Fixing a 2015 problem in 2017...

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Issa Genesis, Jan 3, 2018.

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    I'm seeing the vast majority seems to be in favor of wanting Finn Bálor to win the Rumble, WWE wants Reigns vs. Lesnar. This essentially brings a 2015 problem in 2017. Here's what you do to make both work: Finn Bálor wins the Royal Rumble and jump Lesnar with The Club, teasing facing him before saying he wasn't choosing Lesnar and that he just wanted to make a lasting memory before he did what he had to do next...(Drops mic) and leaves. That would be the start of the heel turn. Next night on SmackDown, AJ Styles would appear in a backstage segment and Gallows and Anderson would approach. AJ would question what they were doing here. They ask "You didn't watch RAW?" AJ replies with "Y'all know I don't watch that crap." Anderson says the deal is they left RAW and ask if they could get a "too sweet." A confused AJ too sweets them..BÂLOR AMBUSHES AJ FROM BEHIND! BÁLOR, GALLOWS, AND ANDERSON JUMPS AJ STYLES!! BÁLOR HAS OFFICIALLY CEMENTED A HEEL TURN! Finn yells "AJ STYLES I DON'T WANT LESNAR AT WRESTLEMANIA...I WANT YOU!!" Here's where you go with this.

    This works why? Because WWE didn't declare Rumble winner for the men's could only go after the title of their brand like they did last year unless I'm missing something. From a storyline perspective, Finn knows he can beat AJ, not so much Brock so he would be playing it smart.

    What happens next?: Have AJ be off TV for a few weeks to sell the "brutal" attack. Meanwhile, Lesnar invades SmackDown for revenge. At RAW's February PPV, Elimination Chamber we get Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Bálor in a non-title. Maybe Bálor either wins with help from The Club or Lesnar gets a DQ win. After EC, you bring back Styles who is set to defend at Fastlane in March. Then you build AJ vs. Finn straight from there. The seeds would already be set for the story.

    Where does that leave Shinsuke Nakamura?

    It's RUMORED that plans calls for AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania and while that would be great, Nakamura literally has no momenteum and is only over with the die hard fans for the most part. I'd say have Nakamura switch brands. It works as Bálor would be moving to SmackDown, meaning Raw of course would get a superstar. Have Nakamura make a surprise RAW debut accepting Roman Reigns IC challenge, two weeks after Royal Rumble and beat him for the title. Have Samoa Joe take exception after failing to beat Reigns for the title a number of times and go after Nakakura. Reigns wins a #1 contenders Elimination Chamber after last eliminating Jason Jordan to get his title shot.

    Where does that leave the major Mania title matches?:

    (WWE Title) AJ Styles(c) vs. Finn Bálor

    (Universal Title) Brock Lesnar(c) vs. Roman Reigns

    (SmackDown Womens Championship) Charlotte Flair(c) vs. Rhonda Rousey

    (RAW Womens Championship) Asuka(c) vs. Sasha Banks

    (IC Title) Shinsuke Nakaura vs. Samoa Joe

    (Ladder match to determine Undisputed United States Television Champion) Dolph Ziggler(c) vs. Bobby Roode (c)

    Other major matches includes:

    (Taker's Last Ride; If Cena loses hs must retire) John Cena vs. The Undertaker

    Triple H vs. Braun Strowman

    Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose- If the timeframe isn't a work, then keep him teaming with Jason Jordan for the time being.

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    Love the idea, it's great but at the same, if you i have to choose between Nakamura vs Styles or Balor vs Styles at mania, i would want to see the first scenario more. Nakamura might be cold but at less he's still a major fixture on smackdown, Balor would need more then what you're proposing to help him get hot again. The teamed those three together last monday night in a nothing match and they got almost no reaction. They worked well together but nobody outside people following New japan know the history that AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Luke Gallows and Karl anderson have together.

    For this to truly worked, you would have to tell the whole story and that means trying to get at less some picture of them together in New japan and educated fans like me that don'T know the whole relationship between these guys. With Nakamura vs Styles, it's easier because they been teasing it so much that even if you don't know that they faced each other in Japan, they still look like rivals, so it's easier to tell the story. It would feel like a big match easier.

    Has for the rest of your card i would make some changes

    WWE title match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Aj Styles

    Universal title match: Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns

    Wrestling four horsewoman vs MMA four Horsewoman: Bailey/Becky Lynch/Charlotte/Sasha Banks vs Rounda Rousey/Sheena Baizley & the other 2 that i don't remember their name.

    Raw Womens Championship: Asuka vs Paige w/absolution

    Shane Mcmahon & Randy Orton Vs sami Zayn & Kevin Owen w/daniel Bryan (If shane Lose he gone from WWE)

    Ladder match for the us title: Ziggler vs Jinder vs Roode

    HHH vs Kurt Angle

    Raw tag team title match: Joe and a mystery partner vs Rollins and Jordan

    John Cena vs Braun Strowman

    This would be the major matches on the my card. I don't see Taker in a match this year mostly because how many time can the guy hint at a retirement before fans start not believing that he's retiring? He already did the tease twice and last year was a great moment that will be remember for ever. So why tarnish the moment for another match that will be even more awful then last year's match since taker can't work anymore.

    There no IC title match on my card because i see Reigns keeping it until mania and doing a champion vs champion match kinda like what they did at mania 6 and then Reigns will relinquish the title the following night on raw.

    I feel like at this point unless they do a four on four match with rousey, their not point of using Sasha banks or Bailey on the card at all. As for the smackdown Women's championship match, it would be on the preshow and i would have Carmella cash in and win the title before mania and defend again a returning Brie Bella. I already feel like the bella's will be returning soon so why not use one of the 2 for the title match.

    The other thing i've change was the nakamura vs Joe match that you had, just because it would be hard to booked since both are on different brand plus Nakamura does deserve to have the AJ Styles match, while Joe can be in pretty much any other match so i would see his feud against the shield continue until mania especially since ambrose is out for a while.

    As far as the rest of the preshow would go

    i see the battle royal like every year.

    Cruiserweight title match: Enzo Amore vs Hideo Itami

    Smackdown tag championship: The USo'S vs The Bludgeon Brothers

    Smackdown Women's championship: Carmella vs Brie Bella

    whoever i didn'T put in any matches would wind up in the battle royal so tat sadly means that Finn balor would wind up in the battle royal with other big names that don'T have a spot on the main card unless you're able to find him some sort of program going into mania like maybe have him in a six man tag again Miz and the miztourage or a one on one match between him and Jeff Hardy. That would be my main idea for Finn mostly because of how cold he is right now and how difficult it would be to make him into a major player in time for mania. The only thing i could see them do outside of what i mention and it wouldn't please a lot of fans but i would have him in a triple threat match with Enzo and Hideo for the cruiserweight title. But this would be a extreme idea that will be hated by the smarks.
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    Where is this vast majority who want Finn to win the Rumble? Are the majority of fans of your book this saying that?

    So Shinsuke vs AJ can't happen because Shin has no momentum, but you want AJ vs. Finn, despite Finn also having no momentum? You also suggest pairing him with the lowest team on Raw's totem pole, who also have no momentum. You then want the guy who has no momentum to show up and beat WWE's golden boy for the IC title with no build?

    Please stop posting in here and stick to your shitty book this.
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    Shitty book this? Keep calling something shitty that you don't even read and probably never have. I get it, you don't like me but why? Because of mistakes I made on this sight two years ago that I've apologized for millions of time. Let it go! You're an admin, I would expect more from you.

    On to your point, the difference is Bálor just reunited a faction that was really popular and with that WWE will instantly push them, Bálor is also a former world champion in WWE and has rarely lost. In fact, I can only recall him losing to Kane, Wyatt, Joe, and Reigns in 2017. Three of those names being former world champs in WWE, the other being one of the most dominating superstars in the company in years.

    "You then want the guy who has no momentum to show up and beat WWE's golden boy for the IC title with no build?"

    Switching brands is all about a fresh start. Why not? Shinsuke Nakamura is a guy who has beaten legends like John Cena and Randy Orton CLEAN! However, he doesn't have nothing going for him enough to win the Royal Rumble and probably won't between now and then. Shinsuke also wouldn't be turning heel like the former would. Having Nakamura win a secondary title despite momenteum on a previous brand wouldn't be a problem at all. You seemed to miss a key element, a lot of fans (including children) love Bálor. Nakamura is really only loved by die hard fans and few casuals because of his odd character.

    You don't like me that's fine, but your insults are unneeded. You're attempting to bully someone with known anxiety and depression, you're also a staff member. Don't like my post and you know you're not going to then...IGNORE THEM! Or stick to the topic. Thank you and have an incredible Wednesday evening! Love ya :)
  5. George Steele's Barber

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    Yaz may not like you but that doesn't mean your ideas are good. They're kind of paint by numbers meh. That's not totally your fault. WWE either really lacks draws and ideas for this upcoming Mania or they are doing a really good job keeping secrets. Either way, it is hard to come up with exciting match ups for Mania this year. Let's face it, no one has a lot of momentum. Braun has some. Joe has some but he's not going to be fighting for a title at Mania. When I think of Raw and SD that's it. Balor especially has no momentum. He smiles a lot now and he has lackeys but he certainly doesn't have momentum going in to the Rumble. Dissecting the Miztourage does not get you momentum.

    Which gets me to the whole premise of your thread, where is this majority favoring Balor to win the Rumble? If there is any one thing winning the Rumble right now with the fans it is probably apathy. I don't think people care that much at all. Again, that doesn't make you ideas not good, if true it just creates a huge whole in the premise.

    Here are some other problems with your ideas:
    1. Making Balor a heel kills his two best qualities; the fan participation in his entrance and the appeal of the Demon.
    2. You suggest to take Styles off TV for weeks. No. He's not a special attraction. He is a guy you expect to see when you plop down money to see SD.
    3. Your killing WWE's SS selling point of this is the only place you can see Raw v SD (I don't really care about this but WWE might).
    4. Nakamura beats Reigns clean before Reigns goes in to a Universal Title match with Lesnar? I don't care about Reigns but this really feels like bad booking.
    5. Rematches are fine but we did just see AJ v Finn a couple months ago.
    6. Sidenote: Where is Alexa Bliss?

    Again not the worst ideas. I'm not sure if I am interested in Mania as it is right now but I know I'm not interested in your card. Rousey/Charlotte is probably the most intriguing match up.
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    No need to lose your water hun, Yaz has a right to an opinion. Just because he disagreed with you doesn't mean he was bullying you.

    Anyway on topic. I don't want Balor to win the Rumble, nor do I want all these changes just before Mania as well. If half the Mania card isn't already set up, then the problems are much worse at the WWE than I imagined.

    Nakamura will most likely go on to meet Styles at Mania, it should be one hell of a match as well. Reigns will meet Lesnar a become and a God, the rest the show has already been cast. This is what I've hated the most about Lesnar holding the title this year. Not only has it been invisible but we have known for a whole year what next year's Wrestlemania main event is. And I'm sorry but I have to throw in a big "Who the hell cares" about it.

    Considering the Balor Club has only had one match it's still not for sure that they will stay together. Let's wait and see what happens at the Rumble, not expecting but hoping to be surprised.
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    Pretty good!

    My thoughts are in red:

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    Death, taxes, and somebody arguing with you after you post fantasy booking.

    Good ideas. At least, it's something interesting. I feel like Balor, along with the newly formed Balor/Bullet Club in WWE should be heels in order for it to work. All 3 of them as smiley babyfaces will get stale, very quickly. People complain about the Rumble, but this year's Rumble doesn't really have a clear winner. Last year's didn't and we got a surprise Randy Orton win. Not saying it was stellar, but there you are. I think a "first-timer" will win it this year, despite people wanting to think that Cena, who has admittedly stated that he will not be going the rate at which he was, will win it and go on to become the 17-time world champion. For all we know, they might keep this old school and have Reigns win it to go on and face Lesnar for the Universal title. Then your idea could work very well with having Finn and the Balor Club jump ship to go face AJ. There are a lot of different things we can come up with, but one things is for certain and that is during 'Mania season, is when the most jaded wrestling fans come out to call other people dumb asses for throwing out ideas for conversation sake. I refer to them as the yelling hobos on the side of the Road To WrestleMania.
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    Well, if WWE will actually go with Styles vs Balor, this will be a pleasure for the NJPW fans and NJPW in general (because af publicity in WM season), Omega can also easily destroy all the aura around this fight, simply by stating that the real Bullet Club is working for NJPW, where it was born, not for WWE and Styles and Balor still live in the past, while Kenny is the present and the future. The Balor Club idea lost it's fun, could be done a couple of years ago.
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    Listen guys, I wasn't saying Yaz was being a bully for "disagreeing with me." Y'all seemed to have missed the uncalled for comment telling me to "quit posting in here and stick to your shitty book it." It's not the first time either. Saying "I disagree and this is why..." like plenty others did... THAT'S PERFECTLY FINE WITH! That's the point of the thread for your opinions. Good or bad. Personally this isn't even what I want to see. The idea was me pitching and asking could this work to prevent fan backlash? All I'm saying is insults (especially on all of my post) is uncalled for.

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