Johnny Mundo Making GFW Debut at Upcoming Impact Live Events

Discussion in '[Hidden] Impact Wrestling' started by It's Damn Real!, Jul 19, 2017.

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    If Drago and El Hijo de Fantasma's debuts at Slammiversary (and subsequent use through the tapings that took place following it) aren't proof positive enough of the working relationship between the two companies, this should drive that fact home emphatically. Coming in for a live event versus a television taping is a little odd, but it can probably be explained away by being able to talk up GFW live events (which Jarrett has said he wants to do more of in the future, including touring PPVs) as a means to boost future ticket sales.

    Plus, I'd imagine Mundo, like Drago and de Fantasma, will be a part of the next set of tapings anyway. This gives fans the opportunity to see him in a GFW ring now without having to wait for those tapings to come around since they won't be taking place until later this summer.
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    This is awesome. Mundo has been on fire in Lucha Underground/AAA. He has improved drastically as a performer. This is good news for GFW! I am surprised as well he is debuting at a live even but this is merely to sell tickets as you mentioned IDR.

    Mundo hopefully will be on the next set of tapings. Here is to hoping Pentagon Dark shows up in GFW!
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    Which will be interesting if it is due to AAA as he seemed to be pissed off at them at the moment due to the whole Taya screwjob

    In case you are wondering what I am talking about its either a work to set up a AAA vs GFW thing or this wont be anything to do with AAA
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    Mundo is one of my favorite guys outside the WWE right now. I was a big fan of his work in WWE, but he has grown so much in the six years he has been away. His in ring work was always solid, but his mic work has gotten good. He plays a great heel, not afraid to be the chicken shit sneaky heel. I think he would be a good get for GWF if they bring him in full time. I know that a lot of LU contracts are hard to work around, just look at Ricochet, but if they get him on TV he would add to the product. I've always wondered why he never returned to WWE, it seemed he left on good terms. Maybe something related to Melina, but that is an entirely different story. Good news for both parties though.
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    Good add on for GWF would excellent in the X division.
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    Then coming in has nothing to do with the working relationship. They wanted out of AAA for their fuckery, GFW just picked up the breadcrumbs and threw them in as soon as possible. Though those are not bad breadcrumbs to pick up at all. Lets face it, they desperately need to make a good impression on these house shows if they want to go back to regular touring.
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    Add this to the fact that there's a possibility of Taya signing would make this a huge coup. I just hope that if this comes to pass and they're paired up like they were in LU, I hope they get this right for the long haul. I'd expect Mundo to challenge for the Grand Championship right out of the gate, depending on who'll the champ.
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    Johnny Mundo & Taya Valkyrie >>>>> Mike Bennett & Maria Kinellis. There is some amazing talent in GFW right now and these two coming is as well as some other rumoured talent signings are going to add to what is rapidly becoming one of the best wrestling products around. There live shows should be awesome.
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    If Johnny and Taya taped anything for Lucha U Season 3 they would have to wait 90 days after the Season 3 Finale as I don't think they want to be Screwed like Hernandez was by them not understanding of how the Contract was written.
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    It's an awesome news. I wonder if both of them will join GFW once Lucha Underground's final episode is telecasted. That would be another awesome addition to the roster.

    Just like Drew Galloway, Johnny Mundo has improved heaps of amount after leaving WWE and is easily a credible main event attraction. He has been great in Lucha Underground and I expect nothing less from him here.
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    I don't see this as a addition that will give them a huge boost in rating because even if he as improved since his wwe days, he will still be perceive as a mid card talent. The biggest problem I had with Mundo during his wwe days was the lack of charisma the guy had, he was a great talent but had the charisma of a door knob. I don't know if he worked on this aspect of his game in LU because I don't get the show where I live and I'm not really going to seek it out on the internet but if I based this on his movie stuff, he's still have a lot of problem with that area of his game.

    I think that he would fit perfectly in the x division because his style fit what that division is suppose to be and I would love to see him. Have match with guys like sonjay dutt and low ki just to name a few. As far as is girlfriend goes, she a good talent I assume since I not familiar with her at all but anytime they can get a indy talent for the knockout division, it's a good thing for them.

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