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    The Rundown
    • Lars Bookman started a carnival attraction with Big Top Wrestling that traveled all along the East Coast.
    • The first event was in dedication to Brick Mason, a popular fairgrounds wrestler that never made it to the big leagues.
    • Mason struck a chord with wrestling fans by interfering in his own Appreciation Night, costing Marcus "The Marquee" White the BTW Championship. He took it for his own, stating how he was never given a chance to shine on television and this was the only way he could.
    • While Bookman had problems with Mason, a new threat was on the rise as hippie-turned-eco terrorist Aquarius sought out to destroy BTW from the inside out. Followed by Los Sangria Diabolos, a luchador hacker team, Aquarius was successful in keeping news of wrestling events off of the internet.
    • Grindhouse vs. Brick Mason for the BTW Championship never aired.
    • Faced with a chaotic roster he could not handle, Bookman sold the rights to BTW over to a fledgling web-based company.

    The New Way

    Mr Sytes acquired the rights to the Big Top Wrestling label, now going under the name Big Time Wrestling. With business partner and hired gun Razorback, the two have taken the wrestling company from its humble carnival beginnings to an internet series. Crowds are composed of avid paying customers who not only get seating, but also a subscription to the BTW Social. The BTW Social is a special look into various superstars, rivalries, stories, etc. that can only be found here in this thread.

    Under the new management, certain rules are now to be applied:

    1. Two new championships will usher in the new regime.

    2. Brick Mason is only acting as BTW Champion. At the time of this post, the BTW Championship will be overhauled and a new title will replace it.

    3. To stand out from competitors, a new set of rules will be put in place for matches.

    4. Big Time Wrestling will provide Security at live events. This was lacking under the previous owner.

    5. To ensure quality and excitement, matches will be posted one at a time outside of this thread. All goings on will be discussed here.

    6. LSD are barred from events until they sign with BTW.

    7. BTW featured talent from various other promotions, but they were expected to have signed a BTW contract. Big Time Wrestling has an Open Door Policy, meaning any superstar from any company is allowed to work matches here. (Minor Note: If a superstar from another company holds a title in BTW, that title is not recognized anywhere else but in BTW)

    The Management


    Mr. Sytes (on the left) poses with business partner Razorback while wearing in-ring gear.​

    Vontavius Sytes was a successful entrepreneur, selling his workout DVDs and uploading tips and tricks on the internet. He has taken his regiment nationwide from his condo in Newark, New Jersey. Now he is interested in actively pursuing a career in wrestling as a booker, on-screen manager, and occasional wrestler himself. He figures that since he could take his workout training viral, he could do it with BTW.

    Sytes shares partnership with his longtime friend and spotter Razorback. Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Razorback took many oddjobs to make ends meet, and most of them required inflicting pain on others. It is rumored he worked for loan sharks, club owners, and other various seedy men before reconnecting with his old gym buddy Sytes. Together they want to build on the dream Lars Bookman is leaving behind.

    The BTW Belts

    The iBTW Championship Belt

    Even though it is not the primary title in the new BTW, it is a symbol of BTW going from a circus act to a web-based company. The wi-fi signal centerpiece does not give off the three bars of full coverage, because there is always room to grow on the roster. This is the only title that can be co-owned, as tag team titles are not recognized at the time of this post.

    The BTW Apex Championship Belt

    Also called "The Winged Lion Belt", this title is for the top superstars in the company. Matches for this championship will be few and far between, so when this title is on the line, fans know they're in for something special. The jewel in the centerpiece is a diamond that symbolizes perseverance and endurance.

    The Roster


    Theme Song: "The People" by Common

    Name: Aquarius
    Image Rep: Layla
    Age: 22
    Hometown: Portland, OR
    Gimmick: Hippie
    Theme Song: "Aquarius" by Digital Daggers
    Finisher: The Love Tap (Thumb to the Throat)
    Signatures: Tomahawk Chop, Back Stabber

    Name: Brick Mason
    Image Rep: Hulk Hogan
    Age: 68
    Hometown: Providence, RI
    Gimmick: Carny Wrestler
    Theme Song: "Born In The U.S.A." by Bruce Springsteen
    Finisher: Brick Kick (Big Boot)
    Signatures: Sidewalk Slam, School Boy

    Name: Cavalcade
    Image Rep: Joe Coffey
    Age: 36
    Hometown: Aberdeen, Scotland
    Gimmick: Crazed Superhero Personality Disorder
    Theme Song: "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth
    Finisher: Game Winning Kick (The Punt)
    Signatures: Headbutt, Shin Breaker

    Name: Grindhouse
    Image Rep: Bane
    Age: ???
    Hometown: The Star Break Cinema
    Gimmick: Exploitation Film Fanatic
    Theme Song: 70's Grindhouse Intro, Feature Presentation
    Finisher: Chokeslam
    Signatures: High-Impact Elbow Smash, Fall Away Slam

    Name: Jeff The All Knowing
    Image Rep: Jinder Mahal
    Age: 27
    Hometown: The Mystical Isle of Manhattan
    Gimmick: Fortune Teller
    Theme Song: "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Epica
    Finisher: The All-Knowing Clothesline (Discus Lariat)
    Signatures: Manhattan Drop, Package Piledriver

    Name: Kid Kerouac
    Image Rep: Aiden English
    Age: 32
    Hometown: Columbia University
    Gimmick: Beatnik
    Theme Song: "My Favorite Things" by John Coltrane
    Finisher: The Beat (Diving Elbow Drop)
    Signatures: Shake, Rattle, & Roll, Hip Toss

    Name: Lexi Hayes
    Image Rep: Mandy Rose
    Age: 21
    Hometown: Centerville, TX
    Gimmick: Southern Belle
    Theme Song: "Young In America" Danielle Bradberry
    Finisher: Thunder Stomp (Curb Stomp)
    Signatures: Running Spear, Moonsault

    Name: Marcus "The Marquee" White
    Image Rep: Xavier Woods
    Age: 17
    Hometown: St. Cloud, MN
    Gimmick: Hot Young Commodity
    Theme Song: "King" by Zayde Wolf
    Finisher: The Brass Rings (Rings of Saturn)
    Signatures: Seated Senton, Dropdown Neckbreaker

    Name: Razorback
    Image Rep: Batista
    Age: 31
    Hometown: Little Rock, AR
    Gimmick: Hired Gun
    Theme Song: "Born To Die" by The Amity Affliction
    Finisher: Mercy Killing (Frankensteiner)
    Signatures: Kitchen Sink, Belly to Belly

    Name: Red Odinson
    Image Rep: Sheamus
    Age: 35
    Hometown: The Monastery
    Gimmick: Zealot
    Theme Song: "Speak No Evil" by Mikkel Heimburger
    Finisher: The Smiting Blow (Double Axe Handle)
    Signatures: Crossface, Cross Arm Breaker

    Name: Santina Diego
    Image Rep: Bayley
    Age: 20
    Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
    Gimmick: Internet Star
    Theme Song: "Everybody Wants To Be Poppy" by Poppy
    Finisher: The Die-Ego (619)
    Signatures: Diving Leg Drop, Implant DDT

    Name: "The South" Stetson Hayes
    Image Rep: James Storm
    Age: 24
    Hometown: Centerville, TX
    Gimmick: Lexi's Blue Blooded Brother
    Theme Song: "Awake O' Sleeper" by The Brothers Bright
    Finisher: Texas Cloverleaf
    Signatures: Spinning Toe Hold, STO

    Name: Teddy Jobs
    Image Rep: James Franco
    Age: 28
    Hometown: Hollywood, CA
    Gimmick: James Franco Look-Alike
    Theme Song: "James Franco" by Hoodie Allen
    Finisher: 4:20 (Rock Bottom)
    Signatures: Rolling Thunder, Bronco Buster

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    The Rules
    • Tables, Ladders, etc are free to use under the condition that they are
      A. Outside of the ring
      B. Static (ie. Putting an opponent through a table is okay. Shoving a table into your opponent's stomach, head, etc is against the rules).
    • The Standard Ten Count for Ring Out is prohibited. An official must use the Five Count and it is at their discretion. This system will also be provided for Technical Knockouts. Last Man Standing Matches are the only exception.
    • No Five Count on Rope Breaks. Referee will issue one Warning to release the hold. Wrestler must comply immediately or forfeit the match.
    • Eye Gouging and Cup Shots are forbidden. Fish-hooking or any other sensitive holds will be met with a Warning. (ex. Aquarius's Love Tap is an illegal move that will receive an infraction unless rules specifically say otherwise.)
    • All other rules custom to Regular Matches are to be observed.

    The Special Entrances
    • Reserved for title matches
    • Optional

    • Outside interference gets a Warning. Entering the ring is grounds for an automatic disqualification.
    • Random Acts of God (Situations where both parties are not at fault) will be met with the match restarting either right away or postponed depending on how severe the situation is.
    • Either wrestler may have up to two people accompany them to the ring.
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    Aquarius kept her head down low as she walked across the parking deck. She kept at a brisk pace, uninterrupted, until she came to the stairwell. Lexi Hayes stood on a step, and noticed the troublemaker coming her direction. Hayes moved forward, intimidating Aquarius.

    "Give me one good reason I shouldn't whip your ass right here and now."

    The eco terrorist kept her gaze to the ground.

    "This is a new brand, Lexi. It is much more practical, and doesn't hurt the environment nearly as much as that carnival wrestling did. That's all I cared about, honest."

    "An innocent man quit his dream because of you! "Oh, woe is me and this paycheck I got every time I wrestled in the fed when I could have just quit if it bothered me." Bless Your Heart. Out of all the horrible ways we're polluting the world, you cared about a goshdarn fairground. Bookman didn't deserve what you did to him."

    "I did my part for the betterment of the world. It may have been "just" a goshdarn fairground, but no resistance is too small. Look, I hate what I did to Bookman. He had a kind heart. But I will not apologize for being who I am. I couldn't sit by and do nothing. I'm a free spirit. Lars knew that, and so do these two bosses we have now. The past is the past. Please, let's let this go and work together and make a name for ourselves here."

    The hippie offered her hand out in friendship. The country girl sneered.

    "I will not shrug this off. Bookman was a good man, you said it yourself. I can't sit by as you try being buddy buddy with the people you screwed over. I ain't apologizing for who I am, either."

    Lexi Hayes got in Aquarius's face and shouted for somebody to get a referee, wanting a match then and there. Aquarius pleaded for her to reconsider.

    "Please! Let's forget about Big Top Wrestling."

    There was a flash, and then the sound of a camera shudder. Lexi Hayes and her old nemesis turned around. A lady was taking a selfie. She flipped through filters thoughtfully, then poked at her touch screen. As if feeling their eyes, she turned around, and pretended to be shocked to see them there.

    "OH Snap. People are here. Lolz."

    She eyed them both, and smiled prettily.

    "Ah, so you guys are from that carny thing. Cool beans. Well, it must be a big change going from sawdust and cigarette butts to cameras and large crowds! Wow. You guys didn't even have to fight in school gyms or bingo halls to get here. Good for you. Like, really.

    Lexi and Aquarius glanced at one another, and then back at this stranger.

    "Ooo forgive me. My name is Santina Diego. You may have heard of me. I'm kind of a big deal on the internet wrestling scene. Some would say adored. Seriously, Google me. If you need any pointers, I could help you girls out."

    "That's nice, Santina, but we really-"

    "You're Aquarius! Sorry for cutting you off and all, but I heard some rumors about you. You're into that New Age stuff, huh? Gonna rebel against the BTW system? Epic. Keep BTW off the web some more?"

    "That's not who I am any-"

    "And YOU must be Lexi Hayes. Heard you did alright at the fair. Better than anything you did in WZCW, the biggest fed in like ever. Did you win anything in the Big Leagues?"

    "Umm no, but I have-"

    "Aww too bad. Well you're a step above the carnival and a bit below WrestleZone, but ehh you could be doing worse. I sure know I could."

    Santina smiled broadly. Aquarius cringed.

    "Oookay well I'm just gonna go ahead and-"

    "Don't leave! We should totes take a selfie. It could really help build your popularity among the fans. Here I'll show you."

    She stuck out her tongue and snapped a picture. Before posting it, she gave it the hashtag "Making Frenemies LOL".

    "I don't want my face on social media."

    "Ooo you're in the wrong business then, friend. This is a new world. If you don't have the Likes, then you won't make the bucks. Promise. I'm already lined up to get a shot at the iBTW Championship Belt. That's the presence I bring. What will you two be doing while I'm hogging the spotlight? C'mon. It's a lot of fun."

    Aquarius backed away in discomfort. Lexi Hayes eyed her and the social media starlet.

    "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to reach out to the audience. Sure, I'll take pictures with you, Santina."

    "Awesomesauce. And please, call me Diego. That's what my followers do."

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    "I searched for a man to aid me 'gainst the heathens."

    The pale zealot sat alone in a dark and dusty room, his knees bent and his head lowered as in a prayer. A rumbling noise came from the decrepit floor. Wooden panels rocked, but his voice stayed calm.

    "God has taken from the Devil his sword and placed it in my hand."

    A roar in the darkness. A squeal of fearful vermin answered.

    "I searched for a man, and I found a dragon."

    The door creaked open, spilling light onto the speaker. He looked up from his prayer. From the doorway stood the silhouette of a giant.

    "Fire from Hell to punish thy demons. It takes thine own kind to smite such wickedness. Grindhouse, you are that flaming sword of Eden plucked from paradise to burn the decrepit garden."

    Grindhouse said nothing. From elsewhere a film played the opening cinema intro of a bygone era. They stood in an old, neglected movie theater. The pale heretic rose with a maddening smile playing on his lips.

    "Go then. Drive thou kind from Heaven. Start with the elder, Brick Mason, for he is their 'doring champion."

    He left on the man's order. The zealot stared up at the crumbling ceiling.

    "Amen. Amen."


    Mike Plancha

    Texarkana, TX




    Jose Special

    San Jose, CA


    Special Guest Referee


    Tom Heckle


    Shreveport, LA

    Interviewer/Play-Play-Play Analysist/Color Commentator
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    If you are not caught up on the condition of Brick Mason vs. Grindhouse, please click on the link below:

    BTW Apex Championship Match

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    "What can I do for you, Mr. Mason?"

    Sytes looked up from his paperwork and noticed Brick Mason at the doorway. Razorback, transfixed on staring out of the office window, also gave the carny veteran his attention. Mason adjusted his skullcap before entering the room.

    "Jus' need a moment of your time."

    Sytes gestured at the empty seat across from his desk. Brick accepted it and continued.

    "It's about my match with Grindhouse."


    "Yessir. I request a rematch. I truly believe it would be a good fight, too. Ticket sales would be fantastic and-"

    The Owner shook his head. Razorback leaned against a wall and snickered.

    "I will be honest with you, Brick. We here at BTW were a little unsettled by how easily Grindhouse defeated you. All of us were concerned for your well being, being a senior citizen and all. I hope you understand. I can't have a liability on my hands the moment I take control. I'm not Lars Bookman. That's not how we do things now."

    Razorback went back to staring out of the window. Brick Mason took his cap off, rubbing the sweat from his balding head.

    "I get it. I do. But this is my livelihood, sir. You have me on the payroll. Use me and my name. I can generate revenue, promise!"

    "Slotting you into a color commentator's roll. Heckle needs somebody to run play-by-plays with."

    "With all due respect sir, I was the inaugural champion."

    "A championship you stole from Marcus White."

    "I defended and retained against him!"

    Sytes sat still, eyeing the broken man. He sighed.

    "Alright. Maybe I can give you one more chance. But you must sign off on it. There will be no lawsuits against me or this company if we let a 60 year old die in the ring."

    "Done. Thank you so much, Mr. Sytes."

    "May I suggest an additional clause?"

    Before the men could shake hands, Razorback walked over to Sytes. He kept his gaze on Brick as he spoke to BTW's owner.

    "I've been hanging around here examining the talent you've acquired, and frankly you're my boy and all, but I'm not impressed. Grindhouse is a monster...but these others? I could do a better job. Let me test our friend here and if he beats me, then I'd say he's earned his right to the rematch."

    Brick put his skullcap back on.

    "You want to fight me?"

    "Yeah. Hate to break it to you, I don't think the Apex Championship Match lived up to the hype. If BTW is going to go anywhere, they need more in the tank than that. You're an antique running on fumes, and it's time to change the oil."

    Razorback cracked his neck and smiled at Mason.

    "I despise people like you, really. The type of men that try their damndest to hold onto some preconceived limelight. Like old lions weaseling their way into the hunt. Well, I would love nothing better than for you to prove me wrong. C'mon Brick Mason. What do you have to lose, besides ever seeing that belt again?"

    "Alright, alright that's enough. You're both putting me in a spot here. I don't want to risk talent if I can help it. Mason, there's no risk at taking up a behind-the scenes roll here in-"

    "I'll do it. I'll face Razorback here. If I lose, I don't get my rematch. I accept."

    The office became quiet. Razorback nodded, satisfied. Sytes grimaced.

    "You're sure? You're okay with signing off on this?"

    "No shame in backing out, old man. It'd be wise."

    "I'm sure. I've had enough of the disrespect because I was born earlier than any of you. Grindhouse defeated me, and maybe I wasn't 100%. But I won't make that mistake again. I'm going to show you up, Razor, and show everybody there's still plenty of fight left in this lion! We have a deal."

    Brick Mason and Mr. Sytes shook hands. Razorback kept smiling even when the veteran stepped out of the office.

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    Santina Diego, Lexi Hayes, & Aquarius to face off for the iBTW Championship Title.



    Marcus "The Marquee" White to enter the ring soon.

    Past history with BTW has seen the youngest star in the sport quit under Bookman's reign.

    How well will he be intercepted upon his return?

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    Marcus White's match is up. Does he defy expectations? How did the BTW audience take to the youngest superstar in the company? Read for yourself:


    Click on the link below:

    Marcus White vs. Stetson Hayes
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    During Marcus White vs. Cavalcade...

    EMTs carted Stetson Hayes to a parking lot, where an ambulance was waiting. He wouldn't go quietly; screaming and shouting for management. The South fidgeted in his restraints. His sister came rushing into the vicinity.

    "What the hell happened here?!"

    "They say I gots a broken chest, Sissy. Done made me lose my match, the bastards."


    Mr. Sytes rushed backstage and towards the siblings.

    "Why my brother have broken bones, Vontae?"

    "Leave it to the medics, please. He took a bad hit is all but we are going to get this situated. These things happen in our business, you know that."

    "How long am I gonna be out?"

    "As long as it takes for you to heal. Your health is top priority to me. Don't beat yourself up. Give it some time to mend and you'll be back at it."

    "This is bullshit. I ain't that hurt."

    "My bubba bar brawls all the damn time and you're telling me he took one hit in the ring and he's injured? I don't believe that one bit."

    Sytes looked offended. Stetson closed his eyes and muttered under his breath.

    "Believe whatever you want. As your employer I'm asking you to cut me some slack. I know what I'm doing here. Your brother will be fine. In fact, he's going to get paid leave. Can't get any better than that. Actually, I think I can..."

    The Owner of BTW smiled. The southern belle nervously waited.

    "I've been thinking about it, and I've made a decision about the iBTW Championship title. I want you fighting for it. Your history with the company is fairly strong, and you still have some pull here being an ex-WZCW employee."

    "Thank you...but can I choose my opponent as well?"

    Lexi bit her lip. Stetson stirred.

    "I don't see why not."

    "Please, don't be pickin' Marcus White. If anybody will be scrapping with him, I want it to be me."

    "Fine. Then I choose Aquarius. We have unfinished business spawning back that time she was trying to end BTW. I need to settle that score."

    Sytes nodded.

    "Alright. As it stands, next week it will be you and Aquarius to crown the Inaugural iBTW Champion. I must tell you though, there is one other person whose name has been floating around. Santina Diego. She's fairly popular with the fans."

    "I don't know her that well. Don't care if she is in the ring or not. I want the hippie."

    "And I want to be ringside."

    Sytes shifted his gaze between the brother and sister. He sighed, and shrugged.

    "We'll see. If you're not feeling strongly about a second opponent, I can leave her off the card. No worries. But I want you in that match, Miss Hayes."

    He rested a hand on Stetson's shoulder briefly before turning around to leave. Lexi comforted her brother, telling them that everything will be okay, and that the Hayes Siblings will endure.

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    Fan Approval

    Scaled from 0-10. 0 is for those who have yet to be featured.

    Red denotes fan disapproval.

    Green denotes favorability.

    • Aquarius (-3)
    • Brick Mason (+4)
    • Cavalcade (+2)
    • Grindhouse (-5)
    • Jeff The All Knowing (0)
    • Kid Kerouac (0)
    • Lexi Hayes (+4)
    • Marcus "The Marquee" White (-4)
    • Razorback (-3)
    • Red Odinson (-2)
    • Santina Diego (+2)
    • "The South" Stetson Hayes (+3)
    • Teddy Jobs (0)


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