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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by CrunKSinatrA, Feb 13, 2017.

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    This one is for all the John Cena Haters...

    Which Cena win was better... John Cena over CM Punk on Raw 2013 or Cena over AJ Styles on Royal Rumble 2017?

    Cena's recent win over Styles has already ended the 2017 Match of the Year campaign in January.

    Cena is a way better wrestler now than he was during his Punk feud from 2011 to 2013.

    Now Cena is an actual mat technician with Code Reds, Springboard Stunners, and Emerald Flowsions in his arsenal.

    Styles is a slightly better wrestler than CM Punk, but it's debatable like Kobe vs Jordan for bball GOAT.

    And Cena rolling thru with a double AA was a great finish.

    But I have to go with Raw 2013 as Cena's best.

    Cena's match over Punk was his breakthrough match.

    Punk taught Cena how to wrestle. That match on Raw was Cena's dissertation and graduation in one.

    I couldn't believe it when Cena pulled off a passable frankensteiner into an AA for the finish.

    Cena even sprinkled in a piledriver plus a Crippler Crossface for some what a maneuver controversy.

    Before, Cena's match quality depended on having quality partners like HBK, Y2J, RVD, and Edge.

    Now, Cena went on a year or so long hot streak with his weekly Open Challenges and set the bar higher each week.

    After the Punk program, Cena even got a great feud Mark Henry.
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    AJ, no doubt. There's just a different aura when you come up against the real best in the world, which you thought legitimately would never happen. They had two great, and some may say also two different styled matches.

    I'm a big CM Punk fan, but I feel like AJ is just... more over? or just over in a different way.

    Also to the last part of your comment, that's irrelevant information what cena went on to do, because we haven't had the same amount of time since, but like wwe say... it's a new era, cena's time is fading away.. but he went on to become a 16x world champion, and I bet you he will get a 17th which I would say would eclipse anything prior.

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