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    The camera cuts from the fireworks to the excited crowd in the Aloha Stadium, standing and cheering for the opening for the show. There's signs reading - Save us Vox- and - I ran five miles to see Chuck Myles- and - Marry me Eve Taylor - The camera shows more screaming, waving fans until it pans to the ring, in the center of the ring is Chuck Myles, general manager of Ascension, he's smiling in his beige suit, in a very good mood as he raises the mic to his mouth.

    Myles: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Ascension! Are you guys ready to see a great show tonight?

    Chuck holds the mic towards one section of fans, everyone cheers.

    Myles: What a great crowd we have here this week.I'm glad because only on Ascension are you going to see great action like this from WZCW stars. We will become the flagship show for this company and I'll do everything in my power to bring you excellent WZCW action every week. Tonight, we will see.....


    The crowds explode in a chorus of boo's as a suited Titus Avison walks to the top of the ramp. He has a mic in one hand and the Eurasian Championship draped over his other shoulder. He stands there for a moment, soaking in the reaction from the capacity crowd. He walks to the ring with a big smirk on his face, he steps through the ropes, adjusts his title on his shoulder and stands in front of Chuck.

    Titus: Tsk, tsk, tsk..Chuck...

    Titus's music continues to play....he turns and faces the ramp...

    Titus: Hey! Music guy, I'm talking down here,that means you press the - off - button on my entrance music dummy!

    Laughter from the crowd. Titus turns back to Chuck.

    Titus: There you go Chuck, fire that sound guy.Anyway, I was in the back, eating some very expensive imported fruit when I heard all this chatter coming from the ring. You're actually going to take credit in bringing Ascension to flagship status in the future? Who do you think you are? The reason Ascension has been rising up in the ratings is because I'M on the show Chuck! Don't get it confused, I am the number one star in this entire company and I'm holding THE most important title.

    Myles: I won't argue your star status in this company Titus. But you know it and I know it, the Eurasian Championship is not the most important title in the company right now. That belongs to the Heavyweight Championship held by John Constantine.

    The crowd cheers at the mention of Constantine.

    Titus: Don't make me laugh Chuck! I've made The Eurasian Championship the most sought after title in WZCW. Every single wrestler in the back drools at the thought of ending my amazing streak of...


    Triple X marches down to the ring shaking his head, he grabs a mic off of a worker nearby and enters the ring. He stands in front of Titus, he looks him up and down in disgust before raising the mic to his mouth.

    Triple X: The reason you're even ON that little streak of yours is because you haven't had a worthy opponent like ME standing across from you! You really think you'd still be champion if I was around all this time?

    Titus: You don't belong in the Eurasion Title picture son. What have you done since joining to deserve a title shot?Nothing! That's what! Somebody in the upper office must like you because I wouldn't even give you a shot at The Mayhem Title right now.

    Triple X: You're just mad because your head is still sore from last week. How did it feel punk? I beat your ass up and I'll do it again tonight!

    Chuck stands in the middle of both men.

    Myles: Guys, guys lets just relax here. Settle it in the ring.


    The crowds erupt as Ace Stevens walks down the ramp in shades and a heavy leather jacket, he has a mic in one hand and a box in the other. He climbs in the ring and walks right in the group, wasting no time.

    Stevens: I have to agree with Tit there Three X's.You don't have what it takes to win the Eurasian Championship, besides, I'm the real number one contender because I earned it! The only chance you got is right here, I brought you something.

    Ace puts the mic down and opens the box.

    Triple X: The fact that your even out here is laughable. What the hell is this? I don't need cologne jackass.

    Stevens: It's a brand new bottle of Bottled Ace.Just one spray and you could turn from Loser, to hero. Like me! Take that one for free,
    the rest you can get on WZCW.COM for a low price of....


    Remarkable Mark Keaton strolls out on the ramp with Big Bad Roady walking next to him. He pats BigRoad on the shoulder and tells him to head back to the locker room, he has this.

    Keaton: You hosers are lucky, I could have told Big Bad Roady to steam roll all over you and save everyone from hearing your lame asses. You know he's 457 pounds? Guy is a beast.

    Titus: Shut up Mark, you don't belong here either, I beat you and that no talent Xander Lebelle at Unscripted to get rid of Vis Imperium forever. But you still walk around, showing your face in the back, you have some nerve claiming a title shot against a legend like me!

    Keaton: Don't get it twisted man! Tyrone got a lucky pinfall on Xander, had nothing to do with The Remarkable One,
    in fact, if you go and rent the VHS copy of Unscripted, you can see the look of fear on your face then relief afterwards that you didn't have to face me one on one. You hid behind Tyrone and his clown group just so you could seem cool and say swear words. Big whoop dude! Your little Eurasion streak is OVER and you KNOW IT man!

    Triple X: Listen Unremarkable Mark,I don't know who you are or what you're trying to be but let the big boys talk alright? Go play pretend guitar with that bald blob you brought out earlier and leave us alone.

    Stevens: Guys, guys, Chuck is gonna have a heart attack here, look at the poor guy, he looks like he's ready to break down crying. Anyway, I have a solution.Here,take this,all of you can spray a dose of Bottled Ace on and SHAZAM! Suddenly everyone is cool and calm like me,not erratic and nervous.

    Keaton: Do you even lift bro?!

    Mark slaps the bottle out of Ace's hand. Both men get in each others face and drop their mics. Chuck wedges his way between both men and tries to calm them down, Triple X drops his mic and says something that gets under Titus's skin, the champion removes his title and carefully lays it down near the ropes, he unbuttons his shirt as the fans are getting riled up. Titus and Triple X are leaning foreheads, yelling at each other, Chuck wedges his way between both men and breaks that up too.

    Myles: Save it for later guys! We have a long show,don't get all worked up here!

    Mark sucker punches Ace and the brawl is on! The fans erupt in cheers as all four men start swinging wildly at each other. Chuck barely dodges the brawl and runs out of the ring as fast as he can.

    Myles: Security! Security! Get the hell out here!

    Triple X and Titus tackle each other and then go sprawling through the middle ropes to the outside of the ring. Ace and Mark continue to trade lefts and rights, Ace gets the advantage and clotheslines Mark right over the top ropes as the fans cheer for that. A dozen men in black clothing rush the ring, they slide in but Ace jumps through the second ropes, Mark catches him and gives him a backbreaker. Titus nails Triple X with a lariat right over the barricade and into the crowds. He stands there and smiles, he points off to the distance, he turns around and WHAM! he's nailed in the head with the Eurasian title by Mark Keaton! Titus falls to the padded mats.

    Mark climbs on the commentary table and starts celebrating with the Eurasian title, playing it like it was an electric guitar. Ace sweeps Mark's legs out from under him and continues his attack, stomping on Mark's head and dropping elbows. Security swarm both men.

    Connor: Pandemonium to start Ascension Jack! Chuck Myles certainly had his work cut out for him early on in this show!

    Cohen: And we're just getting started Cat! We've got a high caliber triple threat! A Mayhem Championship match! Titus vs Triple X!

    Connor: Don't go anywhere! Ascension will continue right after this!
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    The following contest is a Triple Threat match!!

    Introducing first from Boston, MA, weighing 275lbs pounds, "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!

    Logan slowly makes his way down the aisle, ignoring anyone and everyone as he enters the ring slowly.

    Connor: Logan had fallen on hard times lately. Professionally and personally it seems. But in recent weeks, he has been showing flashes of bouncing back. A win here tonight in this match will more than likely bounce him back.

    : That's a big "if" with him facing Eve Taylor and the former World Champion.


    Making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... Eve Taylor!

    Eve Taylor makes her way down the aisle, focused on the task at hand as she enters the ring.

    Connor: You could call her the nearly girl. Always stratching that main event surface, but yet to actually reach it. Her defeating the former World Champion might be another step in that direction.

    Not for nothing, but she has beaten World Champions before. But she continues to struggle to get over that hurdle. Is that on the company? Or on her?

    Their opponent, from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, Justin Cooper!

    Justin makes a quick stride to the ring and confronts announcer Selena Anderson. Asking why she didn't call him "The Greatest".

    Coopers rematch with Constantine has been set-Wait a minute!

    Not happy with her friend being harassed, Taylor yanked Cooper away and ordered him to step away. He doesn't comply and is met with a slap across the face.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Cooper and Taylor have an impromptu hockey fight to start things off, hitting each other stiff across the face with forearms but Taylor changes her offense with another powerful slap across the face, sending the former World Champion flying over the top rope and on to the floor, startling Selena Anderson who was exiting. She goes to her post. Taylor checks things but as she does that, Logan catches her by surprise with a Schoolboy. 1......... 2.........3-But she kicks out and gets to her feet quickly, once again coming to blows, but this time with Logan. Once again, Eve tries a powerful slap, but this time Logan ducks it and throws her with a German Suplex. As he does that, Cooper re-appears and clubbers Logan. He kicks him low and hits a Fisherman Suplex, bridging for the cover. 1...... 2......3-no! Logan kicks out and Cooper quickly dashes across the ring but is met with a Thunderous Clothesline. His head bounces off the canvas and Cooper rolls out of the ring again. Eve returns and hits Logan with a Big Boot, knocking him to the outside, right next to Cooper. Both get up and Taylor runs across the ring and flies with a big Somersault Plancha to the outside, taking out both men at once. Right away, she gets back in the ring and flies over again with a second Somersault Plancha.

    Taylor is not holding back tonight! She is firing on all cylinders here.

    She's taking unnecessary risks. And for what? Another win that goes nowhere?

    Taylor tosses Logan into the ring and makes the cover, but right away, Cooper pulls her out and jumps on Logan for the cover. 1..... 2....... 3-But no, Logan kicks out. Cooper hits a pair of forearm shots but Logan reciprocates. He kicks Cooper and picks him up for a Fallaway Slam but Cooper just barely manages to land on his feet and catches Cooper with a big Flapjack, planting Logan face first on the canvas but right away, Eve Taylor flies on-screen with a huge Stilleto Stomp to Cooper's back and with that bounce, she also lands on top of Logan laid out on the canvas for an amazing reaction. She doesn't go for the cover though, seeing Cooper standing but in pain, he pulls up and is knocked down with an Eight By Ten, leading to both falling down.

    This is crazy, they're going at full speed here.

    Tensions are running high in this match.

    Eve pulls herself towards Logan and makes the cover. 1........ 2......-But he kicks out. Eve now drags herself towards Cooper and makes the cover. 1..... 2.....-But he also kicks out. They all slowly get to their feet and start exchanging blows. Slowly but surely, the continue to hit each other across the ring and bit by bit, the pace of each blow quickens. Logan dodges a kick from Eve and once again throws her with a German Suplex. He quickly grabs Cooper and tosses him with a German Suplex, but holds on. Throwing him with two more Suplexes. Eve returns and is met with another hattrick of Suplexes. Cooper gets up and right away Logan hits him with the Boston Massacre and makes the cover. 1........ 2...... 3-but Eve manages to break it up just barely on time. Logan gets up and goes for the Boston Massacre on Eve but she manages to whirl around and on to her feet. She tries a Code Red but Logan just sits down and hooks both legs. 1......... 2......... 3-But Taylor pushes over, putting Logan on the canvas. 1......... 2.........3-He kicks out and Taylor right away hits a big Double Stomp on his chest. Justin Cooper returns and shoves Eve out of the ring and grabs Logan. He ripcords him and hits the Remix but before he can cover, Taylor surprises him with the Fashion Statement and makes the cover. 1........... 2......... 3!!

    Here is your winner, Eve Taylor!!

    She did it! A big win for Eve Taylor here tonight. A strong favorite for the Lethal Lottery now, no doubt.

    But the big question is if she can actually win it. But this does not bode well for the #1 contender, that's for sure.

    Eve goes outside and gives a quick hug to Anderson before she leaves celebrating with the crowd. Logan is being tended to and Cooper just seems frustrated as he comes about.
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    In the backstage area, Randy Studd is seen standing with Leon Kensworth. The interviewer stands a safe distance away as Studd twirls a rose in his hand.

    Kensworth: Thank you for joining me, Randy. I just had a few questions about what happened on Meltdown and your title match later tonight. Firstly, how do you explain your actions and those of Justin Cooper during the Love Shack this past Meltdown?

    Studd: I was just trying to host my show, Leon. Constantine was the one causing all the trouble. To begin with he refused to sit on the custom waterbed I had imported from Spain. Disgraceful! He nearly ruined the whole show by bringing in that steel chair.

    Studd shakes his head and continues to twirl the rose.

    Kensworth: So, you take no responsibility for taking part in a two on one assault?

    Studd: Constantine was my guest. He ruined my show. He should count himself lucky Justin Cooper was there to protect him for me. I could’ve easily cleaned his clock, Leon.

    Kensworth: You’re in the first ever Mayhem Throw-Down later tonight. What is your strategy in this opening round?

    Shaking his head again, Studd scoffs and responds.

    Studd: I won’t give away my strategy! Rest assured, I shall be WZCW Mayhem Champion for the second time. I feel naked with my title. Not that I’m uncomfortable with being nude.

    Vox: You are no champion!

    From afar, Vox walks up and gets in Studd’s face. Two men who have battled over the Mayhem Title previously.

    Vox: Tonight, I’ll make sure it’s you who takes the fall. All you do is run your mouth, Studd. I know how to beat you. I already have and tonight, I’ll make it my personal mission to send you packing from the Throw-Down.

    Studd: You’re a little man, Vox. Always chasing to catch up with me.

    Vox: At least I am a man. You’re a coward. A worm in the dirt.

    Studd: Oh, I’m a man. Just check between my legs.

    With that said, Studd shoves the rose into Vox’s chest before walking away. The rose falls to the ground, Vox looks down and steps on it.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Big Bad Roady, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at 225 pounds, Remarkable Mark Keaton!

    Mark Keaton makes his way out to the ramp with a big sneer on his face. Big Bad Roady follows him and yells at people to show respect as the fans boo them both. Mark then bangs his head as he heads to the ring. He slides in the ring and plays more air guitar for the crowd before taking off his leather jacket and handing it over the ropes to Big Road.

    Connor: Keaton having Roady with him could put his opponent at a disadvantage. I'm not liking this and the fans don't seem to either.

    Cohen: The fans wouldn't know what it takes to become a star as amazing as Keaton.


    Anderson: And his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, at 228 pounds, The American Megastar Ace Stevens!

    Ace waits for the opening bars and comes through the curtain as the beat kicks in. As he walks toward the ring, Ace struts, adjusts his hair, jacket, slaps five with some fans and looking very cool.

    Cohen: How dare he use an introduction like that? Keaton is the megastar in this match, not Ace!

    Connor: I disagree. Ace is every bit an American Megastar. What a fitting introduction for him!

    The two competitors each go into the center of the ring and Big Roady is out at ringside. The bell is rung to start the match. Keaton starts playing air guitar. Ace takes the opportunity to punch Keaton. He punches Keaton in the stomach four times which the fans cheer for. This angers Keaton. Ace tries to get a fifth punch in but Keaton grabs Ace's arm, preventing him from punching, and kicks him. Keaton does a backbreaker on Ace after the kick. Ace is down. Keaton quickly runs to the ropes and climbs up on to the top rope. He jumps off and does an Elbow drop, which connects. Keaton covers Ace for a pinfall and the ref counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Ace! Keaton sits up and is visibly frustrated. The fans are cheering for Ace.

    Connor: Ace managed to survive. Our fans are showing him their support.

    Cohen: This is a wrestling match. Not a fan popularity contest.

    They both get up. Keaton runs for the ropes while Ace remains in the center of the ring. Keaton springs off the ropes and Ace hits Keaton with a Swinging neckbreaker! He covers Keaton for a pin and the ref starts counting. 1.... 2.... kickout by Keaton! Roady goes to climb into the ring and the ref sees this. The ref shouts at Roady to stay out of the ring. Keaton takes advantage of the fact that the ref's back is turned away from him. He rakes Ace to the eyes. The ref did not see it. Roady gets back down outside the ring and the ref turns back around to check on the in-ring competitors. Keaton uses a Scoop body slam. Ace is able to get up before Keaton can try to pin him. Ace grabs Keaton and drags him toward the corner of the ring, where he hits Keaton with a European uppercut! Now Keaton is down. Roady, still at ringside, looks worried. Ace goes to the ropes and climbs up to the top. He slicks back his hair and then jumps off doing an Elbow drop! He covers Keaton for a pin. The ref starts to count. Roady hurries over to Keaton and places his leg on the rope. 1.... 2.... Wait! The ref sees that Keaton's leg is on the rope! Ace gets up and kicks Keaton's leg off of the rope.

    Cohen: Smart choice by Keaton and Roady with their tactics. This is what could get them the victory.

    Connor: Not sure I agree with that. Ace has every reason to be frustrated.

    Ace gets up and he picks up Keaton. Ace begins using an Airplane spin! The fans count the number of times he spins with Keaton on his shoulders. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10! 11! 12! 13! 14! Ace shows signs of dizziness and throws Keaton down. Ace takes a moment to come to his senses, then waits for Keaton to stand back up. Once Keaton is on his feet, Ace begins using Knife edge chops. He hits five successful Knife edge chops and the fans are cheering very loudly for this. After the fifth Knife edge chop he does a Scoop slam. Ace covers Keaton for a pin, the ref starts a count. 1.... 2.... Kickout by Keaton! Keaton shoves Ace off of him and stands up.

    Connor: I'm impressed Keaton kicked out of that. It was a really impressive sequence from Ace.

    Cohen: That's how good Keaton is.

    Roady tries to get Keaton's attention from ringside. A fan yells at Roady, who turns around and yells back at the fan. Keaton goes over by the ropes and points to the same fan, mocking them. Ace gets back up and goes over to Keaton. He grabs Keaton, turns him around, and does a Facebreaker knee smash. Keaton is quick to stand back up again from this. The two of them begin punching each other. The fans cheer every time Ace punches and boo every time Keaton does. After they have each hit the other six times, Keaton does a Standing dropkick! This completely caught Ace off-guard as he was not expecting it. Ace is down. Keaton applies a Single leg boston crab. Ace tries to break free, but Keaton increases the intensity of his hold. The fans chant for Ace to show their support as Keaton laughs. After a few more seconds of struggling, Ace manages to break free of the hold. He stands up and kicks Keaton repeatedly. After the fourth kick Keaton grabs Ace's leg and shoves him down. Ace gets back up but Keaton uses a Standing dropkick. Keaton gets in position and waits for Ace to stand up. Keaton grabs Ace and unleashes his finishing maneuver, a Jackhammer Suplex called the The Voltron Suplex! Keaton covers Ace and the ref begins counting. 1.... 2.... 3!

    Anderson: Your winner.... Mark Keaton!

    Connor: Not the outcome that our fans may have wanted tonight, but the better man won.

    Cohen: Of course the better man won! Keaton is the better wrestler. Any other outcome would have been impossible.
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    Inside the office of Ascension General Manager, Chuck Myles, we find him talking on the phone at his desk. The call is interrupted by a frustrated Logan McAllister, he barrages into the room and rips the phone away, throwing it against the wall.

    Myles: What the hell do you think…

    McAllister: I want anothah shot! I demand anothah shot at that bitch!

    Flustered by the sudden interruption, Myles stutters for a moment.

    Myles: I was talking on that. That was a very important call, Logan. You can’t just come in here like this.

    McAllister: I don’t give a damn about what you think I can and can’t do. I’ll leave this entiah office upside down if it means I get anothah match with her. That bitch doesn’t deserve half of what she gets and now, uh! She isn’t bettah than me!

    Myles: I take it you’re talking about Eve Taylor?

    McAllister: Yes, of course. That woman has been handed everything ovah and ovah. She has failed more times than I’ve had chances. That’s unfair! I had a family emahgency at Kingdom Come and this company took my title shot away. What happened to family first? I nevah got a one on one rematch for the title that I was screwed out of by that stupid King for a Day contract!

    The General Manager looks very annoyed, rubbing his forehead as McAllister pokes him in the chest.

    McAllister: This isn’t a game, Chuck. I want Eve Taylah in the ring, again. I know I can beat her. I want to wrap my hands around that bitch’s throat and tear her to pieces! I hate her! MAKE THE DAMN MATCH!

    Myles: If you want Eve again, fine. I’ll put you in the ring with her again.

    Logan sneers, nodding his head and punching one fist into his other hand.

    Myles: If you survive long enough. I’m adding you to the Lethal Lottery Match. Eve is already entered, if you want her so bad, just survive long enough until she enters or hope that she doesn’t get eliminated before you arrive.

    This isn’t exactly what Logan was looking for but the big man seems to accept it. No thank you or show of appreciation, McAllister simply turns and slams the door on his way out of the office. Myles sighs, shaking his head and he looks down at his broken phone.

    Connor: Logan McAllister clearly still holding a grudge against Eve Taylor. Talk about an obsession, Jack.

    Cohen: He’s been added to the Lottery and I bet it’d mean a lot for Logan if he was the one to eliminate Eve.
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    Deep within the Aloha Stadium a shaky hand held camera directs the viewer down a dimly lit service hallway towards a camouflage tarp, a hand appears in front of the camera to roughly move the tarp aside, the image shakes again and then the camera is placed on a stand, it's tilted a little to the left. A hulking figure walks away from the camera and sits down on a bench in the shadows. He takes a breath and opens a package of rations.

    War Zone: Before a war, a soldier can feel a mixture of emotions, anxiety, sadness, fear. It's very common for a soldier to run scenarios in his head on how he can get out of this situation, it's basic human nature. It's survival. But I'm not your typical soldier, I'm the bringer of War, I strive to create it. So when Vox, Randy Studd and Tony Mancini are sitting in the locker room, nervously tapping their feet, chewing their nails, calling loved ones for possibly the last time, I'm preparing my battlefield , I'm the war....

    The large man throws his ration, grabs his Mayhem Championship and stands up, he steps right up to the camera...

    War Zone: ...and tonight, you're stepping into MY ZONE and there's NO ESCAPE!!!

    He swings at the camera and the image violently shifts to the left and falls over before turning to static
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is for a single fall, and will be held under Pure Rules regulations…


    As his song kicks into gear with guitar and drums, white lights flash and pulse all around the arena. Triple X walks down the ramp with purpose, eyes forward. He ignores the fans. Their boos and jeers. He gets to the ring and hits the apron, facing the hard cam. When the music hits the chorus, he throws his hands up in the air forming an X, before entering the ring and either pacing whilst staring at the entrance ramp, waiting on the Eurasian champion.

    Connor: This young man has established a mean streak wider than anyone in the company. He’s certainly got Titus’ attention last week. The Eurasian champion demanded this match to teach Triple X a lesson in humility.

    Cohen: The only person that going to be humiliated here tonight Cat, is Titus. He’s never faced anyone like Triple X for the past two years. This man doesn’t care about respect, or honor, or being fair. He only wants to hurt people. And he’s probably going to hurt Titus again here tonight.


    Titus comes out to the stage. He looks around and salutes the crowd as they cheer him. They are solidly behind him tonight. He lifts his belt up, and walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and does his point. He turns around and eyes his opponent.

    Connor: The Pure Rules match is Titus' home. He knows that Triple X can't out grapple him. He has every advantage here. Experience, skill, drive, and a reason to win.

    Cohen: Exactly, Cat. Triple X has the entire deck stacked against him here tonight.

    With both men in the center of the ring, the referee explains the rules. No closed fists. 3 rope breaks per man. A 20 count on the outside. Titus puts his pride aside and extends his hand. Triple X scoffs, and slaps it away.

    *Ding Ding Ding*​

    Titus and Triple X immediately lock up, with Titus getting the upper hand, quickly taking X to the mat with an arm drag. He applies an arm bar, but X recovers and reserves the hold into a hammerlock. Titus tries to recover, but he’s pushed hard from behind into the top turnbuckle. With Titus stunned, the slightly smaller man continues his assault, pummeling the Eurasian champion with stiff kicks. A spinning roundhouse kick sends Titus reeling, forcing him to grab onto the middle turn buckle to keep himself from collapsing. X continues the assault, brutalizing the champ with stiff kicks to the body, until the referee breaks up the hold. The ref forces Triple X to step away from the corner, giving Titus a little bit of a reprieve. Triple X charges forward, but Titus immediately grabs him, and slams him up against the turnbuckle. He begins assaulting him with European uppercuts. Each one finding its mark; slowly eating away at X’s strength. After the fifth strike, the referee intervenes and stops him. Titus puts his hands up, and takes a step back, but as quick as a cat he’s back on the attack. He grabs X in a headlock, and flips him down to the mat. The champ really has the hold clamped on, as the smaller man struggles to free himself, burning energy in the process. Triple X gets to a knee, and then to his feet. He pushes Titus forward towards the turnbuckle, but he stops himself by grabbing the ropes. Triple X grabs his arms from behind, and takes him over with a release Tiger suplex. Triple X is in control.

    Connor: After a quick back and forth struggle, Triple X gains the upper hand. This match is Titus’ bread and butter. So, it’s odd to see him at a disadvantage so early.

    Cohen: Triple X doesn’t care what type of match that he’s in. The only thing he cares about is hurting Titus. Badly.

    Knowing that trying to out grapple Titus would be a bad idea, X sticks to his strengths and begins unloading on the larger man with stiff kicks to the body. He rears back and kicks Titus in the face, dropping him. He measures the Eurasian champion, runs and springboards off the second rope. He plants Titus with a tornado DDT. He makes a cover…



    But Titus quickly kicks out. Triple X grabs him and applies a front face lock, hooks his arm, and tries to lift him up, but Titus blocks the maneuver. He counters and takes X over with a vertical suplex. He lifts Triple X to his feet and applies a front face lock of his own, before driving his knee upwards into his opponent’s ribs. He repeats the maneuver, and X is stunned. Titus grabs him by the waist, and takes him over with a Northern Lights suplex. Titus bridges and goes for a pin…



    But Triple X gets his shoulder up. Titus quickly jumps on his opponent, grabs his arm and wrenches it back, while pinning him chest first onto the mat. Titus grabs Triple X’s left arm and drives his knee into it, causing the smaller man to grab his shoulder in pain. Titus grabs his arm and twists it, before kicking Triple X in the shoulder. Titus rears back and kicks Triple X again in the shoulder with stiff kick. He leaps forward like a jaguar, grapping Triple X arm, before dropping to a seated position. His legs drive X to the mat as Titus has him trapped in an inverted cross arm breaker! Titus screams at him to tap, but Triple X begins to crawl towards to nearby rope. Reaching out with his foot, he taps it, causing the referee to break the hold. He informs X that he now has two rope breaks left.

    Connor: Titus did a lot of damage with that arm breaker. That seems to be his game plan; target Triple X’s shoulder.

    Cohen: He should have targeted his knees. Would make it more difficult for X to pull off all those flippy moves that he does. Titus must be slipping in his old age.

    Titus lifts Triple X to his feet and hits another European uppercut. He runs and bounces off the ropes and floors the smaller man with a spinning heel kick. Titus grabs X’s arm and wrenches it backwards as he drives his elbow into his shoulder. Triple X tries to retaliate, but Titus counters by jumping up and driving his full weight down in a seated position across his arm and shoulder. The Eurasian champion applies a hammerlock, and whips Triple X shoulder first into the adjacent turnbuckle. He grabs X’s face and pushes it into the top turnbuckle, while feigning to punch him in the face with a closed fist, but nails him with a forearm blow to the chest. The referee gives Titus a verbal warning about the fist, and as he moves to continue his assault, Triple X cuts him off with a knee lift to the gut. He grabs the larger man and quickly sends him head first into the bottom turnbuckle with a reverse STO. With Titus stunned, Triple X measures him. He runs, bounces off the ropes, and comes charging in with a running dropkick to Titus’ back. Titus turns his body and slumps down onto the canvas, as Triple X stands and measures him again. He runs and bounces off the ropes again, hitting Titus in the face and chest with another running dropkick! He pulls Titus out of the corner by his legs and drops into a cover…



    But Titus kicks out! Triple X slams his fist onto the mat in frustration, but doesn’t completely loose his cool. He lifts Titus to his feet and take him over with a snapmare. He runs, bounces off the adjacent ropes, and kicks Titus in the head. X makes the cutthroat gesture with his thumb and climbs to the top turnbuckle, waiting for Titus to get to his feet. The Eurasian champion, still groggy from the kick to the head, doesn’t see his opponent lying in wait. The smaller man jumps and nails the Zero Hour, planting Titus into the canvas with a wicked tornado reverse STO! He makes another cover…



    But Titus places his foot on the nearby ropes. The referee separates the two men, and informs Titus that he has two breaks left.

    Connor: What a move by Triple X! But Titus was right there by the ropes. And now both men have used a rope break.

    Cohen: Triple X is a striker; not a grappler. It took a lot of guts to come in here and face off against Titus at home, knowing that he’s at a disadvantage.

    Connor: Where was his guts when Triple X blindsided Titus with a chair at Ascension Anarchy?

    Cohen: Blindsided? That’s nonsense, Cat. Triple X was merely bidding his time and chose his opportunity to strike wisely. It shows how smart he is.

    Triple X drags Titus to his feet, and nails him with a forearm shot to the chest. The larger man staggers back against the ropes before charging forward with a forearm shot of his own. Triple X fires back with a forearm smash to the face, and the crowd is clearly against him. Titus responds in kind, and the two have a volley going. Suddenly, X lets loose with a primal roar, and charges forward. Using his forward momentum, he pushes forward and launches Titus out of the ring, and over the top rope with a massive Cactus clothesline. The smaller man skins the cat, flipping himself over the top rope, before measuring Titus on the outside. He runs, bounces off the adjacent ropes, and leaps over the top rope with a suicide dive. The impact of the maneuver causes Titus to go crashing into the barricade behind him. Triple X rights himself and immediately restarts his assault, he grabs the larger man and tries to whip him into the steel stairs, but Titus counters and sends Triple X hurtling back first into the steel! With a cry of rage, Titus picks up his foe and whips him hard shoulder first into the barricade behind them. The referee is already halfway to 10.



    Titus doesn’t let up for a single second. He continuously pummels Triple X with forearm shots to the face. He grabs Triple X by the hair, and tries to whip him shoulder first into the turnbuckle, but Triple X counters, sending the Eurasian champion crashing face first into the steel. Titus is stunned. He drops to a knee, reeling from the force of the blow. Triple X measures, him and reels back on his right leg. He lunges forward, looking to hit the Rated X Superkick, but Titus has it well scouted and ducks out of the way. The referee has passed the count of 10.


    Titus kicks Triple X in the gut, and delivers the Tit Drop on the outside! The replays show Triple X’s head bouncing off the mat, as Titus rolls back into the ring, as the referee continues to count. He’s halfway to 20, and X is still motionless on the floor.



    Triple X begins to stir, and slowly makes it to his feet. On instinct, he makes a bee-line for the ring.


    And barely beats the count. Titus looks stunned.

    Connor: Both men are on the outside now, thanks to that huge clothesline and dive by Triple X! This match has broken down into a hardcore brawl. Most unbecoming of a pure rules match.

    Cohen: There’s nothing in the Pure Rules match regulations about not slamming your opponent against the steel steps. Or the turnbuckle post. Or the barricade. Those are stationary objects that just so happened to be in the way.

    Connor: The ref counted all the way to 19, and Triple X just barely beat the count. Titus can’t believe it.

    He lifts Triple X to his feet, and applies a front face lock. He drops the smaller man with a swinging neckbreaker! With his opponent in place, Titus signals for the end. He quickly scales the top rope, and stands on the top, motioning to the fans. He launches himself from the top, twisting and contorting in the air. He performs the Red Comet, but Triple X rolls out of the way at the last second! Titus crashes hard elbow first into the canvas. Triple X stands and measures the Eurasian champion with a wild look in his eyes. He leaps forward and blasts him in the face with the X Rated Superkick, and covers him!



    But Titus kicks out again! Triple X slams his fists into the canvas, now visibly frustrated. He slowly Titus to his feet, and applies a front face lock of his own. He hooks his arm, and tries to lift Titus up, but the larger man blocks the would-be maneuver, and suddenly rolls Triple X onto his back with an inside cradle! He makes a pin of his own…



    But Triple X kicks out. Titus is on his feet first. He catches X off guard with a knee strike to the gut, before dropping his weight onto his arm. He turns his body, and locks in a cross armbar. Triple X has nowhere to go! Titus wrenches in the hold, as X screams in agony. His left shoulder having taken a lot of abuse the whole match. Triple X does the only thing he can do, and slowly begins to crawl towards the ropes. It takes all his strength, but he manages to touch the bottom rope with his foot. The referee forces Titus to relinquish the hold. He reluctantly obliges, as the official informs the smaller man that he now has one rope break left. Titus lifts his opponent to his feet, and clubs him across the chest with a forearm blow. He backs his opponent up against the ropes, and chops him hard across the chest. Triple X slumps down, as Titus takes a step back. He screams at Triple X to hit him, as the smaller man obliges, rushing in with a forearm shot to the face, which staggers the Eurasian champion. Titus fires back with a European uppercut. Triple X responds with a slap to the man’s chest, before suckering Titus with a closed fist punch to the face. Titus stops and looks at his opponent in disbelief, as Triple X taunts him. The ref gives him a warning. Titus smiles, before hitting X with another European uppercut. He grabs the smaller man in a headlock, and turns his body so that the referee can’t see him. Titus clocks X in the face with a closed fist of his own, sending the man reeling back.

    Connor: What a show of disrespect by Triple X, hitting Titus in the face so blatantly.

    Cohen: Disrespect? What about Titus, hitting Triple X with a closed fist behind the referee’s back? That man should be disqualified.

    Connor: Now Triple X has just one rope break remaining.

    Titus follows this up with another forearm blow to the chest, and Triple X is on one knee know. Titus grabs him, and whips him into the adjacent ropes. Triple X staggers back, straight into a sleeper hold! Titus has the maneuver locked in tight, and Triple X has nowhere to go. He staggers towards the rope, but Titus pulls him back towards the center of the ring. In desperation, Triple X stumbles back a few steps, before turning his body and running backwards as fast as he can, pushing Titus’ body towards the ropes. Titus’ body hits the ropes, but X’s added momentum carries them both up and over the top, dumping both onto the floor. The referee assesses the situation, and determines that neither man used a rope break in that instance.

    Connor: What a counter by Triple X to the sleeper hold, using his momentum to send both him and Titus to the floor.

    Cohen: I’m tell you. Triple X is going to win because he’s simply smarter than Titus.

    Connor: It appears that the referee is not going to count that as a rope break for either man.

    Both men are down for the count, as the referee begins to count. Several seconds pass. Both men begin to stir, as the referee is now almost to 10.



    Triple stands, and rolls back into the ring first, with Titus right behind him. Triple X nails his larger foe with a forearm blow to the face, before leaping up and blasting him in the chest with a dropkick. Titus flies backwards into the turnbuckle, as Triple X kips up. He grabs Titus in a side headlock, and flips him forward. He applies a sleeper of his own, trying to beat Titus at his own game. Titus knows how to counter this, and flips his opponent forward, rolling himself out of the hold. Titus delivers another European uppercut, which causes X to stagger backwards into the turnbuckle. The Eurasian champion follows him in with a diving European uppercut, and Triple X is stunned. Titus applies a front face lock and runs forward, dragging Triple X with him. He nails a running Bulldog, driving Triple X face first into the canvas. Titus gets to his feet with fire in his eyes. He motions to the crowd that the end is nigh. He measures his opponent, as Triple X gets to his feet. Titus kicks him in gut and rears back, looking for the Tit Drop. Triple X has this scouted and ducks out of the way of Titus’ leg, and nails him with another drop kick. Exhausted and nearly out of options, Triple X rears back and punches Titus in the face with another closed fist! The referee docks Triple X his last rope break, as the X-Rated Superstar measures Titus with madness in his eyes. He runs, bounces off the ropes, and blasts Titus down with the Project X! The sound of the claymore kick echoes through the arena, as Triple X makes the cover…




    Harrys: Here is your winner of the match by pin fall, Triple X!

    Connor: So, after all of that, Triple X cheated to win. He punched him in the face, and then hit the Project X.

    Cohen: Were you expecting Triple X to play fair, Cat? Titus chose this match because he wanted to put Triple X at a disadvantage, and it backfired on him.

    Connor: That’s twice now that Triple X has beaten Titus.

    Cohen: If I were Titus, I’d be scared. I’d be scared because that man right there spells the end for the EurAvison era.

    The referee raises Triple X’s hand in victory, as Titus rolls out of the ring. He looks up in shock as the Rated-X Superstar taunts him. He points down towards the Eurasian champion and makes a gesture around his waist.
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    In the halls of the arena, Tony Mancini is seen jumping up and down as he makes his way towards the back entrance before his match.

    Mancini: I’m going to win the Mayhem Title!

    He nods his head approvingly.

    Mancini: This is your time, Tony!

    Clapping his hands together and bouncing on his feet, Mancini looks fired up.

    Mancini: Win tonight, defend it next week and then defend it at Lethal Lottery.

    He gets even more fired up, making the belt sign around his waist and punching the air.

    Mancini: I’ll be Mayhem Champion and I’ll win the Lethal Lottery! I’ll main event Kingdom Come and become the first person to hold two titles at the same time. This is my year to do it all!

    As Mancini bounces around a corner, he feels a hand touch his shoulder and it’s none other than Eve Taylor. She has a smirk on her face, shaking her head back and forth.

    Taylor: Calm down there, okay. I’ve seen you bouncing around backstage all day talking about what you’re going to do after winning this match.

    A small pause from Taylor as she remembers her own dealings with this issue.

    Taylor: You can’t focus on what comes after. My advice, focus on winning right now. Believe me, I’ve been in that spot of having the future mapped out because you assume you’re going to win the next match. Never assume anything in WZCW. Work hard, do you best and things will happen for you. Stay focused.

    Mancini calms down and nods.

    Taylor: Otherwise, you’ll screw yourself out of everything you ever wanted. Trust me, I’m not a doctor, but I’ve lived it.

    Mancini: Thank you. I’ll take that to heart.

    Eve Taylor makes her way to a nearby door and enters. Meanwhile, Mancini claps his hands together, shaking his whole body before relaxing. He is focused, with a look of intensity, Mancini heads for the nearby curtain to start the main event.
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    Anderson: The following contest is the first round of the Mayhem Throw-Down and is a fatal four way match for the WZCW MAYHEM CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Anderson: Introducing first from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 pounds, Vox!

    Lights go out, and a video shows of images of world atrocities in rapid succession for 8 seconds, then a spotlight shines on Vox. The natural lights come on as he begins walking. He walks out wearing his backstage attire and with a microphone in hand. Looks to the crowd to find anyone with an outstretched hand. He grabs their hand, holds them earnestly.

    Connor: The word of Vox has grown in recent weeks due to his reign as Mayhem Champion. You can expect that Vox wants to regain the title after only holding it for about a week before losing it.

    Cohen: Just imagine the good that he could do, CC! Vox as Mayhem Champion could change the would more than any of these people in the arena could.

    Vox enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, he receives a loud cheer and blows kisses to the audience in response.

    Anderson: Residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, The Ladies Man Randy Studd!

    Studd struts out onto the stage with an air of confidence and heads towards ring, wearing waistcoat. He takes a rose out of the pocket and hands it to a member of the audience.

    Cohen: He has been all over our programming this week, CC! Randy Studd has become a true superstar here in WZCW. Did you see him on Meltdown? The Love Shack has become a cultural icon of its own.

    Connor: I saw Randy Studd help assault the World Champion in a two on one situation and then run for the hills when it became a fair fight.

    Cohen: You’re just upset he didn’t put the moves on you, CC.

    Anderson: From Yonkers, NY being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli, weighing 275 pounds...The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini!

    After about 15 seconds Alive by hits the sound system and Tony Mancini walks out to cheers from the audience. Tony walks to the ring. He listens to the majority of fans cheer for him while there are still a few boos. He high fives some fans as he walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and takes off the Cornicello Charm his mother gave him, kisses it for luck and hands it to a ringside worker. As he waits for his opponent he kneels in the corner and with his head on the middle turnbuckle says a small prayer before the match.

    Connor: This is a man who has become known for his ability to get to the big stage but always falls short. Mancini has been in WZCW for several years and has never held a title.

    Cohen: It has to be eating him up inside, CC. The three other competitors in this match have all held the Mayhem Title and they have all been in WZCW significantly less time than Mancini.

    Connor: Tonight is the night for that to change, Jack. The Mayhem Throw-Down is the perfect chance for Mancini to change his history and stamp his name into the history books as a champion.

    Anderson: And now, from The Pentagon, weighing 308 pounds, he is the WZCW Mayhem Champion - War Zone!

    The lights go out as Imagine Dragons' Radioactive plays. The monsterous figure slowly walks his way to the entrance and a spotlight dims on him. Around 0:29, the lights come back on and he slowly walks his walk to the ring; all eyes focused on the ring. He glares at someone at the audience and then enters the ring, around 0:57, he puts a fist on his right hand as to simulate an atomic weapon; he turns to all three challengers and does the same thing to him.

    Cohen: Perhaps the most intimidating force in WZCW right now. We don’t know much about him but War Zone has burst onto the scene and claimed the WZCW Mayhem Title fairly quickly, defeating Vox last week.

    Connor: War Zone took advantage of the chaos that is the roulette rounds and like so many before him, came out with some gold.

    *DING DING*​

    The match begins and chaos ensues, all four men battling it out in the middle of the ring. They pair off, War Zone and Mancini while Vox and Studd reignite their rivalry. The ring cannot contain the action as War Zone and Mancini spill to the outside, the latter hitting a clothesline to send them tumbling over the top rope. Inside the ring, Studd rakes the eyes of Vox and goes for a quick roll-up early in the match with the ring to themselves. 1… 2… Kick Out! Bouncing up to his feet, Vox cracks Studd with a kick to the stomach before whipping him across into the ropes. A back-body drop connects, Studd feels the pain of falling against the canvas, and Vox follows it up with a German suplex. Vox keeps the hands together, rolling his hips and getting back to a vertical base where he hits another German. That’s two in a row, Studd is loopy right now and Vox, looking to regain the title he lost last week, hits a third German and bridges this one into a pinning combination. 1… 2… Kick Out! Meanwhile, Mancini and War Zone are going at it on the outside, with no fear of pinfalls occurring on them they are being reckless. Mancini hits a combination of forearms, backing War Zone up against the barricade, and then charges forward looking for a running knee!

    Connor: The action is all over the place it’s hard to keep up with it all.

    Cohen: Don’t be surprised if the weapons show up soon, CC!

    Still on the outside, Mancini charges at War Zone for a running knee but eats a big boot himself. War Zone shakes his head, stepping away from the barricade and picks Mancini up onto his shoulders. Zone hits a running powerslam on the outside, slamming Mancini against the thin layer of protection that the mat provides. Inside the ring, Studd and Vox are battling on the top turnbuckle. Vox sat on top while Studd attempts to hit a superplex. They have been going at each other hard since the contest began. Before their man can react, War Zone slides underneath the bottom rope and grabs Studd by the legs, pulling both men off the turnbuckle in a tower of doom collapse! Studd gets powerbombed by War Zone while Vox is hit with the superplex by Studd. Both men are down as War Zone decides to cover Studd. 1… 2… Shoulder Up! Quickly scrambling over to Vox, climbing over Studd’s body, War Zone attempts to secure the win on the other man who crashed and burned. 1… 2… Kick Out! The reigning WZCW Mayhem Champion stands up, yanking Vox to his feet and holding him high in a military press over his head, before throwing him out of the ring! Vox crashes to the floor below, War Zone checks the damage from inside the ring however he soon joins Vox as Mancini comes up from behind with a steel chair and nails him in the back!

    Cohen: There we go! Mancini is the first man to introduce weapons in the Mayhem Throw-Down.

    Connor: You know, a lot of the time it’s the person who introduces the weapon that feels the sting the worse.

    War Zone doesn’t go down straight away, at first he flat out no sells the chair shot and leaves Mancini with a terrified look on his feet. Mancini, to his credit, shakes it off and cracks War Zone again, this time square between the eyes and this sends the champion through the ropes to the outside. While celebrating his accomplishment, Mancini gets hit with a low blow by Randy Studd from behind! The chair is dropped, Studd picks it up and floors Mancini with it in the back. Being a former Mayhem Champion, Studd knows how to wield a weapon, and does so by sticking it in the corner, held between two ropes. With bad intentions on his mind, Studd pulls Mancini to his feet and whips him towards the chair, a counter by Mancini occurs and he slingshots Studd into it instead! Studd’s head cracks the steel, he stumbles back into a sidewalk slam! 1... 2… Kick Out! Mancini pounds the mat in frustration before rolling to the outside of the ring and looking underneath for something to help his cause. From within, Mancini pulls out a table, a kendo stick and a trash can.

    Cohen: That is going to make a big mess, CC!

    Connor: I don’t think Mancini has anything good on his mind with those weapons.

    Back inside the ring, Mancini sets up a table in the corner of the ring, making sure it’s in place before heading over to Studd. He stomps his while holding the top rope, pulling Studd to his feet afterwards and lifting the former champion onto his shoulders. Mancini rushes towards the table, Studd slips off and pushes Mancini forward! He puts on the breaks, Mancini turns back around and charges for a lariat, Studd ducks underneath and Mancini continues running right into the arms of Vox! Double leg takedown by Vox who has returned into the ring, he pounds away at Mancini who tries to cover up as best he can but Vox is unloading. Studd pulls Vox off Mancini, they battle in the middle of the ring, Vox hitting a combination of right hands which knock Studd to the canvas for the moment. At the same time, War Zone pulls Mancini from the ring and slams him head first into the announce table, ripping off the protective corner and smashing a monitor into Mancini’s head. Furthermore, War Zone bounces Mancini’s head off the desk like a basketball, before whipping him into the steel steps!

    Cohen: I think that steel chair shot from Mancini has made War Zone angry.

    Connor: He’s a weapon, Jack. This is the type of environment he was made for.

    War Zone returns to the ring and nails Vox with a clothesline. It doesn’t keep Vox down for long so War Zone hits a big boot, pulls Vox up to his feet and whips him into a corner. Having sent Vox across the ring, War Zone is attacked by Randy Studd from behind, hammering away with punches. War Zone tucks his head and throws Studd over with an overhead suplex. This sends Studd to the same corner as Vox, both men stacked up together, as War Zone prepares himself to charge. At full speed, War Zone rages towards two of the challengers for his title and flies through the air with a splash! It hits Studd directly, with Vox trapped underneath, and War Zone fires off an STO on the former. With his attention turned to Vox, War Zone kicks him in the stomach and lifts the former champion up onto his shoulders, he turns towards the table in the corner and runs forward before chucking Vox off his shoulders through the table! Powerbomb through the table! Amongst the mess, War Zone pulls Vox free and hooks the leg. 1… 2… Mancini pulls War Zone out of the ring and hits him with a trash can!

    Connor: I think War Zone might’ve had it won right there.

    Cohen: That’s the problem with the Throw-Down, CC. You don’t want to be pinned, that’s the worst thing, but you want to win since the title is on the line.

    Mancini drops the trash can and hits a neckbreaker on War Zone right on top of the trash can! With the champion down on the outside, Mancini scurries into the ring and hooks the leg on Vox, trying to pick the scraps of the champion’s work. 1… 2… Kick Out! Across the ring, Randy Studd pulls himself off the canvas and grabs hold of a kendo stick, the same one introduced by Mancini earlier. Mancini works over Vox in the corner, driving his knee into Vox’s stomach whilst trapped against the turnbuckle. Mancini then whips Vox across the ring, Vox counters and pulls Mancini down to the ground into a cross arm breaker! The fans are going wild as Vox works the submission. It doesn’t last long however as Studd comes flying over with the kendo stick in hand and smashes both men repeatedly. Studd is going wild, he sees War Zone forcing himself onto the apron so Studd rushes over and cracks him in the head.

    From there, Studd throws the weapon to the side, tossing Mancini out of the ring and making a cover on Vox. 1… 2… Kick Out! Great spirit by Vox who refuses to quit. Studd picks him up, looking for Hey Ladies! Vox elbows free, spins Studd around and hits the Package Piledriver – WORLD PIECES! The fans go nuts, Vox gets an arm over for the cover. 1… 2… Mancini! In a last-ditch effort, Mancini breaks the pin, knocking Vox to the side. It’s down to these three in the ring, or so it seems until Mancini is grabbed from the outside and pulled by War Zone!

    Cohen: The machine will not stop coming, CC! Who can stop War Zone?

    Connor: I don’t know if anyone can stop him.

    War Zone headbutts Mancini, sending him stumbling backwards into the barricade and a fair distance away. The crowd is standing, War Zone’s eyes bulging out of his head as sweat pours down his face – the title is on the line. Mancini is rocked, he tries to shake the cobwebs out, War Zone charges forward – AND PUTS HIMSELF THROUGH THE BARRICADE WITH A SPEAR! Mancini ducked out of the way, escaping the explosion of barricade, bits flying all over the place as War Zone has sent himself crashing into the fans. Mancini can’t believe what he just saw, thanking the heavens that he got out of the way and now it looks like we will have a new champion.

    Cohen: War Zone is out, CC! He just ran full force into the barricade and has taken himself out.

    With no time to spare, Mancini returns to the ring and immediately grabs Randy Studd. After being hit with a DDT, Studd rolls onto the apron and away from the action as Mancini targets Vox. Big right hand connects, Vox is rattled and Mancini hits a clothesline. It’s big trouble for Vox as Mancini begins to rally, a running knee connects and now Mancini can feel it. He points to the heavens, his family watching from above, and grabs Vox… Riposa in Pace (Sitout Spinebuster)! Mancini has it but before he can cover, Randy Studd rushes up behind him and throws Mancini to the outside. Scurrying forward, Studd hooks the leg of Vox. 1… 2… 3! Mancini makes a dive to save the match a second too late.

    Anderson: Here is your winner and NEW WZCW MAYHEM CHAMPION – Randy Studd!

    Cohen: Yes! Yes! Yes! For the second time in his career the mass of sex appeal, the wish of every women, the foundation of sensation, Randy Studd has become WZCW Mayhem Champion.

    Connor: It was pure chaos in the first round of the WZCW Mayhem Throw-Down and let us take a look at that finish again. War Zone puts himself through the barricade, nobody could eliminate him but the big man put himself down, and that left the door open for the other three. Mancini hit his finisher, that beautiful spinebuster and had the win but Studd snuck in the backdoor and stole it.

    Cohen: You’ve got to be aware of your surroundings. Studd rolled to the apron, I’m sure Mancini expected him to fall to the outside however that was not the case.

    Inside the ring, Randy Studd is handed the WZCW Mayhem Championship and he holds it up with a look of glee on his face. Fans are booing as they see how close Mancini was to breaking up the pinfall attempt. Studd only laughs at the replays, taunting Mancini as he exits the ring with his newly won title, a title he is able to hold for the second time in his young career.

    Connor: It’s time to rest the Throw-Down and remind everyone how it works. Randy Studd has won the first round and is the new WZCW Mayhem Champion. Next week, he will defend against Tony Mancini and War Zone. Yes, War Zone will get his rematch at the man who took his title without pinning him.

    Cohen: This means Vox, since he got pinned, is out of the Throw-Down. Wow! He was Mayhem Champion just last week and now he is out of the title hunt until after Lethal Lottery. What will his future hold?

    Ascension comes to a close with Randy Studd standing at the top of the stage, holding the WZCW Mayhem Championship in one hand, the camera cuts between shots of Mancini leaning against the apron of the ring with a disappointed look, Vox still down on the canvas, and the wreckage where War Zone remains.
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    War Zone vs. Vox vs. Randy Studd vs. Anthony Mancini - Mayhem Championship - Prophet
    Titus vs. Triple X - Pure Rules (Non-Title) - Ech
    Mark Keaton vs. Ace Stevens - Dagger
    Eve Taylor vs. Justin Cooper vs. Logan McAllister - KJ
    Segments and opening - Jeff and Prophet
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