and then just repeatedly stomps on her mockingly. He puts Kagura on his shoulders, Cooper steps in and hits a European Uppercut and Keaton drops with a Samoan Drop. He hooks the leg. 1.............. 2.......... 3-but only 2 as Kagura kicks out. Keaton gets frustrated, Kagura reaches her hand but she is too far away. Eve from the apron tries to rally her, as does the crowd clapping heavily. Keaton stops her as she tries to reach for the corner with a Front Facelock but Kagura hits a few Muay Thai knees which make Keaton lose his grip. Kagura gets out of the hold and clutches Keaton, tossing him overhead with the Second Dance of Yamatohime no Mikoto. Keaton in pain reaches out to tag Cooper, he is just about there but Kagura grabs him and whips him to her corner and Splashes him. Tagging in Eve who comes in hot and ready for action, hitting Mudhole Stomps, finished with a Rope-Aided Corner Dropkick. Keaton falls face down on the canvas and Eve climbs the top rope. She measures her target and hits the Stilleto Stomp onto Keaton back. His eyes bug out as he yells in pain. Eve rolls him over and makes the cover. 1............ 2............ 3-But Cooper runs in and breaks it up. He tries to pull Keaton to his corner but Kagura comes off the top rope with a Knee Strike to Cooper, scraping by the face and making him crumple by the ropes. Kagura backs up into the corner, slips onto the ring apron and makes the tag with Eve. Taylor doesn't leave the ring, she charges herself up and runs full speed, connecting with a clothesline with knocks Justin Cooper to the outside of the ring along with herself.

    Cohen: That cannot be legal! She just took him over the top rope!

    Copeland: He interjected illegally in the match.

    Eve and Cooper fight outside as Kagura measures Keaton and he turns around, Kagura attempts the Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex but Keaton pushes her off. Keaton gets on her shoulders for an Airplane Spin and tries the Samoan Drop which connects. Keaton follows it up with a pinning combination but Kagura gets the shoulder up at a count of two. Outside, Eve is chasing after Cooper; Cooper slides underneath the bottom rope and grabs the referee and starts begging for safety. The referee orders him out of the ring, Cooper turns the official away from Eve and suddenly Logan McAllister appears charging down to the ring!

    Copeland: What the hell is McAllister doing out here?

    McAllister tackles Eve Taylor to the ground and begins pounding away with heavy forearms to the face as the former model attempts to protect herself. The former fan favourite rips Eve up to her feet by her beautiful long hair and throws her violently into the steel steps. The referee is unable to see any of this due to Cooper's presence inside the ring, Keaton continues to attack Kagura and they are trading shots in the corner but the focus for the crowd is on this outrageous assault occurring. Eve has been blindsided but begins to fight back, chopping at the chest of McAllister and using her quickness advantage over him to create some separation. She sends the big man for a loop with a kick to the face, causing him to stumbling into the barricade. Taylor lines up her shot and explodes with a crossbody taking both competitors into the crowd. They both get back to their feet soon after and trade punches, continuing to travel further into the crowd and eventually out of sight.

    Copeland: Suddenly the odds are against Kagura as she is by herself. Logan McAllister has stormed this tag team match and assaulted Eve Taylor. It's two on one, Vis Imperium has the advantage yet again! Damn it!

    Cooper exits the ring, an evil smirk on his face, knowing that the plan has worked perfectly. He demands a tag from Keaton and gets it immediately. He slaps Keaton on the back, nodding with approval as he approaches Kagura. Cooper slings her into the corner of Vis Imperium and follows up with a running dropkick. A quick tag is made, Keaton holds Kagura as Cooper slaps her across the face multiple times and laughs with glee. Keaton is legal now, he hits a few elbows and knees Kagura in the stomach before waltzing into the middle of the ring and playing the air guitar, much to the dismay of the crowd. In the corner, Cooper wants the tag yet again. Keaton makes it and in comes the World Champion, his eyes focused on Kagura who crawls forward trying to get to her corner but there is nobody left to tag. Vis Imperium laugh loudly, Cooper grabs Kagura by the hair, drags her into the middle of the ring and places his forehead against hers. The crowd roars as Cooper tilts his head back, ready to do his trademark spit.

    Cohen: Cooper is going to spit in her face! That ultimate sign of disrespect!

    He goes to spit when out of nowhere Kagura fires first spitting red mist into the eyes of the World Champion! The crowd explode with cheers as Cooper begins scratching at his eyes, screaming in pain and pleading for help. Keaton rushes into the ring but Kagura hits a judo throw and sends him spilling to the outside. She turns her attention to Cooper and the crowd are standing as Kagura grabs the World Champion from behind locking in the Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami (Sleeper Hold with body scissors). The fans are all chanting "Tap" while Cooper is clawing at the canvas of the ring, his body failing him and his calls for Keaton are unheard. Nobody is there to save him, Justin Cooper taps out in the middle of the ring to Kagura!

    Here are your winners, the team of Eve Taylor and Kagura!!

    Copeland: Kagura tapped the World Champion! Kagura just made Justin Cooper tap out on Meltdown. The armour of Vis Imperium has been damaged here tonight. Cooper has fallen in the worst way to the current Queen for a Day!

    Before any notion of a cash-in can be thought of, Keaton recovers and pulls Cooper to the outside of the ring and helps him escape up the ramp.

    Cohen: A fluke win and one done by cheating. That red mist should be outlawed. It's not fair to the other wrestlers, Seabass.

    Kagura is handed her briefcase and she holds it proudly in the air to a thunderous ovation. At the top of the ramp, Keaton is seen pouring water from a bottle into the eyes of his mentor. Cooper rubs them, the red mist washing away while he holds the World Championship tightly in his right hand.
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    Harrys: The following contest is THE MAIN EVENT of the evening and is for the EURASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the challenger....

    Harrys: ....from Yonkers, NY being accompanied to the ring by Xaitlyn Serpiente, weighing 275 pounds...The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini!

    Xaitlyn comes out first to no music. She stands their listening to the cheers from the fans that remember her time as an active competitor. After about 15 seconds Aive by P.O.D. hits PA system and Tony Mancini walks out to cheers from the audience. Tony walks to the ring with Xaitlyn at his side. He listens to the majority of fans cheer for him while there are still a few boos. He high fives some fans as he walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring while Xaitlyn stays on the outside. He takes off the Cornicello Charm his mother gave him, kisses it for luck and hands it to a ringside worker. As he waits for his opponent he kneels in the corner and with his head on the middle turnbuckle and says a small prayer.

    Copeland: And we've made it to the Main Event of the night! Here is Tony Mancini, the number one contender to the Eurasian Championship Title, he is in top form here tonight.

    Cohen: The Italian Stallion has obviously been hard at the gym Seabass, the man looks ripped here tonight. Since Tony won that battle royale by tossing Obi Okafor over the top ropes...

    Copeland: ..such an easier way over the top ropes I might add, than what happened to the poor man earlier on tonight.

    Cohen: Ha haaa! Your not kidding! Rest in Peace Obi!Anyway, since Tony won that battle royale, he's been hot on the side of Xaitlyn and Gino, can we get a shot of that grease ball at ringside? How did HE ever get a first row ticket to Meltdown?

    The camera shows Gino eating popcorn in the first row, he winks at the camera and shoves a big handfull of popcorn in his mouth.

    Cohen: This shouldn't be allowed, how many people does one guy need at ringside anyway? I bet Titus Avison won't have Tyrone Blades or Jones at ringside tonight?

    Copeland: Well, referee Akiyama won't allow any funny stuff here for this championship match, I can tell you that much Jack!

    Harrys: ....and introducing the champion.....

    Harrys: .....from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, The reigning, defending Eurasian Champion...... Titus Avison!

    Titus Avison strolls out to the top of the ramp to a mix of cheers and boos. The champion rests his Eurasian Championship on his shoulder and walks down the ramp with a purpose. He gives Tony a sharp eye as he walks through the ropes, he climbs the turnbuckle and does his signature point to the crowds.

    Copeland: Here is the champion Jack! The longest,greatest championship reign this company has ever seen. Recently he has turned and confronted Vis Imperium along side Hollow One's Tyrone Blades and Mr. Jones. Last week we saw a major brawl with Titus, Tyrone and Constantine vs Vis Imperium. Question is, will Vis Imperium be involved in this match tonight? Could they be planning to cost Titus his Eurasian Championship to Tony Mancini?

    Cohen: Wow! Somebody is seeing a whole fleet of black helicopters tonight!

    Copeland: You know what I'm talking about Jack! Titus has crossed that line and is on Vis Imperium's radar! Don't sit there and tell me it's not a possibility!

    Cohen If you don't watch out, YOU'LL be on their radar next! Vis Imperium are straight shooters, they are the justice of WZCW and won't play dirty pool in this main event match. They aren't cheaters like these wannabe's that rise up and fight V.I. Those are the one's you have to worry about!

    Referee Akiyama shows Tony Mancini the EurAsian Championship, he shows it to Titus one more time then hands it off to a ringside staff person. He checks both wrestlers for illegal objects, then calls for the bell...


    Tony charges across the ring like a bull! Titus steps to one side and kicks Tony in the back of the knees, Tony's face hits the second ropes and he falls to the outside of the ring, right on to his back with a thud. Titus laughs and stretches his shoulders while Akiyama begins his count. Tony is winded as he takes some deep breaths. Serpiente comes around and rubs his back, he nods then rolls back in the ring. He stretches his back and gives Titus a knowing nod as if to say - that won't happen again- Both wrestlers circle each other in the center of the ring then engage in a collar and elbow tie up, Tony uses his power and pushes Titus on his back in an instant. He then smirks at the champion and takes a step back, offering another chance at the collar and elbow tie up.

    Titus: Ref! Do something about that oil!

    Akiyama responds and checks Tony's skin for any slippery oil, Tony rolls his eyes as the referee rubs his arms and back, Titus takes this opportunity to roll under the ropes and take a walk. He blindly grabs a sign off of a fan and then walks to the commentary table, he grabs a pen and signs his autograph. He hands the sign back to the fan. The fan shows everyone her sign - I love Tony Mancini- Titus scowls at her, he grabs the sign and rips it in half. He rips it two more times and hands her the tiny piece that's left, his autograph.

    Cohen: That autograph is going to be worth millions someday.

    Tony clubs Titus from behind, the champion hits face first into the barricade and falls on his side. Tony starts relentlessly kicking away, then drops an elbow. He picks up Titus and rolls him in the ring. Tony rolls in after him, he drops another elbow on Titus then covers him.


    Titus kicks out. Tony hauls Titus by his hair to his feet, he picks up Titus and hits a inverted atomic drop, this stuns the champion as Tony bounces off the ropes and runs, he swings with a clothesline but Titus ducks, Titus spins for a spinning heel kick but Tony catches his leg and hits a fast german suplex! Tony hauls Titus by the hair to his feet again, he wails Titus in the face with a forearm then a clubbing clothesline that sends the champion flying back into the turnbuckle on his backside. Tony runs and knees Titus in the face! He then jumps and climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate his offense. Xaitlyn is yelling for Tony to pin him but he purposely ignores her and continues to pose.

    Copeland: This is a good start by Tony Mancini, but he has to keep his head in the game, he should be going for a pin here.

    Cohen: I have to agree with you here, you can't win the championship gloating on the top ropes! Get down there and pin him!

    Tony leans down to pin Titus but the champion grabs his head and rolls him into a small package!


    Tony just kicks out! He slams his fist on the canvas, mad at his mistake, he turns but Titus rolls him into another small package!


    Tony just kicks out again! He's in a rage now as he runs at Titus but the champion jumps and gives him a hurricarana! Tony rolls through it and runs again, but he's caught with a fast DDT by the champion! Tony bounces and holds his head. Titus hooks his leg...


    Tony kicks out! Titus does a double knee drop on Tony's sternum then runs to the turnbuckle and quickly climbs to the top ropes, Tony staggers to his feet, Titus nails him with a flying clothesline sending the New Yorker to the canvas in a hurry. Titus grabs Tony's ankle and applies an ankle lock submission! Tony quickly rolls forward and the momentum sends Titus sprawling through the middle ropes to the outside of the ring. Tony gets to his feet in the ring, he seems pleased with his reversal as he watches Titus get to his feet on the outside of the ring, he bounces lightly then runs off of the ropes, he runs across the ring with speed.....

    Copeland: This is NOT in his playbook!

    ....Tony springs and dives over the top ropes but Titus counters with a mid air European uppercut sending Tony skidding on his face on the padded mats.


    Xaitlyn quickly runs over and checks on Tony, the Italian Stallion is holding his nose as there's a major rub burn on top of it, with a trickle of blood coming out of his nostril as well. The crowds react in a negative manner as Gino throws his popcorn and hops the barricade. He pushes Xaitlyn aside and checks on his friend.

    Akiyama is in countout mode...


    Xaitlyn pulls Gino's shoulder and faces him, she yells in his face. Gino says something rude back, she swings to slap him but he catches her hand. Titus grabs both of them by the back of the hair and slams their heads together!

    Cheeeer!!! ​

    Both Xaitlyn and Gino are knocked out as Titus picks Tony up, he slams his head off of the barricade, then irish whips him hard to the ring apron.


    Titus hopscotches over Tony and jumps through the second ropes.


    Tony barely slides in the ring, Titus puts his leg behind Tony's head for The TIT DROP but Tony powers up making Titus do a backflip and land on his feet, Tony hits the champion with a neckbreaker. Both men are down for a moment, Tony rolls over and drapes an arm on Titus...


    Titus kicks out! Tony grabs him in a headlock on the canvas and squeezes.

    Copeland: Tony Mancini is in the fight of his life here in The Main Event for the title! He has control now, he just needs to have a level head and we could have a new champion tonight!

    Cohen: Well, Titus did a good job removing the Serpiente and Gino factor in this match, what a collision of skulls! Double K.O, that has to be my highlight of the year!

    Titus is still in the headlock but he has made his way to his feet, he throws elbows to Tony's stomach until the New Yorker can no longer hold the man, Titus throws Tony off of the ropes and swings with a loud chop that can be heard from miles away! Tony lands hard on his back, Titus smiles, he watches the challenger get to his feet, he runs and does a springboard off of the second ropes, he flies through the air and grabs Tony's head for a bulldog, but Tony spins him around for a tilt-a-wirl slam, he continues holding Titus and picks him BACK up with raw power and hits the Sidewalk Slam! Fans jump to their feet as Tony marches to one corner, waiting for Titus to get to his feet. Titus stirs, he wobbles to his feet, Tony runs fast and Titus does a roll to one side narrowly avoiding Il Siluro Italiano gore move! Tony crashes face first into the turnbuckle and staggers backwards, Titus grabs Tony from behind for a northern lights suplex attempt but Tony elbows him in the face! Titus grabs at his own mouth, he turns back to Tony....but Tony picks him up for Riposa in Pace the sit out spinebuster!! But Titus floats over Tony's head with a sunset flip!!!


    DING!!! DING!!! DING!!!!

    Copeland: Titus retains! Titus retains! What a counter to the Riposa in Pace!

    Cohen: Wait a second Seabass! I don't think so! I believe Tony got a shoulder up there!

    Referee Akiyama leans through the ropes, waving off the decision, he makes a shoulder motion saying Tony had kicked out.

    Harrys: Referee Akiyama has RESTARTED this match saying that Tony Mancini got his shoulder up in time to beat the count.


    Tony catches Titus off guard from behind with a school boy roll up!!


    Titus kicks out! He punches Tony with a hard right hand, Tony fires back, now both men are firing lefts and rights! Tony gets the better of the fist fight and pushes Titus back into a corner. He punches Titus with a right,left,right,left,right,until Titus looks knocked out on his feet. He runs to the opposite turnbuckle and bounces off of it and runs full speed at Titus, the champion rests his elbows on the top turnbuckles and lifts his legs, Tony crashes into the second buckle and Titus wraps his legs under Tony's arms and flips him for a sunset flip, Tony rolls out of it quickly and soccer punts Titus right in the face! He hauls Titus by the legs to the center of the ring, he flips while having the legs hooked for a flip pin!!!


    Titus barely kicks out!

    Copeland: That vicious soccer punt to the face may have knocked out a tooth! I thought that was it Jack!

    This is awesome! Clap! Clap! C-C-C-Clap! This is Awesome!


    Tony staggers to his feet, feeling the energy from the crowds. He picks up Titus and walks him to the top turnbuckle. He punches Titus with three hard rights until he sees Titus is nearly knocked out. He climbs the turnbuckle, he hooks Titus's head, he jumps back with Titus....



    Tony rolls over and covers him....




    NO! Titus puts his hand on the bottom rope just in time!

    Copeland: Wow! How did he recover from that super DDT Jack?! Titus put his hand on the ropes and survives!

    Cohen: That's why he's the champion! The man is like Wile E Coyote! He has been through wars in that ring, but I really thought that was it! So did thousands of these fans! Nobody is sitting down right now!

    Tony lays on his back, cursing and pulling at his hair, not believing that Titus just kicked out. Titus barely stirred, he rolls to his side with a far away look on his face. Tony gets to his knees, he picks up Titus by the hair, Titus wraps his leg around Tony's leg and pulls at his ankle, he falls back as Tony does a faceplant to the canvas, Titus applies the ankle lock in a reverse position while he grapevines Tony's leg with his own! Tony screams out in pain as Titus applies the hold as hard as he can. He crawls on the canvas towards the ropes, he reaches out, but he's inches away, he can't touch the ropes! Akiyama leans down and asks Tony is he wants to give up, Tony yells No and stretches one last time, he's still one inch away from the ropes. Suddenly, the ropes move and Tony hooks his fingers around it for the break! Akiyama is busy growling at Titus to release the hold, Tony smiles as he sees Gino pushing the bottom ropes, he then falls out of site. Tony pulls himself up the ropes, he's on wobbly legs, Titus runs and dropkicks Tony right through the middle ropes to the padded mats. The champion tells the referee to count while he's on his back, taking a breather, he's covered in sweat and breathing hard.


    Tony gets to his knees, he's huffing and puffing...


    He crawls up the steel steps and walks along the outside canvas...


    Titus breaks up the count by kicking Tony in the stomach, he pulls the top rope and launches himself over Tony and holds onto his waste, he sit down powerbombs Tony right on the padded mats on the outside! Titus has a surge of energy, he climbs back in the ring, he runs off of the ropes and runs fast towards the opposite ropes, he does a major swan dive over the top ropes and NAILS Tony with a huge splash! Titus bounces off of him and holds his ribs. The crowds respond with a big cheer for that great move by Titus. Both men are down.


    Titus gets to his knees.


    Titus rolls in the ring...


    Titus is on his knees in the middle of the ring, he holds his hands up in victory, knowing that Tony didn't make the count. The fans are cheering so he knows that must be the case...but it's not!

    Copeland: I can't believe these guys! He made it! He made it back in the ring to beat the count!!!

    Tony is on his feet, he attempts another soccer punt at Titus's face but the champion dodges it and hooks Tony's legs for a roll up....


    Tony readjusts and traps Titus's arm in a triangle hold! The fans are screaming now as Titus is wide eyed in the center of the ring, Tony is screaming, red faced as he wrenches on the hold as hard as he can! Titus raises his hand, he lowers it.....

    He stops an inch from the mat....he pushes down and gets leverage on top of Tony....


    Tony pushes his legs and flips Titus back on his back with the triangle hold still applied! Titus looks like he's ready to pass out any minute now! Referee Akiyama leans down to ask Titus is he's going to give up, he says no and Akiyama jumps back to his feet, just out of eye range of Titus's free hand....

    Punch to the balls!

    ...Titus regains the leverage on top of Tony!



    3 !!!!!


    Harrys: The winner of this match....and STIIIILLL Eurasian Champion...Tituuuus Aviiiisooooon!!

    Copeland: What a match! What a move by Titus Avison! He went to the well with the referee's back turned and used his old punch to the balls to get that final leverage!

    Cohen: That was one of his toughest challenges to date Seabass! Tony can only hold his head high from that amazing effort here on Meltdown!

    Titus and Tony lie in the middle of the ring, exhausted from the effort they have put into the EurAsian Championship match. The referee fetches the EurAsian Championship and offers it to Titus as he gets to his knees. Upon seeing his precious title, Titus grabs it and falls to the canvas clutching it against his chest. He has defended it again. He makes it to his feet and holds the title aloft to end the show. The WZCW graphic appears in the bottom corner.

    Copeland: And that's it for tonight, folks. Titus has retained his Championship in a entertaining encounter. Join us tomorrow on Ascension as we roll like a freight train towards Unscripted! Good night!
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    Copeland: Are we off? … Huh?

    Cohen: What's the big idea here?

    Suddenly, the picture returns as Titus continues to celebrate in the middle of the ring. He rolls Tony Mancini out of the ring with his boot and holds the title high in the air once more as the audience begin to turn on him again. Titus smiles widely as he allows the fans to get their licks.

    Copeland: Uh, I'm not really sure what is going on here, folks. But there is the EurAsian Champ-

    After a few moments, Mr Banks appears unexpectedly with a microphone in his hand. The puppet master of Vis Imperium only intensifies the booing from the fans as he smiles with all of the arrogance you might expect from him. Banks looks down into the ring at Titus, who doesn't really seem to care that he is there. Banks claps his hands in appreciation for Titus as the WZCW Hall of Fame Superstar finally notices that he is there.

    Banks: Ladies and gentlemen, your WZCW EurAsian Champion... Titus!!

    The fans continue to boo as Mr Banks continues to smile and take no notice of them.

    Banks: Another brilliant defence, Mr Avison. It is certainly no wonder why you are regarded as one of the best that has ever wrestled here. When everything is against you, you always seem to find the clutch and rise to the occasion. Truly wonderful stuff tonight...

    The fans die down a little as Banks continues to talk to the Hall of Fame superstar.

    Banks: Hell, you even rise to occasions that don't even relate to you. Of course, I am talking about my ongoing destruction of Tyrone Blades and The Hollow Ones.

    Finally, a cheer goes around the arena as Mr Banks mentions another WZCW legend and his crusade to rid WZCW of the Vis Imperium blight.

    Banks: You love that Championship, Titus, everyone can see that. So I am left scratching my head thinking about why you would possibly put yourself in this situation? Of course, I can't just let you stand in my ring, in my company, holding one of my Championships after you have aligned yourself with Tyrone Blades. That would be a foolish thing to do!

    Suddenly, a sadistic grin appears on the face of the WZCW owner as he stares through Titus.

    Banks: People have often said to me that your competition has been far too weak. That someone like you ought to be going up against the very best that WZCW has to offer. They say that you have been protected but that ends now. In fact, your EurAsian reign ends very soon too. You see, as punishment for your transgressions against me, I have to make an example out of you – I know you will agree with that?

    Titus looks at Banks with a look of curiosity on his features as Mr Banks, rather oddly, speaks very softly to him.

    Banks: It is for that reason. Mr Avison, that I am putting you in a match at Unscripted. If you win the match, then your reign will be truly looked upon as one of the best ever. But if and when you lose, you will hand that Championship over to me and to Vis Imperium!

    A massive booing noise fills the arena as Banks continues to gloat and smile.

    Banks: That's right, everyone. At Unscripted, Titus Avison will defend his EurAsian Championship against the might of Vis Imperium. It will be Titus Avison versus the Remarkable Mark Keaton and Xander LeBelle in a handicap match. The man who pins Titus will become the new EurAsian Champion!

    In the ring, Titus looks pissed off as he looks down the ramp at Mr Banks. Banks, however, seems pleased with his night's work as the WZCW logo, once again, appears in the corner of the screen.
  9. Da Prophet

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    *Matches to be announced*

    Confirmed matches:

    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Justin Cooper (c) versus Constantine

    WZCW Eurasian Championship
    Titus (c) versus Mark Keaton and Xander LeBelle

    WZCW Mayhem Championship
    Randy Studd (c) versus Vox


    Titus versus Tony Mancini – EurAsian Championship - Jeff
    Mark Keaton & Justin Cooper versus Kagura & Eve Taylor - KJ
    The Beard versus Matt Tastic – Mayhem Match - Ech
    War Zone versus Obi Okafor - Jeff
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