Jeff Jarrett Returning To Ring for GFW?

Discussion in '[Hidden] Impact Wrestling' started by Loganity, Aug 25, 2017.

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    There was a report on the main page that There was talk backstage at the most recent set of Impact tapings that Jeff Jarrett could be returning to the ring. " is also reporting that there has been backstage talk at this week’s GFW Impact TV tapings that Jeff Jarrett might be returning to the ring towards the end of this year."

    Personally I'd like to see it. Jarrett has never been a huge draw no matter what he or the early years of TNA would like you to believe. However there is no denying GFW needs all the star power it can get. I think GFW would benefit from Double J working a Shane McMahon type schedule for them, Him returning to the ring wouldn't move the needle much but if his return were to happen at BFG or another pay per view I'm sure a handful of people, maybe a few thousand people would consider buying it. I know I would, though I may buy BFG anyway.

    A program with EC3 due to his ties to Dixie could interesting, maybe Double J could be apart of some sort of big tag match?
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    I don't think Jeff should come back full time and start winning championships again. However I don't see the harm in him wrestling occasionally like a "part timer" we see in WWE. He's still in ring shape and is healthy and not at the point where he is embarrassing himself yet. It's not like he's a huge name but he is a star from WWE, WCW and of course he has a lot of history in Impact. I'd like to see a Alberto Patron vs Jeff Jarrett if he ever returns.
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    Stay away from the title, and give him a nice personal feud (perhaps Lashley?) and I think there's something there to work with. The issue with Jarrett was always his interjection with the title picture itself, not his actual work between the ropes.
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    Not a fan of Jarret or Karen Jarret or the Jarrets in general. I personally hope he does not wrestle in GFW. If he does, which might happen it should be maybe one match and one match only after being injected into a feud with someone. It'd be cool to see him versus Eli Drake as Global Champion. Not for the title but just the feud alone would be good. Other than that, keep him off tv.
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    No got damnit! This is the last thing I need or want to see. Jeff really should stick to being backstage. But t IDR's point, if he insists on getting back in the ring, then stay away from any, and I mean every single title.
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