Can The Usage Of Concepts Be Avoided?

Discussion in 'The WrestleZone Symposium' started by Dan Severn's Moustache, Aug 27, 2016.

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    I've finally got my Open University textbooks and have been giving them a good look today. Very interesting and insightful stuff with regards to the introduction of social sciences, though I have an excerpt, and following that, a question for you:

    My question for you guys is this: Do you think the usage of concepts can be avoided or minimised to an extent? Our society and indeed, our very lives are incredibly intricate and complex, and to give them such simplification is not doing them enough justice. Doing so could also lessen the impacts of strife and ignorance due to the large degree of variance from person to person. Of course, it is in our human nature to be reliant on concepts and they obviously have a place in our world, but to me, they seem to be overly interpretative and border on a metaphorical razor edge between fact and opinion.

    And no, I'm not trying to cheat, this isn't a interpretative question set by the Open University, these are established facts that are a requirement for revision that I'm challenging.
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    We rely on concepts to be as complex as we are. Nuance and interpretation are important, and concepts are what make them so prevelant. It leaves the door open to mistakes, sure. But without them, we would be stagnant or ignorant. Fewer concepts lead to a species like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy. Everything taken literally, and a lack of understanding metaphors. If we all had rocking bodies like that, I'm sure it'd be fine. But as we stand now, that would completely suck.

    Saying we have to use something IS a limitation. But that's like saying we need to use an engine to go over 100mph. Sure, it can sometimes suck that we need the engine, but then what? Horseback? That only gets you so far.

    This conversation wouldn't even be possible. When all other available alternatives are even more limiting, you have to look at the best option (by far) and see it in a better light. A gateway to complexity, not simplicity.

    It's refreshing to see this kind of talk on here. But ultimately, this isn't a conversation that can go anywhere. It's convoluted, and yet lacks multiple answers that don't sound like you need to be on angel dust to come up with.
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