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    What's up, guys? David Kerms here once again to bring you a reinvigorated column for your viewing pleasure. A lot of you may remember the Power Rankings in their old format? However, the new format is much simpler and easier to follow. It also has the added bonus of keeping a track of all of the wins and losses of each WZCW Superstars throughout the month and throughout the year, too.

    So with that being said, let's have a look at the Power Rankings from Kingdom Come (inclusive) to Apocalypse...


    As you can see, the new format of the Power Rankings tracks everyone progress throughout the month and records the win/loss record of everyone who competed in a WZCW Match. So, let's take a deeper look at some of the bigger stories coming out of these results.

    First of all, you'll find a few big names at the bottom of the league. People like Logan McAllister, Tony Mancini, Mikey Stormrage and Matt Tastic bring up the year this cycle but it is of little fault of their own. First, Matt Tastic and Mikey Stormrage have rarely been seen in a WZCW ring since Kingdom Come and a lot of people are speculating that Matt might never return. The truth of that is still some time away probably. But it should be said that these results say more about the strength of the WZCW roster, more than poor individual performance.

    Conversely, you'll find some people with real momentum at the top. Constantine captured the Mayhem Championship after defending the Tag Team Championship at Kingdom Come. He is unbeaten from Kingdom Come until now and shares the illustrious company of Flex Mussel in that regard. Flex has been on a roll since possibly retiring Matt Tastic and he stands to gain a great deal by beating Eve Taylor at Apocalypse. Eve has a 75% win rate for the cycle, however and should prove to be very stiff opposition for the Healthiest Man Alive. Batti, Taylor and Blades have all been in good form this cycle too and should head into their matches with a fair amount of momentum.

    Lastly, it's been a mixed bag for the WZCW Champions since Kingdom Come. Constantine is the only one with 1 100% win record, whilst Heavyweight Champion - Justin Cooper - goes into Apocalypse with a 66% win rate. Those two champions are the only two who have a better win rate than their challengers at Apocalypse. The odds and momentum are certainly favouring a change of Champion, with regards to the Elite Openweight Championship and, stunningly, the EurAsian Championship.

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