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    Real Name: Shawn Martinez

    Gimmick Name: Bandit

    Announced As: Bandit

    Height: 6ft6

    Weight: 289lbs

    Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

    Billed From: Cincinnati, Ohio

    Alignment: Heel

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from Cincinnati, Ohio weighing 289 pounds... Bandit!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length: Bald

    ----------------Eye Colour: Brown

    ----------------Facial Hair: Black goatee, grown longer than in the picture.

    ----------------Ring attire: Long black wrestling tights with "BANDIT" down the right leg in yellow, with a few coins next to the stem of the "T".

    ----------------Backstage Attire: White vest & either his wrestling tights, or tatty black jeans.

    ----------------Physical Features: Tall, heavy, but muscular with it.

    ----------------Tattoos: None.

    Sample Pic of Wrestler: [​IMG]

    Main Gimmick: A former petty thief turned bank robber who after prison stint after prison stint has decided to steal what he can from the superstars of WZCW.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:

    1) This is a man who will do ANYTHING to steal a win. It doesn't just come down to dirty tactics in the ring, but backstage too. Bandit will steal wrestlers gym bags, pay other wrestlers to take out his opponent & even do his best to bribe management to give him an "easy night".

    2) Bandit may leave some members of the audience without a wallet, phone or watch some nights. If he ends up in the crowd or even near the fans at the entrance ramp, Bandit will get his hands on any of their possessions.

    Brief Bio/History: When Shawn was growing up, he turned his hands to petty crime to make himself some money. Whether it was taking a wallet from a passer-by, or pretending to fall & helping himself to the watch of whoever came to aid him, he was making his way through the ranks quickly. Eventually, getting his "crew" together, Shawn started on bank robberies. Landing himself in prison at the age of 22, Shawn escaped with the aid of friends made inside only 10 months later. 2 more months on, he was back inside again. Now, after serving 10 years, at the age of 32, he's out to steal what he can from the WZCW Superstars.

    Entrance Music: [YOUTUBE]gXN9acC9edU[/YOUTUBE]

    Entrance Description: Bandit comes out as the band kicks in after a little bit of guitar in the song. He walks down the ramp with his hands in his pockets, looking down at the ground the entire time. When he reaches the apron, he'll check under the ring just to make sure that there's some weapons underneath, just in case. Once in the ring, he'll run into the corner & headbutt the turnbuckle a couple of times before shouting out something to the crowd.

    Fighting Style: Brawler, but smart with his actions. Always thinking ahead.

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: One gunshot wound at the left shoulder from a police standoff.

    Finishing Moves (2 max):

    1) "Snatch 'n' Grab" - Codebreaker (Snatch), but as Bandit lands on his back, his pulls his victims head into a triangle choke (Grab)

    2) "Bank Job" - Killswitch

    Signature Moves (3 max):

    1) "Getaway" - Reign's Apron Dropkick

    2) "Stack of Gold" - Cesaro's Elevated Uppercut

    12 Most Used Moves:

    1. DDT
    2. Elbow Strikes to the Head
    3. Corner Shoulder Thrust
    4. Spinebuster
    5. German Suplex
    6. Snap Suplex
    7. Headbutts
    8. 3 Chop Combo - 1st Stomach, 2nd Chest, 3rd Throat
    9. Grounded Knee Drops
    10. Corner Punches
    11. Jumping Clothesline (Ala Undertaker)
    12. Bulldog

    Sample RP.

    A free man for the last fourteen months, Shawn Martinez strides down a busy street. At his side, keeping the pace of Martinez is his former cellmate, Jesse King. Engrossed in conversation, they almost seem as if they don't realise the bustle of people around them.

    Man, who would have thought that you of all people would have managed an early release?


    King shoves Shawn in a joking manner, accidentally pushing him into a woman walking past them. Martinez lands on the woman pretty hard, but he manages to hold them both up.

    Oh my god, I am so sorry! I didn't know that was coming...I really hope you're ok! Jesse, can you watch what you're doing next time?! Jesus!

    Dude, I'm sorry!

    Shawn puts his hand on the woman's shoulder as way of an apology and carries on walking in the opposite direction with King.

    So... now you're out and free, what's the plan for Shawn Martinez?

    Well, it's time to start making an honest name for myself man. After all that's happened, why would I go back down the route of theft...stealing other people's possessions to make money for myself? It's a dishonest game and I can't do that anymore. Shawn stands still. Looking down, he realises that his shoelace is undone.Woah hold up a sec Jesse, I gotta sort this out. Don't wanna be falling flat on my face, I've seen too many black eyes in my life.

    Shawn kneels down to tie up his shoelace. He may have spent some time in prison, but taking this long to tie a lace just isn't right.

    Shawn, you ok down there?

    Without a seconds hesitation, Shawn pops back up immediately and once again, in such a short space of time, finds himself in the arms of another passerby. As with the lady from before, Martinez makes sure that they're ok, pats them on the shoulder and lets them go on their way with an apology. He then brushes himself off, before setting off with Jesse again.

    Ok, we good?

    Yeah, he's clear.

    The two men stop their walk down the street and move over to the side, out of the way of everybody walking past them. Slowly, Martinez starts laughing as he puts his hands into the pockets of his jeans, then the pockets of his jackets, inside and out. Holding out his hands, Jesse starts to rifle through. Two mobile phones, one wallet, one purse and one beautiful Ventura Quartz watch, he could easily get six-hundred dollars for that alone. Shawn doesn't seem to be a changed man.

    My god, this is too fucking easy man. Not even a minutes work in total and I've got...a grand right here? But, this is it for me now Jesse. I really am done with stealing peoples possessions now.

    You're kidding me, right?

    Weeeeell. Kinda. I know exactly where I'm going now. See, there's a place not far from here, that goes by the name of WZCW. While I've been stealing from these people all these years without anybody knowing but myself, it's time for me to start stealing things in pure daylight. It may be money for me here, but that's all I get. I've had enough of just getting money. Over there, I'll be getting money as well as getting my chances to steal from the people that think they're the greatest wrestlers to ever see the light of day. When I make my debut in WZCW, when I take my first steps in that ring...I'll make an impact like nobody has ever seen, if they can see it that is. See, having fingers and motions like lightning mean that nobody will actually see what I can do, because it'll be done too quick for them to even notice. Within weeks, not only will I have my money, but that money will be given to me so I can steal me a few WZCW Championships. Mark my words, WZCW won't see what's hit it, because it'll move to goddamn quick.
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