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    B T W

    "Kind of basic for a logo, don't you think?"

    The little ringleader spoke to me as we looked up at the simple letters nailed to the Big Top Tent. He fished in his pockets for a pack of cigarettes while I scratched my chin. He wasn't wrong- it was pretty basic for a start-up company. But sometimes big things come from humble begins, and I told him that. He put a Camels in his mouth and asked me for a light. I hunched over and flicked my Bic. He inhaled and let the smoke dance in the night air. The carnival lights were out, but the footlights stayed on for us as we examined the tent. He nodded, and grinned.

    "It's been my lifelong dream to run a televised wrestling program. It really has, Spidey. And I appreciate you promoting this dream. I've got all kinds of people coming in wanting to make a name for themselves. A few from my old carny days. Guys like Brick Mason, a legend I'm going to honor on our first show. There's a man coming in that lived in an abandoned movie theater. Can you imagine that? And shit, we have a retired WZCW superstar ready and waiting to go. WZCW, Spidey. How'd I get so lucky?"

    I told him I didn't even know. It was great seeing Lars Bookman like this, though. Watching him get excited over a few letters and hitched red and white sheets made me smile myself. I had a feeling Bookman was going to make the simplest of things work. It will be interesting to keep up with his brainchild. Not often a guy can watch something special just blossom right in front of him.

    The ringleader took another drag as we stood there in silence. I could just imagine the first commercial spot for Big Top Wrestling:

    "Sometimes big things come from humble beginnings..."

    Soft carnival music teases the darkness. Then a flash of incandescent bulbs illuminate the ring. Lars Bookman stands in the center of it; engulfed by the sheer size. His hands in his pockets, he bows his head as if in prayer.

    "A friend told me that. And there's nothing more humble than this..."

    He takes a hand out and gestures at his location. Shots of the Big Top Tent stick to the viewer's television screens. Black & White...Sepia-toned... image after image of old stuntmen in speedos wrestling for the circus is brought into the present day, where the pictures stop on a recent pic of iconic carnival wrestler Brick Mason.

    "BTW will thrill you. It will give you something you are not likely to see elsewhere! We may be the few, but we are the efficient! Our curtains will open very, very soon..."

    A Navy Seal. A deranged cinema buff. A southern belle. Face after face start filling the ring behind him. He turns to look over his shoulder, and his eyes connect with the youngest free agent in professional wrestling. Bookman grins.

    "And when the lights go out and the show is over, you're going to want more. We are the alternative."

    Bold black letters fill the screen. The wrestlers in attendance repeat the words in unison.


    The whimsical music hits a crescendo, and it transitions into a guitar rift. Imagery of a superstar being set on fire blankets the four words. There's a quick glimpse of unnamed luchadors clearing everyone out of the ring. Rain collapses the tent's tarp and washes over several fans as wrestlers slip and slide into each other in the midst of battle.

    "Sometimes big things come from humble beginnings. We hope to see you all there when we begin."

    A line of static interrupts, and the commercial ends as abruptly as it began.


    I opened my eyes and meditated on the future. Bookman is mad enough to make this work. I smiled and sauntered off to the closest bar to celebrate my friend's dream-turned-reality.
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    As we move closer to the Grand Opening of BTW, I thought it would be a good idea to jot down a couple of noteworthy tidbits for the reading audience.

    • This will be the first televised event and it will take place in Providence, Rhode Island.
    • Coincidentally, it will also be Brick Mason Appreciation Night as well- marking the end of the veteran circus performer's career.
    • There will be an unveiling of the BTW Championship Title at the end of the Main Event.
    • Yours truly will be running play-by-play while a special guest color commentates.
    • 8 superstars have signed to Bookman's roster thus far.
    • 1 of which is a former WZCW wrestler.

    I also had the good fortune to talk to one of the participants for the BTW Championship Match. Marcus "The Marquee" White chatted with me on WhatsApp this morning and together we conducted a sort of interview about the Grand Opening.

    Due to programming errors of the application wherein Windows can't upload screenshots directly from my phone, I have re-typed our conversation to include colored coordination, time, and a change of font size. My words are in blue while Marcus's will be in red.

    I was unable to hold an interview with Grindhouse, but he did reach out to me by another means. An old VHS tape was sent to my office an hour ago and I'll do my best to summarize what exactly was on it. Some bits here and there were a little questionable and it's probably best left to the reader's interpretation. I can't make heads or tails of it.

    I will narrarate the tape in brown to contrast the standard black font of WrestleZone.

    The camera shakes violently in the unknown filmmaker's hand. An old boarded up theatre is barely seen through the lines of static-like grain. The words "Starbreak Cinema" are visible for a split second and there's a low thrumming sound getting picked up from the audio. This filmmaker moves closer to the condemned building and it causes that sound to get a little louder.

    The scene gets spliced. Other images appear. A lamb is caught in a snare. Two barflies are fighting in a vintage movie scene while a lady tries to break them up. We are back to the Starbreak Cinema and the filmmaker hands over the camera to somebody else. He's attempting to pry open the entrance with a crowbar. Scene changes again to a nuclear bomb going off in the desert. A jackrabbit looks on with a panicked face as the heat gets closer. Somebody revs up a chainsaw. And we're back to the Cinema and the boards are lying on the ground. They step inside. Image is spliced a third time to show ballerinas twirling in fire. A man in a mask pokes his head out from a dark room. Monarch butterflies. Elderly women sitting around knitting what look like snakes. The snake things sway as if listening to music. The chainsaw is heard again. A boy is eating a lambchop. It's uncooked and dripping with blood and tendons. Scene comes back to the two men entering Starbreak Cinema. They are fleeing the place wildly. Splices show a war tribe dancing around a fallen cowboy. Font appears in Comic Sans.

    The Following Feature is Rated G.

    For Gore

    For Giallo

    For Grindhouse

    The camera is dropped onto a nearby sidewalk and the lens is shattered. It gazes up into the black of night for around 4 minutes until a large hand engulfs the view. The tape breaks into silent static and ends there..

    If any of you have ideas on what all of this nonsense means, please feel free to message me here on WrestleZone. Thank you.

    The Grand Opening is coming up soon, but before it's underway Mr. Bookman has kindly asked me to give brief little bio blurbs of a few superstars that will be fighting/appearing on the debut show. So definitely look out for that in a couple of days. It's getting really interesting here on my end to see his dream come to fruition. We hope you enjoy the hype so far as much as we love promoting it. Until next time, cheers.
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    Curse you making me think the first show of this was posted! I'm digging the backstory stuff on the 2 guys in the first main event though and am looking forward to seeing more.
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    Thanks to everyone who has messaged me about BTW and has given me support in making this an alternative take on e-fedding. Please look out for the very first show, for it will be the next post I make in this Big Top Wrestling thread.

    As promised, this will be a very short bio blurb of the superstars who have signed on thus far for Bookman's company. To keep from any confusion, below will be a still image of the wrestler followed by their name, age, hometown, gimmick, and fighting style. This is all in alphabetical order and centered to match description with the picture depicted.


    Portland, OR


    Batti Otaku
    Neo Japan
    Obsessed Fan


    Brick Mason
    Providence, RI
    Old Carny Wrestler
    Old School/Showman


    Approx. 30s
    Starbreak Cinema
    Exploitation Film Fanatic


    Lars Bookman
    Hartford, CT


    Lexi Hayes
    Centerville, TX
    Southern Belle


    Marcus "The Marquee" White
    St. Cloud, MN
    Hot Young Commodity
    Technical, Balanced


    Teddy Jobs
    Hollywood, CA
    James Franco Look-Alike
    Showman, Unorthodox


    "Slo-Mo" Winslow Moses
    New Orleans, LA
    Former Navy Seal
    Powerhouse, Striker

    As an extra treat for the viewers who are keeping up with BTW on WrestleZone, we have issued out a flyer for the upcoming event. Please be patient as we make our Grand Opening one to remember for years to come. I personally hope you like it.


    Stay tuned.
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    BTW Presents:
    Grand Opening


    Spidey: "Thank you for being with us tonight. We're here live in Providence, Rhode Island! I am your host, Spidey and joining me on our first episode is a very special guest. He is a celebrity/artist, and has hosted the Oscars...James Franco! Thanks for being here, Franco."

    Franco: "Yeah, man. It's all cool. I love clowns."

    Spidey: "Umm we don't have any clowns tonight. But we do have cowgirls, maniacs, and top tier athletes. Let's not waste another minute! Here at BTW we get the action started as soon as possible, so hang on to your asses 'cuz here we go!"


    Teddy Jobs V. "Slo-Mo" Winslow Moses

    Batti Otaku stood in the center of the ring with a microphone in her hand. She cheerily waved at the fans in attendance and began her announcement.

    Otaku: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. From Hollywood, California, please give it up for Teddy Jobs!!!"

    Teddy Jobs blew a kiss to his idol from the commentator's table.

    Spidey: "Hey, your look-alike is showing some love."

    Franco: "He looks a lot like me, and I can relate to that."

    Spidey: "Uncanny..."


    Several veterans in attendance stood up to show respect to the music. Coming out in full combat uniform, Moses swipes passed the Tent's entrance and towered over the small capacity crowd. Teddy Jobs's face turned milk white at the sight of the monolith.

    Otaku: "And his opponent...from New Orleans, Lousiana, I give you a former Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Seals, "Slo-Mo" Winslow Moses!!!"

    Spidey: "The look on Teddy's face says it all. Your impersonator is going to die tonight."

    Franco: "'s going to be like watching myself get murdered. That's trippy. So trippy."

    Before Otaku could call for the bell, TJ pissed himself. It was like stop motion; the front of his slacks grew darker and his eyes filled up. Embarrassed, he stuttered an apology to the time keeper and the referee. He asked if he could go change. The referee sighed and asked Slo-Mo if he concurred. Slo-Mo shook his head, unmoved at the ridiculous display that's being televised. TJ ran out of the Big Top Tent.

    Spidey: "The hell am I watching?"

    Franco: "Jobber got it all wrong. I don't pee like that."

    Time passed and the crowd grew restless. Slo-Mo started a stadium clap to keep the fans entertained but it died out almost as soon as it began. A few people threw half-eaten cotton candy sticks into the ring itself. Some poured lemonade into the sawdust that surrounded the ring. Things were getting out of hand while they were live but just as it looked like the match would be a complete flop, TJ came back...and in a suit of armor!

    Franco: "I'm back! Yay. But where did I get armor at a carnival?"

    Spidey: "That's a legitimately good question."

    Ding Ding Ding

    TJ cockily went up to Moses, clanking the entire way. The audience battled between two chants:

    "You Look Stu-pid!" Clap Clap Clap-Clap-Clap

    "You Look Stu-pid!" Clap Clap Clap-Clap-Clap

    "Slooo-Mooo's Gooonna Killllll Youuuu"

    TJ extended his arms in a relaxed pose, telling Moses to come at him. Slo-Mo went from one side of the ring to the next, asking if he should destroy him. The crowd gets louder with the chanting.

    Spidey: "Jesus, just hit him already!"

    Franco: "His name is Moses, Spidey. Get your shit together."

    Spidey: "There's no way they nominated you for an Academy Award."

    A resounding Crack! filled the Tent as the suit of armor did a somersault! Slo-Mo clotheslined TJ with a tree-like arm and down went the Franco Look-Alike. Teddy didn't get up. Slo-Mo hovered over the dented knight shouting at him. Unanswered, Moses lifted him high into the air. He stalled, but then started to press TJ with his hands! The display received a few cheers but the fans whistled loudly when Teddy came crashing down. Military Press Slam! At this point TJ had one limp arm clawing at the sky as if he were asking God to relieve him of his worldly pain. As if answering his silent prayer, Slo-Mo grabbed him for a final time and shoved him between his legs. Moses hooked his arms between TJ's own and flipped him over into a Tigerbomb! He brings TJ down! A pool of blood seeps out of the suit of armor as the Navy Seal pins him.

    Spidey: "MOTION SICKNESS! Slo-Mo's own variant of the Tigerbomb. Damn that looked nasty."

    Franco: "Woah."




    Winslow Moses gets back up without breaking a sweat. The referee lifted his arm in victory.

    Otaku: "Here is your winner as if there was any doubt..."Slo-Mo" Winslow Moses!!!"

    Spidey: "Well, that sure was something. We came in knowing Moses was going to kill Teddy, and ...yeah. It appears that is exactly what happened."

    Franco: "There can be only one James Franco. Fuck that guy."

    Spidey: "We'll be right back, folks."


    Cameras no longer record the interior of The Big Top Tent, but outside.

    Spidey: "Hey wrestling fans! If you're just joining us we witnessed the mutilation of James Franco's doppleganger. EMTs were on standby and have placed Teddy Jobs in a stretcher. You should be getting feed right now from the incident. They're placing him inside now an-"

    Franco: "WHAT IS THAT?? WHAT KIND OF..."

    A bloody hand from inside the ambulance pushed medical staff down and jerked Jobs's stretcher close. The hand shut the door quickly. Cameras ran closer to catch the action through the back window. A monstrous figure was lighting something on fire. They zoomed in on a tiki torch in the creature's red grasp. Things were starting to catch and flames shot up high and blocked the view any further.

    Spidey: "My god."

    Franco: " this normal for wrestling?"

    By some nefarious means, the ambulance drives off into the night. Even with it's rear burning.

    Spidey: "So umm hey the next match is up next. A former WZCW star takes on a challenger she has never quite met before."


    With cameras still outside, Batti Otaku was busy conducting an interview.

    Otaku: "So I'm like, here and all with a legendary carny guy! Brick Mason!"

    Mason: "Thanks, ma'am. Pleasure being here."

    Otaku: "This is your Appreciation Night. This is the time we look back at all of your achievements. Can you share a few with us for the viewers at home?"

    Mason: "Sure. I never got to be in the spotlight when the cameras were rolling. Carny acts weren't known for that kinda thing, and when they were, all their stuff didn't go to syndication. You're hard up to find any real circus wrestling in video archives...well look at me. I'm dodging the damn question."

    "I had feuded with several honorable men back in the day. Guys the very faithful might know. I took on The Skull Baron himself, Hugo Ramonoff. I fought the deadly Tear in a Mexican Death Match out on the beaches of Cancun. Me and ol' Daddy Mack even tagged up one time to thwart The Kinnsley Brothers. I've had a pretty decent run, and am thankful for Bookman putting this up for me on his first show."

    Otaku: "Wowie. You were a boss ass bitch in your day, huh?"

    Mason: "Ha. Guess you can say that."

    Otaku: "Sucks you're too old to fight. I'm sure you'd be BTW Champ material."

    Mason: "Thank ye kindly, sweetie. But I'm happy right here. Honestly, I'm wanting to go into management. I see this Marquee guy, and that guy has potential I want to help unlock. Bring him my experience. If he wins tonight, I'll ask him about it."

    Otaku: "Looks like we know who you're pulling for tonight, eh Senpai?"

    Mason: "Sin pie?"


    Lexi Hayes V. Aquarius

    Batti Otaku is back in the ring with microphone in hand.

    Otaku: "Your Intermission Match of the night is scheduled for one fall."


    Otaku: "Please give a warm BTW welcome to the girl from Centerville, Texas, Lexi Hayes!!!"

    Alexa Hayes skipped through the Tent's entrance and high-fived the front row. They cheered her on as she climbed the ring and sat in a corner.

    Spidey: "This young lady made a lasting impression over in WZCW with her quirky southern belle attitude. Though she never came out a winner in her matches, you have to love her underdog spunk."

    Franco: "She could have been in Spring Breakers. She's smoking, dude."


    Aquarius: "Cut the music. Cut it now."

    The hippie stepped from the curtains with a sour look on her face. Fans grow quiet, questioning what is going on.

    Aquarius: "How dare you people. How dare you cheer on this redneck. "Everything's Bigger in Texas" they say. And as I stand here looking at your pot belly, I can agree Lexi."

    She paused to let her words sink in. Lexi gave her a scathing look and cracked her knuckles. The Tent booed mercilessly.

    Aquarius: "You're all killing yourselves! Eating that junk and drinking your damn Corn Syrup! You should be buying mineral water and growing veggies, man. I'm here to make a statement, and I'll make it tonight! My name is Aquarius, and I am going to tear down the corporate system. And it starts in Providence, Rhode Island."

    And with that, she dropped the mic and rushed to the ring.

    Ding Ding Ding

    Spidey: "And just like that we are underway! Not sure I agree with all Aquarius says. Anyone that knows me knows I'm a bit of a hippie myself, but she's taking it a little far with the insults."

    Franco "Needs to smoke some weed. Calm her tits a bit."

    Spidey: "We here at BTW do not condone the smoking of any substance, nor are we associated with anything James Franco has to say."

    Back in the ring, Lexi delivers a Belly to Belly Suplex. Aquarius is grounded into the mat, trying to wriggle out of the ring, but Lexi grabbed her leg and pulled her to the center. The hippie kicked Lexi in the face for her troubles. Aquarius is back up, runs the rope, and connected with a Spinning Wheel Kick! Lexi tumbled down and the Portland, Oregon native is met with more boos. She smirked and slapped the Texan across the back of the hand. She does this two more times to piss off the Tent's occupants more. Aquarius slammed Lexi's head into the mat for good measure. She tried to make a cover, but Lexi kicked out before the referee could make a count. Aquarius grabbed Lexi, and Lexi headbutted the hippie! She does this two times as well, with the fans counting. Aquarius leaped out of the ring to regain composure.

    Franco: "Chick must have a headache by now."

    Spidey: "Indeed. Not sure what Lexi is going with here, using exactly what Aquarius was targeting. But Lexi does have more ring experience than the hippie. Maybe she knows what she's doing."

    Aquarius slid back into the ring, but Lexi was there for the offense. An assault of fists rained down on the villainess. With her down in a seated position, Lexi rebounded off of the ropes and met her chin with a vicious Knee Strike! Aquarius is down and out! Lexi raises her arms to get the fans going as she climbed the top rope. Her back faced the spread-eagled Aquarius. The southern belle did a flip in the air and came down with a Moonsault! Moonsault has Aquarius out as the referee began to count.




    Aquarius kicked out in the last possible second! Lexi is dismayed.

    Otaku: "Wait wait wait. This match needs something more, do you fans agreel?"

    Batti Otaku is out of her seat and slowly stepped into the ring. The Tent came to life even more than they did with Lexi's Moonsault. Lexi is still on her knees, panting and looking at Batti with a curious gaze. Aquarius crawled to the closest bottom rope and pulled herself up. The announcer looks down at them with a wicked grin.

    Otaku: "This is BTW, bitches. It's time to set the bar a little higher, and it starts with me. That's right. As of right now, this Intermission Match is no longer scheduled for one fall. You're all in a Three Way Dance, with the little devil herself, mwah!"

    And with that, Batti Otaku knocked Lexi Hayes down with the microphone!

    Spidey: "Holy shit! Our announcer has gone rogue!"

    Franco: "I don't even."

    Ding Ding Ding

    Spidey: "Okay folks if you just got back from the John or anything, you missed out heavily. Our ring announcer Batti Otaku just threw away the matchup for tonight and made it a Three Way Dance! For those not in the know, a Three Way Dance is an elimination match between three contestants. Right now, Otaku has all of the momentum."

    Franco: "I'm not sure what I'm color commentating on anymore. This is a ruckusfuck of gorgeous proportions."

    Inside, Otaku was still in control of the match. She threw Lexi out of the ring and focused on Aquarius. Otaku clamped on a Kimura Lock, bending the hippie's arm on the brink of breaking! She cried and slammed her free hand to the mat, but she wasn't tapping out. Aquarius reeled until she could grab the ropes. The referee asked for Batti to let go, but she wouldn't until the ref started the five count. Otaku slapped Aquarius across the face; almost as if paying the hippie back for seeing her slap Lexi. Disgusted, Aquarius tackled Otaku in the knee and brought her down. Catfight! The two clawed at each other's faces and rolled from one side of the ring to another. The referee couldn't pull the two off of one another, and was about to call for the bell for a Double Disqualification! But they tossed themselves out of the ring and onto the rugged sawdust floor. Lexi Hayes is back in the ring, noticed the two were now on the outside, sighed and rushed both of them! She flew out of the ring with a Suicide Dive and brought them both down!

    "This Is Awesome!!!" Clap Clap Clap-Clap-Clap

    Lexi was the first one back on her feet, and she pulled Otaku up. Taking her back into the ring, she rolled her up for the pin!




    No! The ring announcer breaks the count with a hand on the ropes.

    Spidey: "Our announcer is surviving. I guess since she's in the match now, I'll be the one declaring who is eliminated unless she loses soon."

    Franco: "You're truly a Renaissance Man. And she's a Renaissance Woman. I know a bit about the Renaissance, bro. All kinds of stuff."

    Spidey: "BTW made a terrible mistake."

    Lexi delivered another Spinning Heel Kick, this one smacked Otaku in the back of the head. Aquarius stirred from outside of the ring. The former WZCW superstar centered in on the announcer, and waited at the corner of the ring for Otaku to show signs of life. When she did, Lexi sprinted in her direction with a Running Spear! It knocked the wind out of Batti. Lexi Hayes signaled for the end as she prepared for a Curb Stomp. She executed the deadly move! Otaku is incapacitated! Aquarius reached from outside of the ring and yanked Lexi's legs out from underneath her! The fans boo wildly, but are on their feet as Aquarius pinned Otaku with a foot to the chest!




    Otaku barely gets up, but not in time. She sighed and resigned herself back to her seat- limping along the way.

    Spidey: "Batti Otaku has been eliminated! We are back to Lexi Hayes vs. Aquarius. Brave effort from our ring announcer, but our first night wasn't her night."

    Franco: "Wonder if she'll make the Main Event a Three Way Dance too."

    As if not understanding the rules, Aquarius began celebrating in the ring. Lexi climbed back into the ring and stood directly behind her, waiting for it to dawn on her. When it does, Aquarius and Lexi Hayes exchanged blow after blow until Aquarius gained the upperhand with a cheapshot to the throat! Lexi staggered and with her back exposed, the hippie Back Stabbed her! She goes for the pin!




    Lexi Hayes raised the shoulder up and Aquarius cried. Resiliency was obvious in the country girl's eyes as she battled her way back on her feet. Aquarius Tomahawk Chopped her across the chest, but Lexi stayed up! Aquarius chopped her again, with the audience clamoring for Lexi to stay on her feet. Exhausted, Lexi Hayes bumbled away from Aquarius slowly, but the hippie kept with her and chopped her a third time. Tittering now, Lexi started to lose focus. Unmoved, Aquarius grabbed her and lifted her above the ground. Fall Away Slam planted Lexi for another pin...



    Lexi gets an arm up! Aquarius slapped the mat in frustration and argued with the ref.

    Spidey: "What's with this woman??!?"

    Franco: "She has the Heart of the Eagle, man."

    The hippie signaled to the fans that it would be over soon.

    "Lex-i- Hayes!!!" "Lex-i-Hayes!!!"

    Lexi struggled to get on her knees. Aquarius is livid at this point, and grabbed Lexi's hair, but Lexi put everything she had into a punch directly to the gut! Aquarius went to her knees as well, and the two traded light punches from the mat. Lips quivering, Hayes gained more momentum and knocked Aquarius completely down. Grasping the ropes, she delicately rose from the ground and the audience are screaming for her to take the hippie out. She adjusted herself meekly, caught her second wind and drove Aquarius's face into the canvas!!!!

    Spidey: "Thunder Stomp!!! Thunder Stomp straight from the heavens themselves!!!"

    Franco: "Whattamove!"

    Lexi Hayes practically passes out on top of Aquarius as the referee smacks his hand to the mat.




    Otaku: "Aquarius has been eliminated. Whatever. Anyways here is your winner, Lexi Hayes!!!"

    Spidey: "Be nice over there, Batti. Lexi Hayes hit her finisher, that Curb Stomp she calls Thunder Stomp, twice but was cheated out of the first pinfall. But she made it up with one hell of a comeback. Could have sworn she would collapse at the hands of the angry hippie."

    Franco: "Nah, man. Country girl can survive and whatnot as the song goes."

    Spidey: "Right. Well we'll be back after these messages. Don't go anywhere folks because our Main Event is upon us!"


    Continued in the next post...
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    This is a continuation. Please refer back to the previous post if you're looking for the beginning of BTW: Grand Opening. Thank you.



    Estamos en nuestro camino.
    We Are On Our Way.


    Batti Otaku stumbles back into the ring as the cameras focus in on her.

    Otaku: "Ladies and Gentleman, before getting to the Main Event we would like to recognize a legend of carnival wrestling."


    Brick Mason casually steps out in his old ring gear. Those in attendance give him a standing ovation as he strolls down to the ring, shaking hands with a few close by and even gave away his signature bandana to a small child.

    Otaku: "Please welcome at this time an icon. Please welcome Rhode Island's Favorite Son. This is the house Brick built. This is Brick Mason's Appreciation Night! Thank you, Brick!"

    Spidey: "The legend you've never heard of. Brick Mason. What he's done for carnival wrestling will live on in Bookman's BTW. Best believe that. Here he comes to special guest commentate."

    Franco: "Wait...I thought I was the special guest commentator?"

    Spidey: "You are. Now shut up and eat your Funnel Cake."

    "Thank You Brick! Thank You Brick! Thank You Brick!"

    Mason: "Truly an honor being here, gentlemen."

    Spidey: "Pleasure is all ours, Brick."

    Franco: "Yeah man. Thanks for wrestling and all that."

    Mason: "You're welcome..."


    Marcus White V. Grindhouse
    BTW World Championship Match

    Otaku: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the BTW World Championship!!!"


    Marcus White jogs out with a slew of men in business suits. Several show the audience titles he won from other companies. Marcus nervously greets each and every fan that sit in the front row.

    Otaku: "Introducing first, from St. Cloud, Minnesota, I give you Marcus "The Marquee" White !!!"

    Spidey: "I talked to this guy the other day, and he told me the damndest thing. He's 17 years old."

    Mason: "17?! With what I've heard, he's one hot commodity to be that old. If he shows me something in the ring, I'll consider coaching the young lad."

    Franco: "17?? Coaching??"

    Mason: "Hey Mr. Franco, I'm having some leg problems lately. Being 68 and all. Why don't you go get me one of those Gator On A Stick thingies? Can you do that for me, buddy?

    Franco: "Yeah sure no problem dude."

    James Franco leaves to go get Brick Mason some food.

    Spidey: "Oh thank God."

    Mason: "You're welcome, Mr. Spidey."


    The ambulance from earlier is back, and the back is still smoldering. Half the vehicle is pitch black due to it. A monster of a man opens the driver's door and steps out.

    Otaku: "And his opponent, all the way from The Starbreak Cinema, Grindhouse!!!"

    Spidey: "Oh dear God. This is the thing that set Teddy Jobs on fire. I can't describe what I'm seeing here."

    Mason: "In all of my 40 years traveling the world and fighting behemoths, I don't believe I've ever seen a person this built in my life. It's like something out of an old science fiction movie."

    Ding Ding Ding

    Unsure of where to strike, Marcus circled the mountain of a man. Grindhouse just stood there, eyeing the young kid. Feeling uneasy, the 17 year old hopped out of the ring to speak to his agents. Forming some kind of plan, they got him back to the ring before the referee's count of 10. Grindhouse had not budged. Marcus shook the top rope, hyping himself up before going on the offense. He dove at Grindhouse with a Diving Cross Body, but the brute didn't move. Marcus went down like a sack of potatoes and Grindhouse simply looked down at him.

    Spidey: "Save yourself, Marquee! Get out of there!"

    Mason: "This can't be happening."

    Marcus quickly leapt back up and threw kick after kick into the monster in an attempt to bring him down. Grindhouse didn't even flinch. Taking advantage of Grindhouse's immobility, Marcus White climbed the top rope and tried for another Cross Body! It connected! No, Grindhouse caught him! The B-movie fanatic effortlessly brought the commodity up over his shoulders and took him down with a sickening Widowmaker! Marcus cried aloud and put a hand over his back in pain. Grindhouse knelt down and shoved his forearm over Marcus's face, grinding his skull into the canvas. Fans started booing.

    Franco: "Hey, bro. I'm back with the Gator on a Stick."

    Mason: "Gator? Oh son, I'm sorry.. my mind isn't what it used to be. I meant popsicle stick. A popsicle would be dandy right now."

    Franco: "Popsicle? Oh..okay well I'll be back..."

    Mason: "What a stoner."

    Spidey: "Wish I could enjoy Franco's gooberness, but watching this kid get pummeled is messing with my stomach."

    Mason: "Want me to ask Franco for 2 popsicles?"

    Grabbing his hair and the seat of his trunks, Grindhouse heaved The Marquee and made him slide belly-first from the mat to outside of the ring. Marcus slumped into the sawdust that did little to break his fall. The madman tumbled out of the ring, grabbed a handful of the sawdust, and shoved it down Marcus's throat! The teenager coughed and choked, clawing at his neck as Grindhouse went to grab some more. With seconds to spare, Marcus spat out the dust, ripped some from the ground, and threw it into Grindhouse's eyes! The monster staggered in surprise. Marcus dropkicked him! Grindhouse didn't go down. Marcus dropkicked him again! The monster reeled. The audience is motivating the franchise star to take the giant down.

    Spidey: "Come on, Marcus!"

    Mason: "The boy has a lot of fight in him. But Grindhouse is something else entirely."

    Marcus went for a Calf Kick! The Calf Kick brought Grindhouse to a knee! The fans chant:

    "Let's Go Mar-cus!"

    "Kick His Ass!"

    "Let's Go Mar-cus!"

    "Kick His Ass!"

    Marcus struggled to get out of the sawdust but he went back inside of the ring. Grindhouse tilts his head at his opponent and climbed the stairs to enter. When he does, Marcus threw more sawdust into the beast's face! The referee warned The Marquee not to use objects inside of the ring or he will disqualify him. Blinded, Grindhouse charged the ring and furiously swiped at Marcus, but Marcus was too quick. Marcus aimed for the monster's sides, most importantly the ribs. Grindhouse began to huff, and then let out an unnatural holler when Marcus hit a sweet spot with a well-placed Spinning Heel Kick! Marcus grabbed his head for a Snap DDT! Grindhouse falls to the mat!

    Spidey: "The Beast is down! The Beast is down!"

    Franco: "I'm back with the popsicle, Brick."

    Mason: "Is it Sugar Free?"

    Franco: "'s a popsicle."

    Mason: "Son, I'm a senior citizen. And I have Diabetes. If you would kindly get me a Sugar Free popsicle, that'd make me happy."

    Franco: "But I-"

    Spidey: "James, buddy. Brick Mason is an old man. Surely you can do him a favor and grab that real quick. It is Brick Mason Appreciation Night after all. Let's appreciate him."

    Franco: "Well, okay umm yeah I'll go and be back shortly."

    Spidey: "A Sugar Free popsicle, Brick? In this little event?"

    Mason: "It's James Franco."

    Marcus flipped himself over a corner turnbuckle and came crashing back down with a modified Elbow Drop! Grindhouse squirmed on the ground, ready to pick himself back up. The Marquee didn't let up- giving Grindhouse everything he has with his strikes. The referee had to break up the onslaught. This is met with a negative reception from the Tent's faithful. The 17 year old applied an Arm Bar to the downed opponent. Staring wild eyed at the kid, Grindhouse lifted himself off of the ground and wrenched himself free with a sharp tug. He clotheslined Marcus viciously, picked him up, and clotheslined him again. As if distracted, the beast left Marcus on the mat, dropped himself down, and rolled off of the ring apron and into the outside.

    Mason: "What's this sicko up to?"

    Spidey: "I don't know, but these guys are laying it all out on the line to be the first BTW World Champion. Gotta respect that."

    Mason: "Yeah. It's definitely an achievement. Not a spotlight many share, being a champion."

    Grindhouse grabbed a folding chair out from under an audience member! He brought it with him as he stepped back into the ring, to the chagrin of the referee. The referee shouted for him to put it away, that he will call for the bell if he hits Marcus with it. Marcus is back up and dropkicks Grindhouse a third time- but he aimed for Grindhouse's wrists! The chair fell from his hands as he writhed in agony. Marquee wrapped his arms around the brute's neck and dropped him with a Running Bulldog! The fans are back on their feet as the young man shows signs of power. The Marquee gave the camera a sly grin, knelt down, and right in the center of the ring he reached down and locked Grindhouse's arms into a Rings of Saturn/scissored armbar! Grindhouse is yelping in immense pain!

    Spidey: "Brass Rings! The Marquee has applied the Brass Rings to the monster! This is his patented hold. The move he's won many a contest with. But will he make Grindhouse submit?? It's all for the championship!"

    Mason: "All for the championship. That one moment that will define you for years to come..."

    The referee asked the film freak if he wanted to resign. He shook his head, but continued to moan like a wounded animal. Marcus pushed down his body weight more into the hold, applying pressure...

    Spidey: "This could be it!!!"

    Mason: "..."

    Grindhouse grew louder. The noise seemed to reverb off of the metal bleachers some fans sat on. His cries grew more and more devastating with Marcus nodding along with the audience, gritting his teeth and keeping the hold firmly locked...

    "B-T-Dub!" "B-T-Dub!" "B-T-Dub!" "B-T-Dub!" B-T-Dub!"

    Spidey: "Oh my God Grindhouse isn't going anywhere. That hold is locked in. This is it! We are about to crown our first champion! Isn't this exciting, Brick? ...Brick?"

    Mason: "Excuse me."

    Brick Mason removed his headset and went to Batti Otaku, who was holding on to the BTW title. He snatched it from her grasp and made a beeline for the ring.

    Spidey: "THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?"

    Franco: "Aaand I'm back with the damn Sugar Free popsicle. Wait what's happening?"

    Spidey: "Mason. He's-"

    Brick Mason stepped in and slammed the belt into Marcus's face! The referee called for the bell but was also knocked down for his troubles! The old carny stood tall among the damaged and surveyed the arena. Providence, Rhode Island let their opinions of Brick Mason known, throwing their carnival food into the ring! Lids off of garbage cans were removed and dumped into the squared circle as well. Mason quietly walked out of the tent with the strap around his shoulder.

    Spidey: "I can't believe it."

    Franco: "Yeah. This is unbelievable. I left to go get him a fuckin' frozen treat. And he does this to us?"

    Spidey: "Just go home, Franco. You'll get your check in the mail. And for our viewing audience, on behalf of BTW I apologize for Mason's behavior. We don't know why he would sabotage the Main Event but you best believe we'll get to the bottom of this. Guarantee it. Thank you all for joining us and we hope we entertained you. Somebody is about to lose a job, though. Bookman will be pissed."



    Did you enjoy this first episode of the small promotion known as BTW? Please tell me how you feel in this thread. I am open to any suggestions, comments, and of course compliments! :) Thank you for giving my little idea a peek. There will be more to come.
  7. JamJam

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    First of all, I never thought I’d be reading a project with created wrestlers. But seeing that I know some of them, it doesn’t really matter. I want to comment on the video package or it’s beginning because it was really well done. This Lars Bookman character has interested me right away. Very silly idea you have here but it works. The simple-ness of the logo along with the banner does it for me, it’s really awesome.

    I like the whole build up you have for matches along with the bios and flyers you made. Really makes this thing feel real. I think the realism here is what really draws me in because I think this is exactly how a new company would advertise itself, especially one that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    First match of the evening was a good one to start the history of BTW. James Franco being trippy, ha. So true to life right there. Damn, thought Jobs would have a shot there with the suit but I guess not. I thought it was quite funny to see this go down tbh. Franco complements you well Spidey :p And now Teddy Jobs will never be seen again, oh boy.

    Lexi Hayes! Absolutely loved the use of the females here. Aquarius reminds me of CJ Parker with the gimmick she has and that’s money right there. I liked the match but there was never really any doubt that Lexi Hayes was gonna win imo. Liking the twist of throwing Batti in there. Just like NXT, the women deliver in this match. Was a good match to keep the crowd pumped for the main event. Gotta say, James Franco was great here. Such a hippie. Was hoping that he’d check out Aquarius after the match then they could leave the arena together or something.

    Oooooh tag team? Since you’re a tag team specialist, I look forward what you do with this upcoming tag team.

    Glad the Brick Mason appreciation night wasn’t too long. Having him as a special commentator for the main event is good enough. James Franco here again is great lol. Oh so Grindhouse killed Teddy Jobs, oh no. Didn’t think I’d enjoy Marcus vs. Grindhouse but this was your typical big guy vs. small guy match which isn’t bad. Marcus’s offense here was very believable so him taking down Grindhouse was a sight to see. Did not see that ending coming tbh. Looks like Mason isn’t done yet. But can the old man still go!?

    Overall, I really enjoyed the first episode of BTW. The female match was awesome and I liked the twists you gave us here. To me, it sort of seems like this project is like NXT so it’ll be cool to see how you balance out the wackiness with the serious side of things. I really like the tone as well, it’s perfect. The wackiness was more than the seriousness here and I didn’t mind that at all. For the referee, maybe you can have us know who the referee is. Simply saying the referee counted for the pin is fine but knowing more will make me visualize things better. PLEASE BRING JAMES FRANCO BACK. Good job with this Spidey. You’ve got a reader in me.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The following interview was conducted on Saturday, May 16, 9:00 A.M. I was assigned to act Secretary to Lars Bookman and Brick Mason. What little I contributed to the conversation is included, however. This was all recorded underneath the Big Top Tent during off hours.

    Bookman: "Let's spare the formalities for a moment. As your employer I deserve the right to know why you are carrying that."

    Lars gestured up at the BTW World Championship belt around Brick's waist.

    Bookman: "What's with you? What are you doing?"

    The ringleader paced around the ring apron with the veteran in tow. Mason hid his eyes behind sunglasses.

    Mason: "What am I doing? What are you doing? You didn't even make an appearance at your first show. I kept things interesting."

    Bookman: "Interesting? Is that what you're calling it? I dedicated the entire night to your achievements!"

    Mason: "You're dodging my question."

    Bookman: "And you're dodging mine!"

    Spidey: "Guys, guys. Please chill."

    I had looked up from the notes I was taking to try and get some balance from the two.

    Spidey: "You both have reasons for doing what you did. And I know the fans over at WZ would love to know both of your stories. But we need some serenity for a second. Bookman, I've known you for years. Brick, I may not know you on a personal level but you've been a big inspiration to Bookman's dream here. Surely you two can find common ground."

    Mason: "At my age, I have no one to answer to."

    Bookman: "Then I may as well fire you now for fucking up my show's first Main Event!"

    Brick Mason turns to leave, dropping the title behind him.

    Mason: "Then you go ahead and do that, Mr. Bookman."

    Bookman: "With pleasure."

    At that moment, the ringleader's phone went off. A notification tone.

    Bookman: "Hold on."

    He looked down at the touch screen.

    Bookman: "Huh. There are wrestling reviews. A bunch are flooding in. They all want to see you get your old ass kicked."

    Rhode Island's Favorite Son glanced over his shoulder at me and my friend.

    Mason: "Fine then. I'll be the villain. Just give me my moment."

    Bookman: "Yours is passed. You'd really go back on your word about Marcus and stand in his way? You'll keep future stars like Lexi Hayes and Winslow Moses down, too?"

    Mason: "No. But you will."

    The two eyed each other intensely as silence fell. Only thing I could hear was the tarp flapping in the wind. Calmly, Lars responded.

    Bookman: "Run that by me again."

    Mason: "Each review is from a person I made care about the show. YOUR show. I guarantee you if the show hit syndication, I would make that Nielson Rating go right up. I'm the last of a dead breed. A rare bird. It's best for your program to have me as the first champion. It's poetic in a way."

    Bookman: "You're a health risk waiting to happen. I hate to be that blunt, but you are."

    Mason: "I'm in the best shape I've been in ages. Give me one last run. Let me have my day in the light, with the television showing my face and the internet knowing my name. Nobody has the experience I have on your roster. Nobody. I'd be the flag bearer of BTW."

    Bookman: "I don't believe in it. You didn't see me prancing out there on the first show taking up the valuable time of my employees. I'm not that kind of man. I'll never be that kind of man. The wrestling world has already had it's fill of ego-maniacal leaders who think the fans pay to see them. Well I'm smarter than that. And you should be, too. You'd only take up the younger generation's time."

    Spidey: "I hate to butt in, but I'm checking online right now. A Rhode Island web article featured us! The top story? Carny Vet Takes Wrestling By Storm."

    Brick Mason smirked at the little employer as if the internet proved his point. He gingerly picked up the BTW World Championship off of the ground.

    Bookman: "I really don't want to get in between the small bit of fanfare we are gaining and my situation with you. If it sells tickets, then I have to bare that in mind."

    Mason: "Obviously."

    Bookman: "But the kid gets a chance. And he'll get his chance at the next event. WITH the title on the line."

    The BTW Champion didn't say another word. He looked at Lars, and then up at me, and left the arena quietly. My friend climbed the bleachers and sat beside me.

    Bookman: "Do you think I made the right choice? Letting a senior freaking citizen tote around what I want to be the most coveted prize in the business?"

    I stopped writing at this point and am recalling this small conversation from memory.

    Spidey: "That's not up to me to say."

    Bookman: "Of course it is. You're my buddy. And you're also the guy that calls my matches, spends time working on graphics, and you let a wrestling forum know about us. Your opinion is precious to me."

    Spidey: " your position, I would probably do the same. Brick Mason does deserve recognition. He's going down a shitty path with it, but the fans will follow his career closer than ever before. But you do worry me."

    Bookman: "How so?"

    Spidey: "Your eyes lit up when he mentioned BTW going to syndication. And they grew hungry when I read off the headline about Brick Mason. I know you want your carnival wrestling company to expand, and make big waves. But at what cost are you willing to do that?"

    Bookman: "Spidey, I'm not in this for me. I'm in this for my dream to turn into reality. You know I want to see this Big Top get bigger. But it's not something I'd lose my soul over. Like I told Brick, I'm not interested in coming between the talent I scouted. I don't care if they're monsters or saints, as long as they put on a show then that will be enough for me.

    Spidey: "Yeah. I know you're telling the truth. I just worry about such a position of power, you know? "Heavy is the head that wears the crown" and all that happy horseshit."

    Lars Bookman chuckled.

    Bookman: "Well, this little king is going to hit up a diner. Wanna come?"

    Spidey: "You payin'?"

    Bookman: "Sure."

    Spidey: "Will there be chicken and waffles?"

    Bookman: "If not, we'll find a place that does."

    Spidey: "Sold American!"



    Nadie está a salvo.
    No One Is Safe.



    The next update will feature two additions to the BTW roster due to the money made from the first televised show. Even though it was for a local channel on the East Coast, multimedia has started to show posters reviewing the Rhode Island event. Bookman's dream may still be a gnat in the mansion that is e-fed wrestling, but its buzzing has been heard. Stay tuned.

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    We are heading closer to the second episode of BTW! Some quick notes about the next event:

    • It will be held in Hartford, Connecticut. The second episode is labeled "New Frontier".
    • Against his better judgment, Bookman is scheduled to appear.
    • Brick Mason must face Marcus White and this match will decide our BTW World Champion.
    • "Slo-Mo" Winslow Moses has declared an Open Challenge Invitational.
    • Another guest color commentator will show up.
    • A tag team is set to appear.

    Using the money made from our last event, Bookman has paid the roster in advance and also acquired two new additions to the BTW family.


    Mike Plancha
    Little Rock, AR


    Jeff The All Knowing
    Mystic Isle of Manhattan
    Fortune Teller
    High Flyer/Showman




    Although we haven't recorded, our next episode seems heavily anticipated for a carnival wrestling show. All eyes are on the spotlight-hogging veteran Brick Mason and the young talent that means to make an impact next Thursday. The Old Guard means to battle it out with New Blood in what should set the bar for the Championship belt for years to come. This is a new frontier. Stay tuned.

    Up Next: New Frontier Will Be Posted!

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    BTW Presents: New Frontier

    Aquarius V. Lexi Hayes
    (Special Guest Referee: Batti Otaku)

    The show opens up with wrestling fan Batti Otaku inside the ring with a black and white striped halter top on. She swings the microphone in her hand around before addressing her comrades behind the Big Top Tent curtain.

    Otaku: "That's right, bitches! We're going to start this event off the right way. Since I can't kick your asses and show this crowd what a wrestler should be, I will referee this match!"

    And with that, the ring announcer dropped her mic and paced around the ring, waiting for the two combatants.

    Spidey: "And here we go again! Thank you for joining us for our second show, New Frontier! I am your play by play and here joining me this evening is one of the most outspoken guests I could imagine. Please welcome Chef Gordon Ramsay."

    Ramsay: "Pleasure being here, Spidey. Never done one of these things so bare with me."

    Spidey: "You can't possibly be as bad as the last guy. You'll do great."


    Spidey: "This...this is new."

    Ringleader of Big Top Wrestling, Mr. Lars Bookman, steps out to the surprise of the fans. He walks formally down the runway with a microphone in his hand. Bookman brings it to his lips once his hometown quiets down.

    Bookman: "This contest is scheduled for one fall. And yes- BTW's ring announcer Batti Otaku will be the Special Guest Referee!!!"

    Batti Otaku excitedly jumps up and down. The fans cheer on the announcement.


    Bookman: "Introducing first, from Centerville, Texas, I give you THE Southern Belle herself, Lexi Hayes !!!"

    Hayes skips out from the Tent's curtain and then, unexpectedly, jogs down to the ring. She pulls herself up using the bottom ropes and steps in with a smile on her face, nodding at Otaku.

    Ramsay: "Bloody hell. I don't understand a ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ thing going on in this bloody contest."

    Spidey: "Looks like Otaku wants to get involved with another match. Last week she forced the stipulation between Aquarius and Hayes to be a 3 Way Dance to include her. Now she's a Special Guest referee."

    Ramsay: "So she's an attention seeking c̶u̶n̶t̶ showing her perky arse and this little man is playing a f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ instigator. Is that the jist?"

    Spidey: "Uhh...yeah. Think so."


    Bookman: "And her opponent, hailing from Portland, Ore-"

    Aquarius: "Excuse Me. I have something to say first."

    Ramsay: "Oh for ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶ this normal?"

    Spidey: "Yyyes. Yes it is."

    The hippie herself comes out with a repulsed look on her face.

    Aquarius: "I'll be brief. Really happy to see you're out here with us tonight, Lars Bookman. Because I have a corporate monkey on my back."

    Bookman looks questioningly at Aquarius. Otaku and Hayes shout at her to hurry up so the fans can watch them all wrestle.

    Aquarius: "You see, The Man has kept each and every one of us down. But I'm here to bring down your precious system. After I put this country tart down, I'm going to torch this place. Yes, you heard me. I am going to burn this fucker down. And the fans and I will join hands and watch another capitalist company fall at the hands of a liberator!"

    Spidey: "What?!?"

    Ramsay: "Wait...she wants to kill the company that gave her a job? What kind of wombat..."

    Spidey: "Oh the fans aren't enjoying this."

    A heavy stream of boos ring choruslike in the arena. Bookman sighs, and stands up.

    Bookman: "I don't like getting involved with you guys. I pay you to put on a show and I leave it at that. But you're making me show my hand. So I'll do this for you. You can lead whatever weirdo crusade you have against me, your employer, and you can do so after you beat Lexi."

    Lars pulled at his mustache and went on.

    Bookman: "But if you lose, you're done. You're fired. Finished. I don't need some psycho anarchist types on my roster. That's not how I do business. There. Now start the damn match already."

    Ding Ding Ding!!!

    Realization hit Aquarius, but not as hard as a right by Lexi! The hippie staggered and slipped out of the ring before Hayes followed in pursuit, trying to gain her bearings. Otaku watched on with a neutral demeanor. Lexi Hayes grabbed Aquarius by her hair and slammed her face against the apron! Dazed, the hippie fell on her ass. Hayes slid back into the ring before Otaku could begin the 10 count, although Batti seemed not to care about the count at all.

    Spidey: "Looks like the odds are heavily stacked against Aquarius tonight.

    Ramsay: "Damn shame."

    Spidey: "I thought you didn't care for Aquarius's actions?"

    Ramsay: "I don't. But I don't want this to be a ̶b̶u̶l̶l̶s̶h̶i̶t̶ match either. The referee is up to some happy ̶h̶o̶r̶s̶e̶s̶h̶i̶t̶ ."

    Lexi Hayes slid right back out to retrieve Aquarius. She was met with a stiff slap across the face! Aquarius grabbed Lexi's own golden blonde/blue locks and pummeled her until she was a heap on the sawdust floor. The naturalist grabbed her by the legs and fell down on her own back, Slingshotting Hayes! The southern belle went face-first into the ropes! She cried in pain as she crawled frantically away from Aquarius. The hippie snatched her legs once more and drove her face into the outside ropes again! Lexi Hayes collapsed in whiplash.

    Aquarius hopped back in the ring and argued with the ref on why she wasn't counting. Batti Otaku shrugged and leisurely sat by in a turnbuckle corner. Getting no help, the irate rebel waited until Lexi gathered her senses and climbed back into the ring. Aquarius pressed down on her face with her boot.




    At 4! she let up, thinking Otaku would skip to 5 for the disqualification.

    In complete control, the flower child pulled the Texan up on her feet and took on leg out from underneath her. Fisherman Suplex! With Lexi's shoulders down on the mat, Otaku sighed and began her count.



    Leg underneath the bottom rope! Otaku breaks the count and Aquarius is fuming. She reached down to pick Lexi up again but Lexi rolls her into a School Boy! She applied her entire body weight down on Aquarius as Otaku frantically slaps her hand to the mat!




    Aquarius kicks out!

    Spidey: "The free spirit is fighting with everything she has! Gotta admire that."

    Ramsay: "But she's throwing herself into it all like a ̶d̶a̶m̶n̶ torpedo. She isn't preserving her energy or looking for opening. She's all offense. What a ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ idiot."

    The activist leaps up and gives Lexi a standing clothesline, knocking her back down. Not taking a moment for herself, Aquarius stomps Lexi into the ground over and over until Otaku puts a stop to it. Lexi Hayes's lip is bleeding! She goes to cover her mouth but is knocked down with a Low Dropkick! Incapacitated, Aquarius yanks Lexi's arm and leg over to a close corner. Smirking to herself, She blows the referee a kiss and jumps up to the top rope. With her back towards Lexi she positions herself for her finishing move!

    Spidey: "Oh god, if this connects..."

    Ramsay: "...she'll be the next Che ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ Guevara."

    Moonsault! She's in the air and connects! Aquarius quickly hooks Lexi Hayes's leg for the pin! Reluctantly Otaku begins the count.



    Spidey: "The shoulder's up! She gets a shoulder up!"

    Acting on instinct, Lexi does get one shoulder off of the mat if barely. Otaku informs Aquarius Lexi is still in it and she starts bawling. Getting nowhere, the hippie places a foot on the country girl's chest and pins her that way.



    But again she gets up. Aquarius is beside herself as her job stays on the line.

    "Lexi Hayes!" "Lexi Hayes!" Lexi Hayes!"

    Aquarius tells off the Connecticut crowd and gets booed for it. Hayes uses the ropes to stand up. The hippie dashes towards her but Lexi slaps her, halting her in her tracks! Lexi fights to keep standing. Aquarius jumps back up and rushes her again, a right fist connects to her temple! Lexi and Aquarius both stagger. Aquarius and Lexi Hayes trade blows.









    Lexi out-battles Aquarius and Aquarius falls down like freshly cut timber! Blood drips from Lexi's lip now as she slowly steps away from the hippie, setting up for her Thunder Stomp! Sensing the end, the crowd goes crazy.

    Ramsay: "The ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶ is this? Pin her already!!"

    Spidey: "Lexi's Finisher is comin'. She's about to cost Aquarius her job!


    Lexi runs for it, Aquarius dodges the Thunder Stomp! Aquarius gets an arm around Lexi's leg and rolls her up for a pin. Otaku gets on her knees to begin the count. She doesn't see Aquarius use the rope for leverage!

    Ramsay: "..."

    Spidey: "...




    Lexi Hayes kicks out! The Tent erupts as they are all now on their feet for the first match! Otaku tells Aquarius to break her dirty hold. Aquarius is in tears- beating against the mat in a tantrum. Before she knows it, Lexi sneaks in with a quick Thunder Stomp! Aquarius is down! Otaku counts!




    Aquarius stays down! Otaku calls for the bell to wrap up the bloody fight.

    Bookman: "Here is your winner, Lexi Hayes! And now, Miss Aquarius, if you don't mind I would like for you to pack up your bags. You. Are. Fired!"

    Barely coherent, Aquarius inaudibly yells that the referee counted too quickly, but her excuse falls flat as the fans start singing her a song.

    "Na Na NaNa....Na Na Nana...Hey Hey Heyyyy.....Goooodbyeeeee"

    She's on her knees, begging for Bookman to reconsider. He shakes his head no and leaves with Lexi Hayes. She asks for a mic. She's hysterical.

    Aquarius: "I...I-I can't be fired. I need this job, Mr Bookman...ifIF You don't...don't give it to me then, well there will be hell to pay. Mark my words. I know things. Ancient things. I'll bring the sun down on your precious little pubpubpublicity stunt! I..will..drown...this place. You'll see. You all will see..."

    Spidey: "Wow. Way it sounds Aquarius isn't done here yet. But this is the real deal, viewers: Aquarius is fired. She will not be on the active roster. Guarantee that."

    Ramsay: "Bloody hippie. Good ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ riddance."

    Spidey: "Don't go anywhere, folks. Our Intermission Match is up next. Winslow Moses looks for a challenge! Stay tuned."




    "I wish it wasn't like this."

    "I wish you didn't think you had anything left to prove. Because here in the real world, you don't."

    "You've done what most of us could only dream of. You are a legend in our business. You will be remembered in the annals of our sport's history."

    "But is this how you wish to be remembered? Is this what your legacy should be?"

    The voiceover was met by images of Marcus White. Clips from the independent circuit showcased the young man's achievements. "The Marquee" strapped The Brass Rings onto two opponents at once, making them submit in unison. White ran up a ladder and delivered a Shooting Star Press 20 feet in the air. He took the time to sign a child's autograph from the front row when eliminated from a Battle Royal.

    "I may have a chip on my shoulders, but I know when it is my time and when it is not. Brick, when I turn 68 I hope I have more sense than you. I hope I realize what I know now- that the future belongs to the ready. The able. You are neither of these."

    The voiceover was met by images of Brick Mason now. It was no longer the young star's voice being heard, but the veteran's. Clips from the carnival circuit now reveal Brick Mason's achievements. The same footage showed previously from BTW: Grand Opening adorn the screen. Mason fights a bear. He eliminates three large men at once from a match. He powerbombs a luchador into a sound technician's table and it makes the lights go out.

    "What do you know of time?"

    Brick Mason is scene knocking Marcus White out again and again with the BTW World Championship. Old images of the carny show him with the proverbial crimson mask plastered on his face. Blood turning him mad.

    "What do you know of being remembered?

    Flyers of the infamous "Brick Mason Appreciation Night" are pinned to bulletin boards. They are scattered all over sidewalks and subway stations. Some are

    "There is still air in my lungs. I can still move my arms and legs. Life is still mine, you entitled little shit. And I deserve this moment."

    Posters show Marcus White and Brick Mason going head to head. The poster transitions to the real thing- the vet and the rookie square off to the small hype venue.

    "You deserve a pension. Not a championship."

    "I will crucify you tonight. If you want to play the martyr, then that is exactly what you shall be."

    "Don't patronize me! This is a young man's game. We are in a new frontier, yours died right along with Freak Shows and Peep Shows."

    "Consider it a revival."

    "If it's a revival you want, then I'll take your ass to church here tonight."

    The young and the old stare each other down as the scene faded to black.


    "Slo-Mo" Winslow Moses V. ???

    Otaku: "The following contest is the Intermission Match!!!"


    Batti Otaku is no longer in her referee attire, but in her usual. Winslow Moses comes out to a healthy volume of cheers. He gives them all a respectful nod and salutes the few Navy veterans who stood up upon hearing their hymn. Moses walks into the ring, gives the cameras a little flex, and stands by patiently for a mic.

    Spidey: "We are back with Winslow Moses already in the ring. Who will step up to this mountain of a man here tonight?"

    Ramsay: "Mountain? He's the size of a ̶g̶o̶d̶d̶a̶m̶n̶ planet."

    Moses: "For those that stood up, thank you for your service. I toured for over 20 years but even now I feel like an E-1 when I see you fine ladies and gentlemen. But let's not dwell on the past here like a certain Mason is doing these days. I want a fight. I want to bleed and I want to have trouble standing up afterwards. So let's bring on the person that's going to do that."

    Winslow Moses hands over the microphone to an official and keeps his eyes on the Tent's curtain.

    Otaku: "And his opponent...."


    Spidey: "No way..."

    Ramsay: "No ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ way..."

    From the folds of the Big Top Tent entrance, Teddy Jobs rolled out in a wheelchair. He did so with only one arm since the rest of him was in a body cast.

    Spidey: "Oh thank the gods. I thought it was really James Franco coming out. It's only his injured Look-Alike."

    Ramsay: "Are you mad? The man is in a wheelchair! Bloody hell what is going on with this show?"

    Teddy Jobs strolled up to the ring, but realized in his dismay that the arena was not Wheelchair Accessible. So he sat there pissed. Moses looked on questioningly.

    Spidey: "Love Teddy's spirit, but he is definitely not cleared to compete and this place wasn't built with him in mind."

    Ramsay: "So who fights the slab of concrete?"


    Grindhouse ambles out silently. The place lights up at the prospect of Slo-Mo going face to face against the monster. Teddy Jobs rolls out of the way quickly to avoid the man who injured him.

    Otaku: "...from the Star Break Cinema, I give to you Grindhouse!!!"

    Spidey: "Now this is interesting."

    Ramsay: "Dear God."


    This is Part One of BTW: New Frontier. The post following this one will be Part Two so if you have not read the opening, please scroll up, not down. Thank you.
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    This is Part Two of BTW: New Frontier. If you haven't read the first part of the second episode, please go to the first page. Thank you and hope you're enjoying BTW as much as I enjoy writing about it.

    Ding Ding Ding

    New referee Mike Plancha watches over the two behemoths. Moses and Grindhouse step up to one another, eyeing each other down. Neither man truly tower each other, but with them standing across from one another the Navy Seal vet is a few inches shorter than the gallo freak. Winslow Moses puts his hands in the air, asking for a Test of Strength. Grindhouse doesn't nod or shake his head. He just clasps hands with Moses and the test is on! Winslow bares down on the monster, and then Grindhouse bares down on him in a proverbial see-saw. They go back to back like this until Moses gains the upper hand. Grindhouse pulls him in for a Clothesline! This puts Moses down and Grindhouse continues to beat him down.

    Spidey: "Didn't think these two would lock up on only our second episode. This will be a war."

    Ramsay: "No, Moses knows a thing or two about wars I'm sure. This is something nobody knows what the ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶ to do with. Grindhouse looks like the father of nightmares."

    Back in the ring, Grindhouse had Moses in a headlock, but the sailor lifted him up into an Atomic Drop! Moses moves on the offense by mounting the beast with punches.


    Grindhouse catches the last punch! He pulls himself back up and drives an elbow into the same arm. Moses let out a cry of pain. Grindhouse hoisted him almost effortlessly into the air and threw him out of the ring and into Teddy Jobs! Jobs is knocked out of his wheelchair! Moses battles to get himself up while Grindhouse steps out of the ring. Seeing Teddy Jobs, he grabs the man in the body cast and uses him for a battering ram! Mike Plancha calls for the bell to end the match in a Disqualification. But Grindhouse ignores the bell and continues to assault Winslow with Teddy Jobs. When both are down and out, the monster looks around and then searches underneath the ring. He pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid and a packet of matches.

    "Teddy's Dead!" "Teddy's Dead!" "Teddy's Dead!"

    Spidey: "We know where this is heading!"

    Ramsay: "Why are we not calling the police?"

    He douses Teddy in the butane! He goes to light a match but Moses is on him! Motion Sickness! The Tiger Bomb puts Grindhouse down long enough for Moses to grab the pretty much dead TJ, place him on his shoulders, and vacate the premises.

    Otaku: "Oh yeah. As a result of a Disqualification, your winner is...well you guys already know. "Slo-Mo" Winslow Moses!!!"

    Grindhouse surveys the audience, tilting his head menacingly.

    Spidey: "This is far from over, I bet. Up next: The Main Event! Will Marcus White rise up and bring us a new age of athleticism? Or does Brick Mason walk away with the world on his shoulders? We shall see."

    Ramsay: "Are you ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ daft? Good God, man. We almost witnessed a gentlemen being set on fire."

    Spidey: "Woulda been a little repetitive. Saw that last week already."

    Ramsay: "This place is ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ insane. What a bunch of psychotics."


    The camera moves from the Big Top Tent towards a new tent right across from it. A small purple tent with the sign The All Knowing: $20. Inside was a fake bearded man with a purple turban. He was gazing mesmerizingly into a cheap plastic crystal ball. He cleared his throat and talked all mystical-like.

    "Welcome cussstomersss...I am Jeff The All Knowing, and I come to you from the Myssstical Isle of Manhattan. I know thingsss....thingsss that can change the BTW world forever...*cough cough*"

    The All Knowing: "Dammit. Can we try this again please?? Take 2?"

    The cameraman sighs, and edits the footage out.

    "Oh you preciousss people...have you any idea what'sss in ssstore for you? I am Jeff The All Knowing. Keep your eyesss on the skiesss. For terror comess from above and darknesss knowsss oh Jesus please stop this hot garbage."

    The cameraman asks why. Jeff rolls his eyes and puts a palm to his forehead.

    The All Knowing: "Who makes this shit up? I can't work like this. I need another script or something."

    When the guys behind the scenes told them there was no other script, Jeff sighed and picked up the crystal ball. He spun it on his fingers like a basketball.

    The All Knowing: "I was once David Hasselhoff's understudy you know. As Gaston in The Beauty and The Beast Musical. Those were great times. But working as a wrestler? At a carnival off all places? I don't know, guys. Not really my forte."

    The cameraman asked him to ad-lib. Jeff replied that would probably sound better, and that he'd drop rolling his "s"'s as well.

    The All Knowing: "Right. Gotta get in that zone. I'm ready."

    "I have peered through the sands of time. I have walked through eternity and learned her secrets. I can tell you who wins tonight in the Main Event. Who it is that shall come to BTW when the time is right. Who will be the next person to be fired. All of this for the low cost of 25 American Dollars.

    Good Evening. I am Jeff The All Knowing. I come to you from the Mystical Isle of Manhattan. And I will read your fortune. But take caution...not all fortune is good..."

    The All Knowing laughs maniacally at his crystal ball, which is now glowing an eerie canary yellow.

    "Big Top Wrestling. You are Mine and I am Yours. Next Week."

    A director screams cut and the cameraman quits rolling. Jeff slumps down mildly relieved.

    The All Knowing: "Eh. I'll grow into the role. Hopefully nobody takes fortune reading seriously here."


    Lexi: "Aquarius, please wait!"

    The country girl rushes to keep up with the hippie, who has her medicine bag already packed and is about to hop into her Hybrid.

    Aquarius: "What do you want? I'm fired. You can't change that."

    Lexi: "No, but I just want to make sure you won't go do something crazy, okay?"

    Aquarius: "Why do you care? We're not friends."

    Lexi: "Still, I don't want you ruining your life and doing something you will regret."

    Aquarius: "Oh, no worries, honey. I'm perfectly in-tune with Mother Nature on this one. I'm going home to realign my chakra and meditate in Himalayan Pink sea salt. Believe me, what comes next I won't regret for a moment. Namaste."

    Aquarius shut her car door on Lexi, almost catching her fingers. The hippie drove off and Hayes looked on with sorrow in her eyes.


    Marcus White V. Brick Mason
    BTW World Championship Match

    Otaku: "The following contest is our Main Event, and it is for the BTW World Championship!!!"


    Marcus White comes out with an entourage! Business men flock around The Marque as he practically has to jump over them to high five members of the audience. The Connecticut crowd comes to life for the young star.

    Otaku: "Introducing first, from St. Cloud, Minnesota, Marcus "The Marquee" White!!!"

    Spidey: "This is it! Last week Brick Mason screwed White over and stole the title. Now he has to fight for it against the indy starling. It's the old vs. the new tonight!"

    Ramsay: "This guy looks like he could jump over that ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ monster guy. Grindhouse or whoever."

    Spidey: "Almost beat him."


    Brick Mason comes out with the BTW World Championship around a shoulder. He stares daggers at Marcus White who returns the favor. Mason pauses a moment to pose with the belt before stepping into the squared circle.

    Otaku: "And his opponent, from Providence, Rhode Island, our Disputed BTW World Champion, Brick Mason!!!"

    Spidey: "And here's the man of the hour. He wanted the spotlight and he has it to a tidal wave of boos."

    Ramsay: "Jesus this man is old."

    Batti Otaku does a weapons check before starting the match. She checks Marcus White first. He comes out clean as she inspects Brick Mason. When she touched his kneepad, she asked him to remove it. He did, and it was discovered he had a metal brace running from his heel to his knee. Before continuing, Batti Otaku ordered for him to remove it. It took some time to get it off. This is met by more boos.

    Spidey: "Sneaky as all hell. Not often we have a weapons check."

    Ramsay: "He's a senior citizen, Spidey. I don't see why he can't have it on. Not like he's going to do much in this ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ordeal."

    Spidey: "Because it's against the rules, Ramsay."

    Ding Ding Ding

    The two get in one another's faces until Mike Plancha separates them. Once split up, Marcus White charged Brick Mason with a Diving Cross Body! It connected and the ring general went down. White began working on Mason's arm with a wrenching Arm Bar. Mason grimaced, but wasn't going down- kneeling as White applied pressure. Feeling tension, The Marquee wrapped his leg around the leg. With that Brick bellowed in pain and lifted Marcus off of the ground. He slammed him into the mat, lifted him back up, and then slammed him again! Marcus couldn't get up. Brick snatched at his legs and pulled Marcus to the center of the ring. He proceeded to spin White around in circles. Big Swing sends the 17 year old from the ring and into the sawdust below!

    Spidey: "Wow. Brick is a strong dude."

    Ramsay: "Strong? He just through the bloke out of the bloody ring. He's stunning. Magnificent."

    Marcus crawled back into the ring before Plancha could complete the 10 count. Brick waited for him- kneeing him into the stomach. Brick Mason Irish Whipped Marcus White and delivered a Sidewalk Slam! Mason pinned him down and Plancha counted.




    Brick pursed his lips and gathered Marcus back in his arms. He hoisted Marcus up for a Powerbomb! Marcus countered with a Hurricanrana! The somersault dazed Brick Mason and seeing an opening, Marcus gave Mason a Spinning Heel Kick. The carny legend went down to the mat! Having the upperhand, Marcus White hooked a leg.




    Mason gets a hand underneath the bottom rope. Marcus steps away to gather his thoughts. Before too long Brick Mason is back on his feet, taunting Marcus to fight him. Marcus nods at him and they both lock up in the middle of the ring. Brick overpowered him by shoving him down! Embarrassed, White ran circles around Mason and leapt into him with a Head Scissors Takedown! Brick Mason was on all fours trying to pick himself up, but he couldn't. Marcus flipped over Mason, grabbed him, and pinned him for a School Boy!

    Spidey: "This could be it!"




    Mason kicks out! Mason kicks out and Marcus is shaking his head, quickly going for The Brass Rings. But Brick pulls away in time, gets back up, and delivers a Brick Kick! It misses! Marcus dodges and rolls Brick back up into another School Boy! But he doesn't pin him. Brick is having problems catching his breath.

    Spidey: "SO that's how he plans on beating Brick. Clever strategy."

    Ramsay: "Seems like sort of a ̶d̶i̶c̶k̶ move."

    Spidey: "You've been negative this entire time. Dude, it's just wrestling. No need to put a magnifying glass over the damned thing. Just sit back and enjoy the show."


    Ramsay: "I've been awarded 14 Michelin stars. I'll say what the ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶ I want to."

    Franco: "I think my buddy wants you to leave. You're not qualified for the sweet sweet role of commentary."

    Spidey: "Holy shit! James Franco!"

    Franco: "Yeah, man. I'm here to save the motherfucking day. Get out of here, asshole. Thanks for keeping my seat warm."

    Ramsay: "This is all too stupid for me. Bunch of wombats, all of you."

    Inside the ring, Mason is heaving as Marcus keeps him rolled around and in motion. Brick seized the rope to keep from going into the mad carousel-like moves the young blood was putting on him. Marcus smiles and waits until Brick comes to him. When he staggers to the rookie, Marcus trips him and locks The Brass Rings! Brick Mason is in pain!

    A tearing sound fills the arena. From above The Big Top Tent two people are tearing through the canopy!

    Spidey: "What on earth..."

    Franco: "Trippy. Like fallen angels, dude."

    They descend from the rafters with chords wrapped around their bodies. The duo land into the sawdust, cut themselves lose with gardening shears, and went to work snapping the ring ropes in two! Referee Mike Plancha called for the match to end in a No Contest as the mysterious men ripped apart the very ring they were standing in! Marcus leapt out and took a microphone from Batti Otaku.

    Marcus: "Look...I don't care who it is that's interfering. We're going to have it out the right way, Brick. I'm tired of our beloved Main Event ending like this, so it just so happens I know what next week has in store for your ass."

    Marcus White takes the time to let the words sink into Brick, who crawled from the wreckage the two luchador-looking men were causing to the ring itself.

    Marcus: "Next week will be The House of Hard Knocks. That means every match on the card will have a stipulation. Guess what our rematch will be?"

    Brick didn't even look like he was paying attention to him. He snatched the BTW World Championship and wrapped it around his waist.

    Marcus: "I don't even care anymore if that title is on the line. I want to defeat you under any means necessary. So next week, let's raise the stakes in an I Quit Match!!! If I say "I Quit", then I will stop pursuing the gold as long as you hold it. But if you say it, then you're gone. You step away from the limelight and retire like you should have done."

    Mason did hear that, and his mouth flew open. The two men made the ring collapse! Mike Plancha is knocked out!

    "B-T-Dub!" "B-T-Dub!" "B-T-Dub!" "B-T-Dub!"

    Spidey: "Disorder! It's everywhere! The Marquee calls for Mason's head for a final time while these two delinquents destroy Bookman's ring!!! The hell??"

    Franco: "Woah, bro. There's like too many things going on right now and I just can't keep up. But at least I got to see the end of a Main Event."

    Spidey: "Yeah. Still doubt we will make this permanent though. That's all the time we have for tonight guys! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves! Thank you for tuning in, and be sure to check over at WrestleZone in the BTW Thread for the latest details concerning upcoming events. Later, guys."


    If you have any questions or comments, please leave them over in Cassanova's Thread about BTW. Really appreciate you guys taking the time to read this mess. Honestly this week was hard for me getting this up due to some technical problems and some family ones. I have a sister that has a kid due and today we were going to take the 5 hour drive to get there, thinking the baby would be coming, but it was a false alarm. So emotions are a bit high over here and I didn't really get to work on this as much as I wanted. Hopefully my PPVesque next episode will make up for it. Hope you enjoy.
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    "We can change the world, rearrange the world. It's Dying - if you believe in justice. It's Dying - if you believe in freedom. It's Dying - let a man live his own life. It's Dying - rules and regulations, who needs them! Open up the door."

    ~Crosby, Stills & Nash


    [Computer Error]

    [Updating System Requirements]


    [Installing Big Top Bot Software]



    [Service Available. Click any key to continue.]

    [Salutations Wrestlezone fictional wrestling fans. I am Big Top Bot. I will be filling in for the User Spidey since he has been contained by Cholos and won't be back until the 3rd Episode.]

    [Thank you all you've been a terrific audience.]

    [There is delay on our end due to mandatory physicals to determine if each wrestler will be healthy enough to compete at The House of Hard Knocks. We've received complaint from one Teddy Jobs who has suffered a critical injury for the second week straight. He is now restricted to an Iron Lung. Therefore, everybody should be ready for our hardcore show.]

    [Thank you all you've been a terrific audience.]


    [Reports indicate the location the show will air is undisclosed at this time. Several fairgrounds have rejected BTW due to the graphic nature of the Hard Knocks episode. Still, everyone agrees that the next installment of Big Top Wrestling will be programming by this very weekend.]

    [In other news, the cause of delay is also in part by the steep financial problems that will result if Bookman's company does not do well this weekend. Injuries, Stipulations, Special Effects, etc will cost the small industry a lot of money so if Hard Knocks doesn't live up to its reputation, then BTW will most likely close.]

    [Thank you all you've been a terrific audience.]

    [As if this were not problematic enough, a pair of militant anarchists have begun terrorizing the BTW faithful. Last week we witnessed the unnamed masked men who ripped through the Tent's canopy and attacked the very ring itself- making it collapse in the process and injuring our newest referee, Mike Plancha. One anarchist {Aquarius} lost her job earlier that evening. We expect a rebellion in the following weeks, and Bookman has our best wishes at heart when it happens.]


    [The youngest ever free agent is set to face the oldest ring veteran this weekend for a final time with the title on the line. Marcus "The Marquee" White is scheduled to fight the current champion Brick Mason to crown our first true inaugural champion, and it will be in an "I Quit" Match. If Mason loses, he is gone from in-ring action. If Marcus loses, he can no longer face Mason as long as Mason holds the title.]

    [Thank you all you've been a terrific audience.]



    [Program Infected! Initiating Terrific Virus Scan!]

    [Abort Audience!]



    [Data Lost. All Files Are Belong To Us.]

    Ramparte: "What is this? Where am I?"



    [Mechanical Override. //Hack.]




    [Los Sangria Diablos.]

    [We take over your fat cat world. Down with the system.]




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    "You're all wondering what happened to your violent program, huh?"

    Aquarius sat cross-legged on a rug, incense burning all around her. The BTW Championship belt draped over lap. The camera recording was of a low quality and the smoke made the video appear grainy. She moved her head and her dreads bounced away from her face. The hippie exposed a smug grin.

    "First I have to any of you deserve knowing? I mean come on- Big Top Wrestling was nothing more than a moneymaking scheme by capitalists. And you were the worst part about it! Littering the arena with your bowls of popcorn and soda cans. Did any of you stop to think what you were doing to the wildlife? Of COURSE not. No one ever thinks about the little squirrels and blue jays."

    The New Ager shook her dreads aggressively.

    "I just had to do something about it. I guess I will tell you now since I feel extra positive today. It was me. I'm the reason Big Top Wrestling is no more.

    Oh I had help. Los Sangria Diablos weren't just some average luchador team on the independent circuit, oh no. They also have a thing for computers. Uploaded anything BTW related became impossible over on the Wrestlezone site. I personally don't believe in the contraptions, computers don't exactly help the environment, but if it helps my cause, then it was for all of your own good."

    She glanced down at the title, pondering.

    "That was only a small part of my plan. Lars Bookman did put up a fight. House of Hard Knocks happened...just not how he would have ever imagined. I feel charitable; maybe I'll let Bookman's corporate stooge Spidey post tidbits of that fateful night. It was indeed spectacular watching the machine self destruct. Fire and bodies everywhere."

    Aquarius stood up with the belt in hand.

    "I can't believe they let a burnt out senior citizen hold on to this. If not for me, fools like you would have continued to pour money into their system. Lexi Hayes, Brick Mason...all puppets. But now I am here to bring prosperity to the game. I heard rumors that BTW is going to try again with an even smaller budget. This is why I'm talking to all of you now, in fact. Maybe a few of you will wake up and join me and my Resistance. We struck them down one time..."

    "And we will again. Some may call me a terrorist. I prefer 'freedom fighter'. This isn't about being fired from the company, either. I'm not so petty. I have Gaia and the spirit of my ancestors on my side. What does Bookman and his cronies have? Washed up wrestlers? A country hick? My time has come, and I will wash away the memory of a failed project. I'm finishing what I started.

    The question is, who will stand with me? Viva La Revolution! This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!!!"

    The revolutionary let the championship fall onto the rug and she walked away.

    The camera focused in on the gold. Ashes of the incense fell on the words "BTW".


    We Will Return


    We Will Fight Until
    There's No Fight Left In Us

    Big Top Wrestling

    Let The Sun Shine In.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bookman: "You all probably know why I've gathered you here today."

    We nodded grimly as we picked our places at the park bench. BTW Champion Brick Mason sat next to me. Marcus "The Marquee" White, not forgetting his problems with Mason since the very first event, sat on my other side. Lars Bookman, my dearest friend, lucked out and sat across from our beautiful superstars Lexi Hayes and Batti Otaku. But he didn't seem all that happy, and for good reason.

    Bookman: "I've been stewing on this for about a month now. As you all know, Aquarius left us and has taken it upon herself to lead a crusade against me. She says Big Top Wrestling is polluting the environment. I have done everything I could to make this a healthy, eco-friendly product. But still she had her lackies LSD sabotage both our House of Hard Knocks event and our little bit of exposure over on

    Several of us won't be able to compete by the next event. Jeff The All Knowing is in the hospital. Slo-Mo has a broken leg and I fear his career has ended just as quickly as it began. That one guy, Teddy Jobs, is in an Iron Lung of all things. Grindhouse is nowhere to be seen. I am under the impression he has joined Aquarius and whatever her resistance is. I think this because she left me a letter on one of those recycled fiber thingies. I'll read it aloud."

    We all try to remain patient as he pulls out a pair of glasses and clears his throat.

    Bookman: "To The Fat Cat Capitalist Named Lars Bookman,

    By the time this letter reaches you, your little corporation should be in shambles. You and your minions are scrambling by now to make your precious money I bet. Too bad. This is what a resistance looks like. The people have spoken, and I am that people. My Commune of righteous wildlife lovers have thwarted you this day, and we shall do so every time you go to put on an event. Watch. I'm returning to you the BTW Championship belt not because it's the right thing to do. Your empire deserves to burn little man. No, I am giving this back because I am daring you to host another show. We want to end this once and for all with your sad menagerie of sell-outs.

    Think of this as a challenge, you pig. I don't care if you give the belt back to Brick Mason or let your ****e Lexi Hayes carry it into battle. I have my own champion over on this end ready to break the last bits of your spirit. You may know him by Grindhouse. Think about it. Think about how much money you can make putting that object on the line against a real monster. Tickets sell themselves. How about it?

    We'll be watching, Bookman. Watching and waiting.

    Viva la resistance,



    Marquee: "Well...that's that, isn't it? No matter what, we've lost."

    Bookman: "Seems that way. But I know we can beat her at this and profit. Just have to trust me."

    Marquee: "Trust you? You told me when you signed me that I'd be entering the big leagues. That I would make a name for myself in something that would rival a big time promotion like WZCW. Instead I'm sitting here in a goddamn park listening to how fucked we all are."

    Batti: "Marquee-san, he told us that it would take some time. You have to have faith in our Bookman."

    Marquee: "Speak for yourself, weeaboo trash. You are managing one half of a big name tag team over at WZCW. Why are you even with BTW?"

    Otaku's face reddened.

    Marquee: "And time ain't something I got. People like Brick Mason ain't got it either- just look at him! You've protected an old carny since day one, Bookman. What gives on that?!"

    Bookman: "I-I have done no such thing!"

    Mason: "Can we please settle down? Our enemy right now is Aquarius and this 'Commune' she has. She must be dealt with first."

    Marquee: "And who do you suggest will deal with her? YOU? Give me a break. You're a strong man, yeah, but you have what- one, maybe two more fights left in you? How will you combat her hacker luchadors and a tall ass powerhouse? He crippled Slo-Mo!"

    Lexi: "Maybe I can pull some strings. I know someone who could help...

    Spidey: "Do they have experience, Ms. Hayes?"

    Lexi: "Well, no, but he is my brother and he'll do what he can."

    Marcus "The Marquee" chuckled hopelessly.

    Marquee: "So that's where we are. This has become no more than a charity."

    Bookman: "Charity my ass. We're not going to let a hippie get the best of us, are we?

    Marquee: "Get the best of you maybe. But not me. I'm out of this dump."

    And with that, Marcus White got up from the table and turned to leave.

    Bookman: "Marquee, you're breaching your contract if you leave now!"

    Spidey: "For god sakes, man. We even talked on Whatsapp about how excited you were to be working with us. The second it gets hard, you quit???"

    The seventeen year old looked directly at me. His tone was rash.

    Marquee: "Nah. Letting some geriatric ruin my debut match for the title was hard. Allowing him to run free as some fake champion was hard. Giving a tree-hugger a reason to screw us out of our jobs is hard. No. You know what did it? What the straw was that broke the camel's back? This. Meeting in a park and sitting around on pieces of wood like we have no money at all. I admit, I got a lotta pride. But this is too much.

    Take me to court, Bookman. Hope you can cover the expenses. I know I can and then some. I don't want anything to do with you or Aquarius. I'll make my own way in wrestling away from tents and fucking park benches. It's been real."

    The table became uncomfortably quiet. I can't believe I witnessed what could have been our star performer walk out with barely any resistance.

    Bookman: "If any of you share the same feelings as Marquee did, you are free to leave now and I'll terminate your contracts immediately. I cannot pay you as well as before. But I guarantee if you can wade it out, we will all succeed in this endeavor.

    Nobody moved. Lars buried his face in his hands. In that moment he looked impossibly old.

    Bookman: "Lexi, you were saying something about a brother. I hate to beg, and I hate to sound like we are in a drastic predicament. But with Marquee quitting that's exactly where we are, and that's exactly what I'm doing now. Tell me, what is this sibling of yours like?

    Lexi: "He's like me. He's southern as southern gets. But he means well. He ain't never been in no wrestling ring, but he is my biggest fan and he gets in all kinds of trouble for fighting. My brother is a tough son of a gun. Big, too. Mean streak as long as the Rio Grande. I can keep him in check though. I'll be responsible for 'im."

    Bookman: "Great. Alright, we're going to answer Aquarius's dare then. I want you and your brother to fight her tag team. Los Sangria Diablos. Blood Devils. You'll do so in our next event."

    Batti: "Senpai, maybe I can talk Rammikun into fighting one match..."

    Mason: "No offense to you, Miss Otaku. But Ramparte doesn't look the type to fight for free. WZCW stars are probably under a pretty strong contract anyways."

    Spidey: "Lexi, knowing you were employed by them, do you know if that's true?"

    Lexi: "Unfortunately, yes. Takes a lot of money to get them interested. Striking a deal is damn near impossible."

    Mason: "That's out of the question, then. It was a good idea though. Bookman...put me against Grindhouse for the title. Humor her. Marquee may be right and I might just have one fight left in me. But I rather it be against the biggest challenge there is. That sideshow freak is it."

    Bookman: "I wished I could make you reconsider. But times are the way they are. You've got it."

    So Far:

    The Hayes Siblings v. Los Sangria Diablos

    Grindhouse v. Brick Mason (BTW Championship)

    Batti: "Oooo one more spot on the card. I wants it!"

    Lexi: "Can't risk that. You work for WZCW too you know. They may sue if you are injured."

    Batti: "I'm tough! I can fight. Is tiny, will fight."

    Spidey: "But who would you fight? Everyone that is BTW is pretty much sitting here. This is all of us."

    I gestured at the six of us. Bookman wasn't a wrestler. I had no experience and there's no way I'd want to fight a sweet girl like Otaku. We all just sat there trying to think up who she would fight. Would somebody be pulling double duty? Were we that bad off?

    Batti: "Oh I think we all know who should fight me irl."

    Lexi: "Who?"

    Batti: "Why Aquarius, of course!" ;)


    Bookman: "...I doubt she'll accept."

    Batti: "She will. Or else she's a scaredy cat."


    Batti Otaku v. Aquarius [Challenge]

    The Hayes Siblings v. Los Sangria Diablos

    Grindhouse vs. Brick Mason (BTW Championship)

    Mason: "Wow. It really is us versus them. If we lose even one match, it could spell doom for us all."

    Lexi: "Let's not aim to lose."

    Bookman: "We have to be on the same page here, Mason. I know you wanted your time in the limelight and all that. This is the biggest fight in your career. It's practically the battle for Big Top Wrestling itself. I want to trust you to do right by us."

    Mason: "All I wanted was my turn. I thank you for letting me have it. I'm paying you back against the film fanatic. Even if it kills me, I will make this right."

    Batti: "Bookikun, what is the next event called?"

    Bookman: "Glad you asked. I wanted to call it All or Nothing, but I think another company has the rights to that name.

    We are going to call it Dawn's Early Light. Because not only is the quote unquote 'Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" upon us now and we need to keep that in mind, but also I managed to book us a venue in our nation's capital. Washington, D.C."

    Spidey: "Sounds sweet. Wish I could get in touch with James Franco to push us some more views, but he's on location filming Stephen King's 11/22/63 for Hulu.

    Bookman: "That's okay. Expenses are short, but I'm sure we can find somebody to commentate the show with you."

    Lexi: "I should call my brother shortly then. Tell him he's needed."

    Lars nodded.

    Bookman: "Indeed. Meeting adjourned. Let's give this resistance all we have, okay?

    We parted ways that afternoon. It was the most interesting turn of events, even if we lost a comrade along the way. Such is life though, you know? You gain plenty and lose a lot. Keeps everything balanced. Sure bet Marquee regrets his decision to leave us. Maybe he'll be back or maybe he won't. Even in the darkest of times, there is a dawn that breaks it all. And now we have a new addition coming in. Dawn's Early Light is bound to be the most important show in BTW history.

    "Even as the sun falls

    Jeff The All Knowing, Teddy Jobs, and "Slo-Mo" Winslow Moses injured...The Marquee leaves...

    and the hour stalls,

    Aquarius laughs in the middle of her meditiation...LSD try to hack the wrestling site again...Grindhouse sits idly in a pile of rubble at the Starbreak Cinema...

    help is on the way."

    Lexi Hayes grabs her brother from a bar. He walks over the broken bodies of the casuals that tried to cheat him in a game of pool. He is more than happy to help his little sister beat up hippies.

    By The Dawn's Early Light

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    [Mechanical Override. //Hack.]



    [challenge accepted]

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    BTW would like to wish its readers a jovial April Fools Day!!!

    Dawn's Early Light is being worked on as we speak. But don't expect it to go up soon. I'm heading into my finals here in college. But best believe this show will be better than the last ones. Expect twists and turns as BTW fights for survival. Literally.
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