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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by mrbooker, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Remember how Ted Dibiase got so much attention, Well how about 2010 Ted steps it up your the million dollar of 2010 and all you are doing is buying ass off maryse, thats it ! Ok you have a valet, after he got rid of virgil he should have upgraded and gotten mark henry, or Shad as a body guard/partner. And even if it doesn't turn into a fued Ted should be fuckin with people because he is a multi-millonaire and they arent, The Million Dollar Mandid this from time to time. And it sure made me hate him(by his excellent performance as a heel). Come on Ted all that money and he is just in the shadows, at the VERY LEAST Ted should have had a promo spot where he tried to buy the MITB suitcase from Miz, see if Miz had a price.

    To piggy back on the $$$ aspect remember when MVP was a big deal off top because he had such a "HUGE" contract. Made him a immediate heel, Why not have him bring back his contract as his selling point, they can say MVP has signed a new contract announce it like a Lebron James signing years/ Total $. Give him a shot a big role he could in theory be a tweener with his funds yes he might use it to win matches, but he might also screw big time heels as well, have guys on your "pay roll" (Mark Henry if he could get to smackdown) Shad, Chris Masters, and for some reason Kaval perhaps MVP pays Kaval for his title shot or to use it on the tag titles with him. Have MVP always flashy with suits blinged out watches, chains and rings. Perhaps give him a small stable and see if his money can take him to the top regardless of who he has bribe or take out...

    WWE i think overlooks it sometimes, you know what I would love to see Nexus stays together, and heath slater comes back on raw saying he is active and Ted Diabiase walks in the middle of a NExus Promo with a sac in his hand. Ted can ask Heath how much did that Surgery cost, how are all those medical bills "prospect." Ted empties out his bag/sac and its a million dollars cash in the ring, Ted says you can have 3 bags of that if you come work for me, and have slater do it, im sure people would logically understand its 3 million dollars NExus isnt going to loast forever.
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    Or how about Ted jr gets his own gimmick and stop shitting on his dads legacy. You don't see Cody coming out on SD with poka dots and a fat black chick in his corner. I feel that he will never go anywhere unless he creates his own identity..
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    You do know how much a million is in paperbacks, right? Even if you got them all in 100 or 500(?) dollar bills, that will take more than a bag full or it would make Ted look like goddamn Santa Claus.

    And Heath Slater = $3,000,000? What acid are you trippin on man, because I could use a pick-me-up.

    Final Thought: Ted needs to drop daddy's shtick or forever be jobbing at midcard level. Maryse can only do so much and quite frankly the deal with R-Truth is kind of boring the hell out of me. And I know I am not the only one tired of the year-long angle to buy an African American into servitude. It was done, it got over when it did, but this generation doesn't need it. If you want to see another dead angle go look up Katie Vick.

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