Assassin's Creed: Origins

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    I bought this game the day it came out and I'm not going to lie; at first it was boring as hell. They pretty much just drop you into this massive open world and say, "There, now go do stuff". For the first 2 or so hours I couldn't have been more bored and disappointed in this game. You read and watch reviews on it and it says that it won over 50 awards at E3, IGN gives it like a 9.0 out of 10, and others say it ranks right up there with Horizon: Zero Dawn and Witcher 3. At first, it doesn't match with those games at all. It's graphics and settings are amazing right out of the gate, but the game play and story are not. It takes awhile to get used to the new combat system and other new features.

    Once one gets passed the first 2-3 hours, though, it really starts to pick up. You start to appreciate the new combat system, the new leveling system, and the massive/beautiful open world that it has. I'm talking, this world is massive. It has a new feature were you can put your horse or camal on auto pilot from one location to the next. So I set a marker at the end of the map from where I was at and with my horse on auto pilot heading to that marker, it took my character 1 hr 13 min and 7 secs to get from one end of the map to the other. That's a damn big map. Also, the story starts to pick up aswell and it becomes one of the strongest in the series. Not to mention that every side mission is like a little story in and of itself and there are a shit ton of side missions. As I said earlier, there's a new leveling system but not just for your character but for your weapons too. What I like about this is if you find a weapon that you like the look of and how it works, you can actually upgrade it to your character's level so that the weapon can stay powerful and useful throughout the entire game. Not to mention you can explore pharoh tombs and pyramids and such. It's a wonderful wonderful game.

    I'd put it up there for game of the year contention. I haven't beaten it yet, but this game, with the side quests easily is over 50 hours of game play. I'm loving this game more and more every time I play it. What do you guys think? Has anyone else played this game? Let me know your opinions.

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