Jim Ross Returns - The Voice New Japan!

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Mighty NorCal, Jan 19, 2016.

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    In America!!

    New Japans weekly shows are broadcast on AXS TV, and will now feature Jim Ross himself as their analyst, after the old one was hird to be the new SmackDown color guy.

    I think this will be effective and fun, as Ross had clearly lost his passion in WWE, both because of being over produced, and from not liking the direction of the product. I look forward to hearing him re-energized, and calling the action on a gritty straight-forward Wrestling broadcast.

    I for one can certainly say it makes me want to watch NJPW more, as the main reason I didn't watch it before is from being unfamiliar with their wrestlers and angles. I can think of no one better to "paint pictures" for me than good ol' JR.
  2. J.J.

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    Good for JR to get a gig, but I hope he does better than he did with WK9 last year. He knew very little about the product or talent of NJPW and it was depressing to listen to his commentary aside from his excitement over Nakamura. I hope he has studied the product some more over the last year and will do a better job on the commentary, since these are matches that have already happened he should be able to watch them at least before adding his commentary for the AXS TV show. I'm a little sad that Yoshi didn't get the gig for AXS TV though, he was great at WK10.
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    This is very cool for NJPW and JR, I just wish AXS had a little farther reach in terms of availability. Im sure some of you guys get it, but no one around my area does.
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    Any wrestling product with JR in commentary can only benefit, it's good to see him involved in wrestling again.
  5. ヒュー G. レックション

    Nov 29, 2011
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    Agreed with JR's WK9 performance. It was damn strange I knew more about talent and storylines than him. I also hope you are joking about Yoshi because he was one of the worst commentators I've ever heard, not having a clue, burying the IC title by calling it pointless, and barely translating promos despite being Japanese himself. Awful!
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    I record NJPW every week and personally fell in love with the voice of Mauro Ranallo. I think he is one of the most talented voices and lead calls in all of pro-sports. WWE pulled off a coup bringing him in, and NJPW took a huge hit losing him. In the next breath, however, they managed to pull in the most famous broadcasting name in wrestling history to replace him.

    I'm all for this. I already watch NJPW, but I'm gonna go into the new season of it with an even greater excitement knowing that business is about to pick up!

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