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    A display of pyrotechnics goes off as we come in live to the feed from Meltdown 101! The crowd is wild in Richmond, Virginia and they are clearly ready for some WZCW action! They continue to cheer until...

    Ricky Runn walks out onto the stage to the utter derision of the entire WZCW crowd. He has the world title belt over his shoulder and a microphone in his hand as he makes his way into the ring with a flourish and a bow. He has a huge grin on his face as he begins to speak.

    Ricky Runn: Well, ladies and gentlemen, I really have to pat myself on the back for this one.

    He does, in fact, pat himself on the back before continuing.

    Runn: I went into Hell in a Cell and against all odds, against everyone else believing that Saboteur and Vega were going to win, against the surprise of Triple X entering instead of Barbosa, I retained my world heavyweight championship!

    Copeland: As much as I hate to do it, Ricky Runn really does deserve credit for winning a huge match.

    Cohen: He's the best champion we've ever had! A shining example of a role model for children everywhere!

    Ricky sets the microphone down and applauds for himself, trying to lead the crowd in it, though they only respond with more boos for him.

    Runn: Well, I guess I can't expect the people of Virginia to appreciate a truly Swagtastic champion, but even I'm surprised at this lack of class, and not to mention the smell...

    Runn holds his nose and is about to go on -

    The crowd goes wild for the appearance of the Mechanical Man! He lurches onto the stage with a microphone in hand.

    Copeland: S.H.I.T. was surprisingly featured in a bonus contest at Unscripted against Constantine, where he emerged victorious! But what does he want with Ricky Runn?

    Cohen: He's probably sad that his old partner Barbosa has packed up and left! Maybe he's looking for a new best friend!

    SHIT: SHIT has not observed the stench that Ricky Runn describes! Perhaps it is because this one lacks olfactory organs, but it seems more likely that Ricky Runn is merely a lying fool.

    The crowd laughs at SHIT's "joke", but the robot only continues on.

    SHIT: SHIT has been victorious over John Constantine! SHIT did not seek the world title while Barbosa possessed it, but the time has come for SHIT to press a claim on the world title!

    The crowd cheers for the announcement that SHIT intends to chase the world title, but Ricky Runn looks much less pleased.

    Runn: The mere idea that I should have to defend my title against a robot is absurd! I will defend my title only against opponents equally as swagtastic as myself, and there is no one on this roster even close.

    SHIT: SHIT does not possess a swag program, but it does possess the function to destroy you!

    SHIT begins his way down to the ring and Ricky goes to the ropes to wait for him. As SHIT walks down, suddenly a figure leaps over the ringside barrier! It''s Triple X! Triple X is behind Ricky Runn and he yells at Runn! Runn hears him and turns and catches an X-Rated in the face! The crowd doesn't know what to think of this development and SHIT looks on, halfway down the ramp with his head cocked in confusion.

    Copeland: What is Triple X doing?

    Cohen: It looks like he's trying to forcibly insert himself back into the world title picture after losing at Unscripted!

    Copeland: It's chaos in the ring right now and we'll have to sort this out! We'll be back with action after the break!

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    Earlier today...

    WZCW cameras are on Constanine as he makes his way through the backstage area.

    Copeland: We caught this footage of Constantine's arrival to the arena earlier today.

    Constantine turns a corner and makes eye contact with Michael Winters. The tension between the two is palpable.

    Winters: John.

    Constantine: Michael.

    Winters: Look, John, I don't know what your angle is in this thing between Showtime and Titus -

    Constantine: My angle is defending an innocent man from jackals like you two.

    Winters: - but the fact is we've got to get into the ring tonight on the same side and win a match. Can I trust you to do that?

    Constantine takes a long look in at Winters.

    Constantine: From bell to bell, and nothing more.

    Winters nods slowly.

    Winters: Good enough for me.


    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    The crowd boo as the two men appear on stage, smirking at the crowd reception.

    Harrys: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 410 pounds, Cerberus!

    Mussél hands out apples much to the annoyance of the crowd. Ramparte chucks some of the apples at the crowd carelessly.

    Cohen: I don’t know why people are booing, they’re trying to help the fools who are hungover from Saint Patrick’s Day!

    Cerberus get into the ring, where Ramparte leans back in the corner as Mussél begins doing some warm-up squats.

    Michael Winters kneels down at the top of the ramp, ignoring the hostile reception from the crowd.

    Harrys: And their opponents, first, weighing in at 271 pounds, Michael Winters.

    Winters heads down the ramp, eyes straight ahead at his opponents in the ring. He stops at the bottom of the ramp, not getting into the ring just yet.

    Constantine stands under a spotlight at the top of the ramp. He does his signature taunt and heads down towards the ring.

    Harrys: And his partner, weighing in at 265 pounds, Constantine!

    Constantine reaches his partner and the two have a slightly tense staredown before shaking hands.

    Copeland: I think this is what you’d call an Unholy Alliance…

    Winters and Constantine get up onto the apron. Winters gets into the ring, starting things off against Ramparte. Elizabeth Prince checks that both teams are ready to go before calling for the bell.

    Winters and Ramparte circle each other, beginning a battle of chess as they wait to see who’ll make the first move. The tie up in the centre of the ring, and Ramparte manages to get Winters in a headlock. Ramparte pushes him off into the ropes, and Winters returns, knocking down Ramparte with a stiff shoulder block. Ramparte quickly gets up, but backs off a bit, caught off guard by Winters’ strength. Winters stands in the middle of the ring, staring down Ramparte. After some deliberation with his partner, Ramparte cautiously inches towards his opponent, raising his hand, inviting Winters to a test of strength.

    As Winters goes to clasp hands with Ramparte, he eats a kick to the stomach, doubling him over. Ramparte delivers a clubbing blow to the back of Winters head, dropping him to his knees. Ramparte runs off the rope, and delivers a hard kick to the face before going for the first cover of the match, 1… Winters quickly kicks out, but immediately holds his jaw. Ramparte leaps up, dropping a knee across said jaw, which dazes Winters. He goes for another quick cover, 1… 2… Winters kicks out!

    Ramparte drags Winters by the leg to his corner, tagging in Mussél. Mussél turns Winters onto his stomach, dead-lifting him off the mat, before throwing him over with a Gutwrench Suplex! Mussél shows off his muscles for a moment, to loud boos from the crowd, before jumping up and delivering a headbutt to Winters on the mat. He hooks a leg, 1… 2… Winters kicks out! Mussél tags in Ramparte, who slaps on a Leg Scissors choke to begin to wear down Winters.

    Cohen: Cerberus are working as a well-oiled unit, staking their claim for a Tag Title shot in the future!

    Winters is getting the life choked from him, but isn’t giving up, slowly inching himself (and Ramparte) to the ropes. Just as he gets to within reach of the bottom rope, Ramparte breaks the choke, and drags his opponent to the centre of the ring, leaping up and stomping right onto Winters’ chest! He goes for a pin, 1… 2… Kick out by Winters!

    With Constantine shouting encouragement from the apron, Winters manages to get to all fours. He crawls towards his corner, but Ramparte grabs him by the leg, and pulls him back across the ring. He stands over Winters, and slaps him in the face. Ramparte shouts some abuse before going for another slap, but Winters blocks it, and hits a European Uppercut from the mat! This knocks Ramparte backwards into his own corner and Mussél tags himself in. As Winters tries again to crawl towards his partner, Mussél grabs him by the arm, and pulls him away. He pulls Winters up to his feet by the arm and goes for a Short Arm Clothesline, but Winters ducks underneath it and goes behind Mussél! Winters puts on a Full Nelson and slams him to the mat!

    Both men are down now, and Mussél rolls to his corner and tags in Ramparte. But Winters quickly dives across the ring and tags in Constantine! Ramparte charges forward, but Constantine mows him down with a clothesline! Constantine picks up his opponent, Irish Whipping him across the ring. Ramparte comes back off the ropes into Constantine, who lifts him up, nailing a side Backbreaker!

    Copeland: Constantine looks like a man possessed!

    Constantine starts stalking Ramparte, who is using the ropes to get up. Ramparte is on his feet and Constantine pounds, setting him up for the Collateral Damage! He lifts Winters up, and nails the slam, but not before Mussél can blind tag himself in. As Constantine goes for the pin on Ramparte, Mussél comes into the ring and grabs the other legal man by the hair, pulling him off Ramparte and throwing him into the corner. He delivers a shoulder thrust to the gut of Constantine to knock the wind out of him before pulling him out of the corner by the arm and hitting a Short Arm Clothesline. Mussél goes for the pin, 1… 2…. Constantine kicks out!

    Mussél shouts at Ramparte to get into the ring, before grabbing Constantine’s legs and starts swinging him around! Ramparte runs forward to hit the dropkick, but Winters comes out of nowhere with a Flying Forearm Smash! Ramparte goes down and rolls out of thing, and tries Winters follow him out, but told to get back out onto the apron by the ref. Mussél has dropped Constantine, stunned by what just happened. Constantine sits up and rolls him up in a Small Package, 1…. 2….. Mussél kicks out!

    Mussél looks slightly embarrassed by being caught off guard, jumping to his feet and quickly kicking Constantine in the head. Constantine is down, and Mussél grabs him around the waist, pulling him up before hitting a German Suplex! He keeps his hands locked around the waist of Constantine, pulling him up again and hitting a second Suplex. He gets his opponent up one more time, but this time it’s blocked by Constantine. Constantine switches it, going behind Mussél and pushing him hard into the ropes. Mussél comes back at speed and Constantine hits the Axis of Evil! He wearily hooks a leg, 1…. 2…. Mussél kicks out!

    Copeland: Wow! The tag division in WZCW is so strong right now, as this match is showing!

    Cohen: Yeah, Jack! You should mention that in every tag team match!

    Constantine slowly gets to his feet and tags in Winters. Winters pulls Mussél up, and attempts to lift him up for the Rapture, but Mussél delivers a series of elbow to the back of Winters’ head, before Belly to Belly Suplexing him across the ring. Mussél is running on empty as he scrambles to the corner and tags in Ramparte. Ramparte stalks Winters as he uses the ropes to get up. Winters turns around and Ramparte kicks him in the gut, hooking the arms for the Cataclysm, but Winters hits a Back Body Drop to get out of it! Ramparte his the mat hard. As he gets up, Winters comes from behind, puts on the Cobra Clutch and hits the Crucifix! He hooks the outside leg, 1…. 2…. 3!

    Harrys: Here are your winners, Constantine and Michael Winters!

    The winning team are beat up, but pleased with their efforts. They shake hands again as Mussél pulls an unconscious Ramparte out of the ring.

    Copeland: The champions should watch out, Constantine and Winters are going to make a formidable duo!
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Now coming to the ring, from Las Vegas, Nevada... Vega!

    "Intro" by The Xx begins blaring through the speakers and echoing throughout the arena as Vega walks out onto the entrance stage in his ring gear. The crowd seems to be split on him at the moment, some of them booing and jeering Vega as they always have in the past, whereas some of the crowd is actually cheering for the former Mayhem champion.

    Cohen: This might be the most receptive the crowd has ever been to Vega.

    Copeland: Yeah, what gives?

    Cohen: I guess the crowd is beginning to see a different side of Vega as of late.

    Copeland: He's the same old Vega to me... and I can't wait for this match. Vega versus Beard, let's get it on!

    Vega makes his way into the ring and grabs the mic away from Harrys, who exits the ring and stays on the outside. Vega walks up to the ropes on the camera side and leans forward, against them, as he addresses the crowd.

    Vega: See, this is where I'm supposed to come out to the ring and rant about how I was screwed out of the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. This is the part of the show where Vega tells the rest of the roster, and tells the rest of the world every reason why regardless of what happens in this ring, I am still somehow better than everyone else. I'm supposed to come out here and look down on each and every single one of you, because that's what I've done since day one.

    The crowd boos mildly at these statements.

    Vega: I'm supposed to remind the world what I did with the Mayhem title... what I did to the Mayhem division. But, for what? I haven't won a match since November 27th of last year when I beat Red Mask to defend the Mayhem title for the last time ever. I was a shooting star in this company, but it seems this star is dying. And when stars die, they can do one of three things. They can quietly burn out, never to be seen from again. They can turn t black holes, where the star's gravitational pull becomes so strong that it sucks everything around it into an unknown abyss for the rest of eternity... even light. And the third thing that happens... is that the star explodes into a supernova, obliterating everything around it into stardust. But... that stardust eventually serves as the building block for every single thing this entire universe is made of.

    You've got life, death, or obscurity. The star named "Vega" you all once knew is dying.

    The crowd boos in response to this claim.

    Vega: But I can assure you one thing, people... this star named Vega refuses to burn out in obscurity. A change needs to take place, and that change begins today. Something has happened in the past three and a half months. Either I have gotten too soft, and need to take myself to deeper and darker places that this company has yet seen me enter...

    The audience doesn't seem to like this idea, and shows it by raining down boos and jeers on Vega.

    Vega: ...or I've got to come to the realization that perhaps it's time to turn my life around. Maybe it isn't too late for Vega's redemption...

    The crowd cheers on Vega, almost trying to pull him in the right direction, when suddenly...


    Vega looks to the entrance way, as Zeus and Beard appear from the darkness. Zeus guides the way for Beard, as they slowly make their way down the aisle. Vega stands in the ring, with a skeptical look on his face, as the two man wrecking army make their way towards the ring.

    Connor: I think this is about to get a little heated out here...

    Cohen: This should be a meeting of the minds here... I can't tell which of these three men is more sadistic.

    Beard and Zeus surround the ring, as Vega keeps his head on a swivel. Zeus steps up to the aisle, but has a microphone in hand. The lights come up in the arena, as Beard has rolled into the ring, getting behind Vega.

    Zeus: Ease yourself, my child... We've violent motive
    If it's redemption you seek... Why, it's redemption we can give...

    The crowd boos this... As a small little smile forms across Vega's make. While taking note of the gargantuan Beard behind him, he listens on, clearly intrigued.

    Zeus: The heavens have allowed for Beard and I to be allied,
    And yet, there's two more places open near our side.
    We see hope in you, a supernova burning bright.
    That's why we ask you to join us, and step towards the light.
    We're planning to light up WZCW's heroes like ash and charcoal.
    And clearly someone like you is best suited for the role...

    The crowd vociferously boos this offer by Zeus, as he looks out to the crowd with disdain. Vega strokes his chin... Clearly thinking of the benefits. He moves his shades to the brim of his nose... And pulls them down, to make eye contact with Dr. Zeus.

    Vega: It's certainly tempting... That much I can say. And I assume saying yes will keep me from having to deal with the circus freak, huh?

    Vega points to Beard behind him, who clearly looks incensed by this insult. He places him hand on Vega's shoulder... But Zeus waves him off. The Beard at first seems incredulous... But Dr. Zeus nods a knowing nod to The Beard. Beard relinquishes his hold.

    Vega: Don't get me wrong, at all... I'm sure all three of us could burn this place down to the ground. All three of us together would be absolutely unstoppable. But here's the thing, Zeus... I don't necessarily do well with this working with others thing. You're asking if I'm ready for to get married... And I'm just saying, buy me a drink first...

    The Beard grabs the microphone from Vega's hand.

    Beard: You don't understand, boy. This man... This man will change things. We, we will change things. And now, you have two options... Fight with us, or get trampled along the way!

    Dr. Zeus makes sure to get in the way of Vega and Beard, before tensions escalate any more. He has a smile on his face, as he keeps Beard from losing his composure.

    Zeus: Now, now, Beard... We need to understand Vega's ways
    I can understand if Vega needs a few days.
    In the future, we can bring this place down to it's knees...

    Zeus gets a rueful smile on his face, as he looks over his shoulder at Vega.

    Zeus: But tonight, Beard... Vega's yours to bloody as you please...

    The Beard stares daggers into Vega, as Dr. Zeus laughs in the background.

    Copeland: Don't go anywhere, this titanic battle is coming up next!


    * Ding Ding Ding *

    We return for the opening bell as referee James Aubrey calls for it. Vega circles the ring measuring his opponent, but Beard doesn't move. Staring instead. Vega approaches and the two lock up to start the match. That goes nowhere for Vega though as Beard just shoves his adversary away. Vega responds with shock, but without hesitation tries again. But Beard repeats the dosage. Zeus looks on from ringside with his arms crossed and steadily observing.

    Vega looks around, thinking of what to do as the King for a Day just looks on with a stoic face. He tries to lock up again, except this time he rolls Beards arm around and hooks a Cross Armbreaker and pulls. Referee James Aubrey checks for the submission, but Beard just screams in pain trying to get out.

    Oh wow, this could be a quick and major upset right here!!

    Using his brute strength though, Beard reaches the ropes forcing the break. James Aurbrey orders Vega to let go, but he doesn't. 1, 2, 3, 4, . Vega waits for four before releasing the hold and then argues with James having until five to release. Without much hesitating though, he turns back to Beard and takes advantage. Grabbing him by the facial hair, he sets the big man on his knees and proceeds with the kicks. Harsh, loud kicks land right on the already damaged arm of The Beard making him scream out in pain. Vega runs the ropes for momentum, but as he leaps into the air, the battered Beard leaps up and headbutts Vega down.

    Cohen: There goes the momentum. The crowd is starting to get into his brain.

    Beard gets up and shakes his arm to get the blood flowing again. He grabs the grounded Vega by the hair and pulls him to the nearest corner, standing him up as well. He elbows the FBI's most wanted in the face several times before changing it up for shoulder thrusts. Off in the opposite end, Beard looks on and measures before charging in with a jumping splash. Vega ricochets out of the corner and Beard uses the chance to hit a Sidewalk Slam and the first pin of the match. 1! 2! But it only gets two according to James Aubrey.

    Beard grabs his foe once again by the hair and pulls him. This time to the ropes and drapes Vega on them. He puts his weight on Vega while he's straddled on the ropes as he and Zeus scream at Vega about just wanting to help. The dosage is repeated by Beard but the referee instructs him to stop.

    Copeland: That kind of help, I can do without.

    With Vega's record as of late, he needs all the help he can get. He might as well take it.

    The big man releases Vega and saunters around the ring. Despite his usual ruthlessness he does want Vega on his side after all. He approaches him again and asks but Vega responds with a kick to Beards face. Stunned, Beard covers his face as Vega gets back up. Beard turns around as is met with another lethal kick to the already damaged arm driving him to his knees in pain. Vega gets in and knees the big man for good measure before managing to springboard off the ropes for a Dropkick to knock Beard down. Vega goes for a cover as the fans seem impressed and cheering on. One! Two! Thr- Kickout! But the three doesn't come as James Aubrey signals that the shoulder was up first.

    Vega looks on frustrated that his damage isn't doing much good, but he gets up and mounts Beard before teeing off on him. Lefts, rights, elbows, even headbutts to Beards hard skull. Shot after shot, they all find their mark as the crowd seems to cheer Vega on. The camera shows Zeus in the outside, who out of his usual norm, has not gotten involved in the match.

    Vega was offered a chance to join two of the most imposing men in this company and seems to be turning them down. Now he has a chance to beat the King For A Day and he seems to be turning that down too.

    Vega gets up and extends his arms arrogantly. Almost as if he was acknowledging the support. Beard stirs up but as he does, Vega runs and locks a Flying Triangle Choke. The momentum though pushes both to the corner and Vega has the submission in the air as Beard holds himself by the corner. James Aubrey rushes in to break the hold, but Vega declines. Beard however turns him around, getting out the corner and putting Vega on top of it. The big man rakes Vega's eyes forcing him to release the hold as the referee can no longer do anything. Vega punches and kicks away blindly to keep some separation, but Beard climbs to the second rope. Vega feels Beards arm and seizes the chance by locking in an Arm Wrench. Beard screams in pain but pulls on the hair as James Aurbrey starts to count as Beard is clearly on the ropes. 1! 2! 3! 4! Vega releases before five out of fear of a disqualification and losing another match, but that gives a chance for Beard to capitalize. He raises Vega up for a Gorilla Press from the second rope and drops him to the ground quickly.

    Copeland: All that work on the arm and Beard could still do that?

    Cohen:It doesn't chance the fact that Vega is a very light guy and might as well be just a basket of dirty laundry for Beard to through around.

    Still on top, Beard measures and leaps with the Flying Beard and the pin.
    1! 2! 3!!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, The Beard!

    James Aubrey raises Beards hand as Zeus gets in the ring to check on his partner and looks over to Vega. The two look on to the fallen warrior before exiting the ring to leave. Beard grabs a mic though and speaks to Vega.

    Keep in mind. The offer is still on the table.

    He drops the mic before the deadly duo heads out.

    Copeland:Vega put up a great and stayed even with the far heavier Beard. But just one detail led to his literal fall in the match.

    Cohen: Beard managed to checkmate Vega. Either get disqualified or let him go and open himself. Smart move. Dr. Zeus is clearly rubbing off on the King For A Day. But what about that offer?
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    The lights begin to dim and turn to a dark blue shade. S.H.I.T. begins making his way out, as cheers begin to pop from the crowd. He slowly makes his way down the ramp, ignoring the fans on either side of him. He walks up the steps and enters the ring, turning it's cold gaze towards the entrance ramp, awaiting his opponent.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Mechanical Mecca, weighing 230 pounds, S.H.I.T.!

    Copeland: At Unscripted, S.H.I.T. was successful in a match against the recently returned Constantine. Earlier tonight S.H.I.T. put his claim towards a World Title shot against Ricky Runn!

    Cohen: A robot for World Heavyweight Champion? Are you out of your mind Seabass? The Swagtastic One is a fantastic representative of this company!


    Mikey makes his way out to the top of the entrance ramp, a smile growing wide on his face as he slaps the Eurasian Title around his waist, posing for the fans as the cheers return around the champion. He walks down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans before rolling into the ring, unstrapping the Eurasian belt and holding it high into the air.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 315 pounds, he is the WZCW Eurasian Champion, Mikey Stormrage!

    Copeland: It's clear that the old Mikey Stormrage has returned to WZCW! After his brutal match with his friend James Howard, Mikey looks to wipe the slate clean against S.H.I.T.

    Cohen: So he's back to being an idiot again rather than a wannabe brooding villain. Fantastic.

    Referee Keith Morse signals for the bell as Mikey circles around S.H.I.T. who has yet to move from his spot as he turns his head back and forth following Mikey. Mikey goes for a tie up but S.H.I.T. matches the Eurasian Champion in strength. The two fight for control but S.H.I.T. quickly counters it and sends Mikey into the ropes. He goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Mikey ducks under, going for a quick crossbody. S.H.I.T. uses Mikey's momentum to his advantage however, sending him over with a quick toss. Mikey hits the mat but is up to his feet quickly. He hits a few strikes before sending S.H.I.T. into the corner. Mikey goes for a quick splash but S.H.I.T. reverse and sends Mikey head first into the turnbuckle. He begins delivering stiff shots to the face, rocking Mikey with each one. He pulls Mikey from the corner and hits a quick European uppercut, but Mikey fires back with a punch of his own. He follows up with a kick to the midsection but S.H.I.T catches his foot and quickly sends him over with a Dragon Screw! Mikey holds his leg as S.H.I.T. stands strong over his opponent.

    Copeland: S.H.I.T. has got the Eurasian champ down right now, every strike a measured assault.

    Cohen: This is exactly where the robot wants the Eurasian champion, on his back in the center of the ring. Of course with Mikey's size, I don't think he could get up anyway!

    S.H.I.T. pulls Mikey to his feet and drags him into the corner. He delivers a chop to the chest before following up with an elbow to the head. S.H.I.T. backs up for a moment and rushes forward but Mikey moves and the mechanical one goes face first into the turnbuckle. Mikey gets fired up as he delivers a few right hands before driving his shoulder into the midsection. He does it again and again, trying to break S.H.I.T. in half before dragging him out and whipping him across into the ropes. He catches S.H.I.T. and drops him down with a sidewalk slam, hooking a leg immediately for a pin attempt. 1...........2......S.H.I.T. kicks out! Mikey grabs hold of his arm and pulls him up. He looks to whip him but holds on, delivering a hard short armed clothesline. S.H.I.T.'s head bounces off the mat as Mikey backs into the ropes ready to go for a big senton. He rushes forward and connects, dropping his back across the robot! He goes for the cover, 1........2......S.H.I.T. kicks out! Mikey lifts up S.H.I.T. once more and locks in an abdominal stretch. He locks it in and begins delivering elbows to the midsection, but S.H.I.T. shakes his head as the stretch doesn't seem to have much effect. Suddenly he breaks free and hip tosses Mikey down in an impressive show of force. Mikey gets up but is caught with a snap suplex. S.H.I.T. presses his knee against Mikey's back, pulling his arms backwards as well, locking in a surfboard.

    Cohen: It looks like S.H.I.T. wants to show Mikey just how a submission hold is done.

    Copeland: Referee Morse is checking with Mikey to see if he wants to quit, as S.H.I.T. has this locked in tight.

    Mikey struggles against the hold as S.H.I.T. drives his knee in harder into the back. Mikey slams his foot on the mat to get the crowd behind him as he slowly begins getting to his knees, the crowd cheering him on. He breaks one arm free and he suddenly lifts S.H.I.T. up and delivers a huge Samoan Drop! The crowd cheers loudly as Mikey grabs the ropes, slowly pulling himself up as S.H.I.T. rolls out to the apron. Mikey gets to his feet as does S.H.I.T. Mikey rushes forward and tries to hit S.H.I.T. but S.H.I.T. low bridges him, sending Mikey crashing to the outside. S.H.I.T. lines up Mikey as he begins standing, jumping off the apron and hitting a runnking knee attack. He lifts Mikey up and sends him shoulder first into the steel steps. The crowd is unsure what to do as he begins slamming Mikey face first into the steps, over and over again before delivering a face wash on the steel. He lifts him up and drops him down face first onto the steel steps, leaving Mikey motionless. He slides back into the ring as Mikey remains down.

    Copeland: S.H.I.T. has just left Mikey down and out on the outside with that vicious stomp to the head. Mikey has yet to move!

    Cohen: Why isn't this ref counting? It's clear Mikey is going to get counted out!

    Referee Morse indeed begins his count as Mikey finally rolls off the steel steps onto his back, holding the back of his head. The Referee has the count of three as S.H.I.T. watches silently. Mikey slowly rolls over onto his stomach as the count reaches five. Finally up to his knees, Mikey reaches up and grabs hold of the ring apron, dragging himself up slowly and finally at the count of 9 he rolls back into the ring! The crowd cheers loudly but it's cut off shortly after, as S.H.I.T. is right back on top of Mikey, pounding away at him. He finally grabs hold of Mikey and lifts him up, trying to go for a Samoan drop but Mikey uses his momentum and drops S.H.I.T. down and splashing him as well as he hooks a leg, 1.............2...S.H.I.T. kicks out! Mikey rolls over onto his back, still trying to recover as S.H.I.T. remains flattened on the mat. It's a battle to who gets up first as they both struggle to reach their feet. S.H.I.T. is up first and suddenly goes for the Piston Chop! Mikey blocks some of it but it knocks him down regardless. S.H.I.T. prepares another chop but the crowd suddenly buzzes as Donny J of the swag pack runs down and jumps on the apron. S.H.I.T. runs towards him and tries the Piston Chop on him but Donny drops down off the apron and walks backwards up the ramp with his arms up. S.H.I.T. suddenly turns around and Mikey lifts him up and hits Game Over! He covers, 1.............2..........3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, the Eurasian Champion, Mikey Stormrage!

    Copeland: Unbelievable! S.H.I.T. was on his way to victory here tonight until Ricky's lackey Donny J showed up!

    Cohen: S.H.I.T. and Triple X better be prepared for antics like this. Ricky is going to make their lives hell!

    Mikey slowly rolls over, holding his throat as the referee lifts his arm up in victory. He's handed back his Eurasian Championship, holding it up high after a hard fought victory as he rolls out of the ring, slapping hands with his fans as Morse checks on the downed S.H.I.T.

    Copeland: A hard fought victory regardless for our Eurasian Champion. We'll be right back here on Meltdown!


    Mikey Stormrage is still in the ring with a microphone in hand.

    Stormrage: I have a request - can you queue up our old music?


    Stormrage smiles sadly to himself before going on.

    Stormrage: I always liked that music... I thought it would be nice to hear it again... It wasn't supposed to be like this.

    Stormrage seems near the verge of tears already, as the crowd attempts to rally him, supporting him with their cheers.

    Stormrage: I wanted to be able to talk about James... To talk about what he meant to WZCW. What he meant to me... How he managed to be more than my tag partner, but my honest to God best friend. I don't trust easy... I just don't, ok? And the truth is, whenever I was in the ring with my friend James, I always trusted that he had my back, and that we were going to kick some ass. We always are, and always will be, the greatest tag team in WZCW history.

    The crowd cheers at this... And for the first time, a semblance of a smile appears on Mikey's face.

    Stormrage: James wasn't perfect, dear God. I'm pretty sure if I brought his wife out here, she'd have an easier time burying the guy than I would.

    The crowd chuckles a little at this, and yet Mikey still looks depressed, as he looks up to the audience. His eyes soften... And seem as though they are welling.

    Stormrage: But if you talked to any of the boys in the back, they'd tell you that James always gave it everything he had... He never held back. And if you asked him about the fact that James Howard is no longer a member of the WZCW roster... They'd all say the same thing.

    Mikey takes a deep breath, trying to collect himself. The crowd applauds him, as he brings the microphone close to his mouth.


    Copeland: Damn it! Of course, someone would ruin this beautiful speech by Mikey Stormrage! And of course, it's Matt Tastic!

    Cohen: To be fair, Mikey was starting to ramble a little...

    Matt Tastic walks down the entrance way, taunting the fans. He gives some members of the audience a middle finger, and holds the shape of an L on his forehead, laughing all the way down the aisle while eating on some popcorn. Mikey looks absolutely pissed. Matt grabs a microphone from a ringside worker.

    Tastic: Hey hey hey, don't stop by all accounts. Keep on going, dude. I just wanted to come out and watch your silly little soap opera. But you're right, we'd all say the same thing, Mikey. We'd all say we don't give a rats ass that James is gone, and that you need to get the hell over it already, you damn dramam queen.

    The crowd boos this, as Matt walks up the steps, and through the ropes.

    Tastic: I don't care if James is gone, and none of you really should! James Howard was a nobody, anyway! Just the guy to hold your sweaty, insecure hand. Greatest tag team in WZCW history?! That's a load of bull... As if tag teams mattered. I've had rashes that last longer than most tag teams around here. And when it mattered most? Strikeforce came up with jack squat. Remember getting stripped of the titles right after winning them? Kingdom Come? The Sacrificial Altar, Mikey? Or should I go get DC's bazooka to jog your memory?

    Once again, the crowd boos vociferously. Matt mouths off certain obscenities to the fans, that don't bear repeating.

    Tastic: The truth is, letting James Howard go means one less loser on the roster to worry about. One less guy who loses when it matters most! And one less guy, to do nothing and become a sorry sack of crap and take my spot!


    Mikey connects with a thunderous right hand, right to Matt Tastic's face. He climbs on Matt and starts throwing wild punches, to the delight of the fans. Each raining blow, Matt tries to cover up, but can't. Now it's Mikey screaming obscenities, as Matt tries to roll away. Security tries to pull off Mikey, but can't, as Mikey seems like a man possessed.

    Cohen: Someone stop this mad man!

    Stormrage is finally pulled away from Matt by four security officers... All who receive blows, for their effort! Mikey hits each one, as they crumble to the mat. Matt Tastic manages to roll out of the ring, though, as Mikey screams in the ring. He starts to throw turnbuckle pads, and pushes anyone in his way, as it is absolute chaos in the ring. WZCW hurriedly cuts to commercial break, with the last sight being Mikey Stormrage's beet red face, screaming.


    Amber Warren is backstage talking with a backstage worker.

    ???: Well, what do we have here?

    The camera pans out to reveal Flux Mussel and Ramparte - Cerberus!

    Ramparte takes to one side of Amber as Mussel stands on the other. The backstage worker walks away quietly and Amber looks up at both men.

    Ramparte: Well, Flux, it appears we have a lonely little girl all by herself. How very sad.

    Mussel: Isn't it just? Is this what it was like for you all those lonely years, Amber? All by yourself, not a friend to be seen?

    Ramparte: She thinks she's found a real friend in El Califa Dragon, she has. That freakshow.

    Amber finally can take now more -

    Amber: He is not - !

    Mussel: You know, loneliness is a leading cause for overeating. I bet you know all about that, don't you, Amber?

    He not so subtly looks at her stomach. Amber stands firm, but her face reddens.

    Ramparte: I do think you're embarrassing her, Flex.

    Mussel: Embarrassment is a prime motivational tool for unruly clients who just can't contain themselves. And it won't be the last time she's embarrassed by us, dear friend. The next time that we step into the ring with Los Magnificos Dragones, they'll be embarrassed with a crushing loss.

    Ramparte: And then perhaps we'll be coming for your tag team titles.

    Both men laugh as they exit the scene. Amber glowers after them, silent and obviously enraged.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, from Culiacan, Mexico, weighing 180 pounds, he is one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions, El Califa Dragón!

    As the music hits El Califa Dragón comes running from the back while nodding his head to the music, his tag title belt strapped around his waist. He bounces from one side of the stage to other before stopping at the top of the entrance ramp. He looks out at the crowd while nodding his head to the beat once more before sprinting down to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. He quickly runs over and hops up onto the second turnbuckle, tossing the hood of his robe off as he continues nodding to the music before pointing out to the crowd and yelling out to them.

    Copeland: A big challenge, but also a big opportunity for El Califa Dragon here tonight, as he will be in singles action against the world champion, Ricky Runn.

    Cohen: It may prove to be too stern a test. It's one thing to be a tag team champion, but Califa will be in the ring with the best our company has to offer.


    And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 225lbs, ladies and gentlemen he is the WZCW Heavyweight Champion, "The Swagtastic Voice of a Generation" Ricky Runn!

    Runn makes his way onto the stage to steady boos. His custom WZCW title belt hanging out of the front of his pants. As he makes his way to the ring he "shows off" his belt to a few women along the ramp. He rolls into the ring jumps to the second turnbuckle and gazes out into the crowd that is showering him with boos, before raising his belt high above his head.

    Copeland: Nice to see Ricky hasn't let success go to his head. He needs to be on his game, he isn't the only one in the ring who successfully defended his title at Unscripted.

    Cohen: Runn is just soaking in the applause of his fans. The man is world champion, give him some credit Seabass.

    Referee Jurou Akiyama calls for the bell and the match begins. Califa takes no time in storming in with a series of quick kicks to the legs, catching Runn off guard. The kicks drive Runn into the ropes, and Akiyama calls for the break and Califa relents. Runn takes his time, holding onto the top rope as long as possible. As soon as he appears to be ready, Califa again begins to fire off kicks, and Runn scrambles for the ropes again. Califa reluctantly relents. Runn again takes longer than necessary, electing some boos from the crowd. Once Runn steps away from the ropes, Califa again fires off the swift kicks, and this time when Runn is backed into the ropes he doesn't let up. 1..2..3..4..Akiyama warns Califa, who pleads his case with the ref. Ricky uses the opportunity to slip behind Califa and roll him up!
    Califa just kicks out!

    Cohen: Damn. Ricky almost pulled out another exciting victory.

    Copeland: How do you condone Runn's blatant rule breaking Jack?

    The two men get to their feet and Califa ducks a wild swing from Runn. He leaps and springboards off the ropes, but Runn is able to roll out of the way. The two men meet back in the middle of the ring and a tie up ensues. Runn works into a hammerlock, before hitting a dropkick to the back of the head. Califa gets to his feet but Runn takes him down with an arm drag. Califa is back to his feet, but again Runn takes him down, this time he manages to lock onto an arm wringer while also driving his knee into the back of Califa. Ricky wrenches onto the hold as Califa struggles. Eventually Califa is able to reach back with his free hand and get a handful of hair, enough to break the hold and is able to get back to his feet.

    Cohen: How do you condone that cheating Seabass?

    As Runn ruffles his hair, Califa goes on the offensive with right hands. The tag champ then begins to fire off sharp kicks to the legs and midsection, backing Runn into the ropes. Califa grabs his arm and whips him across the ring. Califa springboards off the ropes and connects with a moonsault. He hooks a leg.
    Runn kicks out.

    Califa remains on the attack, pulling Runn to his feet. He uses a few knife edged chops to soften up Runn, before he hits a spinning back kick to the midsection. With Runn doubled over, Califa hops to the second turnbuckle and connects with a dropkick to the face. He again hooks the leg.
    And again Runn manages to kick out.

    Copeland: Ricky Runn, hanging tough.

    Cohen: Of course he is! He is the world champion.

    Califa sits next to the downed Runn, with what one could only assume to be a frustrated look on his face. As Califa drags Runn back to his feet, the world champ pushes him into the ropes. Califa rebounds chest first, straight into The Ricky Runndown! The half nelson backstabber connects!

    Copeland: Califa got a foot on the rope!

    Ricky is furious. He gets to his feet, kicking Califa's foot off the rope, and getting into the face of the referee.

    Cohen: That's right Ricky! Put him in his place after that terrible call!

    As Ricky and Akiyama argue, Califa crawls to his feet and rolls up Runn, taking him by surprise!
    Thr- No! Ricky kicks out at the last second!

    Ricky is back to his feet quickly, quickly going to stomp away at Califa but Califa is able to catch his foot, spinning Ricky around before delivering a side kick to the head, knocking the World Champ backwards into the ropes. Califa runs forward and jumps at Ricky. Ricky moves however but Califa springboards off the ropes, delivering a spinning head scissors and sending Ricky tumbling to the outside. El Califa yells out to the crowd before running back to the ropes, bouncing off and flying through the opposite middle ropes with the Tope Suicida! He crashes into Runn, knocking him to the ground as Califa gets fired up, the crowd cheering in response. Califa lifts Ricky up and goes to send him into the barrier but Ricky reverses it and sends Califa in himself. Califa cringes as he lowers down against the barrier, with Ricky backing up. He rushes forward and springs off the steel steps, hitting a big dropkick to the head of El Califa. Ricky poses as he gets up, eliciting a round of boos from the crowd. He grabs Califa by the mask and drags him over to the apron, tossing him into the ring before going for the pin.
    Califa kicks out at two! Ricky gets up, looking frustrated before running to the opposite ropes. He rolls on the ground and goes for the Yolo Roll! He hits knocking but knees however, sending the World Champ crumbling in pain. Ricky backs up into the corner and tries pulling himself up but Califa meets him with a stiff dropkick to the head! Ricky is dazed and it leaves him wide open as Califa begins delivering alternating knife edge chops and punches to the delight of the crowd! Califa begins speeding it up before he backs up, motioning for Ricky to step forward. Ricky does and he gets a big roundhouse kick for his efforts! Ricky drops down and Califa goes for the pin.
    .Thr- No! Ricky gets his foot on the ropes!

    Copeland: Ricky and Califa have just been going back and forth, their speed nearly equal!

    Cohen: Where was the five count?! Califa shouldn't be allowed to hit an opponent that much in the corner!

    Califa gets to his feet, yelling out to the crowd as he pulls Ricky to the center of the ring. Ricky rolls over onto his stomach as Califa locks in an Indian Deathlock. He grabs Ricky's arms and pulls them back into a surboard as Ricky yells out in pain already. Califa pushes his foot to the back of Ricky's head when suddenly he stomps down, sending Ricky face first into the mat! The crowd groans at the painful move, but Califa quickly goes for another cover.
    .Thr- Ricky kicks out at the last moment!. Califa looks frustrated as he slams his fist into the mat, unsure of how to put the World Champion away. He gets up and spins his fingers in the air, pointing to the top turnbuckle as the crowd roars. He begins climbing, steadying himself for the Dragon del Vuelo but Ricky gets up and is able to hit the top rope, causing Califa to fall down onto the turnbuckle. He falls down into a tree of woe position, unable to free himself as Ricky gets to his feet. Ricky stands just far enough away from Califa, trash talking him to no end before delivering a kick to the ribs. Califa holds his midsection as Ricky backs up into the opposite corner. He gets a running start and delivers a low dropkick, snapping Califa's head back who goes limp against the corner.

    Copeland: Califa got caught! He has nowhere to go right now!

    Cohen: This was all in Ricky's game plan. He knew Califa couldn't resist the top rope!

    Ricky laughs as he slaps Califa in the face a few times, not even eliciting a response. He lifts Califa up to a seated position on the turnbuckle, climbing up himself as he sets up for the RickyRana! He goes for it but Califa holds onto the ropes, sending Ricky crashing to the mat alone! Califa falls to his feet but quickly bounces back up, springing off the top turnbuckle and hitting the Dragon del Vuelo! The splash hurts both men as Califa rolls off, holding his hurt ribs as Ricky remains motionless. The crowd begs Califa to go for the cover as he slowly rolls back over towards Ricky. He drapes an arm over the World Champion for the cover!
    .Thr--- Suddenly Akiyama is pulled out of the ring by one of the members of the Swag Pack! The others jump in the ring and begin pounding away on Califa as Akiyama immediately calls for the disqualification. The crowd boos loudly as Califa tries to cover up from the attack, unable to defend against the numbers. Another member helps up Ricky Runn as Ricky begins laughing at Califa's beatdown.

    Harrys: Your winner as a result of a disqualification, El Califa Dragon.

    Copeland: This is sickening Jack! El Califa had that match won!

    Cohen: He didn't capitalize on his opportunity Seabass. Had he been one second faster he would have the pinfall win! Instead he earns a beating from Ricky' entourage!

    Suddenly the crowd cheers as S.H.I.T. makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring. Joe Mason is the first to try and fend off the robot but he eats a huge Piston Chop for his efforts! Mason rolls out of the ring knocked out as S.H.I.T. begins tearing through the Swag Pack! The last member remains helping Ricky up. He runs towards him and tries to attack but S.H.I.T. has none of it, tossing the Swag Pack member clear out of the ring. Ricky leans against the corner holding his World Title before dropping down and rolling to the outside. He stands over his Swag Pack and yells at them to get up, kicking a few in the kidney for extra effect. Suddenly Triple X appears on stage, his arms crossed as he watches on amused. Ricky looks up at Triple X, a look of paranoia on his face before he turns to see S.H.I.T. standing outside the ring. Meanwhile, El Califa has reached his feet, climbing up to the top turnbuckle as he holds his World Tag Team Title up high as we go off the air with the Swag Pack unsure of which way to go.

    Copeland: I believe Ricky Runn is stuck between a robot and a hard place! That's all for tonight, folks, we'll see you on Ascension!
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    El Califa Dragon vs. Ricky Runn - Yaz
    Mikey Stormrage vs. SHIT - Ty
    Vega vs. The Beard - Killjoy
    Cerberus vs. Constantine/Winters - Blade
    Segments - Harthan, Haiku, Infinity

    Sorry for the delay, kids. Ascension will be up within the next 24 hours.
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