BTW| Grindhouse vs. Brick Mason (BTW Apex Championship)

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    Grindhouse vs. Brick Mason


    The arena lights dimmed down as the intro came to a close. He crept silently out from darkened drapes, and walked into the view of paying customers. Grindhouse stood as still as a sentinel, releasing an audible breathe. Audio equipment recorded the heavy breathing before he made his way slowly down the unlit runway. He took a moment to step up the steel steps before pulling the ring ropes down far enough down so that he could walk into the ring with ease. Grindhouse went to a corner and hunched down, folding his arms and bowing his head in deep meditation.



    Red, white, and blue lights flicker in contrast the the moody atmosphere Grindhouse's entrance brought. As the lyrics kicked in, Brick Mason rushed out waving Old Glory. He trekked passed nearby fans and locked eyes on the beast inside the ring. Fearlessly he ignored the steel steps, opting for climbing in the hard way. Brick Mason climbed the opposing turnbuckle and waved the American flag again, this time pausing to point at Grindhouse with it. Mason audibly shouts "You Don't Scare Me!" before hopping off of the buckle and handing the flag over to a nearby staff member.


    Brick Mason wasted no time squaring up to Grindhouse, who is not at all phased by Mason's fiery and passionate entrance. The two stare daggers as a pair of officials pat them down for any concealed weapons. Grindhouse raises his head and beams down at Mason with calculating eyes. Brick remains unmoved.


    BTW Official Mike Plancha recited the rules to both men.

    "This is a normal match for the BTW Apex Championship. No foreign objects inside the ring, no outside interference, and no excessive unruly force. I will be keeping a close watch for any misconduct. If you break the rules, you will lose this match. Do you comply?"

    The referee addressed Brick Mason. He growled and nodded.

    "Do YOU comply?"

    Grindhouse didn't look at the official, but at his opponent. He gave him a stiff nod.


    Brick Mason backed away methodically, circling the large behemoth. Grindhouse matched Mason's strategy, but he kept up at a slower pace. The carny veteran idled along the ropes as his opponent waited for his next move. He gritted his teeth, shrinking the gap between the two of them. Grindhouse became impatient, rushing Mason with outstretched hands. Mason barely escaped his grasp, dodging him and sprinting to the other side of the ring. Mason wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead, and focused on Grindhouse. The cinema resident ambled closer to Mason, reaching out again but this time for a test of strength. Mason declined, backing away in a game of cat and mouse. Fed up, Grindhouse rushed him again, and again Mason moved away in the nick of time. Expecting another bum-rush, Mason lured himself to a corner and waited for Grindhouse. Grindhouse ran and raised his arm for a clothesline, and Mason dodged his offense a third time. The big man collided with the corner turnbuckles. Brick Mason clubbed him in the back loudly.

    Heckle: "Brick Mason executed a nice bait-and-switch defense, now he's got the first offensive hit of the night. Old codger got that veteran experience and is using it today. Gonna take a whole handbook to chop Grindhouse down to size, though."

    Grindhouse arched his back in reflex. Mason drove his elbow into his shoulder blade, attempting to bring the giant down. It wasn't enough. Brick struck Grindhouse across his back a third time, and Grindhouse fell into the turnbuckle. Completely in the driver's seat, the veteran attempted to lift him up into the ropes, but as he struggled in vain Grindhouse lashed out - he used the back of his skull to knock Mason to the ground!

    The sound of heads making contact was picked up by audio equipment. Brick Mason touched his own forehead to check for signs of blood. There wasn't any. Grindhouse wasted no time on planning an attack; he kicked Mason's face with an estranged malice. With Mason showing no signs of retaliation, Grindhouse wrapped a bear of a hand over his neck and proceeded to strangle him to death. Referee Plancha asked for him to cut it out, but was ignored.

    "That's it! You've earned a Warning! One more infraction and I'm going to have to give the win to Brick Mason."

    Grindhouse grunted, and let go of his chokehold.

    "Grindhouse is still in a predicament even if he's gaining momentum. Mike Plancha is a seasoned official and he's not the type of guy to go easy with the rules."

    The threat of disqualification bought Brick enough time to roll underneath the bottom ropes. As he pulled himself up, he met Grindhouse's gaze. Brick nodded, mouthing "Okay" in a show of masculine respect. Grindhouse remained undeterred. The acting BTW Champion pushed himself away from the ropes, and walked to the center of the ring. Grindhouse met him there, sizing him up with every turn of his head. This time, it was Mason who asked for the test of strength. His answer was met with an unexpected headbutt! The unsportsmanlike attack earned the cinema recluse jeers from the crowd.

    Grindhouse refused to let up once Brick staggered backwards. He grabbed him by his arm and Irish Whipped him to the opposite side of the ring. Brick rebounded off of the ropes, and was firmly planted into the canvas with a stiff clothesline. Mason cried out in pain, clutching his collar bone. Grindhouse voluntarily went down to his knees, crawling over Mason for the pin. Brick rolled to his side and reached out for Grindhouse's neck. He found it and latched on. The veteran applied a side headlock to his opponent. Grindhouse struggled, but could not slip through Brick's hold. He resigned himself to grasping for rope that was not there. The audience started to rally behind Mason, chanting "You've Still Got It!" but not quite loud enough for him to acknowledge it.

    Mason cradled Grindhouse's head, wrenching it maddeningly. The monster of a man continued to look for the bottom rope with his fingertips, but could not find them. Plancha asked Grindhouse if he wanted to quit. The question was met with no reply. Instead, he placed his hand onto the mat and began to pull himself up. Mason wrenched harder. Grindhouse pushed himself to his knees with Mason still applying the headlock. Mason buckled his knees, making himself deadweight. Grindhouse still lifted the 300+ pound man several feet from the ground and dumped him over the top rope...but Brick held on, using his weight as leverage in that moment to send both men to the outside!

    "Brick had the ring presence to continue his hold on Grindhouse, showing off that seasoned skill of his."

    As both men scrambled to get back to their feet, Mike Plancha shouted out a resounding "1!" to begin the Five Count for a Ring Out. Brick Mason jerked the ring apron to his chest, dragging himself back to his feet. The apron held, to the surprise of everyone. Grindhouse crawled not to Brick, but underneath the ring. As Plancha yelled "2!", Brick Mason took no chances and slid back into the ring. Grindhouse searched for something. Plancha asked Mason if he was still in fighting condition, and Mason nodded. Grindhouse pulled a wooden table out. Mike Plancha shouted "3!" and reminded him not to bring it into the ring. Brick Mason massaged his collar bone again, getting his bearings back. Grindhouse set the table up close to the squared circle and climbed back into the ring, where he was met with a barrage of strikes and clubs to the back.

    Grindhouse shoved him off, but Brick delivered a haymaker that left Grindhouse leaning against the ropes. Brick Mason applied another headlock, but Grindhouse was on the ropes. Mike Plancha told him to break the hold, but whether or not Mason heard him was unknown.

    "Alright! You've received a Warning! One more infraction from you and this contest will go to Grindhouse!"

    Brick Mason let go and argued with the referee about how he didn't hear the call.

    Grindhouse took advantage of the situation by attacking Brick with a High-Impact Elbow Smash! The signature move dropped Mason to the canvas. Grindhouse rested a hand against Mason's chest and Plancha began counting the pinfall. "1!"....."2!".....

    As Plancha raised his arm up to finalize the competition at "3!", Mason lifted his shoulder up. Unmoved, Grindhouse grabbed Mason's throat again, and was about to get the disqualification, when he picked Mason off the ground and called for his Chokeslam. Grindhouse carried Mason over to the ropes by the throat and pointed at the table that sat ahead of them. The audience cheered and booed Grindhouse's actions. Brick fought back, kicking Grindhouse's shin, breaking the hold as Grindhouse recoiled. Brick Mason backed away, ran the opposing ropes, and struck back with his Brick Kick! The Big Boot caused Grindhouse to lean over the ropes, almost enough to send him over and onto the table. What should have been a finishing move didn't get Grindhouse off of the ground, so Brick Mason ran the ropes again, catching Grindhouse's face with a second Brick Kick! Grindhouse flipped over the ropes, but didn't make contact with the table. The audience let out a collected sigh of defeat.

    Brick Mason clutched his knees, out of breath from the move. Grindhouse remained unresponsive as Plancha shouted "1!". The ring veteran sat down at a nearby ringpost and relaxed for a moment. Grindhouse showed minor signs of life by crawling to the steel steps. Mike Plancha observed him like a hawk before counting back up to "2!". Brick Mason shook his head, watching Grindhouse get back to his feet before the count of 3. He rolled back inside, and Brick got back up as well. The two men exchanged right blow after right blow, and the fans cheered and jeered in unison as Brick punched Grindhouse, and Grindhouse punched Mason. Grindhouse quickly gained the upperhand in their duel, slamming his fist into Brick's stomach before lifting him up in the air and throwing him over his head in a Fall Away Slam. Brick Mason collided with the mat. Before Grindhouse could go for the cover, Brick rolled straight out of the ring. Upon hitting the concrete that made for the outside, Brick's forehead began to bleed.

    "Jesus Christ, Mason is busted open and Grindhouse is comin' straight for him!"

    Before Brick could stand up, Grindhouse grabbed him from behind and sent him flying into the steel steps. Brick Mason tumbled over the stairs and fell on his back. Mike Plancha started the Five Count for a third time in the match. "1!" echoed clearly in the web-based promotion. Mason held onto his knee and grunted in pain, his face the proverbial crimson mask. Grindhouse stared at his handiwork, and then back at the table. He walked passed Brick and searched underneath the ring again. The madman pulled out lighter fluid and a grill lighter! Plancha shouted "2!" Grindhouse poured the fluid over the table liberally, and then squirted a bit onto Brick Mason himself. Mike Plancha watched silently, and judged whether or not the liquid was legal or counted as a foreign object. He shook his head and told the combatants they were mid-way through the count with "3!"

    "Oh come on, ref! The liquid itself may not hurt him like a chair shot right now, but it's gotta sting with all that blood. And the fact he's about to be set on fire can't be right."

    Grindhouse emptied the bottle on Brick, and then went back to the table. He lit it cautiously, the flames spurting and then searing the wood brightly. Grindhouse took a step back and gazed dreamily at the fire with mesmerized eyes. "4!" the official warned. Brick Mason climbed the steps on all fours, slipping here and there due to the Butane oil and blood. Grindhouse reached for the bottom and middle ropes and pulled himself in like a horror movie monster, the table flickered chaotically behind him. Grindhouse picked Brick off of the canvas and dragged him through the ropes. Together both men stood on the ring apron. The crowd became unglued - many whistled and hollered for either wrestler to go through the flaming table.

    Brick Mason looked up at Grindhouse with gore streaming down into his eyes. Grindhouse placed his hand over Mason's neck. Grindhouse lifted him by the throat, but Brick kneed him in the gut, making him falter. Brick wrapped an arm around Grindhouse and deadlifting him a few inches off the ground. He held onto the rope tightly as he delivered a botched Sidewalk Slam...and Grindhouse fell through the fiery table!

    "Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shi-"

    But a hush instantly pierced the crowd. Grindhouse picked himself up from the ground, dusted himself off, and cocked his head at Brick Mason.

    "No way. I...I've never seen anybody get up like that before! Not after going through that. He-he seems to be rejuvenated."

    What gratification Brick felt putting the beast through the table was drained from his face. He went back inside the ring, limping the whole way. Before Mike Plancha could muster a "1!" count, Grindhouse stepped back into the ring. The audience was unnaturally quiet as if all hope had left the arena. As if taunting the carnival legend, Grindhouse raised his hand into the air - signalling he wanted a test of strength.

    Defeated, Brick Mason nodded and clasped hands with Grindhouse. Barely any felt left in him, Mason dropped to his knees and dodged Grindhouse's other hand, wrapping him up into a School Boy Pin! Mike Plancha with the count- "1!"....."2!"....."3-".....

    Grindhouse kicked out and laughed, toying with Mason. Furious, Brick summoned the rest of his strength in Irish Whipping Grindhouse into the ropes. On the rebound, Grindhouse caught him with a Big Boot! He executed Brick's own finisher as Brick's chin made contact with the devastating move. The aged superstar lied spread eagle on the mat. Grindhouse didn't move. Instead he stood there and waited for Brick Mason to get back up. Mike Plancha started an in-ring Five Count for a TKO. "1!" the referee called out. Grindhouse stayed as still as a statue. Brick remained unconscious. "2!" Grindhouse stood like a sentinel and watched his opponent stoically. Brick opened his eyes, and wiped blood away from his sight. He stared up into the lights of the arena. "3!" The crowd rumbled lightheartedly, expecting the worst to come to Brick but still encouraged him to fight the brute. Brick tried rolling to one side, but couldn't. He cried out something unintelligible. "4!" Brick closed his eyes, and waited for the TKO. Plancha raised his hand into the air, about to call for the end, but Grindhouse picked Brick Mason right back up. The crowd savagely booed, hating the display. Grindhouse grabbed Brick by the throat once again, but Brick looked into his face defiantly, and shouted "Do It!" clear enough for those at ringside to hear. Grindhouse nodded, hoisted him up into the air, and gave him the Chokeslam! He placed his foot on top of Brick's chest for the pin. "1!"....."2!"....."3-".....

    And just like that the match was over. Mike Plancha called for the bell and gave the hand sign for medics to check on Brick Mason. Grindhouse was handed the BTW Apex Championship. He gazed at it as Red Odinson rushed down the runway and into the ring. Odinson knelt down in front of Grindhouse in praise. Grindhouse raised the Championship over his head with one hand, coveting its value in the company.

    "Well, here we have it folks. Grindhouse is our inaugural BTW Apex Champion. Love him or hate him, he has shown supernatural strength and endurance in this bout. That's nothing to take away from his challenge, who is pushing freakin' 70! But something tells me there is not much else left in the tank for ol' Brick after this classic matchup."

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