MD 145 - Titus Avison versus Justin Cooper (Non-Title)

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    With the most unpredictable pay-per-view it seems only fitting that the two longest reigning champions currently collide in what could be the last match before the end of their reigns. For the very first time, Titus and Justin Cooper will meet inside the squared circle. Never have they wrestled outside of a rare meeting during the Lethal Lottery Match. Titus has joined the ranks of those opposing Vis Imperium and vows to stand up against the group which he believes will bring the downfall of WZCW. Cooper has been unusually silent as of late, what could he be planning? In one of the biggest matches of the year, it’s Eurasian Champion versus World Champion and it’s only on Meltdown!

    RP Deadline Tuesday 24th October 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
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    Sitting together in a dimly lit room, a table between them and microphones clipped to their collars, the two men waited for the cue from the producer. On one side, Justin Cooper sat with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship sitting on the table within arm’s reach of him. He wore a grey suit, his eyes covered by thick sunglasses even though the room was completely dark with the exception of the spotlight on the small interview area. It was as basic a setting as you’d expect, the idea was to create an intimate space, void of the spectacular for a more personal touch to the interview. From the outer edge of the darkness, the producer signaled go and Leon Kensworth jumped into action.

    “As we enter the final two months of the calendar year, it gives us a chance to look back on what a wild ride 2017 has been for not only WZCW but professional wrestling as a whole.” Leon said, making his way towards his seat across from Justin. “Today, we sit down with perhaps the biggest star of them all in 2017, the man who has held the WZCW World Championship since February and has defended it three times since. I speak of course about Justin Cooper. Thank you for joining us today, Justin.”

    “It’s been far too long,” Justin said, his eyes darting towards the title on the table every few seconds. “A pleasure to be here.”

    Leon had no notes, that’s what made this a personal interview which was supposed to breakdown the barrier between athlete and fans. The interviewer went with the flow of the conversation rather than specifically pushing it one way or another.

    “I see that you have brought along the World Championship, do you carry that everywhere?” Leon asked.

    “Of course, wouldn’t you? I am the World Champion, this is my title and it’s a constant reminder to people that I am better than they ever will be. It’s like carrying an insult with you at all times and not having to say it,” Justin said, a smirk growing across his face as he brushed the main plate of the belt with his fingertips.

    “You keep checking on it. Are you afraid someone is going to steal it?”

    In response, Justin forced himself to sit back in his chair and cross his legs. He pulled out a cigarette from his top pocket and fondled it in his right hand.

    “Must I remind you that I’ve been a victim of such a crime this year? That menace Garth Black stole the title from me and nearly shattered the nameplate. No, I’ve worked extremely hard to get this title and I like to know where it is and who is around it at all times,” Justin said adamantly.

    “A lot has been said already about your past challengers so I want to discuss your upcoming match with Constantine,” Leon began to say before being interrupted.

    “I think not,” Justin stated, his cigarette now lit as he blew out a puff of smoke directly at Leon.

    “May I ask why not? Constantine is your next challenger and you’ve been unexpectedly silent on him recently,” Leon answered back.

    The World Champion looked rather relaxed as he removed his sunglasses and placed them on the table next to the title belt. After another drag from his cigarette, Justin responded in a sharp tone.

    “My silence on that matter is my own business and I’ve made it clear what I want regarding that match. There is a fifty-thousand-dollar bounty for any man or woman who wishes to claim it, all they must do is put down John Constantine. For now, I have no interest in making grand speeches on a man who I’m not facing for another two weeks,” Justin said, his smoke slowly fading away and ash building on the floor.

    “Do you have any thoughts on the comments he has made recently?”

    “I do. I’ll share them when it matters. Listen, far too often, excuse my language, people shoot their load far to early leading up to matches of this importance. They try to win the war before the main battle is fought and they end up losing,” Justin said. “I’m not going to make that mistake, Leon. I’ve been watching and listening while John has shouted like a fool trying to get anybody who can muster up the balls to step up against Vis Imperium on his side.”

    “You’re saying Constantine has wasted his time calling you out in the lead up to Unscripted?” Leon asked, a look of intrigue coming over his face.

    “Leon, I’m not going to discuss my opponent at Unscripted in depth today. It will not help me when the time comes,” Justin said, his cigarette finished as he dropped it to the floor and squashed the remaining fragments with his shoe. “What I will say, my final comment on John for today, is that the more you say something the less impactful it becomes. Call me a cowardly bitch once, the crowd goes wild. Do it the next week, they cheer loudly. Do it for the third week in a row and they remain silent. Don’t think I’m sitting back here waiting to lose to John, I’m preparing and I’ve saved my best shots… has John?”

    Leon pondered his next question for a moment; Justin leaned forward and picked up the World Championship. He couldn’t resist any longer, it ruffled his microphone as he adjusted it onto his shoulder. It was like a weight was lifted, he could finally sit back comfortably and looked much more relaxed whilst holding the title belt than with it just inches away from him.

    “Well, you mentioned it earlier so how about we discuss your opponent for this week and the way things have unfolded between Vis Imperium and those who you call the rebels. How do you and Titus match up this week?” Leon said, his hands clasped together as he awaited an answer.

    “It’s an amazing match that Mr. Banks himself came up with, as I’m sure you would’ve guessed. What a treat that the WZCW fans are getting with two champions clashing in a main event of Meltdown. You alluded to it, for all the supposed evil Vis Imperium does it sure as hell seems to me like we’ve provided the best possible matches for the fans.”

    “There has been a feeling building for those in the locker-room that Vis Imperium is helping destroy WZCW more than contributing to the success of the company,” Leon responded. “How do you feel about that?”

    Justin shot a quick glance to his title belt before beginning.

    “Nonsense of course. I expect as much from a group of men like the WZCW locker-room. Especially when many of them have thrown their hats into the ring with Ty Burna. I’d sooner let a five-year-old lead me into battle before I did anything at the request of Ty,” Justin said, spitting after saying his rivals name.


    “I’m not finished, Leon. All these idiots need to recognize that I have carried this company on my back since October. In the lead up to Kingdom Come it was me who did all the heavy lifting while Mikey had a nervous breakdown over losing his bitch, Eve Taylor. Live event attendance is up, pay-per-view buyrates are up, television ratings are up; do they think it's a coincidence that it all started heading upwards when I took over as World Champion?” Justin shouted, he leaned forward and slammed a fist onto the table.

    “These guys like Titus, John and Ty want to play he big heroes for WZCW. They create this narrative that they are doing something for the best interest of the company, to rid WZCW of Vis Imperium. Might I remind you that John is leaving after Kingdom Come. He doesn’t give a damn about WZCW! He’s fucking leaving, Leon! Ty has spent more time trying to destroy WZCW than anybody in the history of the business and yet he wants to play the white knight.

    God damn it, Ty created the original White Knight and that nearly killed the entire fucking business!

    The World Champion points a finger at Leon and silences him, the veins on Justin’s forehead protruding.

    “If any of them wanted to do what was best for the company than they’d line up and lay down for me. They’d realise that me holding this title is what is best for WZCW. They are just as self-interested as anybody else but they have hoodwinked the entire locker-room and fans into believing they are righteous heroes, and that makes me sick.”

    “You mentioned both Blades and Constantine in depth, what are your personal feelings towards Titus?” Leon said.

    “A true disappointment. I looked up to him, Leon. I went to him for advice when I first returned to WZCW. He was everything I wanted to be until I surpassed even his mighty legend. It’s hard to admire someone when you’ve achieved more than they could ever hope to,” Justin said, a grin appearing on his face as he examined his title belt.

    “After Unscripted this entire ordeal will be over, one way or another. Either WZCW will continue to prosper or the uninspiring band of idiots will deal the death blow to this once proud organization. Oh Titus, if he’d only minded his own business. Such a shame, I’ve rather enjoyed his title reign.”

    “How so?” Leon responded.

    “Titus being the Eurasian Champion has been perfect,” Justin said.

    “He’s a second-rate wrestler, holding a second-rate title having a second-rate reign. In any other era, he’d been the gold standard, the ace of WZCW, he’d be the greatest but not this time. Not in my era, this is my time and I am the greatest. He should’ve stayed in his lane, I’ll make sure Titus forever regrets the day he took off that mask and stood against me.”

    Justin reached out, grabbed his sunglasses and put them on. The World Champion rose, shaking hands with Leon before slowly making his way out of the interview area. He pushed through a door, light exploded, his eyes taking a moment to adjust after being in such a dark setting for so long. Waiting outside on the street was a car, along with a driver. Cooper gave a firm nod, the driver moved to his position and started the car as Justin approached.

    Suddenly, a group of children approached him and asked for some autographs. Justin didn’t like the look of a few of the older ones, the age ranges from 8-16 so he took some pictures and shook hands with a few of them. As the children were walking away, Justin reached into his pocket.

    “There you are,” Justin said.

    He proceeded to drench his hands with sanitiser before entering the car.
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    Dear Mr. Banks.,

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Titus Avison and for Seven Hundred days I have been your EurAsian champion. My accolades need not be mentioned but I am one of a few people who has been in this fine company longer than you have. I'm sure you're reading this thinking “I know who Titus is” well I'm not sure you do. Allow me to explain.

    Last week on Meltdown you made a challenge, me against your cronies for my belt. Great, why not. Yet there was two things that got me last week. First of all you said that I had not faced anyone challenging for the belt yet you put me against an opponent I've already faced. Then, on Ascension, you forced Tyrone Blades to put his career on the line. Yet you throw your boys under the bus.

    It comes back to something that has plagued WZCW, the company you own in name but not respect, for some time now. Their name is Vis Imperium, you may have heard of them. The original idea of Vis Imperium was to make WZCW theirs for a greater good. Hunnicutt, Reynolds, Holmes and Constantine. What a team. Look at it now. When you have two managers for a group of three it's really saying something. Yet you somehow love them.

    When Chuck Myles was owner he liked to play games, he got burnt and he's only just been welcomed back with open arms. History repeats itself, Kenny, and I for one know that. Yet Chuck understood money. He knew what sells. He knew when to give the young kid a chance or to take a punt on your big money Oscar winner. Yet you, you? It's like you have a great idea and decide to throw it up in the air and go with someone else. Hence why me and Cooper are facing this week.

    Justin Cooper. What a reign as champion. He's held on through tooth and nail and always with the odds stacked against him. Oh wait, no. He took over a group to get himself as number 1 and kept it here. An incredible 10 month reign that has made the world take note of him. It's one of the reasons why his reign will go down in history. LOL J/K people will look at my reign as it eclipses all the other. Do people tune to Meltdown to see the world champion OR do they look at the person who holds the biggest prize in WZCW history.

    The EurAvison era will continue. Your pet project will be disbanded. Cooper will lose to Constantine. Blades will keep his job. You'll take a back seat. I may use that flame thrower.

    So see you on Meltdown.

    With Love,

    The Hollow Ones.
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