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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, Jun 14, 2017.

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    According to Dave Meltzer, Kurt Angle will be returning to in-ring action at some point in the relatively near future and officials are planning for a bout with Angle's old rival, Triple H. The report doesn't mention exactly when the match will take place or what the set up will be, but it's believed that it'll have something to do with the storyline going on with Kurt Angle and Corey Graves. Also, Stephanie McMahon is set to return to WWE television soon and there's speculation that she'll be involved somehow.

    If this is legit, I mean, God forbid the notion of WWE having Angle do something fresh with the likes of Joe, Rollins, Balor, Wyatt, Strowman, Neville, Miz or even something with someone from SmackDown Live like Styles, Owens, Corbin, Nakamura or Zayn. Nope, it's to be another central program that's a rehash of an Attitude Era feud. There's all this young, fresh talent on the WWE roster who could not only benefit from working a program with Kurt Angle, but could result in a potentially classic match that could elevate their standing.

    My guess is that this match takes place as one of the SummerSlam main events, maybe even with WWE rehashing the various romantic tensions between Angle and Stephanie that was a source of the Trips/Angle feud back in the day.
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    I read similar report. Only it added that Steph would be front and center as Kurt would somehow be involved with her romantically ala Jericho/HHH feud. God help us all if that really happens with that storyline.

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    God I hope this isn't true. Being that Joe probably doesn't have anything at summerslam. Why not do Joe who is triple h and Stephanie's enforcer vs Kurt Angle Instead. You know to help build another star... Guess I'm living a false dream. The rumoured summerslam care is looking frustrating to say the least.
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    My only problem with this is it culminating with a SummerSlam match. I like the idea of throwing some drama at Stephanie and "The Authority". As commissioner, Steph is Angle's boss and it makes perfect sense for him to regain old feelings. He is also excellent at playing the smitten puppy dog.

    But again my problem is having Angle and HHH fight at SummerSlam. With both rosters involved WWE is going to give us enough to enjoy. Throwing this match in feels like a waste. I would think they would want to save it for a quieter single brand PPV.

    I also hope this isn't just a one off for Angle. I can handle him battling HHH but I ultimately want more from him if his body and mind can handle it. There's many good match ups for him to have as a face or heel GM.
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    SMH at some of y'all. Always complaining. We getting KURT FREAKIN ANGLE back wrestling in a big match in WWE and we're gonna bitch because it's not the fantasy match you booked in your mind. Jeez.

    LOL at the guy complaining that we're getting HHH-Angle again, and then saying he should wrestle Joe....umm, AGAIN? We got that one many times before too.

    If it's Angle-HHH it makes perfect sense given their respective roles.
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    Eh, I wouldn't mind HHH/Angle at all if it were to come to pass. Whereas H's match with Sting and, arguably, the series of matches he had with Brock Lesnar could be considered completely unnecessary, and in my opinion were, Angle vs HHH makes sense just based on the history between them. I mean, it kind of seems like if Angle is going to wrestle again, he almost has to get HHH out of the way. I just have a very strong (and bad) feeling that, with everything we've been seeing in regards to Angle's secrecy and "paranoia" the past few weeks, this is going to center around an Angle/Steph affair tease, which is just... man.

    There's no need for that type of angle with these two. None at all. Which is probably why it's exactly what we'll get. Still, just seeing Angle in the ring again is enough for me. I also don't mind an Angle/H match because unlike newer, fresher talent, HHH doesn't lose anything by laying down for Angle. You have Joe or Styles or whoever lose to Kurt and everybody would be bitching that a part-time, old Angle just "buried" the full-timer. If Angle loses to one of them, you have people bitching that Angle shouldn't lose his first match back. Than again, people will bitch about HHH stealing this match from a younger talent if this were to happen so... as the maker of the thread is so fond of saying, sometimes WWE just can't win.

    Besides, I'm thinking there's still a ton of time left for Kurt to face guys like Rollins, Reigns, Balor, etc. if he is indeed cleared to wrestle again. I highly doubt this would be just a one and done. All in all, I'm fine with it. Getting Angle back in the ring is reason enough for my excitement.

    Sidenote: I'm intrigued as to what role Graves would play in any of this. I'm thinking his inclusion in the current Angle storyline isn't just random.
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    If Kurt Angle can still go in the ring, I am excited for the match, regardless of whom he is up against with. I just hope it's not like the Hardys, they were terrible since their return.
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    Actually, I welcome this. The Raw product right now frankly sucks and I see no way in which it is going to get better any time soon. Characters are bland, stories are forced or dead in the water, main event talents are directionless, and matches are very repetitive on a week to week basis. Yes, we have seen Kurt Angle vs. Triple H before, and yes that was 2000, and yes it will likely be another rehash of a power struggle on Raw (seriously if you wanna be a general manager I would go to SmackDown, they seem to have longer shelf lives there). But, it will likely end up being one of the most entertaining storylines of the summer, if it indeed plays out like it is rumoured.

    It's going to be great to see Angle in a WWE ring again, and I think he can bring out the best in Triple H who, for some time, has been seemingly criticised for his slow ring-work, although I find it methodical rather than slow. The chemistry is certainly there and we know both guys can be very entertaining. There will be elements of seriousness and comedy and it could be great. I must agree with the OP though because WWE is in real desperate need of getting some of its younger and newer stars over, and so many of them are directionless as I've already said. Plus, if it happens at a dual branded event, it takes up more time than is available for everyone to get a fair showing.

    On the one hand, I wouldn't mind seeing a feud between Angle and Triple H at all, though I know this is only speculation right now. On the other hand, Raw needs serious, serious help. Its stories and its characters need help. And here you have Angle and Triple H who are very big deals to the fans and have the ability to raise the standards of their younger opponents. Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Edge, Randy Orton and Batista among others are some of the names who have historically benefitted from angles with one or both of these men. But we shall see I guess. Hopefully, so long as Angle can, after a potential feud with Triple H, his assets will be put to more use with younger stars that could benefit from a rub, whether it's against a face or heel Kurt Angle.
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  9. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    I don't mind it. Book it correctly and it can end up being awesome. Triple H needs a victory under his belt at the moment, if we want him to keep putting over future stars like Rollins and Reigns. Him beating Angle helps him, without halting the push of a young star.

    Book it for Summerslam, although Triple H has become a somewhat Wrestlemania only attraction.

    Also, the only real match I'm interested in Kurt Angle is him vs Rollins at the moment. Sure, Angle vs Brock, HHH, Balor, Wyatt, Styles, Orton, Cena can all be great draws, but Angle vs Rollins vs the big one.

    Sidenote: We are in a great era right now. We have the right mix of young over stars and almost every active wrestling legend like Angle and Goldberg in the roster. Angle, Goldberg, Cena, Orton, Lesnar, Triple H, maybe The Undertaker still.. maybe The Rock. Plus that wonderful roster of talented superstars. If they mix it up we are in for a treat.
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    I don't hate the idea but I fear it might be a Sting situation. Granted there isn't the huge dream match for Angle like there was for Sting vs. Undertaker. (There's Daniel Bryan but that doesn't seem all too realistic). But anyway, we don't know how many matches Angle has left in him and I don't wanna look back in 3-4 years and be like "man why did they waste one on Triple H".

    It just seems like that's the right of passage for huge returning/debuting legends. Sooner or later you're gonna have to go through Triple H. Lesnar did it, Sting did it, it looks like Angle is gonna do it. The Rock was gonna do it. Goldberg will probably do it if he ever comes back again.
  11. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    Goldberg was lucky he didn't face Triple H. I don't really mind it though. Triple H is here to stay. He gains back momentum by beating legends and loses to the young stars.
  12. Y 2 Jake

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    Triple H does this. He thinks we want to see him vs. whoever. The reality is that himself vs. Angle is a match people would like to see, maybe after Angle has worked through about a dozen other members of the roster.
  13. BigDaddyKewl

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    With Angle being GM of Raw and the current storyline that will likely lead to Stephanie and Triple H being back on tv it's only love logical to have Triple H vs Angle. It practically writes itself, they have Stephanie comeback to tv and bully Angle for a few weeks like she did with Foley. Angle finally snaps and stands up to Stephanie which leads to Triple H returning. Then we get Angle vs Triple H at Summerslam with Kurt's job as GM on the line.
    if Angle does end up working more then I think Ambrose could compliment him well. They are both naturally funny on mic and could produce some funny segments. Ambrose is a safe worker and could be someone that could be trusted with Angle given his age and condition.
  14. THTRobtaylor

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    I can actually see this being a tag match... They seem to be doing something with Corey Graves that indicates he could POSSIBLY have been cleared for a match/short run or to potentially become a manager or GM. They clearly want to do more with him than just have him announce now.

    If he can "go" then it would be very interesting to see him and Angle teaming against Trips and Joe... perhaps with Graves making the turn and becoming GM as part of the Authority. Could then set up a singles match with Trips and one with Graves... If you want a wrinkle on it, have Graves be the one boning Steph behind Trips' back and setting up Angle as the fall guy so he can get the power himself... would be a cool angle to see Trips' own life choice used against him.

    Graves was in the same situation as Bryan in that it was WWE who took him off the active roster...if his symptoms have improved in the last 4 years, then they could do something with him...if not a full career, he could easily work a Michael Cole style programme.
  15. Vanilla Midget

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    Kurt vs Hunter was inevitable. It's a money match that just makes sense. The silver lining is that it'll be covered in the summer as opposed to April. What a drag it would be for hardcore fans to suffer through a Mania bout between the two.

    Will WWE avoid match ups between TNA graduates? vs Joe or Styles of Jeff Hardy again would be cool.

    Angle vs Nakamura would be incredible. I'd also like to see:
    vs Ziggler
    vs Owens
    vs Cesaro
    vs Gable
    vs Harper
    vs Neville
    vs Rusev
    vs Zayn
    vs Pete Dunne

    A lot of those are SDL guys that would require another shakeup for Kurt to meet, but that's my personal list.

    Realistically the matches WWE is most likely to put on are vs HHH, vs Lesnar, vs Reigns, and vs Cena in that particular order. All of those are the money matches and not necessarily the best wrestling matches. So help us if they have Lesnar squash Kurt.

    The prospect of Angle wrestling again in WWE is exciting. Kurt is 48 and turns 49 later this year, so it's important to recognize that an older wrestler might not necessarily have that much left to give. Angle is performing at a high level as recently as a few months ago, but he also has a surgically repaired neck and the usual weakness to time that plagues all great wrestlers.

    WWE will knock off the money spots first, then Angle will inevitably look up at the lights for a younger guy, hopefully someone more exciting than Roman. Hopefully we don't get denied Angle vs Nakamura, because that might be a classic.
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    Sure, why not? If the two can still go at it in the ring, (and they clearly can) go for it hoss!

    And then, if Kurt's contract says it; then maybe like you said we can get a few matches between Nakamura, Joe, Owens, Cesaro, maybe even Corbin or Strowman?
  17. ShinChan

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    Not interested in Kurt Angle Vs. Triple H.

    More interested in Kurt Angle against AJ Styles, John Cena, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Bálor, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Braun Strowman etc.

    Least interesting would be him against Triple H. Still hoping that Kurt Angle doesn't return for a match against Triple H. There are multiple other better opponents for him.
  18. thebarber

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    For those people whinging about Angle wrestling at 48, remember this. In 2002, when Hogan returned, he was 48. And had some of the best matches in years with Rock, Angle, HHH, Jericho. And Hogan was an average worker at best. Kurt Angle, I don't need to list his credentials. If he passes the medical, which i am tipping he will do, and he will be in great shape. Hes looking pretty thick through the upper vody, hes clearly working out to be able to take bumps and protect his neck. Its going to be Angle vs HHH, he would trust him to work safe with him
  19. Wrestlingaholic

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    You do realise that you are suggesting that WWE would make Corey Graves' return match from a career-ending concussion against one of the stiffest workers in the company (Joe) and a guy whose finisher involves slamming his opponent head first into the mat? Obviously it staged but one slip or Graves tucks wrong and his head could easily hit the mat hard, legit. It's not inconceivable, look at the damage AJ's Styles Clash did to Yoshi Tatsu in Japan when it went wrong

    Graves is very much remaining in the commentary booth for this - good thing too as he's been WWE's best mouthpiece for some time now
  20. shooter_mcgavin

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    Triple H vs. Kurt Angle is fine for me as long as it's not a WM match. I can see this being a match at The Royal Rumble but we've already been there and done that with Triple H vs. Kurt Angle so I want something fresh at WM.

    I'd love to see Angle vs. Daniel Bryan (if WWE Clears him for one match), Kevin Owens, Nakamura, or Finn Balor at WM instead of Triple H.

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