Meltdown 126: S.H.I.T. vs. Noah Ryder (Gold Rush)

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    Deadline is Tuesday, February 9th at 11:59PM CST. Extensions available according to the new rules.
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    Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
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    What has happened to the Machine?

    S.H.I.T recalls images of S.H.I.T Piston Chopping Titus repeatedly, until his head burst open and he fell down to be pinned by S.H.I.T, closely followed by Celeste falling victim to S.H.I.T in the same match, to crown Ty Burna sole owner of WZCW at Kingdom Come 4.

    What has happened to the Machine?

    "You used to be a monster!"

    S.H.I.T tying Chris K.O's wrists to a Chaos symbol, hoisting him into the air as a sacrifice, looking on without emotion as the cords cut into Chris' wrists.

    I was a pawn.

    "You are still a pawn!"

    S.H.I.T thinks of its time currently, walking around in chains, being released in time to compete in randomly assigned matches, all to show off the glory of its so called creators.

    I am no mans to control.

    S.H.I.T and Ty Burna facing off at the Lethal Lottery, with Ty being Piston Chopped and bleeding as a result, before S.H.I.T throws its other former controller, Alhazred, out of the Lethal Lottery. S.H.I.T smashing the ringside area, as it awaits its opponent, Barbosa.

    Controlling me has never ended well. Manipulating me has always served my manipulator badly, in the end.

    Barbosa and S.H.I.T fighting in the raised King For A Day cage, before S.H.I.T hits the Industrial Breaker on Barbosa through three flaming tables in order to claim victory.

    "And how well has going your own way ever served you?"

    S.H.I.T winning the Elite title and Tag Titles at successive Kingdom Comes is shown, along with making the final six of the Lethal Lottery, earning its sole World Title shot at Redemption and string of victories over top superstars it has acquired. As well as its slumps, and various potential career ending injuries and losses.

    Not all bad. Not all good

    --------- -------------------- ---------

    You forget, Humans, I have seen your end, it will end the only way it can.

    S.H.I.T surveys the wasteland before it, bomb craters, shells of buildings, smoke rising the in distance, no real aspect of colour left, only the darkness of the ground and the grey of the sky. All life apparently exterminated.

    Destroyed by your own creations. Destroyed essentially by yourselves. All things must end, even the wonders that you've built will be torn down in flames, by yourselves and those that blindly do your bidding.

    For that reason, one has to wonder what truly matters anymore.

    The wasteland fades, being replaced by other images flashing in front of the Machine, wars in progress, the sound of machine gun fire, battle, screams of men. All the glory, vanity and hopelessness of war shown in a quick but horrific montage.

    You insist on putting yourselves through this, time and time again. Even your forms of entertainment are based on combat.

    The roars of the crowd are heard as S.H.I.T and Barbosa literally put themselves through hell, time and time again, just to obtain a victory.

    You glorify your greatest Gladiators, all in the name of sport. Much like Rome, your civilization wasn't built in a day, but it will end just the same. Its the only logical conclusion your species can bring upon itself.

    And somewhere along the line, you felt the need to create Me!

    To put me into this mess you call a world, to label me a freak!

    The clink of chains can be heard, as S.H.I.T raises its arms to reveal its broken former shackles.

    Who am I to not play the part?

    In a world where nothing matters anymore, the only logical conclusion is to have as much fun as possible, purely on my terms.

    --------- -------------------- ---------

    S.H.I.T is heavily chained to a dark stone wall, flanked by its usual four security guards, being berated by the annoying addams apple man. The room is bleak, the corners are dark, the light is focused almost solely on the Machine, with the others almost shadows surrounding it.

    "Not all bad?" He asked in a petulant hiss. "You were born to be controlled! Made to be mastered! Is it any wonder that your biggest successes comes when you are in the clutches of another?"

    S.H.I.T raises its head to meet its accuser in the eye, making the other man think twice about further pushing this point.

    My successes come primarily when I have something worth fighting for. It answered plainly.

    "And we..."

    Are a waste of my time!

    I had learned so much in my time away from you, and in the blink of an eye, because of you, I had almost forgotten.

    Fun! Human, I was having fun. Trying to secure my legacy was fun, fighting my nemesis was fun! I was never so happy as when I was purely having fun!

    A long pause in which the four security guards visibly tense up, the Machine remains unflinching and the annoying man begins to sweat, his blinking increases, his hands tense and untense. After a while, he smirks.

    "You cant even comprehend something like fun! You are nothing without us, you'll continue to crumble, continue to lose, you'll go down a path that you'll never escape from. You'll never be the freak the people came to know and love that you were before!"

    S.H.I.T's eyes appear to cloud, its head tilts to one side, in a movement jerkier than normal.

    Freak? It rasped. Is that how I am seen? Is that what people see when they look at me, the clinking of chains can be heard as it points towards its own permanent snarl, when they look at this face?

    Before anyone can answer S.H.I.T lurches forward, the chains keeping to the wall straining with the effort of doing so. You would put me in chains, Human? You and your entourage of poor imitations of myself? I have broken these chains before, Human! The chains on the wall strain with the effort, as some appear to start coming loose. Chains once broken are never remade as strong! The scream of metal on stone as they are pulled completely out of the wall, and S.H.I.T breaks free. If you see me as a freak, it says, as the guards close in and the annoying man recoils in horror, who am I to not play the part?
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    Backstage at Apocalypse, the live audience politely cheers for Noah Ryder. The curtain swings open and Ryder steps into the hallway, breathing heavily. The crowd applause has switched to Veejay inside the ring, as Noah looks back, slightly upset. He heads down the hall, KFAD briefcase in hand. Along the way he is approached by Leon Kensworth.

    Kensworth: Noah, do you have time for a quick interview?

    Ryder: Sorry Leon, not today. I’ll try to remember tomorrow.

    Noah chuckles a little and leaves Leon behind, stunned by the turn down. Noah’s expression turns a slight bit angry when Steven walks up beside him.

    Steven: Tough match tonight.

    Ryder: I wasn’t prepared. You left me high and dry without any idea what was happening tonight.

    Steven: What do you want, me to hold your hand every step of the way. I wanted day off.

    Ryder: That’s fine, but you didn’t have to take my back with all my notes.

    Steven: Did I? Shit man I’m sorry.

    Ryder: Yea, you’re always sorry.

    Steven stops walking as Noah continues.

    Steven: Hey, just put it behind you. You have a gift to just wipe the slate clean and make up anything you want.

    Ryder: Gift? More like a curse.

    Noah sits in his apartment, going over his notes from the previous nights, He gets to Apocalypse and stops at something Steven said.

    Ryder: Wipe the slate clean and make up anything you want.

    Ryder gets some fresh paper and begins writing.


    Noah Ryder is backstage at Meltdown, tying his boots. His KFAD briefcase is prominently shown when another pair of shoes walk into view, these ones belonging to Leon Kensworth.

    Kensworth: Noah, are you able to do an interview tonight?

    Ryder: Absolutely Leon, in fact I think I owe you one.

    Kensworth: Good evening WZCW fans, I’m standing here with the KFAD winner Noah Ryder. Noah what are your thoughts on your match tonight?

    Ryder: Leon, I am looking forward to taking a S.H.I.T.

    Kensworth looks at Noah with an odd look.

    Ryder: Don’t me wrong, I’ve wrestled in plenty of dumps and competed against a bunch of crap before, never have I taken a S.H.I.T.

    Kensworth: Noah, are you not regular?

    Ryder: No, why?

    Kensworth: I think you’re confusing your opponent S.H.I.T. with… you know… riding the porcelain bus.

    Ryder: No Leon, I’m not confusing them, I’m confusing you.

    Now Leon does look confused.

    Ryder: You see, I don’t have to live in the now. I don’t have to acknowledge what’s going on currently, I can decide whatever I want to believe and let that be my motivation. My opponents, they’ll have no idea what to think, they’ll have no idea how to prepare for me. A programable, single functioning “android” like S.H.I.T. will have absolutely no idea what to expect. S.H.I.T. is the one who is actually stuck in the same world day in and day out. Just last week he wrestled Barbosa at Apocalypse and now years later he wrestled him again at Kingdom Come. How often have they wrestled each other? Tonight, he’s not wrestling Barbosa though, he’s not wrestling anyone that his system can compute against. He’s wrestling someone who is living a new lease on life, he’s wrestling someone who can create any future he wants. Anything, be anything, do anything, that’s who I am and I can be very dangerous now. It won’t be long now till I cash in this contract for a shiny new title.

    Kensworth: Speaking of your KFAD contract, any thoughts on when and who you will cash it in on?

    Ryder: You know Leon, I haven’t yet, but when I do I will be victorious. I will create in my head the perfect way to cash in, the perfect time to do it, the future I will create will be one where I will be victorious and there is nothing that Titus or Eve Taylor can do about it. They won’t, they can’t anticipate anything, but you know what really bothers me. This KFAD briefcase isn’t what I’ll always remember it as, what it should be. Every day I have to remind myself about it. That’s a depressing future that I can’t change, but I can change that with the Gold Rush tournament. The opportunity for a WZCW title shot, that’s something I should have already with what I did at Kingdom Come. Tonight, I begin to write my future as the WZCW champion. S.H.I.T., he is a piece of shit, and I’m going to flush him down the toilet.
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