McAllister Off The Hook?

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    What's up, ladies and gentlemen!

    Only in the crazy world of WZCW could a person be in the hole for $15,000 worth of damages to a locker room and then end up $50,000 better off. But that may just be the case for Logan McAllister. That is, of course, if he can finish the job against Constantine at the coming Ascension show.

    After his defeat in the KFAD match, word has it that McAllister took his frustrations out on a locker room backstage at the SAP Centre. Mr Banks had opted to fine the superstar but after stepping up to claim the bounty on Constantine at Meltdown, Logan might just be off the hook and more for this transgressions.

    It remains to be seen whether Mr Banks will make Logan pay off the damages. But if he can claim the bounty on Constantine, set by Justin Cooper, then it might be a drop in the ocean.

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